up on top a hill

I’ve said this before a while back but I just gotta explain again… where I live in sussex there’s this house at the very top of a hill you walk up to head towards the downs, and it’s this lovely cottage with a really cute garden and there’s a swish black car in the drive with the number plate SSH and there’s a 60 yr old man who I see sometimes with a mustache and a hat who walks down the hill to go to the shops and I’m not kidding you he is exactly how you would picture Watson. I’m not saying that retired Sherlock and John live in that house on the hill but, I am saying that retired Sherlock and John live in that house on the hill.

Re: Liminal Rest Stops

This actually reminds me of a place I stopped in while driving from Bucks County to Erie in Pennsylvania.

It was a hotel up on top of a hill, with a little diner across the parking lot. There were very few cars besides mine, which I thought was odd since it was the middle of the day.

I went into the diner and ordered a coffee, just to refuel for the next leg of the trip, and…out of nowhere, I got really nervous. The place was too quiet. No patron chatter, no waitstaff talking to each other, not even kitchen noise. The piped-in music was very faint, and it kept fading in and out.

I asked for my check, making up some excuse that I had just realized I was running later than I thought. The server, a young woman with really bright blue eyes, tried to convince me to stick around “just a little longer,” maybe order an entree, or some dessert. “Try the cherry pie, it’s homemade, and it’s really good!” When I politely refused, she frowned and disappeared into the back for my bill.

Ten minutes later, with no sign of her (or any other staff), I left cash on the table and booked it out of there. I didn’t feel right again until I was a good ten miles down the road.

On my way back, I looked for the exit again, just to convince myself that I’d been scaring myself. No exit, no signs for the hotel, no nothing. Thinking about it, I couldn’t even remember the name of the hotel, or the diner. I haven’t been back that way since.

I’m still not convinced that I didn’t wander into some sort of weird slip-space or something. I’m just glad I left when I did. And that I didn’t order the pie.


The elevator doors open, and your jaw drops.

You had expected Olympus to be beautiful, but this is like nothing on earth. How can you picture something you’ve never seen before? The Greek architecture is gorgeous, and you can see why Annabeth is so obsessed.

Satyrs and nymphs float around gardens with statues and beautiful flowers, and there are beautiful temples decorating the way up the hill. At the top of the hill stands the Temple of Zeus, and you can feel the power of gods even from here.


YooSeven Picnic

Luciel sprinted up the rest of the hill. He waited a moment to catch his breath before looking back at an exhausted Yoosung, still climbing the mountain. He smirked, “C’mon, Yoosung! Just a bit more!”

“I’m dying, Seven.” Yoosung panted, leaving onto a wall of stone as he placed the picnic basket on the ground before him, “I’m dying.”

Even though the path was flattened specially for cars and people who wanted to walk up it, it was very high up. Of course, they thought they could get up it no problem so they decided to race and after five minutes of getting almost nowhere, they stopped running, completely exhausted. They walked the rest of the way up, chatting, until they could see the top and Luciel started running up the hill, determined to get their first. Of course, Yoosung ran after him too.

“C’mon, just a bit more!” Luciel cheered and clapped.

Yoosung caught his breath and, smiling, picked up the picnic basket and walked up to meet his friend at the top.

They were completely alone. Usually people would come up here to have a picnic with their family but today it was empty.

Luciel took the picnic blanket from inside the basket and put it down on the grass. He grabbed four small rocks and placed them at the corners so the blanket didn’t fly off as Yoosung sat down on it and started taking out the food.

Luciel stood next to the edge and looked at the view down below. “Look at the view!” Luciel pointed to their city down below.

Yoosung ran up to take a look. “Wow, yeah-” He jumped and let out a shriek as Luciel pushed him lightly forward before grabbing and pulling him back, laughing.

“Aww, you got scared!” Luciel hugged Yoosung to his chest and ruffled his hair.

Yoosung blushed and held onto the redhead tightly, pouting, “That was not funny!”

Luciel blushed as Yoosung kept holding onto him after he’d let go. Why did he have this burning sensation in his chest? It felt like anixety but much…calmer. More pleasant.

Yoosung let go and this time grabbed his wrist and with a quiet “c’mon” he led him back to their picnic blanket.

They sat down and Yoosung unpacked the remains of their picnic food. Cans of fizzy drinks and bottles of juice and paper cups. They both knew they wouldn’t drink more than one Dr. Pepper or Fanta but Yoosung claimed they needed ‘variety’ and ‘many drinks to choose from’ so they could ‘try new things’. And of course, they brought three large packs of Honey Buddha Chips. How could they have not?

