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What are your top five chrollo moments?

-cracks fingers- lets see

btw these arent in any particular order


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this entire scene with the mercenary was just so fucking good. for so many reason. we go from seeing chrollo chatting and playing neon like a charming, goofy dork to this cold blooded killer, and its almost jarring? in a sense?? how cold and dispassionate he is killing this man, because you can see that he isnt into it at all. hes not even thinking about it. hes busy considering all hes learned about uvo’s death and he chose a passive ability like the fish to deal with the assassin so he could busy himself with his own thoughts. it also just makes me think so much about chrollo’s love affair with aesthetics because the indoor fish are just so goddamn aesthetic and it shows that even though hes a fairly apathetic person (towards anything non-pt related) he still has his own sense of beauty and grace that he makes sure is reflected in his abilities.


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why indeed? i think this might be the most telling glimpse of chrollo we get, the shit with kurapika aside. our innocent progatonist asks the age old question posed to every villain: why do you do the things you do without any guilt? and, unlike every other villain, chrollo simply replies “i dont think ive ever thought about it. why indeed?” and you see hes legitimately put off balance by the question and the realization that he doesnt have an answer. its just so indicative of his personality. he doesnt think about shit that doesnt matter to him, hes never needed to think about the why’s and how’s of what he does, since all hes ever done was ensure the existence and well being of him and his friends. everything else was extraneous and didnt matter. every other villain always has some reason for what they do, be it that they consider themselves above humanity and therefore have the right to do as they please, or that they think the loss of life is just in light of what they seek to bring about– chrollo though. he has no such illusions. he simply does what he does and he doesnt think it matters enough to wonder beyond it. i just love how unique a perspective that is. chrollo is amazing. just so goddamn amazing.


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ummm all yall know about my love affair with silvakuro and this comes as no surprise to any of you, but this scene in general was phenomenal because of the sheer potential it gives regarding chrollo’s backstory and early pt life. we know for sure that silva killed a spider and chrollo fought him, and that chrollo obviously has some ill feelings towards silva and silva harbors enough respect and caution around chrollo to warn the rest of the family about engaging with the spiders. we know that silva knows chrollos hatsu stealing power. what the fuck happened between the two of them??? was it a hit? was it made personal? chrollo didnt try to go after kurapika for killing uvo, so it couldnt have just been a simple case of silva taking out a spider on a hit. was the hit meant for him? did his spider get killed trying to protect him? was silva forced to fight a truly angry chrollo and barely made it out with his life in tact? i adore this scene because even though its short and mainly between chrollo and zeno, the sheer amount of potential is daunting. it keeps me up at night, guys. it really does.


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hmmm chrollo looking east. he’s just had his nen bound and his troupe cut off from him, as well as the death of paku on top of uvo to contend with. he’s been betrayed by hisoka, prevented from speaking to any of his friends, and suffice to say, his entire world has been turned on its side in the span of an evening. and still, he looks east towards his salvation. i adore this moment as it shows just how good chrollo is a compartmentalizing. anyone else would be raging, crying, pissed beyond belief that theyd been chained up and thrown into the wild with no friends or power beyond what they can manage with their bare hands. But chrollo, chrollo is just. looking east. its all happened, there was no stopping it, what little chance he had at defying fate was thwarted by hisoka’s meddling. and hes accepted all of that. hes accepted it, and so he looks east, towards the salvation hes meant to seek. its so fucking good.


