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Saccharine [M]

pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: angst, smut, a hint of fluff

word count: 4.1k

It doesn’t make sense. But now that you’ve realized, it never did. Nothing that spiraled inside the orbit called Min Yoongi ever made sense. You tried to dig deeper into the part of your brain that supplies common sense, and was met with emptiness – nothing. He was in love with music, you were in love with the scent of a newly purchased novel. He was always indulging his time with the things he love, you were busy picking which papaya is ripe enough for you to devour the following day. There was no union in the sets of Venn diagram called Yoongi & Y/N.  The two of you wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for the accidental mix up of letters in your apartment’s mailbox. It really was strange, but fate has a funny way of interlacing your life with someone else, didn’t it?

Min Yoongi. The name itself delivered a dull kick that resounds in the back of your mind. It was torturous, really, his whole existence was. But you’ve began to appreciate him for his quite grumbles, mindless complains and fancy choice of words.

You stumbled outside your friend’s car and shot a quick “thanks for the ride!” before trudging along the apartment’s entrance and into the warm lobby. The rain ceased its song of sorrow a few hours ago, but the harsh wind still serenade this part of the city with its fast-tempo melody. You welcomed the heat briefly and walked straight to the reception area.

“Anything for 93?” you asked eagerly, knowing well that there was a small package waiting for you to lay your hands on, from your sister. She was older than you by two years, began her search for love at the young age of seventeen and fell in love with her best friend that has been there all along since high school. Hopeless romantics. The type of people that you struggled to avoid because once they figured out your monotonous love department, they would start to see you as experiment x and would try to reassure you, “Maybe your love is in a deep slumber or something. Just wait.”

In all honesty, you appreciate their comforting words but you were starting to grow weary of them putting love on a pedestal. Maybe it was because you haven’t found it yet. Yet.

“Just a package and a letter.” Joe murmured grudgingly and handed the things to its rightful recipient. You immediately snatched them from Joe’s hands, “Thanks!” you shouted gleefully before making your way to the elevator. Your impatience took the best of you and you halted to as stop to examine the letters. You skimmed the envelope of the first letter and squinted at the last two digits of the apartment’s address: 0193. You turned around and through to the reception area at the same time as a young boy roughly your age.

“I think you gave me the wrong letter, Joe.” You said at the same time as the boy in black shirt.

He cocked his head to the side and gestured for you to see the letter he mistakenly received. 0139. You took the opportunity to take a good look at him. His complexion was the first thing that you noticed, his skin was milky white and his slender legs was covered in a tight ripped jeans. His messy black hair was kept in a grey beanie, and the veins in his arms were visible in the low light of the lobby.

“Oh I must have mixed it up. Sorry.” Joe said behind the table, snapping you out of your reverie, and you had to blink a few times before your eyes could focus back to Joe. You motioned for him to hand you over your letter while you offered his.

“Thanks,” you mumbled softly at him and saunters back into the elevator. You were in desperate need of a shower and food, lost in your own thoughts on the list of possible restaurants still opened at this hour, to notice he was in the elevator with you until he pressed the number 3 and 9.

“You’re going to the ninth floor right?” he asked. Now that you were free from the noises in the lobby, you could hear his low voice that was surprisingly deeper than you thought you heard.

“Yes, thank you uh, what’s your name?“


You weren’t good with conversation and let it end as it was. Rolling his name on your lips and staying quiet until the elevator slows to a stop at your floor.

“Well it was nice to meet you, Yoongi.” You said before stepping out and offering him a smile. He nod in response before the doors closed. And you thought that was the end of it.

The loud ring coming from the small alarm on the table beside you brought you back to life. You opened your eyes and indulged in the comfort your warm blanket offered you. You stretched your hand, and felt Yoongi beginning to stir from his sleep next to you.

His phone vibrated on the table next to his side of the bed, and you strained your eyes to make out the caller ID.

It was the girlfriend.

Over the past few weeks after the incident, you managed to bump into him, whether it was by the lobby, the mini mart down the street and even in the elevator. He was the first to break, asking for your number. The casual texts turned into flirty banters, which leads to getting under the covers with him. You asked him on one occasion, whether he was fine with all of this and he shut your mouth with a kiss before murmuring, “Less talking more fucking, yeah?”

You knew he was not available, and somewhere along the line, both of you agreed to a mutual conclusion that this was a secret. This whole thing was, and for a while you’d like to believe that you were okay. This was okay, and you promised yourself you wouldn’t let him complete you the way you envision him too.

He was rough the other night. His thrusts hard and fast, not keeping a tempo. He wanted to occupy every fissures and all the curves of your body. Touching you in places that you’d never thought was pleasurable. Kissing your neck and taking your breasts into his mouth, swirling your nipple with his tongue before teasingly biting down. His skillful hands making their way into your sensitive bud while he pumps in and out of you easily, his length covered in your juices, making you forget about everything else except for his name.  

You were his muse, his source of pleasure, and his momentary comfort. But you were a secret. His secret. He loved his girlfriend, and their relationship was on their third year together. She was soft, and patient, and loving – she was like water flowing down the river in the early morning, moistening the big stones from over drying because of the fierce sun, while you were earth. Motherly, hard to please, constant and tainted. He loved her, and she loved him, but she could not pleasure him like you did. In terms of sex, she was vanilla and you were a kinky, thirsty girl. Albeit Yoongi was a reserved and calm person, he was filled with desire as well and she was not there to help him find his release. You were.

“Wake up sleepyhead, I gotta go to class,” you poked his sensitive side a few times before he grabbed your wrist to stop you, drawing small circles after you halt.

“I’ve been awake since an hour ago. You’re just too much of a cow to notice.” His raspy voice tickling your right ear. He pulled you closer to him and squeezed you tight, as if showing you how much he loved you, but you knew better. He was just an affectionate friend.

“She’s calling you,”

“I know,”

“You can answer the phone if you want, I’ll shut up,”

He made no move to reach his phone and you suppressed the urge to smack yourself with a lamp post. How could he answer the phone when you, the other woman, was there in his arms? You willed yourself out of his warmth and sauntered into the bathroom. You sighed heavily before locking the door shut behind you as tears rolled freely down your cheeks. You turned on the shower loud enough to drawn out the cries that escaped your lips, as you scrubbed yourself clean. Clean of him.