“This is all just junk food,” Yoosung muttered.

“It’s good junk food.”

“I never said it was bad.” The blond snorted.

They grabbed a can of soda each and clinked them together.

“It’s nice going outside every once in three years,” Luciel joked, taking a sip of his Dr. Pepper.

Yoosung laughed and Luciel swore that at that moment, the world got brighter. He could feel his face go red as the burning feeling came back for a split second and then disappeared.

“Yeah, I guess,” Yoosung said, smiling. “But we’re still going back to play LoLoL at my place later,” he reminded.

Luciel hummed and grabbed a pack of Honey Buddha Chips and opened it, offering Yoosung some. He took a few and Luciel set the bag down so they could share.

“Oh! Look at the flowers,” Yoosung pointed out the flowers in a nearby bush, “That reminds me-” He said, muffled by the honey chip in his mouth as he searched through the picnic basket for something, “I bought flower crowns,” he said, holding up two flower crowns; one with large deep blue flowers and smaller white ones and one with red and pink ones.

Luciel snorted, “You’re a nerd,” he said, taking the flower crown Yoosung offered him - the blue one. He put it on and Yoosung put on his and they stared at each other for a moment before laughing.

“We look like such dorks,”

“We are dorks.”

“You’re the dorkiest of dorks,” Luciel chuckled and smiled fondly at the blond. He then immediately blushed as he realised how close he has moved to Yoosung, how close their faces were when they both leaned forward while laughing. He must have subconsciously done that. He moved away so they weren’t so close.

The pleasant burn hit him square in the chest, suddenly. He wanted to kiss Yoosung, he realised but pushed that thought away.

He wasn’t actually in love with his friend. This was just a random burst of affection, nothing more. That’s all it was.

Yoosung sipped his drink and shook Luciel’s arm lightly, “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You spaced out for a moment…”

“Oh, I was just…thinking.” Luciel reassured him, “I’m fine.”

He wasn’t fine at all.


“Try this,” Luciel handed Yoosung a paper cup of reddish-orange liquid.

They had gotten bored of conversation after a while and decided to try mixing all the drinks Yoosung brought along to taste test them.

“It’s Fanta, Sprite and that raspberry juice mixed together,” Luciel explained as he handed Yoosung the cup.

Yoosung sniffed the mixture, “It smells awful,” he pointed out.

“It tastes better than it smells.”

Yoosung nodded and sighed before taking a sip. He flinched a bit, “It’s super fizzy,” he gave the cup back to Luciel, “Other than the horrible smell and fizziness, I give it a solid four out of ten.”

“I hate it so much,” Luciel said, drinking the rest of the juice. He gagged, “It’s disgusting.”

Yoosung chuckled, “Don’t drink it then- Woah…” He pointed to something behind Luciel, looking like he had literal stars in his eyes.

He turned around to see a beautiful sunset colouring the sky yellow, pink and purple, the city now in shadows with most of the lights turning on right now. It looked like a painting of some sort.

He turned back to look at Yoosung, who was still admiring the sunset, and suddenly felt the strongest urge ever to kiss him, the burning feeling fluttering around in his chest.

His flower crown tilted and his hair messy, his purple eyes watching the city with literal stars in them, and the dying light of the sun colouring him and Luciel pink as if the sky was trying to reflect itself on them. He looked beautiful.

He leaned forward instinctively but stopped himself before their lips could meet when he heard Yoosung gasp softly, surprised at the sudden closeness. Luciel simply stared at him. What should he do? Should he kiss him? Would he allow that? Is that okay?

“Are you, uh…okay with…this?” He asked and immediately felt like face-palming. That was a stupid question.

To his huge surprise Yoosung blushed immensely, closed his eyes and simply nodded.

“Ar-are you sure?”

He nodded again.

Luciel sucked in a breath and shut his eyes, quickly leaning forward and their lips meeting.

He panicked suddenly, unsure of what to do next. He hasn’t really kissed many people before, what was he supposed to do?

Fortunately, Yoosung seemed to know what to do.

They shared very small, soft and short kisses at first, lasting only a few seconds, until they both shifted from their sitting positions to kneeling ones so that Yoosung could rest his hands against Luciel’s neck and tilt his head to deepen the kiss while Luciel wrapped his hands around Yoosung’s waist.

They stayed like that for what seemed like forever, but was probably only ten seconds, until Luciel pulled away.

