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Ooooh if you ever get the chance it would be awesome to see some Harry Potter characters sorted into Leagues and Legends guilds

(Dear persons wondering what on earth Leagues and Legends is– it’s one of my original trilogies. There are five majors at the adventuring Academy where the story starts: heroic feats, combat specialist, mage, sage, and guide.

The first book is called Beanstalk and you can find all three as free ebooks at ejadelomax.com)

Harry, Chosen One, etc., etc., would come in as a heroic feats major despite never even mailing in an application. He would feel like an imposter.

Ron enters “undeclared” and gets put in the combat specialist major. Being a) a pureblood means he goes into one of the traditionally more respected majors (hero or combat spec) and being b) the impoverished and contentious sort of pureblood means it would be combat spec. He’d bumble and complain through the physical classes, and excel at all strategic thinking and logistical planning, but do poorly at actually turning in the assignments. Prof. Rhones would absolutely try to adopt him, and they would play a lot of chess. Ron would be filled with self-deprecatory jealousy about being Harry’s official sidekick.

Hermione is the sagiest sage to ever live. But she would also absolutely force Harry and Ron to start a Dumbledore’s Army/stable loft crew to teach all the non-combatant majors how to punch people. Punching people is very important to Hermione Granger.

Malfoy’s a hero major; Crabbe and Goyle are two combat specs who loom at his heels constantly.

Luna’s a mage major, but she’d have liked to be a guide. She wanders off for days or weeks sometimes and finds her way back by stars or trails of dropped wildflowers. “Just practicing,” she says. “Oh, did I miss a test?”

Neville nervously applied for guide but, because a) the Longbottoms are an old family name and b) his parents were casualties in service of the Leagues and c) his grandmother donates a lot of money to the school, they put him in heroic feats. He does not think he should be there. In the First Battle of Driftwood Island, he kills a fire demon single-handed using only a rusted magic sword and some gumption.

Every Weasley child for generations has attended the Academy. Bill is a mage, now studying down at the desert universities. Charlie applied for the guide major amd now is at the St. John’s Port University getting ready for a dragonology research trip up north. Percy was heroic feats, and now he works faithfully in the most mundane section of Bureau R&D. Fred’s a mage, and so shoe-horned into that major, but George isn’t. He gets into the sage major and drives Hermione insane because he keeps goofing off but then acing the tests anyway.

Ginny is the seventh of her siblings to attend the Academy, but unlike her brothers she’s only allowed two of the five majors– mage or sage. Unmagical, she takes the sage major to get through the gates and then slips in the back of every hero or combat spec class she can manage. She steals Harry and Ron’s homework and quizzes them left and right. When they graduate, she takes over the non-combatant combat lessons.

In their own era, the Marauders had been a League of their own, up in the mountains– James the hero, Sirius the combat spec, Remus the sage, Peter the guide, and Lily the mage. Ambushed by the mage slavers, James and Lily had died, Peter had vanished, and Sirius had been scapegoated for it. Remus retired into a teaching position at the Academy.


Pairing; Mikaelsons x reader

Imagine; Esther trying to lewer her children into becoming human by telling them you - a complete stranger - will become very close to them.

Jasmine force’s herself up from the wooden floor of her “boyfriends” room. Jasmine had a strange and tense sense of suspicion lately. Something bad was happening around her. Something she could not see but she could feel.

She needed to get out before she got any deeper.

She pushed the feeling down not wanting to be the nagging girlfriend that she knew Andrew would hate if not already hated.

But now she knew better. She has no physical proof of his strange activity in relations of what goes bump in the night. Her gut feeling was enough.

Jasmine grabs her packed duffle and back pack before swiftly making her way down the stairs.

“She won’t be able to see you.” The three Mikaelson children relax at this. As relaxed as they can get in this situation that is.

The Mikaelson’s all face the flight of stairs preparing themselves for whatever their mother has schemed up this time.

Jasmine takes her last step on the stairs facing the Mikaelsons.

There it is again. The same strange feeling Jasmine has been having with Andrew. She knows something is off and does not want to stay around long enough to find out what.

Rebekah scoffs unimpressed. “A girl.” Elijah says clearly annoyed.

“Not just any girl.”

Jasmine is on the move again not wasting a second. She sets the bags down before digging through the front pocket of her backpack.

“A phone?” Rebekah tries to hide her growing interest.. “Where is this going?”

