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endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.


HamilPOPs: The Complete Set

Okay, so, it’s not a *complete* set; there’s no Act II Secretary of the Treasury A. Ham, but it’s CLOSE ENOUGH.

Every main and featured character from “Hamilton: An American Musical” as a Funko POP! Vinyl, all customized by me. That’s 14 dolls all together, commissioned by a lovely woman in Virginia.

In the top photo, from left to right and top to bottom:
~Maria Reynolds, King George III, and Philip Hamilton.
~Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, and James Madison.
~The Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington, Act I Revolutionary War Alexander Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan, and John Laurens.
~The Schuyler Sisters: Eliza, Angelica…AND PEGGY. :D

If you would like to order your own HamilPOP!s, please head on over to my Etsy Shop. I also take commissions and have individual dolls up for sale when the inspiration strikes me. I specialize in historical, literary, and theatrical figures/characters.

I have the honor to be,
Your Obedient Servant,
M. Kat

Just while I am talking about how wonderful and amazing my followers and friends are, it’s recently been brought to my attention, that some people are buying multiple pre-order pdf copies of Hunger Pangs via my patreon by upping their subscription, then sending me messages going “hey I know you don’t have a $15 reward tier but can this count for 3 copies” to which I reply, yes, of course, assuming they wanted to buy copies for friends not on tumblr. Which cool, awesome! Thank you for buying those extra pre-orders and not just emailing the book to your friends when you’re done with it or putting it up on a torrent site*. That is amazingly kind and thoughtful of you <3

And then I started getting a few messages, asking if they could give their copy of Hunger Pangs away. And I was like “oh, you don’t want to keep your pre-order? Uh, I mean, I can refund you if you don’t want it” and they said “oh. no, no. I’m still buying your book for ME.“ and then explained in detail, that they want to give an extra copy of the patreon book away to someone who couldn’t afford to buy it themselves, or who couldn’t safely have openly queer fiction on their kindle/amazon purchase history in case their family saw it and…this has happened multiple times. I have had multiple messages from at least 12 people asking me, “hey, if I buy an extra copy of your book, can you give it away to someone who can’t afford it?”

And I’m just…you guys are just…so…I can’t even with how good and kind and wonderful you all are sometimes. I really can’t. You’re amazing. Not only because you are thinking of me and helping me to survive using my words, but because you are thinking of others and going “hey, I bet someone could use a happy queer story about love with vampires, werewolves and punching undead fascists in the face right about now” like, what kind of honest to goodness Saints are you. 

Thank you. 

I really cannot express how wonderful this whole experience has been for me. I never thought I’d write a book. I thought I might try, but I never thought in a million years it would be something people would be interested in, let alone want to share with others. And just…thank you. From the depths of my humbled and terrified little heart. Thank you.

And thank you for giving me the opportunity to give multiple copies of my book away for “free” to those who couldn’t afford it, or couldn’t safely own a physical or kindle copy. I’m sure it will mean a lot to the person who gets it. And if you want to do the give away yourself or if you want me to organize a mass give away post or something, please, let me know. I am more than happy to do so.

Just. ugh. UGH. You guys. I didn’t expect to spend my night crying over how good and wonderful people are and yet here we are. Thank you. 

(*please don’t do that. Like for real, please don’t put ANY author’s work up on a torrent site, this is partly why publishers are charging insane prices for e-books now, to make up for lost sales and also cutting back on the number of physical copies they order. Which means fewer sales cause who the hell wants to pay $17.99 for an e-book, especially when you have so many people throwing fiction up on amazon for less than a dollar, forcing the rest of us to sell 60k novels for 99 cents to compete with them. And just to give you an idea of how harmful this is, even pricing HPangs at $5.99 on amazon, I am selling at a loss for how many hours I put into it. It works out at nowhere even near minimum wage, but I know the current market and my own limits, and there’s no way I could charge more than that in good faith. So please, support authors and artists and don’t fucking torrent shit, or if you do and you enjoy it, go buy it if and when you can. Or rent it from your local library. We get paid when you do that too. It really does make a difference to us.)


