up on it's own

Honest to god Wade is me

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice


[ 170726 ] show champion / exo performing ‘kokobop’   #1stWin

good morning to everyone but the people who think it’s okay to hate on bands who decide to change up their music style

Ladrien June Day 15: Fear


Twelve Days of Twelve: July 18th: Team TARDIS

A relationship in all its forms, in the combination of a passionate and powerful Time Lord and a young woman so very similar to him.


I love how Albert has like, these two tough looking guys in perpetual sunglasses who drive him around and just kinda stand behind him menacingly while he snarks at people and while they are referred to as “his team” they’re never actually around when he works, so it’s safe to assume they’re there specifically to help him make a cooler entrance 

i was eating a banana and then i had a revelation 

ok so

the paladin suits are canonically able to morph into whatever size the paladin who wears them is, as shown by hunk in episode one

alteans are canonically able to shapeshift as we find out in episode ten

so do u think that they gave the suits the ability to shift with the paladin’s size so if they ever had to shapeshift for a mission, their suits would be able to shift in size with them?

The legal institution of citizenship is SO fucked up, like it’s a way of categorizing people’s bodies based on states and their ability to project power over certain boundaries, and a way of controlling those populations, naming them, controlling their movement and human geography itself - to incredibly violent ends 

whether or not you have a little blue book that says you’re a US citizen on you determines whether or not your life has value, whether you have the right to a fair trial, whether you are the innocent victim of terrorism or the potential embodiment of violence/terrorism/crime itself