“So far no where.” Klaus adds.

Jasmine puts a pot on the stove and sets it on high right before putting her phone in.

“Your fates are intertwined, but something has changed that.” Esther says. “For a great cause.”

“And that is?” Klaus asks.

“She’s going to save your lives.”

“Take us back.” Klaus sternly commands.

“As you wish.”

Klaus refused to give any thought to their trip up north. If it can even be called a trip. Rebekah didn’t want to believe it, but she knew it was better to be prepared for whatever may be coming. Elijah pretended it never happened.

A year later of their life in New Orleans and still no knews of you. Esther was dead. All their problems seemed to be put to rest.

Jasmine on the other hand began wondering how long she could be on the run.

The calm before the storm you could call it.

This was no storm, but much worse.

((Another rough draft for a possible fan fiction. Please tell me what you think! I see all the feedback and I appreciate it. :-) ))

I hate it when you drink.

I hate watching you waste your life away on a bottle of Crown Royal, whether at a party you never take me to or simply with your friends, when there are so many better things to do.

We could go take a small trip up north or go to an exciting city.

We could go stargazing in fields we shouldn’t be in.

We could learn something new together.

We could dance around the living room and indulge in the feeling of our love.

I don’t like to see that one of the “good things” in life, is alcohol.

I hate when you drink, because I like to picture life as an adventure from a movie.

I’d rather get in trouble with cops, having fun and excitement, than to see you drink.

—  @loveactivist // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #15
since we’re talking RVB AUs: medieval AU


basic premise: it’s 14th century england. the freelancers are knights. the AI are fae. borrows heavily from shakespeare.

  • york, or in this instance, the duke of york. made an ill-advised deal with the fae delta who both hates and is fascinated with this human he got saddled with. spoiler alert: they make out a lot.
  • north (northumberland) and south. their father didn’t know how to deal with the inheritance so they have to try and manage the lands he left behind together. south wants to spend all her time being a knight and bitterly resents being caught up in dealing with serfs
  • carolina, prince caroline of her father’s domain. brilliant in shining armor on her fiery steed, a winner of battles.
  • the director is the king of england. sure. why not. king leonard. carolina feels the crown heavy on her head already.
  • CT (short for constance), daughter of a witch, knows an awful lot about the fae. worked hard to become a knight
  • tex is a fae changeling, swapped with carolina’s younger sister. tex doesn’t know she’s fae, but she knows something’s different about herself.
  • sigma gets maine killed in battle. he steals his horse, his armor, and his title. sigma is an old fae, and he remembers england before the christians came and drove the fae underground. his hatred burns like fire.
  • the reds and the blues are the foot soldiers and comic relief
  • for added flavor, it’s the crusades. everyone gathers their armies and marches over to jerusalem to take back the holy land under the banner of king leonard.
Sunday Afternoon’s Thoughts

I feel like I have absolutely nothing to write about right now (<– a sure to be thrilling post, when it starts like that).   It’s been a really quiet weekend for me; so much so I’m debating whether I should extend the rotation I’m on, or not. Right now I head back to Toronto July 1st weekend, however I could stay until the end of October (aka for the summer), but given my intense lack of friends and things to do, I’m not too sure… 

I have a date this evening. I suppose that’s news. As always I’m super nervous and keep thinking of reasons to back out, but it’s also something to do.  I find dating in Detroit to be a lot easier than dating in Toronto; the guys here are mid-west gentlemen; friendly. Or, I’m more easy going.  But… all the dates I’ve been on so far I’m the person who has not wanted a second date, and I keep wondering if I have got to such an independent point now, that it won’t matter if Mr. Right even comes along, because I’m so stuck in my little bubble of one. Cool cool. #dyingalone

I went to CrossFit this morning and did 17.4 (the official CrossFit workout released this week).  I did the 55 deadlifts at 100lbs, 55 wall balls at 10lb, made it through the 55 calorie row, and got one (modified) handstand up push-up in. Felling pret-ty baller right now. 

I was up (laying in bed) till about 4am last night. At 8pm I drank a “decaf” coffee which I’m 99% sure was not decaf, and I want to go back and complain now to Starbucks. 

Have you watched Big Little Lies yet? ohmy, get on it! It’s sooooo good.  I may buy the book, as waiting for the episodes to come out is too suspenseful.  