You stepped out of the bathroom in your jeans and t-shirt, checking the time in your phone. You’re off to a great start, having an extra 40 minutes in your hands.

Yoongi was still there on your bed, fully clothed this time, and furiously writing on his notebook. His bed hair spiked in all directions, and you had to control yourself from running your fingers through his hair. It was always like this after sex, a moment where everything felt right and you two were wrapped in your own cocoon of safety. Your favorite time of the day, until you drifted to sleep and wake up the next day with your alarm ringing and his phone vibrating. Same old, same old.

“What are you writing?” you walked over to your side of the bed and plopped down next to him. He glanced at you for a second before continuing to stare down at his notebook. Eyebrows scrunched, his teethe capturing a fraction of his bottom lip, and his concentration was evident on his face. Cute. You tilted your head to peek into the paper but he flicked your nose, “No peeking. Give me five seconds,” You laughed at his child-like behavior before glancing at the time. Still 37 minutes left.

You played with your phone instead, scrolling through Instagram and checking your unread messages when Yoongi casually ripped a page from his notebook and dangling it in front of your face. You took the paper from his hands and stared at its content. He didn’t utter single word, using his time to observe your reaction instead.

My soul calls for you

underneath the bed sheets

A voice in the realms

echoing alone, waiting

We walk different toads

but look up to the same stars

And I fell for you

Even if we’re meant to part


You loved him. God you loved him. He was not the type to write long texts or even poetry, but he tried for you. You recited his piece in your head, over and over again even when you’ve reached the final word. Every word was a prayer you keep in your heart. He watched your face lit up like fairy lights circling the Christmas tree in the cold nights of December. And he watched you fall apart when you realized that yes, you were his muse, but you were never the final receiver of his masterpiece. You imagined the blood rushing to her cheeks, painting it a rosy hue, as she read the lines over and over again, while Yoongi and you were something she can’t see. You forced the familiar sting in your eyes to subside until you’ve composed your expression to a neutral state before offering him a piece of your mind.

“Yoongi this is beautiful,” you managed to croak out leaving any traces of sadness or disappointment that might be laced with your voice.

“Really? I was afraid you’d think it turned out shitty,” He couldn’t stop the grin threatening visualize on his face. You loved that part of him, too. The part where he was insecure and thought he wasn’t good enough when in reality, he was perfect.

“It’s good Yoongi but listen my ride’s here I have a class to catch up to,” you patted your jeans and reached for your bag. If you’d stayed in his company a little while longer, that little heart of yours would break even further.

“You do you, Y/N.”

You walked out of the room before he could mutter anything else. You hoped he hasn’t lost your apartment’s extra key yet, or else he’d be locked inside until you came home.

The cold auditorium bites through your skin and made your bones shivered. You couldn’t focus on anything the lecturer was saying, and your only friend ditched out on class last minute. You were alone, and naturally your thoughts began to wander to Yoongi. You realized that he was an incurable disease inside you, filling your waking thoughts until you willed yourself to snap out of it.

Once the lecture finished, you quickly stepped out of campus and signaled a cab. You were tired, and you just wanted to go home. Not to Yoongi, but to the comfort of your bed. You jolted awake when te car screeches to a halt, realizing you must’ve fallen asleep along the way. You handed the driver a few dollar bills before opening the door.

You were so used to this routine that you automatically punched in the ninth floor, knowing Yoongi like the back of your hand, he would be buried in his work with an empty stomach. You wouldn’t be surprised if he was fast asleep on his desk or lazily typing on his laptop somewhere in his apartment, but you weren’t prepared for this.

You stepped out of the elevator fully prepared to surprise Yoongi into waking up. You stride down the hall and used the extra key that he gave you to let yourself in, and what a sight it was. He was adding his finishing touch, packing everything that could be packed in his two large suitcases. He froze as he was caught red-handed by you, a shocked expression in your face, not understanding what was happening.

“Yoongi,” you started and he walked over to you. Each second that passed by felt like an eternity. He snaked both his arms around your body and rested his head on your shoulder.

“I need to go home,” he muffled through your shirt. Home. If he was going home, then he wasn’t coming back. “She needs me,” Yoongi continued as if reading your mind to the questions popping up one by one in your brain, “She’s going through a rough patch and she needs me.”

I need you. You thought to yourself as a strangled sob escaped you. Yoongi held you in his arms, drawing figures with his thumb into your skin that you wished would be embedded for an eternity. Your hands that were limp by your sides returned his embrace and you pressed yourself against him tighter, like you were trying to remember every inch of him.

You breathed him in and you felt needles prickling your heart. You were never going to smell this cologne the same way anymore. You planted small kisses on his neck and pulled back just enough to hold his face on your hands to kiss him. You wanted him to remember your touch, and the way his name rolled out of your lips, you wanted him to remember you.

He returned your kiss feverishly and gently nudged your mouth with his tongue, asking for entrance. Your tongues wrestle for dominance as Yoongi deepened the kiss, holding the back of your head with his hand. His skillful tongue explored your mouth, a threat to your already weak knees that could give out any second. He brought you against the door and continued to connect his lips to yours hashly. You could feel his hands sliding down into your bottom, his fingers poking your ass to lift your hips. The sensation of his bulge rubbing your covered core earned a grunt from him. He rocked slowly against you and grabbed your hair to tilt your head back.

“Yoongi please,” you breathed out, your body still rocking back and forth against him. He listened to your request loud and clear, and carried you across the room onto his bed. Your back bounced on the bed and a second later his lips were on your neck as he fumbled with the button of your jeans. You lifted your hips to help him slide the jeans down your legs and you paused to pull his shirt over his head before his lips collided with yours again.

His pants were next to disappear and he shot you a displeased look at the abundance of clothing clinging to your body. You lifted your shirt off and was left with only your bra and panties. His dick sprung out as he pulled down his boxers, red, angry and sinful. You opened your bra and slide down your panties teasingly, putting on a little show for him. He watched over your every move like a fox and stroke his dick in his hand.

