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[makes ugly whale noises at the cute] 😩

Guys, we could’ve figured out Allura had magic before it was revealed in S2. Remember the scene where she and Hunk had to save Shiro from Haggar?

She knew exactly where Haggar was, how? I’m guessing it’s because she has the same magic Haggar has. It’s little details like this that we seem to sleep on but it foreshadowed Allura’s magic, so I think we should really focus on these little hints in the show.


moodboard: cersei lannister

if you could only see the beast you’ve made of me
I held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free
screaming in the dark, I howl when we’re apart
drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart


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sana and eva are bi and together and aren’t afraid as long as they have each other // not my pictures

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but why would you discourage people from trying to get their first win? it's not an exaggeration but the TRUTH that chart toppers stay in the industry. they haven't gotten their first win yet because everyone's a casual fan and don't work hard enough.

  1. calm down lol
  2. no one is trying to discourage you from supporting them? but you can support them without guilt-tripping other people and making the fandom space (which is meant to be fun for everyone!) stressful and hard to be in, bc that in turn actually makes people want to be there less?
  3. like i understand the worry and the desperation, during beautiful era i was also super wrapped up in this mindset that if i didn’t do something i’d be letting them down – especially because the boys themselves seemed to have such high hopes for the album and it was the first time wonho got to release his own songs. when the world tour and japanese debut was announced i was Really Anxious and i was thinking of 328748923 worst case scenarios but… it didn’t turn out like i imagined? there was no reason to be so negative abt it bc they’re going to gain so much stage experience on the tour and they did so so so so well in japan. you never know how things will turn out so it’s useless fearmongering and concocting theories about bad things that could possibly maybe perhaps happen.
  4. like nat said in her post, we all want a first win!!!! but it’s not everything and mx is not unpopular or unsuccessful just bc they haven’t gotten a piece of plastic at a music program!
  5. it’s just not possible for everyone to “work hard enough” by your standards (which i guess is buying albums + melon passes + streaming 24/7 and whatnot?) bc people’s lives… don’t… revolve around mx… and not everyone can spare the time and money to be a “real monbebe”… which is why (i’ve said this before) but this whole implicit “you’re only a real fan if you do x, y and z” thing is pretty gross? there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a casual fan, it’s okay if you can’t buy albums and passes or you don’t have time to stream because… at the end of the day i’m sure mx would want you to enjoy their comeback more than stress over voting and charting and streaming etc.

Confession #10 Me and my cousins used to drive my grandma crazy until she brought us a Word Up Magazine. She would only buy one and we all had to share it💀

We would flip through the pages and who ever snatched the poster first could have it. We had the exact one in the picture and I remember me and my cousin was fighting over a Ray Ray from MB poster and we ripped it 😂 But ya girl had that clear tape💁🏾

Y'all already know I snatched that Diggy Simmons poster real quick too😂

These confession are lowkey making me said because they remind me of a simpler time in life where I was “ME” and not searching for “ME” or wanting to be anyone else. I know it just got deep but that just how I feel 😭🥀