Their foreheads touching and Yoosung’s arms still around his neck, he realised that he was just kissed by a literal angel.

“That was…” Yoosung trailed off.

“Amazing,” Luciel finished for him.

Yoosung laughed and bumped foreheads with him. “You’re a dork.”


S c reEM inG

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i cant write kisses to save my life so like,,,,,, i tried,,,,,,,,,, what more can i do


You drive in the city, beyond the cloud line and up through the fog, winding roads until you reach the top of the hill. A viewpoint where tourists go to look down on the valley of buildings and rivers. The fog covers everything but it doesn’t matter; the real view is her. It’s pouring and you’re already soaking wet but you step gingerly out of the car, careful to avoid the puddles. “We’re facing the wrong way” she says, but you only want to look at her. The rain comes down in cool calm drops and you’re lost in a world surrounded by the mist, surrounded by her arms. When you kiss it is light amidst the rain that relentlessly falls. Despite the cold you are warm and safe, surrounded by things that make you happy.

Holiday Challenge: 12

You crouch down into the snow before gently sitting down on the cold wet surface. You lay back and hiss softly as the snow hits your exposed neck.
“What are you doing?” Spencer asks as he catches up to you at the top of the newly snowed on hill. He’s got the sled behind him, he’d insisted on dragging it up the hill.
“Making a snow angel.” You inform him flapping your arms and legs back and forth a few times. He opens his mouth, probably to give you some fact about angels and you cut him off with a hand. “Please just let me have this one Spence.” He chuckles.
“Alright fine.”
“Help me up?” You ask sitting up and holding your hands out to him. He takes them and pulls you to your feet leaving a perfect impression behind.
“Looks good.” Spencer says with a smile, still holding your hands. You press a kiss to his lips, “What was that for?”
“Looked like you were cold.” You tease and he chuckles again. “Let’s do this.” You tell him nodding at the sled whose rope he’s still got in his hand.
“You wanna go in front or back?”
“Front.” He nods the climbs into the sled before spreading his legs apart and using them along with his arms to keep the red plastic from going anywhere. You climb in in front of him and settle back into his chest before putting your arms out too to help keep the sled steady.
“Ready?” Spencer asks his voice humming though you where you’re pressed together.
“I’m ready!” You tell him and he pulls his legs in wrapping them around you a bit. You’re both too grown up to be sharing a sled this size but you’ll take the opportunity to be pressed against him like this.
“One,” The pair of you slide the sled forward a little before going back again, “two,” You repeat the action, “Three!” You both shove off then continue to push the sled until gravity takes over and you go zipping down the hill. Spencer wraps his arms around you and leans slightly to the left causing the sled to curve in that direction. It slows to a stop and you let out a breathy laugh. “Again?” He asks.
“Again.” You agree. You end up climbing the hill and flying down it for the next hour before your wet snow pants, hat, gloves and jacket force you inside.
You curl up with him, some hot chocolate with more marshmallows than any respectable cup of hot chocolate should have in front of the gas fireplace in your new house. The house you and Spencer had bought together. It’d been a big step in your relationship, for him to be able to let go of his apartment and find a house to move into with you. A house that his best friend Derek Morgan had restored, though you’d convinced Derek to put in a gas fireplace instead of restoring the old one. It’d be safer for those future nieces and nephews of his you’d argued and he’d caved at the thought of little Reid’s running around with his son.
“Did you have fun today Spence?” You ask him softly as he turns the page of the large book in front of him.
“I did. I never got to go sledding as a kid. Did you have a good day?”
“The best. Any day you’re home safe and sound is a day that I like.” You tell him honestly before snuggling further into his chest. He hums happily and places a kiss on top of your head before going back to his book. You meant it though, any day that you know he’s safe, that no one is going to be shooting at him is a good day in your book.


If you are ever in Brattleboro VT you will want to check out the trail that is across the street from Brattleboro Retreat, a rehab hospital. A short distance up the trail you will come to “Retreat Cemetery” where the sometimes nameless patients of the one time Vermont Asylum of the Insane were buried. Beyond that the trail takes you by an abandoned building in the forest, made of stone, which for some reason doesn’t seem to have any doors. The trail then continues up a very steep hill until at the top you come to “Retreat Tower,’ built in 1887. This tower, made of huge pieces of stone, was built by the patients of the Asylum. At the time in the late 1800s, the belief was hard labor was good therapy for the insane. This beautiful castle like tower must have been so hard to build. Just the thought of pulling all the stones up this steep hill is unimaginable. You could climb the stairs of the tower at one time and be rewarded with a beautiful view of the valley. The trouble was after it was built, patients decided it was a great place to commit suicide and many hurled themselves off the top onto the jagged cliffs below. Now there are reports of paranormal activity in this area and at the cemetery. Truthfully the whole hike I felt kinda creeped out.
Brattleboro VT 2016

Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.