You were on all fours now, ready to taste him in your mouth. “Hold on a second,” Yoongi set himself so his head was laying on the pillows. “Sit on my face while you suck my cock.” He demanded, and you’ve never felt so aroused by his request that you happily obliged. You crawled over him and he instantly spanks your ass before flattening his tongue on your pussy.

“Fuck,” you moaned out as he starts to draw circles on your clit with his tongue. You squeezed his dick on your hand and pumps it a few time before taking the tip of his dick into your mouth. You eased your throat around his length and swirls your tongue around him before letting his dick go with a pop. His tongue teased up and down your slit, and you moaned at the same time he thrusts into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat.

“Get up,” Yoongi growled and spanked both of your ass cheeks, your wetness was dripping by now. You rolled over to the side and his hands gripped your waist to position you where he wanted you to be. Your head was on the pillow and you knew he wanted to do it his style tonight.

“Look at me,” he whispered, his arms on either side of you as he entered your folds, his dick caressing every inch of your skin you couldn’t touch with your fingertips. He pulled out of you slowly before thrusting his dick all the way in. You arch your back in response as the both of you moan at the sensation. He kept up with his slow pace long enough for you to roll your hips into him, craving for more friction.

“Yoongi please yoongi,” you moaned when two of his fingers started to play with your clit, his thrusts stopping completely as he admired your body writhing underneath him. He draws fast circles on your pussy, the tip of his dick just barely in your dripping pussy.

“I swear to God, Yoongi please,” you tried to grind onto his palm but he held your hips with his free arm, caging you down.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific babe,” he leaned to you to kiss your mouth, overflowing with moans and curses of his name. You kissed him back with the same intensity, your lust taking over you and you reached down to grab his dick.

“Fuck me,” you begged in between heated kisses. “Yoongi for the love of God fuck me.”

He bit down your bottom lip and slapped your pussy lightly, getting you more aroused when you can hear how wet you were. “Gladly babe,” he breathed out, kissing you tenderly when he rammed his length into you, pulling out lightly only to push back inside you with much more force. His open mouthed kisses captured your moans, his front grinding against you, and you could have combusted right there by the close contact.

He groaned as his dick slipped in and out of you in hard, short pumps, his hips twisting at every thrusts now and then. His dark eyes were hazed with lust and his mouth, God his mouth, was shaped In an O as droplets of sweat was embedded on his forehead, his black hair sticking to his face and your name was a mantra he chanted over and over again with each thrust.

“I-I’m gonna come I- fuck I’m coming” you choked before your orgasm washed over you and Yoongi managed a few more thrust before his wave of pleasure brought him down to you, and you held on to him, all your limbs, onto his empty promises and bones, while he, let go.

You were standing in the middle of the lobby, your fingers interlaced with his and your other hand gripping tightly to the box of tissue you grabbed from his apartment. Strangely, you didn’t feel like crying. Everything felt like a gut-wrenching blow to your mind, but it dulled with every kick until everything felt hollow – and the resonating ache was bound to disappear to, someday.

He glanced up from his phone to look at you when you were silent for too long, only to divert his attention to his phone again, typing furiously, to her you assumed. You nudged his arm as a cab slowed down in front of the lobby, dropping someone off.

“Yoongi, take that cab. Hurry,” you let go of your hands that was entwined with his and signaled him to move faster. He had been delaying every minute he could, letting the yellow cars passed by the glass door of the apartment lobby, muttering “there’s still time” or “there are people who need it more than I do” but the clock is ticking and he had to catch his ride now or there would be a great chance of him missing his flight, and you were not up for that. Not when you had braced yourself the moment you opened your eyes and showered this morning. You promised yourself that you would let him go before he could take away any more part of you.

You wanted to laugh at yourself for falling in love when it wasn’t on the menu. Now you had fallen in love with someone whom was not ready to catch you if you fall. And now you were left alone to pick up the pieces and hope it would regenerate. You hoped that this would only be a lesson, a lesson to remember for a long, long time and it wouldn’t repeat itself, because you were scared. Scared that if he was to come back in any way possible, you’d still welcome him with open arms.

“So I guess this is goodbye,” You offered him a small smile and a nudge to his hand.

He lifted his arms, offering you a hug which you accept very willingly. You were a little afraid, and maybe he could sense that. And he returned your grip with an equally tender one. You were afraid of venturing to uncharted territory, discovering new things and meeting someone new. What you had with him, was a sweet saccharine on your lips to guide you to your momentary sugar rush, and Yoongi was there to help you ride it out until you came back down, safe and sound in his arms, even if you were not the only one in his embrace. But he had to go, and you do too.

“I’ll miss you,” was the only words he uttered to you in that moment, and you kept it deep within your heart that even if all of it was a short mistake, he would genuinely miss your company. His eyes held an emotion you’ve never seen on him before: longing. You lifted your hands up to cup his cheeks and brought your lips to his. Slowly, you thought, let me bask in his warmth one last time.

You felt your phone vibrating in your front pocket, signaling your next lecture starting in an hour. You had to grab your laptop from your apartment and then dash to campus. You were the first to break away from the kiss and you felt that kick again, in your heart this time as you patted his arms and sent him away with a wave and a tight smile.

