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18062017 • Birthday Week Spread • 🎧 : Sun & Moon - NCT 127》

I did a simple spread for once??? Well, as simple as my spreads can get. Also it was such a struggle deciding who to dedicate my spread to, when my bias’ birthday is the day after mine and BTS’ anniversary is the day before :’)) [open for better quality pics xx]

inspo: @journalsanctuary  🌸

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17/11/16 // came home from school at lunch time today because I had two frees last. I’ve taken my dog for a walk in the wind & rain and managed to catch up with my planner and english literature analysis of a street car named desire. now I’m about to try and finish my english language coursework for tomorrow ahh wish me luck📝🍂


Runner on Third by kikikryslee/ @flamboyantommo!

As Harry stood there, the other man turned around, and he knew he was correct in who he thought it was.
“Louis?” he asked, still not quite believing it.
Louis blinked. “Harry? Wh– what are you doing here?”
“I work here,” Harry said. “What are you doing here?”
“Um, I’m picking up my brother. The nurse called and said he was sick.”
Harry felt like he was going to be sick. “Wait, Ernest is your brother? Since when do you have a brother?”
“Since about seven years ago, I guess. Wait, how do you know Ernest?”
“I’m his teacher.”
“You’re his what?” Louis exclaimed.
Harry gulped. This was going to be a long year.

Or, the AU where Louis and Harry were best friends growing up, but lost touch after Harry moved away. Ten years later, Harry has moved back to town, but he and Louis don’t pick up where they left off.

I stumbled across this little note that I left for myself about 2 years ago in my sketchbook for a future reminder.
SubhanAllah, it could not have reached me at a better time than now, Alhamdulillah. ❤️

“What is destined will reach you, even if it be underneath two mountains. What is not destined, will not reach you, even if it be between your two lips.

What ever is meant for you will be coming your way, while you are led and directed toward it.

As for that which is not meant for you, you will be deflected from it as it is turned aside from you.

Go easy on yourself, for the outcome of all affairs is determined by Allah’s decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee”
– Umar bin al Khattab (RA)

Friends-themed Study Moods
  • The Monica: perfect posture sitting at a desk, colored gel pens in a cup, candles, homework in perfectly aligned stacks and clipped neatly on clipboards, Cornell notes, color-coded planner(s?) full of lists, dates from your syllabus input the very first day of classes, Pomodoro timers ticking in the background, highly focused with no music and no distractions, a bite of an Oreo as a reward for every page read, post-its for everything
  • The Chandler: instant coffee that's getting cold, Netflix playing alongside a Google Doc study guide, late night study sessions alone in a dark dorm room, constantly texting your best friend trying to help them pass and convinced teaching them is also helping you, responding to intrusions with sarcasm to hide happiness that hey at least this means it's break time, under a lot of stress but never quite enough to quit Netflix
  • The Ross: sitting in a library the first week of school, papers scattered all around in "organized chaos", reading ahead for your classes, a BIC ballpoint and yellow highlighter in your hand, losing points on assignments by overthinking everything and forgetting to answer the actual questions and then emailing your profesor, textbooks on the side that have nothing to do with the classes you're taking, dinosaur socks, debates everything and acts annoyed but definitely enjoys it, decaf coffee but if anyone asks it's a triple shot
  • The Rachel: studying with friends at Starbucks with a no whip mocha frappuccino, asking one another for help, making flashcards to quiz each other with, notes with purple pen and metallic gold for the headers, pop music playing over headphones, every Mildliner in your Kipling 100 pen case, hair up in a clip, planner that you fill only around exam time, doodles on everything, somehow finding yourself on pinterest or online shopping
  • The Joey: midterm? there's midterm?, cramming the night before, texting friends for help but they're all asleep (except maybe Joey), energy drinks and junk food, scrawling notes out in pencil on scrap paper even though you'll never have time to review them, watching Khan Academy and other Youtube vids on 1.5x speed, migrating to work on your (unmade) bed even though you know it's a bad idea, waking up without realizing you even fell asleep and then setting five alarms for the morning, understanding the fact that you do well under pressure
  • The Phoebe: messy buns, sitting outside either on a picnic table or the grass, you can be alone or with friends you'll do fine either way, rings glinting in the sun, losing track of time, snacking on nuts, an 8tracks playlist of indie alternative music mixed with some electro everyone's surprised about, you don't show off how much you know so you're constantly underestimated, coming up with rhymes and mnemonics to memorize things, pressed juice in a reusable bottle as well as some tea in a old pasta sauce jar, essential oils, Tumblr during study breaks

Awesome! Disney World Is Opening A Brand-New Park For People Who Liked Disney Movies As A Kid But Have A Healthy Sense Of Detachment About The Whole Thing Now

We all loved Disney as kids, but it can be hard to get your Disney fix as an adult if you aren’t one of those people who goes apeshit for anything that has to do with Disney. Well, if that’s you, here’s some good news: Disney World is opening a brand-new park for people who liked Disney movies as a kid but have a healthy sense of detachment about the whole thing now.