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okay ive spoken at length about how fucking much i love this exchange, but its for good reason because i fucking love this exchange. chrollos just found out that hisoka has been lying to him the entire time, that hes the reason for uvo being killed and that he helped the chain user kidnap, beat, and bind him all for this chance at fighting him. chrollo would be completely justified in being angry, or betrayed, or hurt. instead, he accepts it. hes not even that surprised. because from the start, chrollo knew hisokas nature. his diatribe on judas showed very well how he views hisoka. its in human nature to betray and brutalize for money or power or prestige. hisoka did as hisoka does, self centered as he is, and chrollo knew that hisoka would do anything in order to get his chance to fight him. chrollo has no right to be surprised, because this wasnt betrayal. it was simply human nature doing as human nature does.

its so hard to pick favorite moments with chrollo because i sincerely believe that every scene we get with him is worthy of discussion. hes an endlessly fascinating character and his personality alone is so goddamn complex that its almost a crime to try and pin him in place. chrollo is incredibly dynamic and convoluted, a contradiction in every way because we simply have no grounds for comparison with him. the more you try to define him, the faster his slips through your fingers, ephemeral, like mist carried on the wind. hes as thought provoking as he is beautiful and i really love these sorts of asks since it gives me an excuse to get up on my soap box and preach to you all about my undying adoration of chrollo fucking lucilfer.

sb: there’s nothing wrong w/ portraying n*zis in a sympathetic light!!!
me: watch this entire fucking thing you goddamn demons 

Ventured into the STVFOE tag because the last episode broke me and now I’m pissed off.

Tom is not an abuser. 

He has a temper, he threw some tantrums. He tried some underhanded tactics to win Star back. He’s over emotional and doesn’t handle it well, but he has never done anything abusive. Star is in no danger with him. Stop throwing that word around. Bad boyfriend =/= abusive!

Tom has been trying to better himself and while it started as an attempt to win star over, it has grown from that. He is legitimately trying to be a better person for himself now and THAT is why Star got back together with him. He loves Star because she brings out the best in him. She has, and continues to, push him to grow as a person instead of letting him stew in bad habits. Even when she wasn’t dating him, she still expected him to do better and be better.

Tom has not harmed Star. He flamed up, but never raised a hand to her. He has not taken control away from her. He even felt remorseful for trying to trick her that one time and has continued his anger management even when he was sure Star was with Marco and he had no chance.

He even avoided her for the entirety of the Silver Bell Ball just so she could have control of the situation with him. That is the opposite of abusive behavior! (Granted his actions came across and manipulative, but that was do to poor communication. His intentions are made very clear in the end.)

It pisses me off that people want to label him as abusive because it derails discussions of ACTUAL abusive relationships and takes weight away from the word. If you call every dog you see a wolf, then people think the little boy crying wolf is just talking about a harmless dog.

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"What's wrong with witches" it's really important to know that wicca and similar is SATANIC and it's really dangerous to get involved with that kind of stuff because Satan, demons and possession are REAL so you need to be extremely careful and stay away from those things. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour and only through him we will receive eternal life. Praise him!

Oh honey…Oh sweetie…

I’m going to choose the high road and not climb up on my soap box right now, because from the looks of it, you came from a genuine place with this Ask and were attempting to just look out for me, so I’m not going to come back at you with any hate. I do appreciate your concern. 

I’m also going to go ahead and surpass the endless paragraphs I could write about the hypocrisy and horrible nature that Christianity tends to spew, because I don’t want to overgeneralize, and I don ‘t know the kind of Christian you are (but just remember, KKK members claim to be Christians too, so let’s not throw rocks in glass houses). 

What I will say, is that before you go ahead and make assumptions about another religion(one just as valid as your Christianity), or a race, or a gender, or any type of societal “group” that you’re not truly familiar with, you really need to educate yourself in the right way. From the content of your Ask, it is abundantly clear to me that you have not done that, or done any research at all really on the Wiccan religion, besides watching low budget Halloween movies (or possibly a good Halloween movie like The Craft) and made your assumptions from there. And we all know what people say about assumptions, right?

What’s interesting is that Wicca actually is the absolute opposite of how it tends to be portrayed in cinema. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Satan, or Hell, or demons, or people getting possessed while their heads spin in circles are they vomit pea soup. Wiccan’s don’t even believe in Hell. They do believe in a God and Goddess, just like you do and the Gods are linked into nature. Every living and breathing thing on this earth, is God, basically. Which essentially is much like Christianity, right? God is in everything? The only difference is we don’t believe you either go up the elevator or down after you die. Instead, you are reincarnated into the earth. 

