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Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

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Some crap 80s style posters for you.


25 years ago tomorrow, the Chinese Communist Party dispatched troops from faraway provinces to Beijing to put a decisive end to the peaceful pro-democracy encampment and demonstrations in Tiananmen Square (below is an image, up front is a self-styled Goddess of Democracy made by the demonstrators). In the ensuing bloodshed, hundreds, if not thousands perished on the streets of Beijing. 

Ironically, we celebrated 端午节 (Duan Wu or Dragon Boat Festival) yesterday, a holiday which commemorates the courageous poet and statesmen of the pre-dynastic era, Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was forced into exile for speaking up against his king’s (King of Chu) desire to forge an alliance with the expansionist Qin state (which would eventually unify China). Later, Qin armies turned their attention towards Chu and captured its capital, Ying. Upon hearing the news, Qu Yuan committed suicide, rather than suffer the indignity of Qin occupation.

In contrast, the memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre has been systematically eradicated such that the youth of China have no idea that such an event occurred, that such an act of organized defiance in the name of freedom could be possible, that the scope of their leaders’ sheer brutality knows no bounds.

Let us not forget. Let us not be afraid to speak about this to those who are ignorant. Let us take pause and reflect on the privilege and freedom we have as American citizens, in spite of all of the imperfections that afflict our nation, let us be grateful that we do in fact possess the ability to “form a more perfect union”.



6月2日,我们庆祝了端午节,纪念战国时期的诗人屈原。屈原是楚国的居民,当时警告了楚王不要跟秦国联盟。因为他实行了言论自由,而楚王不同意他的看法,他被楚王流亡。最终,楚国被秦国消灭。 一旦屈原听到这个消息,他决定与其接受秦国霸权不如自杀。




This is kind of a quick spontaneous post so please ignore any typos or poor grammar I use 😨
Anyway. See those first two pictures? Yes, I love make up, I love fashion, I love putting random clothing items and colors together to see if they work - it’s honestly like a game show every morning with me 😅 “is T gonna look like she planned her appearance today? Or is she gonna look like she rolled out of bed and said ‘fuck it’?? Tune in tomorrow morning to find out!”
Lmao but because of my love for getting dressed up and stuff, the pictures I take will probably match that - I pose, I filter, I do all that jazz. Now stay with me, here’s where it gets a little too real:

🚫🚫 I AM HUMAN 🚫🚫
Yes. We all are human. I know, I know. But please, just for the sake of helping me make this point, draw your attention to the rest of the pictures: those unedited, unfiltered, no make up, no style, both front and back camera used, “I just woke up and I’m now sitting on the toilet” pictures. Yes, I have flaws that are probably a bigger deal to me than anyone else, i have endless insecurities, sometimes I’m a little ashy, but yknow what??? I’m me and I’ve come to terms with all that. Ive always had darker skin than people around me, but I love it now because Black Girl Magic yasss 🌸 I’ve been insecure of my acne since day 1, but it’s apart of me and I’m more than okay with that. I’ve recently acquired stretch marks, but I’m not even mad cuz it just means my body is growing, and it’s kinda cool cuz I look like a little tiger 😄
POINT IS, I am me and I love who I am!! I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to have confidence to post pictures of myself. I’m learning to accept myself as we all are. I am not perfect and neither are you, but yknow what? You can be a kind, loving person and the chips will fall into place. YOU are beautiful, YOU are a bright light in society, and YOU shouldn’t give a fuck if not everyone looks like you or you don’t look like what you think people expect you to look like. Just be you, keep on shining, and when someone compliments you, do yourself a favor and accept it! Say thank you! They wouldn’t say it if they didn’t mean it, and now they’ll feel better about giving you that compliment. Throw out a few of those yourself - positivity both to yourself and others is 🔑 and it will go a looooong way.
Love yourself, love others, and keep on keepin on ✨

One Word: Mine.

Niall’s being possessive.

