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Producer Jeff Bhasker faced a daunting task several months ago. After having worked with Kanye West and winning Grammy Awards for producing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” and Fun.’s 2012 album “Some Nights,” he had to decide whether to take on a new project: the debut solo album of One Direction member Harry Styles.

“I’d just had a baby, and I was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I’ll jump into this,‘” Bhasker tells Variety. He agreed to have Styles come over to “just talk,” and proceeded to put him through the Bhasker home sniff test. “My dog tends to bite people, and he was kind of scoping Harry out,” Bhasker explains. Styles “did this move — like a little shoot the gun with his finger, and my dog walked over and started licking his finger. That’s when I was, like, ‘This guy has something special.'”

Once music came into the mix, Bhasker was sold. “He started playing references of what he wanted to do, which sounded like a cool rock band. I got it, and could see where if we pulled this off, it would be one of the coolest things ever. But he needed a buddy who plays guitar like he’s Keith Richards.” The insinuation being: Styles is the Mick Jagger in this scenario.

Adds Bhasker: “I’m so proud of the album itself, and also of Harry for being so brave, and committing 100%, and writing the kind of vulnerable lyrics that he wrote, and not pandering to what people thought he would do. People have no idea that this is what Harry Styles is like. Just like I didn’t know. He’s obviously very famous and beloved, but people don’t know the depths of what an amazing personality and artist he is.”

Variety spoke with Bhasker about the recording of “Harry Styles” ahead of the album’s May 12 release: 

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Protective | archie andrews

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

a/n: please please request ideas for short series or one shots!! i like to cater to you guys and sometimes you really do come up with some cool ideas!! love always R🌹

as the years went on you’d think bullying and slut shaming was a thing of the past, you were sadly mistaken. in fact it seemed to get worse and more and more creative as the times went on.

i obliviously walked into school head held higher than normal as i spot Betty and Veronica standing near my locker, smiling brightly i approach them a little bounce in my step as I over to them.


i gawk smiling like an idiot, i had my very first date last night with one Reggie Mantle and you think it went rather well. we had a meal at pops and then went to the drive in to watch a movie where we stuffed our faces with junk food and spent the night cuddled up in the back of his truck with some small make out sessions before he dropped me home just before curfew.

I was still grinning, the gang wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of me going they said that he was a stupid football jock that just wanted to get into my pants and last night just proves that they were wrong - for once.

my smile fades as i glance at their concerned expression, i grab my books and close my locker as they glance from their phones to others loitering in the halls before first period before finally glancing at me.

“what?” i laugh glancing the hall to see many eyes on me, i spot Archie his expression the same as the girls.

“okay what the hell happened”

i ask breaking the silence, tapping my fingers against my books growing impatience at their lack of emotions and words.

“will someone please tell me what’s going on!”

i practically yell, Veronica glances at her phone again and i snatch it from her grasp as the red headed boy stops in front of us mumbling a small greeting.

i glance at the phone and see that the photo Reggie had taken off me last night in the drive in cuddle up to him, only he’d modified the picture and photoshopped maple syrup running down my face.

“oh my god” i say my breathe catching in my throat i click on the comments and instantly regret it the words ‘slut’ ‘ugly’ ‘whore’ 'attention seeking’ came up regularly along with comments about my weight and seemed liked everything else 'what a freak’ i give Veronica back her phone and sniffle tears pricking my eyes.

I look up to see Betty and Veronica staring me down

“do it say it!! okay 'i told you so’ okay I get it”

the girls shake their heads scrambling for words to comfort me

“forget it” i whisper pushing past them

“(y/n)” i hear archie call but I ignore him keeping my head down as i rush to class, everyone laughing and sharing comments as I pass.

i round the corner and slam into a body, we bump heads and i cuss grabbing my fallen bag and glances to see Jughead concern etched on his face “I saw the picture are you okay?” i sigh sniffling.

“no” i whisper

he places his hand on my shoulder rubbing it soothingly “i didn’t even do anything juggie- Archie’s and the others are just itching to tell me that they were right- again!”

“it’s okay- we know it’s not true. people believe what they want okay you-” jughead tries to soothe me running his hands up and down my arms.