There was no denying that you felt like this wasn’t supposed to be the end. There should be something at the end of the road that could mend the both of you together, in ways you never knew was possible, to make it work. To make this work. Maybe, if he could leave his girl but of course he couldn’t because she was his comfort and you were his temporary. Alas, even the time keeper had difficulties in controlling the flow of time. And as the clock strikes 4, you separate yourself from him. Because nothing stays the same forever.

a chronological summary of the languages i learned and how they handled numbers

HTML: you better know what to name that fucking number and you better not want to do math with it

C++: numbers? numbers are chill. i got libraries, please keep track of what type of numbers they are

Java: numbers are cool, but have you considered: adding more information to numbers? please use 100MB of memory for basic arithmetic it’s my fetish

Python: haha man i’ll totally keep track of what type of number that is for you! don’t worry about it, i got it. no chance that i’ll fuck that up spectacularly

C: you BETTER keep track of that number’s number or SO HELP ME

VHDL: man you think i give a fuck? this is all wires man. it’s all meaningless. tell me what the number means at this spot and i’ll build your shit. mix it up, throw the bits on the ground and pick them up in a nonsensical order, put a boolean flag in the middle of the number that has nothing to do with the number, idgaf. signed? unsigned? fixed point? a pile of wires? literally all the same, i could not care less. just don’t tell me it’s a floating point, because that’s WAY out of your pay grade. and don’t use a number to gate the clock or i’ll punch you.

fluffyapplecat  asked:

Omg. I randomly came across The Fisher's Lure and I don't really read fanfics because I get real canon and fan fiction all mixed up in my mind when I do, but your story sucked me in immediately. I read the entire thing in one night except that I fell asleep 3/4th of the way through and woke up late for work xD. I then spent the entire day blabbing to my coworkers about how I read this AMAZING story last night and how I had to finish it the moment I got home. Ummm, in short, you're awesome xD.

Thank you so much!! I measure my fics’ reception in volume of tears shed + hours of sleep lost, so this is a big win for me. 😉

I really appreciate you letting me know you enjoyed it!


you think people can’t tell

more watery aesthetics I guess

its tea

second ones transparent

Authors in all genres...please, if your characters are going to use guns...

1. Learn the difference between a clip and a magazine. It’s one thing if an inexperienced layman mixes them up, but if your otherwise reliable and highly trained special agent secret squirrel assassinator refers to a magazine as a clip, I will look at them *most* askance.

2. It’s a suppressor, not a silencer. Hollywood lied to you.

3. Your character is not going to fire a weapon, then immediately jam it into the front of his waistband so he can make his getaway. I mean, okay, he might, but there will be significantly more askanceness from me if he doesn’t immediately howl in pain after savagely burning his manbits with the still-hot muzzle.

4. A bullet hole that doesn’t pierce a major organ is not a minor injury. Even a through-and-through that misses all the arteries and shit is still going to ruin dudebro’s plans for at least a few weeks, if not months. Hollywood lied to you.

5. And… well, the bottom line is that Hollywood lied to you. When it comes to firearms, if you saw it in a movie, it’s probably bullshit.

That is all.

Draco Malfoy Crush Headcanons


Gryffindor Reader

- Omg people would totally ship you two as the love/hate relationship and/or the sexual tension relationship

- Cliche, but start off as total rivals

- If you played Quiddich you would make it your top priority to always distract Draco

- Shameless teasing tho??

- “Hey Malfoy, nice ass”

- ///blushblushblush “Excuse me?!”

- “You heard me!”

- Shameless catcalling purposely in front of everyone including Snape and his friends

- But one day you are genuinely upset and on the verge of tears but you, being stubborn, refuse to cry in front of him

- “Didn’t you hear me?! Go away, Malfoy!”

- Offers you a handkerchief, an awkward hug, and sweets

- A messy, tear stained and shaky smile

- “Since when did you go soft, Malfoy?”

- “I should be asking you the same thing, (Last Name)

- So obviously you two are pretty close friends now

- He can basically trust you with anything so he comes to you when he has problems

- But both of you are extremely stubborn so usually the other person will have to confront the other about their notice in their change of attitude

- You having to confess first

- He’d totally try to confess but end up getting too nervous and backing away

- “Hey Malfoy, you be interested in going to Hogsmeade this weekend?”

-//smirksmirk “You wouldn’t be asking me out, would you?”

-”Pffftttt as if????”

- You totally were asking him out

- He said yes in the most teasing way with a signature smirk

- You were very proud of your relationship because there was no denying Draco was just hot

- But like he was a complete sweetie

- If you were sick he would always freak out and if he saw you were struggling in classes he would discreetly leave you his study notes in the most unexpected ways like “accidentally” mixing his 100% amazing notes up with your slightly pitiful ones

- And ugh he was just an amazing partner to have???

Slytherin Reader

- Not gonna lie you two were already friends

- Like you would gang up on people you shared a hatred for always

- Sometimes people would even avoid you two in fear of being completely roasted™

- It was like “o shit here they come rUN BITCH RUN N Y O O M

 - But no seriously you two would diss whoever and whatever if they got on your nerves 

- And obviously he would ask you to the Yule Ball

-“You’re asking me, Malfoy…?”

-“Of course. Who else would I ask? Parkinson?”

- And like whenever the two of you would enter the ballroom all eyes would immediately just turn to you two

- Because lets face it, the two of you could stop traffic 

- You would both sneak off after some stuff had died down in a dark and empty corridor 

- The two of you would just be chatting by a windowsill whenever out of nowhere he would just kiss you

- You were like talking about class or something and he would just press his lips against yours

- And you just melted

- Because you could feel how shaky and nervous he was

- But he was so gentle

- And omg you cuties

- Tbh no one is surprised when you enter the Great Hall hand in hand

- Blaise catcalls

- Pansy snarls

- Crabbe and Goyle don’t really care 

- But you and Draco are too absorbed in the little world that has formed around you to notice

Ravenclaw Reader


- The only reason he knew you is because you were the person who always just happened to score one or two points above him on every. single. assignment.

- Like he would be bragging in class about his grades when the teacher would speak up like 

-“Obviously I have the best test scores in here but that’s not surprise—“

-“aCTUALLY Mister Malfoy, Miss (Name) (Last Name) scored just one point above you…! So you’re wrong lol”

- And he would just be appalled

- And then he would basically track you down and discreetly ask about studying techniques

- And you’d just be like “So Mister “I scored one less point than someone” wants to hear about my studying techniques? I don’t think so, Second Place.”

- He’d do an unintentional dramatic gasp and like press an offended hand to his chest

- And you’d just walk away with the most smug smirk ever

- After that incident he’d badmouth you almost as much as he badmouthed Potter

- Almost

- Because after doing some “researching” (snooping) and learning more about you from observations and sources he’d find out that you’re actually really intriguing 

- And he might have had the smallest, tiniest crush on you

 - But he’d deny it of course

-the little bastard

- But like he actually finds the small things you do entertaining

- For example, he might have ‘accidentally’ showed up at the library every day you did and just happen to notice how you would play with your hair or doodle whenever you studied 

- One day, he discreetly bumped into you playing it off as he was too busy reading

- You decided not to tell him that his book was upside down

-“Oh, watch where you’re going… Anyways, if you’re here, mind helping me with this subject?”

