up in heaven mix

  • What she says: sorry I'm not focused, I didn't sleep well last night
  • What she means: Two weeks ago we found out Dean made Castiel a mixtape Dean's Top 13 Zepp Traxx that means kisses both literally and figuratively I don't make the rules all I know is This mixtape saved my goddamned soul That's right God damned this soul His Own Self and The Mixtape saved it from Him I don't want to beat a dead me, but this mixtape killed me and sent me up the Stairway to Heaven like thoughts inside a dream I know I'm mixing metaphors but I don't care because
  • mixing metaphors
  • Mix in m tap rs
  • Mixtape
  • It's everywhere
  • It's everything
  • I'm about to lose my worried mind
  • I gotta roll I can't stand still
  • I'm sorry
  • I've listened to nothing but Led Zeppelin for 300 hours

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1. touch - little mix
2. heaven - troye sivan
3. starving - hailee steinfeld 
4. bittersweet tragedy - melanie martinez
5. young and beautiful - lana del rey
6. hurts so good - astrid s
7. moonlight - ariana grande
8. video games - lana del rey
9. i hate u i love u - olivia o brien ft. gnash
10. couple of kids - maggie lindermann

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How does one "feel mixed"?

hair BOMB, feeling MIXED, eyebrows on FLEEK, face beat up to the heavens I should be….DECEASED


*stares into the mirror*

Okay, listen self.  We aren’t going to do this. Not again. We are /not/ going to add the Cowboy Bebop song ‘Rain’ to our character’s soundtrack. We’ve done if for, like, that last twenty. There are rules, mores, senses of propriety. After a while it just starts to lose all…*organ music starts*

*pops oversized collar, lights up crumpled cigarette while looking over shoulder. the heavens open up. A single petal falls into a puddle, mixing with blood*


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Hi I really love your blog, you're drawings are amazing. If you don't mind could you write a fic with pam telling Harley to leave the Joker and Harley gets annoyed at her but eventually sees where Pam is coming from?

I’m sorry for letting my inbox get so backed up, but I’m working on answering things as efficiently as possible.

Also, this is concept I’ve toyed with for awhile.

Contains mentions of abuse and obscene amounts of fluff.


            When it came down to it, Harley was just naturally good at making friends. It was her smile, Pam decided. Something about the bouncing blonde’s smile was tantamount to a sunny day in their smoggy city. Pam despised Gotham; its tainted air and ratio of steel to green. It was her personal project to slowly reverse the numbers, or so she told herself, and that was why she stayed. It had nothing to do with her two barhopping friends.

            “Ya haven’t ordered anything, Red.” Harley was just at the edge of tipsy; the evidence, Pam found, was in the girl’s cheeks. The redness of her complexion acted like a terror meter in the younger girl. “Want me to getcha soda?”

            Pam spared Harley a quick, halfhearted smile. “No, Harl.”

            Harley pouted.


            Selina, on the other hand, was positively smashed. The cat burglar was currently trying, to no avail, to seat herself on the stool beside Pam’s. Her short black hair was messier than usual, and her green eyes were starting to grow bloodshot. When Harley finally managed to boost the brunette onto the stool, she nearly fell into Ivy’s lap. She could smell the alcohol before she saw the large spill on the other woman’s dark jeans and tank top.

            “Guys,” when drunk, Selina had the uncanny ability of sounding as if she were from an entirely different region, like the most Italian-influenced areas of New York. “I think I found the guy I’m meant to be with—hic—forever.”

            Harley and Ivy met gazes for just a moment; Harley elected to speak first. “Okay, Selina. Who would that be?”

            With a shaky hand, Selina pointed across the bar. At a mirror. Where her own reflection was cast back. “That is one fine sonuva bitch if I ever saw one.”

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“’it’s a wonderful life’ aww it sounds so cute babe sure we can watch it!
*30 mins later* “YOU MONSTER” x santa!namjoon (bc i couldn’t find anything fitting so… normal cuddly dimple joon, i hope that’s fine <3)

(christmas drabbles ‘16)

“How about this?” Namjoon pulls out a small packet from the bottom of the shelf and you look up from where you are, only to squint at the packaging, “Odd… I don’t remember having that…”

“Maybe you had it for a while now, or maybe it was from my box when we were moving, or-”

“Sherlock, stop with the guesses, put the movie in and get your butt here. It’s getting cold without you,”

“…yes ma’am,” He snorts, shaking his head as he’s quick to do as he’s told just so he can have his little mix of heaven being curled up in thick comforters and the warmth of your embrace as it sinks in to the night of winter - smell off hot chocolate in the air, mixed with a Christmas cookie candle from Yankee because sale, fifty percent off, Namjoon couldn’t resist not buying for you when you had heart eyes for it.