“jughead” we both look up to see the smug look of Reggie

my blood boils and I shove his chest “i can’t believe you” i spit tearing up at the sight of him.

“what’s wrong baby?” he coos placing his hand tenderly on my shoulder i shudder at his touch and rip my shoulder from his grasp “don’t touch me reggie!” i warn.

he steps forward and jughead stands in front of me protectively, he laughs clapping his hands looking to his boys standing behind him “would you look at that” he howls getting up in jughead face.

“don’t even think about it” i seethe standing in front of jughead pushes at reggies chest.

as much as i wanted to cower behind juggie i knew that Reggie wouldn’t flinch punching him and the last thing i wanted was for my best friend to get punched in the face.

“oh c'mon i wasn’t going to punch your little boyfriend” he teases winking at the both of us “he’s not my boyfriend reggie- he’s my friend and i will not let some jerk bully my friends” i shout “or me for that matter”

he bites his lip pulling me into the wall pinning me down “god your hot when your angry” he whispers huskily into my neck.

“get off!!” i yell looking desperately to jughead for help but Reggies boys were holding him hostage.

“i mean it Reggie get off” i yell everyone decides to gather to watch the show, i thrash trying to get out of his grip but it’s useless.

“oh come one little (y/n) you weren’t this shy with me last night” i squirm “your fat ass wasn’t mad when I had my tongue in your mouth” he smirks and i cringe knowing that he was right.

“MANTLE” i head a loud voice

“archie” i say breathless my eyes begging for help

“let her go now” he orders edging closer

“or what andr-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before archie ran and shoved Reggie off me and onto the floor.

grabbing me by the waist and pulling me into his arms

“so this is your boyfriend?” he howls “Andrews and (y/l/n) nice, I mean Arch buddy you could do way better she’s not much of a 10” he chuckles the group agreeing with him

“you okay” he whispers i nod “im okay now” i smile at him

“hate to break up the love fest but she’s mine archie, her face might not be all that but boy is her body”

the group whistles as they look me up and down taking in every once of me, i felt disgusted and disappointed that I ever thought Reggie was more than a jock with a good body.

the moment didn’t last as reggie grabbed me and shoved me into jughead, that flicks a switch in archie as he punches the boy in the jaw they wrestle around punching other and i yell for them to stop jughead holding me back.

the teachers are alerted and rush over to separate the boys as soon as Archie’s pulled back i run over to him placing my hands on his cheeks examining his face.

“arch” i say sadly glancing at his bruised eye and split lip.

“Andrews, Mantle my office NOW”


“i can’t believe the fought over you!” Ronnie squeals helping me zip up the back of my cheerleading uniform “swoon!” she finishes skipping over to Betty.

“it wasn’t over me, reggie was being an ass and Archie was just being a good friend” i conclude pulling my hair into a half up half down look adding blue ribbon for school spirt.

“have you spoke to him since it happened?” Betty asks sitting in front of me worry filling her voice.

“no, he had detention at lunch” she nods and i feel guilty “he came to see me after school but i just wanted to be alone. ill see him tonight” i try and smile knowing that Reggie would also be at the game.

Veronica touches up my face with a little makeup before the three of us head to school for the pep rally, my mood lifts a little football games were a ritual for me. i loved cheering with B & V and watching Archie play. Often we managed to drag Jughead and Kevin to the games to watch us all tonight that was one of those nights.

we meet the squad in the change rooms and grab our poms poms getting ready to go out onto the field to get the crowd pumped

“you will speak with him before the game right?” Veronica asks me worried, i nod following the girls out onto the field “promise”

“WOOHOO GO THE BULLDOGS” we cheer running and flipping out onto the field hyping the crowd up i spot jughead in the crowd and i jog over to him when Cheryl isn’t looking

“juggie!” i yell catching his attention “have you seen arch?” as the words leave my mouth the bulldogs run through the banner Archie leading the pack with a huge black eye. i glance at him guilty, he doesn’t see me searching through the crowd of river vixen. “ill talk to you later” i tell him he smiles frustrated giving me the 'I know your not okay’ stare.

i jog over to the drinks table where Archie stand his back facing me, i approach place my hand on his shoulder causing him to spin around relief flooding his expression as he realises it’s me.