-“Draco Malfoy? Asking for help? Who would have known?”

- But you did end up helping him 

- And after taking multiple deep breaths, he finally got the courage to ask you out

- And you told him “maybe if you can score higher than me on the next potions test”



 Hufflepuff Reader

 - Tbh he had no idea who you were

 - And honestly he didn’t even care

- But that all changed when this happened

- So you were focusing on anything other than him while walking down the hallway,

- And accidentally you bump into him

- All of your stuff falls to the ground

- And he just shoots you a nasty glare and continues walking

- You are simply picking up your things when you hear “Lousy Hufflepuffs. Can’t do anything. No wonder that Diggory died. As if a Hufflepuff is brave enough to enter that tournament and come out alive.”

- You stop dead in your tracks. “What did you just say..?”

- He turns back to you with a scoff 

- You run up in front of him and get in his face. “What the hell did you just say?! Tell me!” 

-”I said that all of you Hufflepuffs are weak and pathetic. Diggory never had what it took to enter the-”

- But he was cut off by a punch to the face. His nose was bleeding

-”Don’t you ever start saying shit like that when you, yourself, will never be better than Cedric! At his worst, he is still better than you at your best. Maybe you should think about this before speaking unless you want to be bloodied by a “lousy” Hufflepuff again.”

- He is left in sh o ck

- From then on, whenever he sees you his entire face goes red and he hides himself

- Because maybe your courage and great left hook made him form a crush


- He leaves a note on your desk which is from “your secret admirer” (cause he’s cheesy like that) telling you to meet him outside at night

- Your first reaction when you see him is not a positive one

- He explains that he only said that about Diggory is because he tries to look impressive in front of his friends (Which isn’t a lie) and that he sincerely apologizes and mourns for your House’s loss

- After some coaxing, he is forgiven 

- You sit and chat for a while and you are pleasantly surprised when you find out he’s actually pretty cool

-At the end of the night, he asks you on a date

- And with a hesitant yet bright smile, you accept


Protection Charm (In a Locket)

To ward off off negative emotions and to help create a barrier 🕯🍃🌑

- 1 medium sized locket
- Lavender essential oil (happiness, love, peace, protection, purification)
- Tea Tree essential oil (Strength)
- Rose Petals (love, beauty, calm)
- Mint (energy, alertness, healing)
- Rosemary (memory, clarity, vitality,)
- Piece of paper and pen
- Small spoon
- Mortar and Pestle, Cauldron, or bowl

1. Begin by lighting any alter candles or incense you might want to add.
2. Ground yourself and feel the energy begin to flow through your veins.
3. Draw out your sigil on a piece of paper for your barrier (you’re welcome to use mine above).
4. Tear out paper and fold small enough to fit into locket.
5. Add a pinch of each herb to cauldron, bowl, or mortar.
6. Add one drop of each essential oil.
7. Mix and grind together with pestle or spoon.
8. When finished mixing, take your spoon and scoop up enough oil soaked herbs that will fit into your locket.
9. Seal with a kiss 💋While doing so, envision an orb of light coming from your locket and growing to surround your body.

And you’re finished! Blow out your candles to symbolize the end of your process 🕯

I hope this keeps you all safe 💕 Sometimes we just need a little space to ourselves! This spell is straight out of my own grimoire so please message me results! I’d love feedback ☺

What I read this Week ---

Here is a list of stuff I have read this week - I read so much amazing stuff - I want everyone to check it out too! These were some REALLY Great stories!!!! GO GIVE THEM SOME LOVE!

Unsteady -  @victuri-oh-nice - Chapter Update!!! -  Otabek was going to kill JJ. He was going to take the next flight to Canada, hunt him down and kick his ass.
Leo: I tried to stop him but he went and did it anyway, I’m sorry! (link)

He Lays Downchwangdol @babypeche - THIS IS SOOOOO FRICKEN HOT! -  JJ and Otabek accidentally find they have a thing for their boyfriend (while he sleeps).

My So Called Life - @blownwish-blog - This updated this week -  Yuri Plisetksy is a high school sophomore who will do anything to fulfill his dreams of becoming Principal Dancer of Yakov’s Ballet Studio, even if it means he can’t fall in love with West High football star, Otabek Altin.

Purpose - @viktornikiforowBefore Victor saw the video of Yuuri skating to his “Stay close to me” he had had no purpose in his life. A small add-on and introducing - Vitya’s mother!

The Hit List IllyasJames - After spending some days of in Hasetsu, dealing with the antics only Victuuri can deliver, the skaters wake up one morning with dozens of anonymous hate messages on their feeds. Apparently somebody had posted a list of people that were bad for the Sport and every single one of them made it on there.Expecting Yuuri to have a complete meltdown once he reads his messages they are all surprised when he doesn’t.

Shower Incident - @madamredwrites -  Otabek is working on his music when Yuri scares him to death.

Bent Out Of Shape -  SKJC - OMG THIS IS SO HOT!!!!! Yuri finds a new use for his legendary flexibility and is eager to show it off to Otabek over Skype.

Watch Meneuroglam -  In which Phichit has a crush and is very, very determined, and Celestino needs to be the voice of common sense. Somehow.

The Common Cold - @tsarinarina - Too Damn Cute! -  “I don’t know what’s wrong with him,” JJ whispered into his phone from his place in the doorway to the bedroom he shared with his two lovers, anxiety creeping into his tone as he watched the youngest of them sleep.

On the Cusp of Dawn - @loveactually-rpsOtabek bowed to the new Prince and offered the flower crown that his sister, Sabrina, had made and a basket full of fresh cherries which he’d collected from their small farm on the cusp of dawn. Carefully, he set them down on the overflowing heap of gifts.
The Prince, who’d just turned six, frowned at the basket for a long moment before raising his hand and shoving a fistful in his mouth. Otabek blinked at him, totally taken aback.