Niall woke up, seeing Harry laying next to him. He smiled wrapping an arm over Harry’s torso, pulling him closer. He mumbled a little bit, then burried his nose into Niall’s chest. Niall smiled down at him, even after six months of being out, Niall still can’t believe he gets to do this every single day. Niall let his eyes flutter close, and he soon fell back to sleep. Soon he was woke up with someone jumping on his chest, he gasped, and his eyes flew open. He screamed, and pushed Zayn off of him. Zayn groaned when he hit the floor.

“What the hell Niall?” He grumbled picking himself off the floor.

“You can’t just fucking jump on me man,” Niall yelled.

Zayn simply rolled his eyes, and pointed at him, and Harry.
“C'mon you twats, we have practice,”

Niall glowered at Zayn till he left, keeping an arm around his Harry. He stroked Harry’s back and peppered his face with light kisses.

“Hey hey c'mon Bee, wake up.” He wasn’t sure why he called Harry Bee, he just did. Harry grumbled, pushing against Niall tighter. Niall chuckled, and pushed his hair out of his face.

“C'mon Bee, want to see those pretty eyes yeah?” Niall said softly.

Harry blushed, and peeked open one eye.

Niall smiled down at him.
“Hey Bee,”

Harry shyly leaned up, giving Niall a soft kiss. Niall melted into it, and Harry tucked himself back under Niall’s arms.
“Wanna stay here with you,” His voice thick with morning sleep.

“As much I want to, we have practice Bee,” Niall kissed the top of his hair, and moved from the bed. Harry whined, making grabby hands at him. Niall chuckled, and picked him up, front piggy back style carrying them to the bathroom. Harry giggled, rolling his eyes at Niall. Niall gently put him down, and turned on the water. Harry started to graab his soap, but Niall quickly stopped him grabbing his wrist.

“Want you to smell like me today Bee,” Niall said, plucking the soap from him and replacing it with his wn. Harry didn’t ask, just simply did what Niall said, after a shower and a blowjob, they stumbled into the room.

Niall pulled a few things out and tossed them at Harry.
“Wear my clothes today Bee?”

Harry nodded, and pulled them on. Niall didn’t know what it was today, but he wanted people to kow Harry was his, and his only. The day started out okay, the boys practicing for their up and coming show, Niall narrowed his eyes when he saw Liam whisper something into his ear, other days Niall could’ve igorned it, but not today. Instead he stormed over to where they were, and pushed Liam back.

“No,” Niall said forcefully. Liam looked bewildered,
“No?” He asked with his eyebrows scrunched up.

“No, mine.” Was all Niall said, before dragging Harry away.

The next time something like that happened, it was Louis, him and Harry were getting to friendly, in the touching department. Niall slammed down his water bottle, and stalked over to where they were.

“Fuck off Lou,” Niall growled, standing in front of Harry. Louis looked shocked.

“Um, Niall?” He squeaked out. His eyes wide.

“Don’t fucking touch my boyfriend!” Niall roared, he’d feel bad if he wasn’t seeing red. Louis quickly nodded, before reteating to where Zayn was.

“Hey, hey Niall. I’m here focus on me okay?” Harry rubbed at his chest, and Niall slowly calmed down. He hooked his arms around Harry bringing him close enough, so he could suck a lovebite on Harry’s skin. Harry gasped, and rock against him softly. Niall was murmuring Mine the whole time.

The boys finally noticed how Niall was acting and left Harry alone, even Louis who would cause mischief kept his distance, because once in a while Niall got like this, and they knew better then to provoke him. Niall kept Harry tucked into his side all during the day after that, glowering at anyoone would even come six feet near his boy. Harry didn’t mind, he pranced around Niall all day, keeping him laughing. the boys shook their heads at them, seeing Harry and Niall just beam at each other like no other people were in the room.

Sadly the poor waiter didn’t know that, it was after the practice Harry and Niall wnet out to dinner, the waiter came back and licked his lips looking at Harry. Niall growled, clenching his fist tightly. Harry slotted his fingers through Niall’s trying to calm him down. Niall silently counted to ten, and looked up again. He caught the man’s smirk, and growled again. The bastard was doing this on purpose.