He lives up on Mulholland Drive, the winding crest at the top of the Hollywood Hills, where you get the glittering views that accompany success in this city. But of all the views that Joaquin Phoenix could enjoy – out west, say, to the Pacific, or south to Hollywood, the twinkling rug that rolls down across Sunset and beyond – he chooses to look north, across the San Fernando Valley, standing out in his backyard, smoking American Spirits, and tracing the grid sprawl way out to the paper cut mountains that serrate the horizon in the far distance.

“That’s where we lived when I was a kid,” he says. “I’m talking about the fucking foothills. The deepest valley that you can get. We’d get into a station wagon that would break down at least twice a fucking week, and we’d drive, all five of the kids, to the different studios for auditions – Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount, all of them.”

Esquire Magazine

Ohio Gothic

- They say you can see for miles if you get up on top of the biggest hill in town. They’re right, and you immediately regret testing it. You have nightmares for weeks afterwards. You should have listened when they told you to stay away from the hill.

- A train whistle wakes you up every night at 2 am. It must be right outside your window - you can feel the bed shaking as it thunders past. But the only tracks nearby haven’t been used in over 50 years.

- There’s a small patch of mold on the ceiling above your desk. Above all your desks - school, work, even at home. You scraped off the one at home one night, and found that it had tripled in size everywhere else the next day.

- There is fog covering the low valleys in the early mornings of summer and fall. It’s so thick, you can never see the ground below, and looks almost sturdy enough to walk on. You never mention that time you saw the neighbor boy actually doing it.

- “Knee high by the Fourth of July!” They tell tourists and out-of-state-ers that it refers to corn growing. You do, too. You know that if you tell them the truth, they would leave and never return, and the crops would not be as plentiful.

- The Cuyahoga River caught fire once, back in the day. Only once, but you swear sometimes that you can smell the thick smoke and see flames dancing on water as you cross over the bridge into Kent.

- The man who works at the butcher shop claims to be from Ohio, but the accent is all wrong. Your mother says darkly that he is from Cincinnati and that you are never to turn you back on him. The meat you buy there looks less like it was cut and more like it was ripped out of the cow.

- There is a buckeye tree growing in your yard. It is in the way for the swing set you want to put up. You decide that the swings aren’t that important after all. You dare not touch the buckeye tree. Your best friend was never the same after they tried to climb the one in their yard.

- There are four Ohio State University shirts in your closet. You don’t know how they got there. You don’t know where the OSU Christmas tree ornaments came from either. All of your clothes are scarlet and gray during football season. You don’t question it.

- It is snowing. It is always snowing. You can’t remember what the sun looks like, or the grass. All there is are cloudy gray skies and snowdrifts. The ones in the parking lot at Target are bigger than your house, and every day they seem closer to the store entrance.

- A stray cat wanders the neighborhood. You were warned to never go near it as a child. They call it the Sewer Kitty. You saw what it becomes down in the sewers one time. You were scared to use the bathroom for months afterwards.

- They tell you that your graduating class is the biggest in years. You frown, thinking back to when you were younger and were told your class was one of the smallest. When you try to ask your friend about it, she shakes her head silently and refuses to look in the shadows.

- The local pizza shop is dirty and smells funny, the sauce is so much more red than any of the other places, and kids regularly go missing from the nearby local elementary school, but you can’t stop ordering from them.

- The apple orchards are lovely in the fall, all bright colors and sweet smells. You can never find them at any other time than a few weeks in October. Your mother just wakes you up one morning and announces you’re going to get apples. You pick a few on your own and tell yourself that the dark red liquid that drips down your hand from the fruit is just sap.

Harry was a sweet little six year old with dark hair that went everywhere, crooked glasses, which he always broke and a plan. You see father’s day was approaching and Harry had 3 amazing people in his life that he considered father figures.

Harry was up at the top of the hill by his house, he had gone with Lily to the Muggle store and bought paper, glue, paint and markers. He wanted to do it the Muggle way. Harry started with the cards, the first one was red, his dad’s favourite. He wrote in big scribbly letters, HAPPY FATHERS DAY! He drew a stag on the front and very carefully, as he wasn’t great at writing wrote out,

“I love you, you’re my safe, my strong, my no scared. You’re my flyer and my biggest smiles, i love you”

He painted his hand and smoothed it on the inside.