The park features several Disney-themed rides such as The Witch’s Forest, Jafar’s Revenge, and The Hercules along with ones like The Rattlesnake and Galaxy Spinner that are in no way affiliated with any Disney properties but nonetheless provide a thrilling experience for adults who don’t need everything to be about Disney.

Yup. Anyone who remembers watching The Jungle Book at a friend’s house in first grade will love the Mowgli-shaped pesto pasta at the park’s restaurant, while anyone else can choose from a delicious array of salads that have nothing to do with cartoons. If you still need a break from Disney stuff after lunch, the park even has three fully functioning coffee shops with Wi-Fi where park-goers can catch up on work emails and personal calls.

Awesome! This is a godsend for people who enjoyed Disney movies back in the day but now lead full, rich, grown-up lives!

According to planners, the park also includes a museum about the history of film in general that barely even mentions Disney, for people who just want to forget about animated movies for an hour or two and consider the genre in a wider context. Museum guests will get to see never-before-seen interview footage of Stanley Kubrick in an exhibit on Dr. Strangelove, then decide for themselves if they want to go get Mickey Mouse’s autograph or just call it a day.

Okay, can someone please just buy us tickets to this place right now? It sounds like the perfect place for anyone who remembers that The Aristocats is about cats, but can’t recall much else. We can’t wait. Way to go, Disney!!!

27.02.17 🌸

How hectic was this week?! Have to study for so many different clinics - paeds, low vision, ocular pathology, and contact lenses! Today was my first day of clinic and the supervisor was juggling so many people that I almost missed out on lunch! Hope people have been having a great first day back! :)


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^


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An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #304

This was exactly what was on my mind when I was filling up my planner with creative ideas and to-do-lists for the month of September. I’m pretty much excited for all my plans and check out my September Challenge if you still haven’t! (:

Dedicated to hellojewelsharee, chosen from the 303rd post!

Check out THE ARTIC SOUL for more original artworks.


Some recent doodles!

We watched Moana recently, it was so good. We watched it again yesterday for the director’s commentary. Could not fault it!

It was essentially a present from my husband since I kinda missed my birthday from being sick. He got me Moana on Bluray, the Moana soundtrack, and an ocean scented candle to remain on theme XD.

Also got to spend a birthday voucher at Kikki.K, due to the midyear sales stacking on my voucher I ended up getting 3 large planner refills/kits for free!

The second picture is a DnD character I played named Versailles! She was School captain at her magical school, as well as captain of the hula team.


🌺 030117 🌺

Hey guys!! So March is finally here! That means I can officially start my bujo!!

So here is my March spread.
↳ I like monthly themes, so this month’s theme is Spirited away!
↳ I totally forgot to do a monthly calendar layout, oops! Oh well!

I hope you liked this cause I had so much fun creating it!

04.03.17 First Week of Rotation Over! 👟👟

Super exhausting but super rewarding! I never thought that I would love low vision clinics so much, but I really felt like we made a difference to the patient’s quality of life with just a few low vision aids and some training! 

Decided to include some #timetrackers in this spread just so that I can watch how I’m spending my study time :)


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^


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Human AU Wedding headcanon:

Okay, so Dawn becomes a planner-zilla for Bog and Marianne’s wedding.  They don’t mind though, they just wanna get married.  But Dawn wants everything to be absolutely perfect, down to the very last detail.  She even insists that Marianne wear white, despite neither the bride nor the groom being able to keep a straight face about it.  Horndogs.  XD

Anyway, either as a joke during the rehearsal or, dare I say it, for real during the actual ceremony, Marianne switches the music so she comes walking down the aisle to the “Imperial March” from Star Wars while sporting a Stormtrooper helmet.  By the time she reaches the altar, Bog has already put on his Darth Vader helmet. 

And then we hear Dawn screaming from somewhere:


25.01.17 Christmas was a whole month ago! I have a lot of photos from when I was painting and filling up my planner last week, and I love them all? So I think I’m going to gradually post them! I guess I’ll be able to tell by the notes if you guys would like me to do that. Right now I’m getting ready for quidditch and drinking some coffee and eating muesli. I have a group essay due in tomorrow and I’m a bit unconfident about it. Hopefully it all pulls together in the end! Xxx emily

A bit morbid but

An AU where due to his close encounter with death and seeing what it did to nearly destroy his brother, Genji decided to take up being a Funeral Director to help people through the most tragic time of their lives. 

Hanzo, wanting nothing to do with the end of life but instead, finding himself drawn to new beginnings, takes up being a Wedding Planner.

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01.03.17 A New Month!

Bidding farewell to the beautiful spreads I had in February! I forgot to mention that there was free Krispy Cremes at O Week - I never thought donuts and icecream would be so 👌


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SEE ALSO Five Selected Posts: popular posts starred*