“oh thank god it thought you weren’t here and i know you love the games and I didn’t want you to not come because of reggie and-” i cut him off placing my hand on his cheek touching the purpleness around his eyes gently.

“oh arch” he’s hand shots up to touch mine “im so sorry” i tell him tearing up

“hey it’s okay-” and just like that he’s swept up onto the field with all the others “arch” i call out trying to get he’s attention.

“hey it’s okay” i feel Betty’s hand on my shoulder “we gotta get ready” i nod turning to face her following her back to the squad getting ready to perform


the game finished miserable as the win was taken away from us in the last 5 minutes, the bulldogs look dull as they exit the field heading to the locker rooms. i sigh and grab my bag walking after the boys i needed to speak with Archie.

“(y/n)” i hear jughead call, choosing to ignore him i walk faster hoping to catch archie before he got into the locker room

“hey!” he yells panting as he catching up to me “ignore me much?” i roll my eyes

“i need to talk with archie okay? now are walking me or not?” i stop glancing at him “fine but yes i am because i swear to god if reggie lays a finger on you” i roll my eyes pulling him behind me

“yeah yeah you’ll kill him”

i push through the crowd of half naked boys as they undress ready to hit the showers, i struggle to find the boy before i spot the familiar red mop of hair. i weave in and out of the crowd before i edge closer to him.

he mustn’t of seen me because he turned and crash into me losing his towel in the process, jughead covers my eyes as Archie scrambles to re adjust his towel “(y/n) jughead what are you doing-”

i put my finger on his lips silencing him “let me talk please” i tell him, gaining the attention of everyone in the locker room.

i realise now why Jughead thought this was a bad idea

“look im sorry about today- your eye you losing the captain spot- you shouldn’t have gotten involved Archie it wasn’t your fight! you warned me and i didn’t listen and now your in trouble with your dad and the principal and you have a busted lip and a black eye all because of that freaking jerk!” i yell tearing up feeling stupid

“I know how much football meant to you, you need it to get into college to study your music and i completely ruined it for you because of a stupid stupid idea to prove a point!”

i run my fingers through my hair a few tears falling down my face, i wipe them as quickly as they fall Archie looks defeated not knowing what to say

“(y/n)-” he steps forward but stops as loud clapping fills the locker room

“what a speech” i growl facing Reggie

“oh go fuck yourself Reggie, haven’t you ruined enough lives today!” he smirks leaning against the locker his towel hanging low off his hips.

he reaches out to brush my hair behind my ear and Archie moves in front of me but i clasp my arm around his bicep “he isn’t worth it” i spit tugging Archie toward me.

“did i tell you how good you looked in that uniform” he licks his lips “that mini skirt, it’s like your begging for someone to kiss you, you look in desperate need let me help you princess”

he attempts to walk over to me but i extend my hand to his chest playing with him

“you know reg your right, i do really need a kiss” i tell him pulling my bottom lip with my teeth and fiddling with the bottom of my skirt fluttering my lashes.

i can see Archie adjusting his towel all the boys seem to be getting rather bothered by my act, Reggie steps forward reaching out to grab my waist but i spin grabbing the back of Archie’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss, jumping up to wrap my legs around his waist.

i deepen the kiss cheers from his team mates fill the air, i break away breathless kissing him once more before Archie sets me back down.

“much better” i sigh glances at a very frustrated Reggie “oh and reg you might wanna take a cold shower for junior” i tug at his towel leaving him completely naked before peeking Archie on the lips.

“see you outside”

he blushes scratching the back of his neck as he watches me walk out with jughead, i bite my lip swinging my hips feeling confident as i wait outside the locker room

“wow” jughead exclaims pacing back and fourth as the rest of our friends spot us and walk over to us, i roll my eyes at him grabbing his jacket to stop the pacing.

“hey” i greet the girls

“Pop’s?” Betty asks

we nod “yeah of course!”

“okay well lets go im sure archie can catch up” Veronica smiles grabbing my arm

“oh ill just wait for him we’ll meet you there!” they narrow their eyes jughead refusing to make eye contact not wanting to be interrogated.

“uh i haven’t spoken to him yet so i can do it on my way over before we met yous” they share glances with each other before nodding at my story.