Next weekend my parents are coming to visit, and the weekend after my friend Veronica. And then friends from Boston are coming in April!  I’m pretty excited to show people around Detroit.  I’ll also admit I’ve sort of been shocked at how much some of my friendships in Toronto have sort of fallen off a cliff from me moving here.  Perhaps my expectations are way too high, but I feel so isolated here, and when I message friends, there’s usually no reply. Cool cool.  Perhaps it’s karma, as I’m pretty terrible with texting at times too. 

I am feeling a really strong urge to go for a run lately. Note, easier to type than actually do.  I’m doing CrossFit four or five times a week, but think I may drop down to three and add one or two runs in.  When I see people running (they’re few and far between in Detroit though!) I get so jealous.  Perhaps I should sign up for a 5 or 10k to motivate myself.  

I built myself a shoe rack today.  It’s the worst ikea-type job I’ve ever done, as I had no screwdriver, just a knife, but it gets the job done.   I’m going to add a photo of it to the bottom of this post because I’m weirdly proud of it. 

I have been really obsessed lately at looking at jobs. Don’t get me wrong I have zero intention of leaving my company (ever, right now), but I keep looking up Product Manager jobs at large tech companies to ensure I am learning and doing items to be able to one day check off all the requirements.  

I’m down to 193lbs. Or, perhaps you could say up to 193lbs.  That being said I had to buy a belt from Gap the other day to help with a now-too-big pair of jeans. YES. And, I went shopping yesterday and fit most size 12 dresses, which is a win, as I think around Christmas size 14 was a stretch.  I’m still counting calories, not as diligently as before, but I’m now 40 days consistently on My Fitness Pal, which is good because it feels like a habit. 

How do you make adult friends? I signed up for Bumble BFF (like a dating app, but for for friendships) and it was SO WEIRD. Almost more awkward than talking to guys.  Ha. Although my friend/colleague from the Toronto office is heading to Detroit for six weeks (starting today!) and she’s living in my building, and I’m super super excited for that, as I think I’ll now have a friend to actually go out with, and/or do a hiking trip up north with. Yesssssssssss! 

And would you look at that, I did somehow have something to say, Happy Sunday! 

My brilliant work. I couldn’t screw the middle rack in, so it’s just balancing on the screws pushed in. ha

Hi guys, I’ve a question. I’m thinking of starting a vlog after something that was suggested by my therapist. Originally I was going to keep it just for me but now I’m thinking of putting it out there.
Who’d be interested in watching my life? It’ll be a mix of things like stuff around Dublin, my London holiday this week, discussing mental health etc. Also if anybody had any fun challenges I could do, that could be cool.
I have nothing set up yet but if I make my recordings from this week into a vlog it will be mostly about working on my mental health with some footage of my Easter trip up north and some of Dun Laoghaire pier today.
Let me know, please.

we’ll miss you

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you should totally look up the "gorillaz phases explained" video if u like their concepts! they have really detailed and fucked up back stories that fall in line with the videos + theyre getting a 10 episode TV show next year!

thank you!!! my friend dom has been giving me some abridged explanations of their backstories but one big video sounds really helpful thank you!! a tv series sounds amazing omg

“During a recent road trip up north, I spent the night out of Snoqualmie Pass, WA. Epic light pollution from Seattle’s suburbs, multiple wild fires, and the 90 interstate winding through the mountains made for some incredible lighting to frame Mt. Rainier and the milky way rising above it.” (Source)

I fell asleep around 3 AM with tears in my eyes, feeling total emptiness and despair… but I ended up having the most amazing dream.

I dreamt that I took a bus trip up North to an imaginary city that was warm and sunny. (With very cute & cheery architecture.) There were people everywhere, but my social anxiety didn’t exist anymore. I had two friends with me, both male and both super affable and chill to be around. We walked up a hill to an extraordinary park, and there seemed to be some kind of event going on up there. There were lots of diverse people lounging on the soft grass (and lots of beautiful goths lol) and my friends and I strode over to the enormous gazebo in the center of the park. We found an empty seat there to relax at, and immediately a guy came up and served us these DELICIOUS purple alcoholic beverages that didn’t even taste like booze. I could feel myself getting buzzed really fast and I was laughing with my friends and the strangers around me. Then another man came over and served us delicious chocolate desserts and we were all so happy and we laughed and joked. I could feel the warmth of the summer weather on me and I felt completely relaxed and comfy. I was at so much peace. It truly felt like heaven.

Then I fucking woke up.