🌈🌈🌈 Happy Pride Month y’all! 🌈🌈🌈

I decided to do something a bit different today and did a bit of traditional work as opposed to the usual digital stuff I do for this blog as I’m waaay out of practice - I have put this little original up for sale but I also understand if people aren’t interested in buying my face lmao

Huge thank you to @doctorzieglerwrites (Tea Rose E93) and @gingerstellagiulia (Begonia Pink RV14) for sponsoring markers that were used to make this! If you’d like to take part in the Sponsor a Pen Project then check out the info here

🌟 here’s a list of all the places you can find me online - please say hello or even donate/buy my work to show support!🌟

What we have to look forward to this upcoming week:

October 17: Dan’s liveshow, possibly revealing what happened that week in March.

October 19: Instead of Phil’s liveshow, a gaming video with Tomska and Hazel Hayes revealing the board game. The board game also goes up for sale.

October 20: Louise uploading her baby video with Dan and Phil.

Then follows Spooky Week and Halloween Baking.

I’m not mentally prepared.

  • Wife (driving by Petco): Do we need to go to Petco for anything?
  • Me: I mean, we could go just to go
  • Wife: no.

THE PROTOTYPE CHARM FOR THE @home-sidlinkzine CAME!!!!!

—– the charms WILL be available to purchase separate from zine. :D

You can follow me or @home-sidlinkzine to keep up to date on when they will be available for purchase in the zine shop. I Will also be setting up a pre-sale for the charm within the next week or 2.

If you have any other questions free to send me an ask or a message.

sorry for my radio silence!! but!! i saw moana the night before opening day and it WAS AMAZING and i cried like four times including (especially) when lin manuel miranda started singing

it’s so gorgeous and i can’t praise it highly enough, please go see moana!!


No new items because I took last month to catch up on commissions and Patreon BUT I have a bunch of items on sale, whatever you see up here plus some others.

ALSO Symmetra sparkle print and Symmetra Main care package DELUX are back in stock if you missed it before!

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And for Pride month, I’ve added new flags to the sparkly pride sticker collection 

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I submitted about two weeks ago about being sexually harassed and groped by a co worker (L), customers complaining, and nothing being done.
Well it’s gone on with about 7 other cashier’s now. The only one taking up for us is one of our supervisors (J) that is basically the only boss any of us like.

Well, today I was in the break room having lunch with 4 other coworkers. Were all pretty good buddies, we talk outside of work too. I had taken off my uniform shirt and was wearing a tank top that showed approximately an inch of cleavage. We were laughing and being a little loud, not acting a fool just having fun. The floral department supervisor ® comes in and yells at us that we can be heard in her office next door.

When my lunch was over I go back to the register and after about 2 customers R comes up to me and tells me one of my supervisors (T) and the store manager (E) want to speak with me in the office. So I go back there and E tells me that I MUST wear my staff shirt, even while clocked out on my UNPAID lunch. Then she tells me that she’s writing me up for sexually harassing the 3 boys (theyre 18, 19, and 19) that were in the break room solely because I was wearing a tank top with an inch of clevage. Then E tells me they’re writing me up another time because I mentioned during lunch a drink I like to make using red wine. I’m 21 years old, it’s completely legal for me to have a drink of wine. Then E says she’s writing me up AGAIN because I repeated to my coworkers, one of which was bagging for me at the time, an inappropriate comment a customer made. And then T chimes in by saying you never know what someone has going on at home that I might remind them of by repeating those comments. I replied with “you’re absolutely right, I didn’t realize people in R’s office or anyone other than those four friends could hear me. I’ll be more consious of that in the future”. T then says “And you complained about L, but how can you do that while wearing tank tops and making nasty jokes? You gave him the okay by doing that. When he takes it further you can only blame yourself and know you deserved it.” now they KNOW I’m an abuse survivor. That was straight up cruel. Also, T is a sex toy sales person on the side. I have nothing against her for that but even the underage baggers know this. But somehow IM the bad guy here.