Falling for You - @loveactually-rpsOtabek gaped at the intricately carved silver frame that held a painting of a face. A big scowling face.
The boy, certainly Prince Yuri, was wearing fine clothes beneath a worn out cheetah print jacket. His studded crown was tilted on his head, ready to fall at any moment if the boy decided to sneeze. A distinct pinch of the eyebrows was a strong indicator of frustration, even anger. Crystal green eyes - an eye, to be precise, was half visible under the curtains of his messy blonde hair and was currently glaring right back at Otabek.

Fight Me - @francowitch“You fucking bastard!” Otabek snarled.The man coughed and spat out a thick globule of blood, “You got me good there Beka. But don’t think it is enough to take on King JJ.”“Don’t you ever fucking call me Beka, you pompous asshole!”JJ held out a hand with a smirk, “Are you done? Or shall we go for another round.”

It’s Only a Quarter of a Century - @rodiniaorzetalthepenquinWhat do you do when your soulmate is twenty-five years younger than you?Until Phichit turns eighteen, Celestino’s strategy of forgetting he even has a soulmate works well.  Afterward, well… it’s a very strange situation.

It’s Just a Spark, But It’s Enough - @zeldaismyhomegirl - THIS UPDATED! Yuri Plisetsky hates being eighteen.After losing the person he loves the most, he finds himself spiralling into a chasm of self blame and punishment, causing him to push everything and everyone away from him.But Yuri’s always been selfish, and eventually not even guilt can keep him away from the things he holds dear.

Pink or Blue? - @boxwineconfession - TWO Updates! It’s time for doppelganger fucking. His Yuri, Yuri, blue lipstick Yuri = FAWL/Cannon YuriOther Yuri, pink lipstick Yuri = Heart Break Beat YuriIf you haven’t read Heart Break Beat, no worries. Yuri is just a little bit more rough around the edges, and also gender fluid.

Why Can’t I Touch It?- @boxwineconfession  -  HBB - Otabek writhes against the sheets to get his sweats pulled down, and Yuri can hear the grunt of frustration in his voice. Yuri can feel the movements of his wrist. The mattress rolls and creaks with every single pump of his wrist.  Yuri can’t help himself. He pulls his own half hard cock from his pajama bottoms and mimics the slow motions of his fist. Yuri comes first. Then Otabek. Otabek moves for a tissue immediately. Yuri isn’t sure what to do. They’re not supposed to do this when the other person is still awake.

anonymous asked:

Jw why do you hc lance as dyslexic? I don't want to seem rude and I'm not dissing your hc, I just wanted to know why (I'm really hope this doesn't come off offensive, I'm just genuinely curious)

not offensive at all! i’m happy to explain why i headcanon him as dyslexic :D

for one thing, i myself am dyslexic so i can spot the traits in Lance that give off a dyslexia vibe

exibit A) flying a spaceship simulator is hell because there are buttons all over the place and it’s easy to forget what each one does/easy to misread the labels and mix them up, no wonder Lance always crashes it

(one can argue it’s because Lance gets easily distracted, i think it’s a mix of both)

exibit B) math is confusing af and its really easy to get numbers that look/sound the same mixed up. it’s also easy to get your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication shit mixed up too

lmao shut up keith he knows that, he just gets it mixed up

exibit C) weird af motor skills when there’s a lot goin’ on at once

exhibit D) celebrates the tiny wins bc he doesn’t win a lot

exhibit E) disliked school enough as a child to pretend he was sick to get out of having to go, and if you’re a dyslexic who hasn’t been diagnosed and put in a special learning class to aid your learning disability yet, you are going to hate school with a burning passion and will try to avoid going in any way you can

exhibit F) clever come backs on the spot????? who???? bitch i need time to think of a clever response you don’t just come up with something witty to say right off the bat

exhibit G) insecure af??? he thinks he’s pathetic??? feels like a 7th wheel??? doesn’t think he has a “thing”????? doubts his capabilities?????? has a shit self esteem???????? all these are common things to feel for people with dyslexia because they struggle so much

literally fuck you Iverson. how dare you attack his self worth like that

also, i want to refer back to a quote i once read from an official website on the learning disorder, which is “the most consistent thing about dyslexics is their inconsistency”, and i think that ties in really well with Lance representing water, which is also inconsistent af. i think that’s one of the key roots to Lance’s “i feel like i don’t have a thing” insecurity. 

so yeah, this is why i headcanon Lance as dyslexic. as someone who has dyslexia myself, i see a lot of myself in Lance’s behavior, and can relate to a lot of the things he does/says/feels. 

thank you for asking! 

“Heat of the Flame” Fire Jar Spell

A jar spell to empower your passion and motivation to reach for your goals and work on your talents.

Originally posted by dukett-and-cie

You Will Need:

🔥 A Jar with a lid/cork
🔥 Cayenne Pepper Flakes
🔥 Cinnamn
🔥 Basil
🔥 Bay Leaf (crushed)
🔥 Rosemary
🔥 Red Glitter
🔥 Garnet (recommended to use chips)
🔥 Calcite (recommended to use chips)
🔥 Orange Glitter
🔥 Sigil for Passion
🔥 Sigil for Motivation
🔥 Red Candle
🔥 Fire Safe dish/bowl
🔥 Mortar and Pestle 
🔥 Red Ribbon, String or Cord


🔥 Cleanse yourself and your space before beginning spell. Drink black tea or coffee to energize yourself before hand if needed. Prepare yourself however you like

🔥 In your mortar and pestle grind up all of your herbs especially your bay leaf until they are well mixed and fine. While grinding them up focus on your intent to motivate yourself and your passions

🔥 Add them to your jar

🔥 Draw your sigils onto paper, preferably with red ink if you can, and carefully light them on fire using a candle, matches, lighter etc. Place them in the fire safe bowl so they burn down to ash.

🔥 As they burn chant: “The burning strength of fire motivates my heart, motivates my soul, so I shall achieve my goal.”

