up pops the sac


I was already excited because my love @carterreich flew all of the way to NY to see little ol’ me and Baby T but when I received the news about what was going on inside of my belly I was overwhelmed!

My doctor asked if I had twins in my family and I said, “Yes, my mother has a twin sister.” Then she told me that there were two sacs showing up. The first thing that popped in my head was @papichulo-santino telling me that he heard two heartbeats instead of one last week and I realized he wasn’t as loco as I thought..lol

Carter and Santino were both very shocked when she said that I was having twins. But for some reason it hasn’t hit me yet..lol I’m sure it will hit me tonight when I’m trying to get ready to sleep and I end up staying up all night googling every possible thing there is to google about twins..lol We will have to wait until the next visit to find out the gender. I can’t wait to tell our baby, Santiago, that he is going to be a big brother to two siblings!!

Alright that’s enough typing..lol Just wanted to update you guys about Baby T…well the Torrealba Tino Twins..lol I hope your hump day is going well!

P.S. My loveeeee and I bathroom selfie game is A-1! lol Okay..bye fr, fr!