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gul’dan pls

  1. skorpyron // toxic - britney spears
    listen I know the scorpion isn’t actually poisonous on account of it being made of crystals, but listen, ok, listen: fuck you
  2. chronomatic anomaly // time is on my side - kai winding
    so many puns, so little time
  3. trilliax // whistle while you work - adriana caselotti
    you what’s interesting is that snow white does exactly zero whistling during a song that’s supposedly about whistling
  4. spellblade aluriel // boys wanna be her (tommie sunshine’s brooklyn fire retouch) - peaches
    while you were being heterosexual I studied the blade
  5. high botanist tel'arn // FROOT - marina & the diamonds
    “Careful not to singe the buds as you burn!” high botanist, indeed
  6. star augur etraeus // E.T. - katy perry
    entropy is inevitable
  7. tichondrius // everybody loves me - onerepublic
    “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself!!” proceeds to summon help for 2/3 phases of the fight
  8. krosus // london bridge (oh shit) - fergie
    with how much he screams about destroying the bridge you’d think people would move quicker but here we are, with five people dead within the first minute of the encounter because they couldn’t be assed to move
  9. grand magistrix elisande // victorious - panic at the disco
    she has some regerts
  10. gul'dan // genghis khan - miike snow
    you know it’s a little weird that khadgar didn’t help out more w/ that last fight since him and gul'dank are #rivals but you know it’s whatever
  11. the legion returns // we are number one remix but by the living tombstone - the living tombstone
    oh good, our “"savior”“ has returned : ))))

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