🔥 Carefully add the ashes to the jar once no more smolders are left. On top of the ash add your crystals before sealing your jar tightly

🔥 Place your candle on top and light it and let it burn down until it properly seals the jar (don’t leave it unsupervised please)

🔥 Snuff or blow out your candle if needed then tie your red ribbon around the jar or the stub of the candle

🔥 Keep the jar in your favorite room or on your desk to help motivate you and keep your passions alive

Note: Recharge in the sun occasionally, cleanse with smoke or incense occasionally before charging. To break spell either break jar (safely) or break its seal.

🌱 Plant Growth Spell 🌱

a spell for helping plants/herbs grow and stay alive

🌱 gather: eggshells, coffee grounds, the appropriate amount of water, and your plant. 

🌱 grind up the eggshells to a fine powder

🌱 mix the eggshell dust with the coffee grounds

🌱  carefully, without disturbing or stressing the plant, mix the ingredients into the soil

🌱 water the plant the appropriate amount

Beggin' For Thread (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! ❤

A/N: To the lovely anon that requested this brilliant idea!! I loved writing this because boxers in general are super comfy and look hell sexy, too. Especially on Bucky Barnes! :D Hope you guys like it!! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤

Beggin’ For Thread: Reader steals some of Bucky’s boxers during laundry day. But when he goes to her for comfort from a thunderstorm he gets a surprise.

Warnings: S M U T! Biting. Fluff. Comfort.

You usually did the laundry on Sunday’s.

But as Steve stood before you holding two laundry hampers filled with his and Bucky’s dirty clothes and a sheepish smile on his face, you couldn’t help but giggle at the man. You didn’t mind it though, not one bit. In fact, you were more than happy being given the chance to do anything but sit around and wait for your ankle to heal.

A couple days ago, you managed to fracture your ankle. Fury flat out refused to let you go on any missions, including the one you’ve been training for since last month. Sitting around while your friends got to go kick Hydra ass wasn’t in your nature. So you savored any small tasks that were given to you. Even if that meant doing the laundry every day this week.

On the bright side, it gave you a chance to see the team’s embarrassing underwear collection.

Wanda secretly had a Hello Kitty thong collection, which was either the cutest or funniest thing on this planet. You still couldn’t decide which, maybe it was the latter. She nearly imploded when you brought it up to her one training session. You wondered if she wore them for Vision.

Sam secretly had a couple pairs of hot dog boxers. You were practically on the floor with laughter whenever you found it the first time. You at least expected some Captain America undies in there, but hotdogs? That was completely unexpected.

Nat’s underwear collection consisted of mostly black lace, with the exception of a couple cotton boy shorts in the mix. You were actually kind of surprised that she didn’t own at least one Black Widow themed thong, but what she DID have raised some eyebrows. Besides her underwear and other clothes, there was an American flag themed lingerie set. And if it was in the dirty laundry that must’ve meant it had been recently used. Interesting.

Tony’s underwear was by far the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen. He preferred briefs, but that wasn’t what shocked you. They had little Winter Soldier’s printed on them. You couldn’t NOT take a picture of that. After all the teasing, Tony was still a softie for the man.

But out of everyone’s underwear, you liked Bucky’s the best. They weren’t anything special. They all consisted of plain black boxer shorts. They didn’t look amazing, but they surely felt like it when you ran your hands along the material. Although it was wrong, you really did need some new sleeping shorts.

The stress of your injury and work caused you to gain a couple pounds onto your hips –nothing drastic, but it was enough to make all of your jeans and shorts feel like they were made of metal against your tummy when you wore them.

Staring down at the boxers in your hands, you placed them into your laundry hamper and hurriedly walked to your room. You’d only wear them tonight, that’s it! Then tomorrow, you’d just say they got mixed up in your laundry. Voila! Nothing to be worried about.


Bucky stood outside your door, debating internally whether to knock or just let you rest.
He was heavily considering just going back to his room, but the thundering…he couldn’t sleep through that. You offered to help comfort him during the storms whenever he needed it.

The news showed that the storm would roll in around 3:30 am, which was fine by him since he was usually up by then from the nightmares, but after the latest mission he needed some rest. His body felt so heavy, but his mind was racing from the constant shaking of the building and the sound of thunder.
With a heavy sigh, he knocked gently onto the door.

“Y/N?” he asked, opening the door slightly. He peeked his head in, squinting his eyes in the darkness. If it weren’t for the sudden lightning strike, he would’ve have seen you. And boy was it a sight to see.

You were lying on your stomach, with the covers across your waist. You looked absolutely gorgeous like this and he couldn’t allow himself to ruin that by waking you for his own selfish gain. Bucky turned around and turned the knob as quietly.

“Bucky?” you called out, your voice still laced with sleepiness. “Where are you going?”

He turned around, staring at your upper body, which was only covered with a black bra. He was instantly reminded about his mom’s scolding as a child. “It’s awfully rude to see a woman without clothes that ain’t your wife, James!” she would say. Jesus, she would probably give him a smack upside the head if she were here right now. But this was an entirely new era with new rules, right?

Bucky avoided your eyes entirely, focusing on the random stack of books on your desk instead.

“I couldn’t sleep,” he mutters, a blush beginning to grow on his cheeks. “The storm woke me.”

Catching the hint, you leaned over the side of your bed and grabbed a random shirt lying around and slipped it back on. If Bucky was the man he was in the 40’s, he would’ve been staring shamelessly. But he’s not that man anymore. He respected you and your privacy.

You patted the empty space next to you, smiling tiredly. You could barely keep your eyes open yourself. Bucky made his way over to you and slid into the warmness that was your bed. Somehow, despite being littler in size and shape, Bucky felt safe with you. As inane as it seems, you made him feel like nothing could ever happen to him.

You nuzzled into the pillow and looked up at him. “I can’t believe this thunder,” you yawn, looking out the large window in your room. As if on cue, another large clap of thunder caused the entire building to shake. Bucky filched harshly and clinged onto your smaller frame. You could feel him trembling slightly, his heart racing wildly.

You shifted so that you were on your back and gently placed his arm around your middle. Taking the hint, he rested his head onto your chest.