The entire Wiccan religion, beyond nature, is based on love, acceptance, and living the best possible life you can. It revolves around being accepting and open to everyone and everything, and putting as much good into the world, and yourself, as you possibly can. Wiccan’s believe that everything you do, comes back three fold (much like Karma). If you do something good, you will see three times as much good come into your life. If you are selfish, or harmful in anyway, you will see that come back three times as negatively.

There is absolutely nothing dark about the core values or practices of Wicca. Same thing goes for being a witch (and the two are not synonymous by the way). Being a witch is all about harnessing your spirituality, and connecting to the earth. It’s about good vibrations and making positive things happen in your life, and for those that are in your orbit. Magic is not supernatural, it is more like emotional mindfulness, at it’s center. It’s a craft. 

Now, can witches go dark and practice negative magic? Do evil spirits exist? Yes, of course. At least, I believe they do. But to every form of light and love, there is an opposition. As I said earlier, you yourself may be a Christian who truly exists in the name of Jesus, someone who loves and accepts everyone around them. But then down the street, you may have a neighbor who has nothing but hate in their heart for every person that is not a white straight Christian like they are. They may torture homosexuals,  shoot POC, or spend their time trying to rebrand American into the land of “white power”. And that is just as “satanic”(using your words) as a Wiccan who has chosen to use magic for dark purposes only. 

So, please. I urge you to read a book (just one book!) on the true nature of the Wiccan religion before you go spouting off these misinformed beliefs on what it means to follow a faith different from your own.  Instead, try to open your mind, and your heart, and realize that this world is filled with people who follow and believe in different things than you, which is not only OK, but actually kind of wonderful. 

The Tailor

* Hercules × Reader
* Hamiltime
* Requested: set during farmer refuted and when Hercules says “Oh my God tear this dude apart” the reader agrees and then fluff happens.
* Request: he’s making a dress for her and they both like each other and don’t know it and there’s sexual tension while like she’s trying it on and he’s tailoring it
* Requested by anonymous (both)

A/N: ok, I combined these prompts but only because they blended together perfectly! I promise I won’t do this often. With that, I hope both anons who requested a story still like what I wrote.

Word Count: 2,450


You bowed your head and looked at the ground as you passed the British Soldiers stationed in town. The number of them seemed to be growing at the same rate as talk of revolution. The soldiers were mainly young men and acted like it. Many young women avoided them all together. You silently prayed for freedom from Britain every time you spied a soldier.

As you continued your walk you saw a young man carrying a soap box. Oh no. It was squire for the king. He wore the long blue robe and ribbon on the shoulder. You unconsciously wandered closer and ended up along side fellow onlookers. You rolled your eyes as the man literally climbed up on his soap box.

“Hear ye! Hear ye! My name is Samuel Seabury and I present “Free Thoughts on the Proceeding of the Continental Congress.”“ He paused to collect himself. "Head not the rabble who screams ‘revolution!’ They have not your interests at heart.”

“Oh my god. Tear this dude apart.” A deep, booming voice from beside you said. You glanced at him. He was a large muscular man with dark skin. He had a hat covering his head. He looked intimidating. However, when his friend went and argued with the squire he laughed and the intimidating part of him seemed to disappear.

As a message from the King was read you cleared your throat, hoping to get his attention. It worked. He looked down at your curiously. “I gotta say. I agree with what you said about that squire.” You said a bit nervously.

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The intricacies of a devoted heart. What is it that causes one human to manifest a devotion for another that is unquenchable in it’s hunger, able to with stand pain, betrayal and still blossom in full bloom? Some would venture to guess that it’s the fear of being alone. I know different. Devotion is not just an emotion that can be turned on and off like a light switch. No. True devotion breathes in every ounce of one’s being. Your soul is well aware that you are where you rightfully belong. Where you were meant to be all along. 