Next he did his godfather, Sirius. He wrote HAPPY SUPER AWESOME UNCLE’S DAY! Then drew a shaggy black dog beside it. Inside he wrote,

“You like bikes and so do I, we go and drive fast, you’re the best, and cooler then dad. But don’t tell him. I love you”

He smoothed another handprint and made the last one.

The front read the same as Sirius’ but the inside of Remus’ read,

“You showed me books and how to write and taught me not to be afraid of things that are sometimes scary and I love you”

Once those were done he started their gifts.

Then the afternoon of fathers day he invited them all for a big dinner. They had a big long table and a nice meal and then Harry gave out his cards. James smiled and hugged him tight. Remus smirked and kissed the top of his head and Sirius, as always teared up and hugged him far too long.

He then presented them with his home made paper ties, he cut and pasted them. Sirius’ was black and gold, James’ was red and blue and Remus’ was yellow and purple. The guys laughed loudly before putting them on proudly and taking a wonderful picture with their favourite little man.

Journey In Skyrim (RP with saviorofhumanity)

{🔥}—; It was quite a trek for Spyro and Sparx, to move along the terrain of Skyrim. The place was sunny but evidence along the ground with the patches of snow around the area and the cool and fresh air. The two were just taking in the sights after they came through the portal to take a look around this place being the kind to like exploring. 

The young dragon stopped near a river for a drink of water but was interrupted when he heard a sudden commotion going on a bit of a distance away. Then without hesitation Spyro made his way closer to the source of the noise accompanied by Sparx. 

Eventually after coming to base of a small hill they saw a dragon attacking someone, a reptile looking person who was humanoid in appearance. Not wasting time the little hero decided he should step in, so he jumped up to the top of the hill and closer to the ongoing fight to see what he can do about this.


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the rain has kept up its howling, beating against our house on top the hill, and i've started to hear a wailing voice through the wind; a sobbing violent scream, a scream for someone to come back, to come out of the house on the hill and embrace the elements again, love them again. as i listened to these cries, my heart began to feel heavy, and i felt like i was missing a piece of myself. like i was meant to, i walked out of the house and into the rain, holding the spirits there. all felt right.

@ofbloom  || Starter call

A yelp escaped him before he proceeded to fall down the stairs from the top of the temple. Up a very steep hill. His mouth let out a series of curses such as but not limited to ❝OH FUCK❞, ❝SHIT❞,❝SATAN’S AN ASSHOLEuntil he finally reached the bottom with a bruised body and a dizzy head. Taking a few moment to gather himself he finally opened his eyes to look up at the bright blue of the sky. Eyes roamed around in search of anyone who might have seen his fall and he noticed a friend. Smiling and forgetting his pain momentarily he yelled, SAKURA! In his attempt of getting up to hug her, he remembered the pain. 

Women’s weakness towards men disgusts me. Maybe it’s sexist, but my feelings won’t change. My closest family lets them control and fuck up their lives endlessly. I can’t stand watching someone take advantage over and over and over again. Especially when you have the upper hand, everything to offer when the opposite person is clearly lacking. Weakness in the name of love disgusts me. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they can have a free for all with your self respect and self esteem. And if you let that happen to you, you annoy me. Honestly.
Hardly anyone in this day and age can properly establish boundaries. I’m not so rigid to think that everything will always be neat and clean cut. But most men don’t jump straight to cheating, talking down to you, or straight up abusing you. They’re taking you up a hill and then when you get to the top thats the peak of how much bullshit they know you’ll take, then it’s a fast descent down the mountain of misery. Cuz now it’s full force, no hesitation there.
I won’t put down someone who’s been a victim of abuse. I won’t blame someone who’s emotionally fragile because they were taken advantage of. But I’ll blame you now, in the beginning. You had all of yourself and made conscious decisions to let this happen. I will blame you now. Someone has to, because if you do go down that hill you’ll still be going down it long after he’s gone. So I’ll be a bitch now so you don’t have to be a puddle of misery later. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking you can preserve the best parts of yourself in a situation like that. These relationships demand those parts of us to be in the open, so don’t peel your skin back for some dude who’s holding a gun, tacks, knives, and a fucking bow and arrow. For God’s sake. You see it and you do it anyway. Please. Stop.