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This Day in 1D History - May 28


  • beaming baby Brighton boys :))


  • the Up All Night: The Live Tour DVD is released!
  • Harry plays Call or Delete with Nick on Radio One (aka “TELL HER YOU’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ME”)
  • ot5 do the ol’ pose-turn-pose outside their New York hotel :))
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Camden, USA


  • Harry finally looks at a fuckin calendar
  • Niall meets up with the LIC! 


  • Liam continues to be the sweetest bean
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Sunderland, UK


  • y’all he was NOT. KIDDING.


  • Louis and Danielle are unfairly breathtaking at the Grand Prix in Monaco
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Collaboration Work

Hysterical Love (Angst)

A collaboration with the wonderful queen of angst, kayfi3!

[Part 1(DDIWT/Rihito Hatsune)] [Part 2(MFW/Takamasa Saeki)]


    10 Days With My Devil

    Meguru Kamui


    Be My Princess 2

    Kuon J. Casiraghi

    Ivan Chernenkov


    Dreamy Days In West Tokyo

    Ichigo Sato


    Kiss Of Revenge

    Issei Sezaki

    Junpei Miyashita


    Love Letter From Thief X

    Takuto Hirukawa

    Kenshi Inagaki


    MPD: Close To You

    Yutaka Tennoji


    My Forged Wedding

    Headcanon [x]

    Takamasa Saeki

    Ren Shibasaki

    Yamato Kougami

    Kunihiko Aikawa


    My Sweet Bodyguard

    Hideki Ishigami


    Our Two Bedroom Story

    Shusei Hayakawa


    True Love Sweet Lies

    Nozomu Fuse


    Practices (Non-Voltage Related)

    Bitter Sweet (SOL?)

    The Best Medicine (Fluff) 




    Top 5 games [x]

    Issei Sezaki [x]

    Hideki Ishigami [x]

    Seiji Goto [x]

    Takamasa Saeki [x] [x] [Dress me up!] [LIC]

    Sousuke Kikuchi [x]

    Hyoga Kaga [x]




    KOR week [x

    Top10 Appreciation [x]

    Shusei IDK what [x]

    3rd Year with Saeki [x]

    Saeki idk what again [x]

    deadlybingo  asked:

    91, please!

    Sorry it took me so long!!

    “Stop being such a stupid head.”

    “What was that?”

    “I said. Stop. Being. Such. A. Stupid. Head.”

    “Stupid head? I haven’t heard that one since I was like, 9.”

    “Well, it’s true. You’re a stupid head.”

    “Ow! Felicity, careful. I was just —”

    “Shot! I know. You were just shot. Again. And I’m stitching you up. Again!”


    “Don’t ‘Felicity’ me Oliver. You just got shot, again. And then the comms stopped working, and I didn’t know what was happening. You could have died.”

    “Felicity, I’m fine. It’s just a graze.”

    “A graze because you took a stupid risk. You went in alone, without backup. You were just lucky that the guy was a terrible shot. And that John got there when he did. What if next time it’s not? What if next time, it’s worse? What if next time John doesn’t get to you in time, or it’s not just a graze?”


    “No Oliver. I’m serious. You know, when we got back together. You promised me you’d be more careful. That you would take care of yourself when you’re out patrolling. That’d you’d come home to me. Was I stupid to believe that?”

    “Felicity, no. Of course I meant it. I mean everything I say to you. Always.”

    “Really? You could have fooled me. I mean, god, what happens when we have kids? That’s only a few months away. And what happens then? What happens when you get hurt then? It won’t just be me that you’re leaving, there will be a baby. A real human baby. Who will need their father. So you need to stop taking stupid risks. You need to stop going in alone. Because I can’t do this alone. I can’t do this without you. I cannot raise your child, without you. This baby will need you.”


    “What? No cute comeback now?”


    “Oliver? What? Why are you looking at me like that?”



    “… Felicity, are you… Did you just say… Are we..”

    “Oliver, I’m the one usually talking in sentence fragments.”

    “I… you…”

    “What, Oliver? What are you trying to say?”

    “Are you pregnant?”


    “You said, we’re only a few months away from having kids. Are you pregnant? Are we having a baby?”

    “Oliver… I was going to tell you. Tonight, at dinner. I swear, but then…”

    “I got shot.”

    “Right, and dinner got postponed.”

    “How long have you known?”

    “I haven’t been to the doctor yet, I have an appointment tomorrow. But I took a few, well 9, tests, and they all say yes.”

    “So we’re…”

    “Expecting? A bun in the oven? Up the spout? Knocked up?”


    “Yes. I mean, I still have to go to the doctor, but I think so. I mean that many tests can’t be wrong, right?”

    “A baby.”

    “Yes, Oliver. Would you, do you want to come to the appointment with me?”

    “Of course, yes, I will be there. That’s my baby, you’re growing in there. And Felicity?”


    “I swear to you, right in this moment. My beautiful, beautiful wife. The mother of my future child. I swear. I will be there. I will be at every appointment, every sleepless night, every weird craving, for their first steps, their first word. I will be there. I love you.”

    “… Oliver?”

    “Yes, my love?”

    “I love you too. And one more thing.”


    “Next time, take backup, stupid head.”