“My mom used to say that the lightening was actually a giant camera in the sky that Mother Nature used to use,” you say softly into his ear, running your hand through his hair slowly. “And the thunder was just the sound it made each time she took a picture.”

Bucky smiled. The vibrations from your chest as you spoke filled him with ease.

“My parents used to say it was just rain.” He snorted, causing you to giggle. You were glad that he still had a sense of humor.

You felt his flesh hand against the skin of your stomach that wasn’t covered by the shirt. His calloused fingertips brushed against the flesh lightly, tracing unknown patterns into the skin.

You were nearly asleep again, when you felt the waist band of the boxers you wore being pulled away from your waist and then suddenly being snapped back onto the skin, creating a loud sound.

Your eyes shot open, brows drawn together in confusion. But only to be met with Bucky looking at your with a smirk. “So this is where my favorite boxers went.”
Uh oh.
“I swear I’m not some creepy underwear thie-“
Before you could explain yourself, Bucky’s mouth was on yours. You moaned into the kiss. His tongue found its way to yours with ease. You could never find it in you to deny him anything.
You both shifted so that you were straddling him. All while never breaking the kiss. Bucky’s lips were a little chapped and raw from the many times he bit them, but to you they were perfection.
Bucky grinded against your clothed core, his member rubbing against the material. You would’ve never thought of trying this, not in a million years. As odd as it was, the sensation was mind blowing. You rolled your hips back in time with his, enjoying the feeling of his member sliding along the thin material. The small crotch area began to dampen from a mixture of your wetness and his pre come, making it even better.

Bucky’s metal hand found its way to the back of your bra. You could hear the mechanical shifts as it worked the hooks expertly, unclasping it within seconds. His blue eyes dilated fully as they focused on your chest. His flesh hand let go of your hip and traveled along the curve of your breast. His fingertips gently pinched your nipple, causing you to shiver. It was like you were doing this for the first time all over again. It certainly felt like it, given how your body reacted to desperately to his touch. All of your self-control went right out the window and into the rain.

The thunder struck again, but this time, Bucky didn’t even acknowledge it. His eyes were glued to your chest. Watching it with hunger as you rocked your hips into his. You couldn’t wait any more, you needed him now.

You slid the material of the boxers down your legs, kicking them off the bed and onto the floor. Bucky’s hands gripped your hips gently and guided you onto his lap once again. The wetness from your core began to slide down your thighs, drenching his as they rubbed together.

Bucky let out a small groan, throwing his head back onto the headboard with a thud. Thinking back on it, none of the previous girls could compare to you. None of them ever got this wet for him, yearned for him like you did. You were a goddess and he wanted to make sure you knew that.

You aligned yourself with his member, the feeling of his tip teasing your folds sent a wave of excitement through your body. You were about to have sex with Bucky. It wasn’t the ideal way you’d imagined it would happen, but it was better than the backseat of a car or what he was used to. You could tell by the way his hands shook with excitement as he ran them along the flesh of your hips that he knew this, too.

Before you could do anything, Bucky gripped your chin with his thumb and index finger and forced you to look at him. It wasn’t rough by any means, but he was desperate.

“Do you love me?” he asks, staring into your eyes. You felt like he was looking into your soul. To say the question threw you off guard was an understatement. Did you love him? But most importantly, did he love you?

“I do,” You say truthfully, before sinking down onto his length. Bucky let out a curse, his head falling back onto the headboard. You let out a whimper as he filled you finally. It had been a while for you. Your last lover wasn’t anywhere near as big as Bucky. He wasn’t even on Bucky’s level when it came to anything, really. Bucky Barnes was one of a kind.

“Fucking Christ, doll,” he groaned, his hands dug into your sides. His eyes fluttered shut as you began gently bouncing. He let out little grunts each time your hips connected with his. The sounds of skin against skin filled the room, along with the dueling sounds of your cries of pleasure and the booming sound of thunder.

Your arms wrapped around his neck, using it to balance yourself as you bounced faster onto his cock. He filled you up in ways you’ve never thought you could be filled. And it felt so right.

Bucky’s mouth hung open as you began circling your hips, providing him with a deeper angle.
You could feel his cock throbbing against your g spot each time you rocked a certain way.

Sending your certain pace, Bucky began thrusting into you, his hands grabbing your ass forcefully.

"Oh my god, Bucky!” You screamed, your head falling back. The feeling of him hitting that special bundle of nerves repeatedly made your orgasm near.

“You like that, prințesă?” He asks, thrusting faster into your heat. You cry out at his words. “You feel so fucking good around my cock.”
“I’m gonna come!” You shout, digging your nails into his shoulders.

Bucky’s lips went to your throat and sucked harshly. With a scream of his name, you came. Your legs shook with pleasure. With a growl, Bucky followed suit, coating your walls with come.

You collapsed against each other, completely exhausted. The storm had finally stopped and you could see the pinkness of the rising sun in the sky. It illuminated your entire room with it.

“I love you,” Bucky confessed, resting his chin on your head. His flesh hand rubbed small circles into your back. You grinned into his shoulder.

“I think I figured that out when you came inside me.” You smirked.

He let out a tired laugh. “No, I’m in LOVE with you, Y/N. really.”

You placed a small kiss onto the scarred flesh of his shoulder, right above the metal part.

“I know, James,” you giggle. “I think the entire floor knows, too.”

-FIN ❤

P.S. Sam wears hot dog undies, pass it on!!

Bet || R.M.

Originally posted by alltimewolf

Word Count: 2095

Pairing: Ross!Reggie x reader

Summary: Chuck bets Reggie five hundred dollars to hook up with you, his tutor, and the outcome leaves you heartbroken.

Warnings: smut, fingering, cussing, unprotected sex, Reggie being a complete fuckboy, complete filth

Requested by anon:

“Hey Can you do a Reggie imagine where his bet that he couldn’t get the reader to go out with him. The reader is really pretty and awkward. So he tries and eventually falls in love with her. With a really fluffy ending. I know it’s cliché, haha.”

I kind of strayed off from the request, hope that’s okay! I might do a second part where it’s fluffier though!


Keep reading