“I’ll have a coke with rum,” Niall said stiffly. The man nodded before turning his eyes on Harry.

“How about you princess?” He smiled at Harry who shifted uncomfortably. That was it. Niall shot up from his seat,

He grabbed him by the collar.
“Don’t you ever call my boyfriend that you shit. If I ever see your face again, I’ll make sure you can only see out of one fucking eye, got that princess?” He hissed out. The man quickly nodded, and hurried back to the kitchen, Niall sighed deeply watching him go and sat back down. Harry grinned at him shyly, tracing one of Niall’s tatoos.

“You probably made him cry.” Harry said amused.

Niall twisted one of his studs earrings.
“He shouldn’t be looking at what’s not his,” Was all he said.

Harry grinned snuggling into his side loving when Niall got like this. He felt secure and loved, evryone thought that after Niall Horan the sweet blonde of One Direction, got his ears pierced and got hundreds of tats, and dyed his hair lilac again, only this time permentally, he was a bad boy. No, he was still the same sweet guy from Mullingar, he simply changed a bit that’s it. And when he was feeling like this he didn’t want anyone looking or touching his Harry.

“I’m yours.” Harry said locking their fingers.

“And I know you are mine.” Niall whispered, brushing his lip ring arcoss Harry’s forehead.

Harry grinned, knowing he was where he belong. He connected his lips wiht Niall, confirming he knew this a well. Niall pulled back, still kepping his hands cupped around Harry’s face.

“I love you Bee,” Niall said. Harry blushed,

“Love you forever Irish.”

squigglyshawty-deactivated20160  asked:

Omg omg can you do a fic based off of what happened to anna today or yesterday. Ya know how she joked about being smuggled into Canada. Like maybe beca had a show to do but she forgot her passport so chloe made her fit into a suitcase

Ugh I’m so annoyed I wrote this entire thing and clicked post but now its gone and ugh. hope this version is close enough, i think i remember everything. also i have a questionable search history now so there… Hope this is what you had in mind :)

Disclaimer: Do not break into Canada please, they seem like nice people. Also like don’t try this at home, I’m not sure hiding in a suitcase is a very fool proof method so yeah. Just remember that this is fiction and i’m not suggesting that you can fool a Canadian this way lmao. anyways read on

‘Okay, we’re almost ready. Let’s just check the list one more time, then we can leave.’ Chloe told the Bella’s, who were all lined up, military-style in front of two cars. They’d been offered to perform in Canada, and Barden had decided the old Bella bus was not capable of a road trip that size, so they’d resorted to rental cars.

Beca groaned, along with a few other Bella’s, but after a sharp look from Chloe they quietened down and she began rattling of things from the check list.

‘Performance outfits?’ ‘Yes’ They all replied in a monotone drawl. 

‘Phones, and chargers?’ ‘YesWho would forget their phone? Beca thought. She loved her girlfriend, but she hated her checklist ways; they were pointless. She barely listened as Chloe went on and on until-

Keep reading

The Flirt

For the Anon who requested reassurance imagines! :) Enjoy!

One day Harry had strolled into the park cutting through to the studio because he was really late. His buttons weren’t buttoned (and today it was actually necessary that Harry didn’t look like he was ready to breastfeed). It was a big meeting. New album cover and work to discuss and all that jazz.

But his alarm hadn’t gone off and he was in a rush out the door as he finished buttoning his buttons. But his boots were unstrapped. And he tripped. Thankfully, a girl who was running around the park broke his fall. Unfortunately he sprained her ankle.

“Oh, God, kitten, I’m so sorry,” he said. Your face paled as your ankle started to swell. You felt sick. You were going to throw up in front of Harry Styles. “Shit,” he hissed. He scooped you up and you could barely breathe you were in so much pain. He carried you back toward his apartment and set you in the passenger seat of his car. His car had been making a funny noise and someone was going to take  look at it today–hence why he was rushing to the tube.

But emergencies happen.

