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(long post sorry) here it is, my finished ap art concentration!! i focused on toys and souvenirs and the memories connected to them/significance of them. overall im super happy how it all turned out!

suggestion: don’t rewatch hetalia at the same you start snk season 2 because you begin to notice how similar sasha braus and italy are and it’s oddly v amusing. They even sort of look similar, especially genderbent italy from that one ep, they have the same aesthetics. Also, if aph italy was in the middle of being inducted into an army that fights man eating abominations during a literal apocalypse, he would absolutely be snacking on a stolen potato while standing in plain sight.

Southern Reader with the Hamilsquad

“Th’ fuck yew think yer doin’” @ Alex when reader tells him to stop writing and then goes to cook and finds him reading again.

Everyone gets scared when the reader gets a really thick and deep southern accent

“Uh un sit down” @ everyone when they say to talk out differences but they try to walk away.

The terrifying way they smile and take on a southern belle accent and says the most horrific stuff.

“Bless it.” @ ham when he complains about TJeffs

Get TJeffs Reader and John in a room and no one can understand them because their accents get thicker each second.

Reader: She’s deader'n misqeeta on a windshield

Ham: Bahahaha what?

“That’s right, right?” “Bless your heart.”

“Bless it, it looks like it’s momma.”
“Bless your heart, you can’t do nothing can you?”
“Oh dear bless it you done stubbed your toe again.”

When people up north make fun of her or ask her dumb questions she immediately goes into her “Northern” personality. She drops the accent and use long words that not even Hamilton sometimes knows.

Fried everything

“I went to the store today” “YES!”

“Why do the decorations change everyday?” “Alexander they do not change every day but every season. I can’t have vanilla candles with red and green designs on them durning summer can I? No. Now hush up I’m cooking.”

“Oh my goodness this house is a mess!”

“Wait you can handle a gun?” “Yes I grew up in the woods yes I know how to handle a gun.”

College football is life Pro is okay but COLLEGE

“Yes!” “Alabama won?” “No but LSU lost so same thing.”

“WAR EAGLE!” “but I thought you went for Alabama?” “Yeah I do but Auburn’s up against Tennessee, I have to stay loyal to my state.”

“Can I watch something now?” “Games not over yet.”

“What Pro team do you go for?” Looks around “Patriots?” Alex nods. “Yeah that’s what I’m going with.”

the full spectrum of human emotion

part two

“You wanted to see me?” Dex sighed as he walked into Mr. Nurse’s office.

It shouldn’t even have to be a question anymore; Derek Nurse was infamous for his infuriatingly ‘chill’ attitude, demanding his employees to do countless deeds for him and brushing off their annoyance with a single word. It didn’t matter if Nurse wanted to see him, it didn’t matter what he was going to ask Dex to do, the only thing that mattered was that someone did what he asked. Some of the other employees at Brickstone Publishing were too dazzled by Nurse’s charm to see the truth, but not Dex. Any attraction he had felt for the man had faded on his first day as his assistant, when he had been told to run down to twelve different stores to fetch things in an hour. He had returned to the office panting and sweating, only to be greeted with a single, pretentious ‘chill’.

Just do it for the promotion, he told himself. It can’t be long now.

Dex looked at Derek in exasperation. Derek looked at Dex in disdain. They both had a dislike for each other, forced together solely because the other could do for them what no one else could. That inhospitable relationship was what made the next words Derek said the last ones Dex would ever have expected to come out of his mouth.

“Will you marry me?”

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i love it when people from up north make fun of people from southern states for freaking out when it gets below 60 degrees. we get it. you’re superior. you can resume using your icicle dildo now.

Elf Verse: December 8

I am responding to thedoobly-doo’s angst with fluff! Have some Elf verse on me!

woodelf68 prompted: Belle suggests making xmas cookies togetheras a way for Neal & Gold to bond. By the time the cookies go in the oven, Gold & Neal are laughing and having fun together, and seeing Gold relaxed & smiling & licking batter off his fingers makes Belle start to yearn for something new.

 Anonymous prompted: I have a prompt for your Elf verse if you are still taking them. How about one of them accidentally sees the other one naked??

Remember, this verse is open for prompts!

Also found on A03

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