So to all of your Dominants, be you male of female, know that if you ever feel that true burning devotion from your submissive’s, cherish that. Not the kind of devotion that exists only while you spend time together, but honest heart felt devotion that comes only from a committed submissive heart. That’s rare.
I don’t begin to think that I can tell anyone how to respond to such devotion.We all react in our own unique way. Each coupling is different in it’s dynamics therefore there is not a set behavioral list of things to do or not do. Just know how special unconditional love, a gracious heart, and unfettered devotion truly are. 

In this realm we all travel, a man created venue that allows us to meet people we otherwise would never have the chance to know, it’s easy to down play the importance of said emotions. To brush them off as a game, a way to feed our endorphins. Mark my words those emotions are often times attached to a true loving soul. Remember that. 

I know I sound a bit ‘soap-boxy’ this morning, and perhaps I am, but I have seen the damage that taking online feelings for granted have caused some of you, and as usual, I can watch only so much before I step, rather pounce, up onto my proverbial soap box and remind us all what truly matters in this world. Love, devotion, truth. Know it, live it, love it. 

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In regards to that ask about the ant showing V0ltron to kids - it also rubs me the wrong way that they were telling the kids that purposely fighting and upsetting someone is what you do when you like them. (By saying the L is flirting with K when he antagonises him).

Seriously, it’s not that far off from parents/teachers telling little girls “when a boy teases you, that means he likes you!”

Also let me step up on my soap box and rant for a bit. It’s so hypocritical when ants depict/write/draw L constantly flirting with a disinterested or annoyed K… but then those same ants say that “A//urance is bad because A isn’t interested in L and obviously seems uncomfortable with his flirting” like ??? K ISN’T INTERESTED IN L EITHER. Even in their fics, he reacts with annoyance at first like A does. I just can’t with them

The church is flawed. The people in the church are flawed.

A woman that I work for has a son with autism. He doesn’t speak. He used to hit her. He destroyed walls when he didn’t get what he wanted when he wanted it.
He broke her arm once. She had scratches and bruises to spare. 
A pastor told her his diagnosis was a result of her sin. 

Unfortunately, there are so many cases similar to this one: there are people who believe another persons’ fate was the result of their shortcomings. Deaths, pain, and brokenness of others have been pinned on the people who it affects the most. 

I read a post on here once that explained how a young girl lost her mother to an illness. The leader of their church promised her it was because of her mistakes; her mother would have never died if the girl was not such a sinner. 

Please allow me to make something very clear: your sin does not dictate another persons’ health. Unless you are the drunk driver behind the wheel or poisoning a child’s blood with drugs or putting others’ lives in danger your sin is not the decider of another’s fate

There is not one bad thing that outweighs the other. 
You are not to blame for the bad things that have happened to people in your life. 

Do not ever allow the church or the people in the church to tell you that you are.

-31Women (Ansley)

Few people ever really appreciate the feeling of driving a really stripped out car. The lack of music, the interior thats either too cold or too hot, the rough ride, firm seats and tight belts, noise transmissions, loud exhausts, etc. Purist cars are simply ment to be driven, theyre not built to pick up chicks or win shows, just make you smile everytime the tail steps out when you gas it too much coming out of a corner. Thats the point, thats the purpose, thats the reason they exist. 

There’s something you need to know.

The people you follow online are not everything they present themselves to be. Including me. We don’t have it together, and the more it seems like we do, the less likely it’s true.

I’ve met bloggers in real life who are nothing like the idealized hologram that they vicariously present in pretty quotes and shiny pictures and inspirational passive-aggressive monologues. Some are cranky jerks. Some are just surviving. Some do it for the likes. Some are still in middle school. Some do it because they can’t do anything else, and they’re telling others to do what they only dream of doing. 