“I’m Harry,” he said on the ride to the emergency room. You grunted out your name. You let a few tears leak out and you felt terrible. But Harry felt worse. “I know who you are,” you smirked softly through your pain. Harry snickered.

He insisted that he take care of you for a while. It wasn’t a bad sprain. Just crutches for a week or two. But you hated crutches, but Harry already felt guilty so you weren’t going to tell him you hated them.

You figured he knew because he wouldn’t let you walk to the car or walk to your apartment from the car. He carried you up the stairs. “You could have taken the elevator,” you told him. “Plus I’m heavy.”

He physically winced with his whole body. “You’re not heavy,” he shook his head and that was the end of the discussion, he left no room to argue.

Harry came over every day and made sure you had a good day and made sure that you had everything you needed. He’d bring you coffee and the newspaper and he’d do chores for you. And if he was being honest, he was happy he hurt your ankle, it was a good excuse for him to come see you. Because that first day, he thought you were really pretty. You were running in long running pants that hugged your bum perfectly, a hot pink t-shirt and a hot pink sweatband around your head. He adored you. You were adorable. And now, the next day when you crutched to the door you were beautiful. You were even more beautiful when you were in regular clothes and your hair was perfectly so in long waves. He stammered when he spoke. It was the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to you.

“How do you feel?” He asked setting your coffee and a bouquet of flowers on the table. “Am I making you miss work or anything?”

“I’m good…and no, I’m a social worker at the high school, they’re on break right now,” you smiled and watched him move around your flat. “You don’t have to do this,” you told him.

“I know, but I want to, I do feel awful I hurt you,” he said softly. You smiled softly and blushed.

“You didn’t mean to…I don’t think,” you joked. He chuckled.

“No, I didn’t, I would never intentionally hurt you,” he said softly and stared into your eyes for a long moment. Your heart fluttered and you shyly looked at him. He smiled sweetly, one little dimple cratering his cheek as he smirked at you. You had to say, Harry Styles spraining your ankle was the best thing that ever happened to you.


After a couple months and a fully healed ankle, you were a bit worried that Harry was just…with you out of pity. Yes, you adored him and he was wonderful…but…he was Harry goddamn Styles. You knew picking girls sounded very, very archaic, but he is beautiful and he could pick whichever girl he so wanted. You were worried he picked you just because he sprained your ankle.

He held your hand as you both walked to the studio. You were carrying a basket of muffins for the boys to enjoy. “Niall’s going to love you,” Harry whispered.

You blushed. “Thanks,” you said shyly. You were nervous. One, you were meeting One Direction, and that was terrifying in of itself. Two, you had no idea if they would like you. Three, you didn’t even know if Harry liked you…

“Kitten, your hand is sweating like crazy, why are you so nervous?” He asked. “It’s hard to not like someone while they’re eating a muffin,” he reminded you.

You smiled softly as he repeated what you said earlier. You were nervous. You baked when you were nervous. And apparently Harry and the rest of the band would benefit from your nervous baking because you were almost always nervous. “Why are you baking?” He asked.

“I’m nervous and they’ll have a tough time hating me when they’re busy eating the most delicious muffins they have ever tasted,” you nodded knowingly. He laughed.

“You’re awfully confident about these muffins,” he said taking one that was still warm off the cooling rack. You waited as he bit into the top and he moaned and nodded. “As you should be, kitten. These are amazing,” he said knowingly.

“Harry said you brought muffins,” Niall said opening the studio door for you.

“He’s been waiting like a puppy for you to arrive home,” Zayn told you.

“Lovely to meet you, kitten,” Niall said pecking your cheek and taking the muffins from you. You blushed and Niall smiled softly at you. “Thanks for the muffins,” he said kindly. “We’ve only heard good things about you,” he said softly and bit into a muffin. “Ugh, you’re perfect, Harry, keep her,” he ordered.

Louis rolled his eyes at Niall and smiled. “Nice to meet you, love,” he told you kindly. “And thank you for feeding Niall, he was getting grouchy,” he winked.