“There we go,” He dims the lights, then joins you in the sofa and chuckles when you curl against him, smiling when he smells like the possible blends of home. The screen buzzes as Namjoon wraps you in the blanket, proceeding with his arms atop and your face scrunches at what he does because it’s baffling.

“What?” He blinks at you, and you snicker in reply, adjusting his arms to be beneath the blanket so he doesn’t get cold and - “Ah, that feels better,”

“You’re such a dork,” You breathe, rolling your eyes, diverting your attention back towards the television and he grins, pulling you close, “Your dork,”

“Fair enough,” 

“…oh, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’,”

“It looks nice!”

“Just say you were too lazy to change the CD even if it wasn’t,”

“…press play, will you?”


((”…wasn’t that kind of wonderful, huh?”

“shut up, you’re crying too.”))

modeoheim’s ‘Cloud’s Birthday Week 2k15′ Masterpost

Thank you, everyone, for all the support I got during this year’s challenge. Last year’s was a lot of fun too, but I met a lot of wonderful folks since then and made many friends on this site and others. It was so nice to have these fics reach some of you.  Lastly, a very very happy birthday to Cloud Strife.  :)

Day 1: Fax it Straight to His Heart -  Cloud Strife is a new intern at Shinra Electric and Power. It’s miserable. His duties include giving that one guy Heidegger from Marketing a back rub, running coffee, managing the company’s social media, and delivering sappy love letters between the heads of four of the main departments. Things get very bad, and then a whole lot better. ASGZC. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 2: Package Delivery Chapter 1 -  It starts when Angeal begins lusting over an underwear model in his boyfriend Genesis’ favorite fashion magazine. ASGZC. Twoshot. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 3: Elbow Grease and Enthusiasm Chapter 8 -  After the (sort of) tragic death of his motorcycle, Zack develops an interest in the slums mechanic he takes the bike to. Even though Cloud isn’t exactly the greatest fan of ShinRa, and older than Zack as well as his boyfriends, he isn’t deterred.  It’s the difficult stuff in life that’s worth all the effort anyways, if you asked him. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 4: Mix it UpThere are four Seventh Heaven regulars who may or may not be there all the time specifically to see bartender Cloud Strife. Cloud may or may not have developed some crushes in return. Tifa most certainly gets a kick out of all of it. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 5: Engine / Intravenous -  Engine: Cloud learns a bit about SOLDIER’s motorcycle program.  Intravenous: Angeal donates blood for the first time. His boyfriend Zack repeatedly assures him everything will be fine… but nobody can be unafraid of everything.  Think of the steak, Angeal. [link]

Day 6: Dear Red LeatherGenesis Rhapsodos is Red Leather, the writer behind ‘Gift of the Goddess,’ a popular advice column in Midgar University’s student paper The Megaphone. Red Leather effortlessly guides the student population through stressful midterms and relationships, but when things with his real-life friend group turn complicated, finding a solution is anything but easy. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 7: Water / Bruising -  Water: The fivesome spend some rare time together in one of the pools at a ShinRa base in Junon.  Bruising: Cloud spots bruising on one of his boyfriends. [link]

Day 8: Package Delivery Chapter 2 -  It starts when Angeal begins lusting over an underwear model in his boyfriend Genesis’ favorite fashion magazine. ASGZC. Twoshot. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 9: Front Page News (Bonus Chapter for It’s All Good News Now) -  Despite moving to Midgar Cloud still struggles reconciling traditional Nibelheim values with big-city urges. His virginity should be given to someone special, not a random hookup - but the only person who fits his criteria is his best friend, who is in a relationship of his own, no less. Friends with benefits turns out to be more complicated than anticipated. [ffnet] / [AO3]


by Frank O’Hara

December 28, 1964

The stranded gulch
           below Grand Central
the gentle purr of cab tires in snow
and hidden stars
          tears on the windshield
torn inexorably away in whining motion
and the dark thoughts which surround neon

in Union Square I see you for a moment
red green yellow searchlights cutting through
falling flakes, head bent to the wind
wet and frowning, melancholy, trying

I know perfectly well where you walk to
and that we’ll meet in even greater darkness
later and will be warm
             so our cross
of paths will not be just muddy footprints
in the morning
         not like celestial bodies’
yearly passes, nothing pushes us away
from each other
         even now I can lean
forward across the square and see
your surprised grey look become greener
as I wipe the city’s moisture from
your face
      and you shake the snow
off onto my shoulder, light as a breath
where the quarrels and vices of
estranged companions weighed so bitterly
and accidentally
         before, I saw you on
the floor of my life walking slowly
that time in summer rain stranger and
    to become a way of feeling
that is not painful casual or diffuse
and seems to explore some peculiar insight
of the heavens for its favorite bodies
in the mixed-up air

I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards. I love Perrie Edwards.