I have nothing against them. I’m them. I only wish they were honest about their emptiness and their heartache. I wish they would say how they actually feel instead of preaching the ideal. I wish they wouldn’t talk from a pedestal. I wish the same for me, too.

This is the space where I want to be, where I tell you I’m not any better than you and I’m still learning, and it’s not to look humble in reverse or to find some easy excuse, but because we’re both in this fight together, and we’re seeing only a few feet ahead of us at a time, like halfway headlights in a harsh fog, just like everyone else. I’m putting away my soap-box. I’m rolling up my sleeves and getting knee-deep in the trenches. I’m eye to eye, side by side. I’m with you, and I’m for you. I hope you’re for me, too.

— J.S.

I don’t really understand why people liked and connected with Thorgy so much, she was really bitchy when she wasn’t being fake-nice and personally her drag, to me, is mediocre. Unpolished. Imho I think the reason white people loved her so much is because they wanted to believe in the power of white dreadlocks and defend them to the death.
Because I saw y'all on season 6, thinking Adore wouldn’t make it to top 3 cause she wasn’t polished enough. Your standards are a lot lower now that there’s a ‘quirky’ white boy with dreadlocks who paint the same badly contoured face every runway.

Also people are calling all of the top 5 PoC queens ‘ratchet’ with literally no reason to. This season has been more racially insensitive than previous seasons but at least the queen crowned will not be white.

Ooc: getting up on my soap box...

I’ve known for a while that people have an issue with the gay characters within Marvel and DC. It upsets me greatly that people are so close-minded about things. It makes me sick to my stomach and very very sad….

Let me testify on behalf of these characters and their company….

I’m sixteen years old. I’m a girl. My two favourite characters in Marvel are the bisexual Daken, and the gay Northstar. And yet, I identify as straight. Now, am I outwardly attracted to any male? Not really, but I know that I like men. Marvel didn’t ‘turn me gay,’ or however they word it…

It sickens me that homosexual individuals are not allowed to have a role model with similar struggles. It sickens me that a group of individuals believe that they can ask for these characters to be removed from the lineup. You may not like them, but that doesn’t mean that you can try to ruin it for other people.

There are alternative steps you can take of you’re going to be a bigot. Monitor what your child reads in the way of comics. I don’t approve of censorship but if that’s how you’re going to run your house I cannot PERSONALLY stop you.

So the only thing I’m asking here, is just think. So what if your child’s favourite is Wiccan? Or Northstar? All I’m saying is, I don’t want people to feel singled out because whatever 'group’ they belong to, however they label themselves, isn’t identified in the comics community.

If you’ll let me get up on my soap-box for a second: please be careful about how you talk about the changes to Sansa’s plot in this season of Game of Thrones.  If you’re show-only, then you can skip the rest of this post.  If you’ve read A Dance with Dragons, then this one’s for you:

Sansa’s plot line is going to resemble Jeyne Poole’s.  To what extent, it’s unclear.  There are certain parts that simply won’t translate properly and so will probably be shed.  But the fact remains is that she’s slated to be involved in some way with Ramsay Snow.  

It is horrifying.  It is nerve-wracking.  It is many things.  But please remember that the reason that you’re nervous is because of the abuses that Jeyne suffered, that she was repeatedly raped, that she was threatened with flaying and death, that there were moments when the northern lords felt deeply uncomfortable because they could only hear the echoing sobs of the girl they thought was Ned Stark’s little girl, but they didn’t even know the full extent of her torment.  

So yes, please by all means be appalled that this is the position that Sansa may find herself in to some extent.  That fear and discomfort is innately linked with the Boltons, period.  But please do not discuss it at the expense of Jeyne Poole.  Whatever your opinions of Jeyne might be, she is a victim of profound abuse, and the discussion of that abuse should include her suffering, not use it as a prop for whatever’s going on on Game of Thrones.  It’s a tricky line to walk, and it needs to be walked.