You smiled. “Love, nice to meet you, you make Harry smile all day long with your cute little text messages and pictures of kittens and babies,” Liam smiled and pecked your cheek before he stole a muffin. “Great muffins,” Liam added and Zayn smiled at you.

“Nice to meet you darling, Harry offer her a chair, would you?” He asked. “Break her ankle and then make her stand, honestly,” he rolled his eyes.

Harry rolled his eyes back at Zayn and pulled a chair out for you. “Make yourself at home, I have to sing,” he kissed your cheek and headed into the sound booth.

“So, details, love,” Louis said knowingly. “Is Harry a good kisser? Because he says you enjoy it, but we think he just likes to make himself feel better,” he said knowingly.

“Yeah,” Niall said. “All he does is talk about how nice your lips feel,” he said. You smiled. “Must be all the sugar from these muffins,” he smirked. You watched Harry record a moment. He looked so at ease…perfect…lovely. Harry.

“You okay, kitten?” Zayn asked softly.

You bit your lip. “Just…nervous,” you said quietly.

“Of us?” Liam wondered.

“Babe, why would you be nervous about us?” Louis asked.

You looked over at Harry and he winked at you as he was getting lectured about his part. You smiled back and then looked down at the table. “Yeah, uh…” you swallowed thickly. “I just…I don’t know if Harry…I think he feels guilty that he sprained my ankle…I don’t…wanna be a burden,” you said softly. “And I feel like I am…I don’t know if I…” you shook your head. “I’m not good enough for him,” you said softly.

The four all exchanged a glance. “Harry…” Louis started and shook his head. “Love, I wish you could hear the way he talks about you when you’re not around,” he reached across the table to you and squeezed your hand.

“Or how he looks when he thinks about you,” Zayn continued. “Darling, you’re the light of his life,” he said knowingly. “His eyes get all bright and he just gets so happy,” he continued with a bright smile.

You smiled shyly. “Yeah…but…”

“Kitten,” Niall said around the third muffin he’d taken. “He really likes you, and he’d be so upset if he knew you felt so insecure about him,” he said with a frown.


“Stop babe,” Liam smiled at you with a shy shake of his head. “He might have felt really guilty on the ride to the hospital or something, but now…” he shook his head. “He loves you…er…um…he really cares about you,” Liam blushed nervously and your cheeks heated up. You’d only been together three months…did Harry already love you? “So don’t worry, okay?” He said.

“Without trying to scare you,” Niall said gently. “He talks about marrying you…he’s never talked about marrying a girl before,” he mumbled around another muffin. You stomach flipped. Oh wow…to marry Harry Styles. You were internally swooning.

Harry came out from the sound booth. “Jesus, Niall, she can bake more,” he rolled his eyes as he kissed the top of your head as he grabbed a muffin.

“Don’t make her do stuff,” Louis scolded playfully as he rolled his eyes.

“Oh, crap, you’re right,” Harry said tilting your head back to look at him. You smiled up at him. He looked so happy and cute. “You don’t have to bake more, you’re perfect just as you are,” he smiled.

Your heart fluttered. “Thanks…you sounded lovely,” you told him.

“You couldn’t hear me,” he snickered and gazed at you with this look that made your heart melt. You smiled kindly. He definitely seemed to like you.

“I don’t need to hear you to know you sounded great,” you said softly.

The boys all  pretended to gag. “That’s disgusting, you’re lucky Harry likes that mushy crap,” Zayn said knowingly. Harry winked at you and kissed your nose.

“They’re just joking,” he said and pressed his lips lightly over yours. “They’re actually thrilled I make you happy,” he said knowingly.


“Yeah, they say I get all weird when I think about you and it makes me distracted,” he shrugged. “I don’t know what they’re talking about, I’ve only sang your name in recording like ten times,” he grinned.

You giggled. Maybe the boys were right…Plus, you figured Harry being indebted to you for spraining your ankle until your souls ceased to exist would sound quite lovely in wedding vows.