“okay fine, jughead are you going to escort your ladies” he rolls his eyes pushing off the wall as the girls loop their arms with his and heading toward our favourite hang out.

the boys start exiting the locker room glancing at me as i wait fiddling with my hair and avoiding all eye contact. standing up to reggie wasn’t all that and but he whole makeout session could’ve been prevented but i was feeling epic.

“(y/n)? where are the others?” i glance up at the voice smiling at the red headed boy

i suddenly feel nervous my knees wobbling and my cheeks heating up at my name coming out of his mouth.

“uh they um- they are going to pops- i um told them that we’d yanno met them there” i finishes awkwardly glancing at my feet as I scuff them.

“that is if you want to go- if not i can just walk myself-” he smiles shaking his head at me “no no i wanna come” “good” i smile and with that we set off to Pop’s silence filling the air.

we reach the diner and i stop spoting our friends in the booth next to the window, Archie notices and stops turning to face me “you okay?” i nod

“im sorry about what happened before” i blurt worried that i misread Archie’s feelings toward me. nervousness washes over me and my smile slips from my lips.

“hey hey- no don’t be- it was amazing, your amazing” he finishes grabbing my hips and tugging me toward him.

“if im not mistaking is mr Archie Andrews finally making the first move?” i hint playful playing with his shirt, he laughs playfully placing his soft lips on me and closing the small gap between our bodies.

“you know Reg was right about the whole cheerleader outfit” i raise my eyebrows “hot as hell”

i kiss him back before lacing my hands with his and pulling him into the diner walking over to our friends sliding in next to Jughead as Archie takes the seat next to me siting closer then usual he drapes his arm across the back of the booth touching my shoulder soothingly.

“okay what the hell happened in the locker room?” Veronica asks sipping her milkshake.

“oh they had a huge make out session infringed of reggie it was intense should’ve been there” jughead spills earning a smack up side the head from Archie


i blush covering my face and leaning into Archie, i peer through my fingers and see the two girls staring intensely at m “what!” i complain giggling.

the group fall into a fit of laughter and i smile up at Archie as he tightens his grip around my waist making me feel safe.

this is where I belong.

I think this is the closest i could get to actually draw for halloween this year 😅 Hope everyone had a great helloween/october!!

For those of you who need more Starkid in your life

Here’s a bunch of not entirely chronological links to Starkid’s music performances:

(some of these are full performances, some are just individual songs/medleys from those shows in the highest quality I could find them. None of these videos are mine btw)

AVPM behind the scenes | Goin’ Back to Hogwarts behind the scenes

Space Tour - Space Tour (ft.Darren Criss) | Get Back Up | Stutter |Days of Summer/Goin’ Back to Hogwarts | Granger Danger | Boy Toy/ Kick It Up a Notch | Way I Do

Apocalyptour - Apocalytour (ft. Darren Criss)Get Back Up | Rogues Medley

Elsie Fest - Goin’ Back to Hogwarts | Way I Do/Rogues Medley | Harry Freakin’ Potter | Take Off Your Clothes | Naked in a Lake

A Very Starkid Reunion - Goin’ Back to Hogwarts | Not Alone

Leakycon 2011(ft. Darren Criss)

Leakycon 2013

Geekycon 2015 | Granger Danger (seriously just watch this its the funniest thing I’ve ever seen)

There’s loads more but these are all I’ve got for now! If you have the time I would recommend you watch all of them! Even though it’s often the same songs, each performance puts a different spin on them and they are so worth watching!

No Voldemort AU: Severus finishes school with 7 NEWTs. He joins apothecaries to gain experience and money. Years later, having done countless of experiments and improved dozens of potions, he convinces Lucius to partner up with him. A few months later, Prince Apothecary opens in Diagon Alley and due to excellent brewing, demand is high. Soon the staff doubles but it’s not enough so they open a branch in Hogsmeade. Months later, Severus beats out other Potioneers and wins a contract to supply St. Mungo’s. Within a few years, the number of branches grows. Instead of putting competition out of business, they absorb them and keeps them employed. The rate of growth is so high there is international demand. 

Severus’ recipes win him awards and distinction. He publishes text books in many different languages. At the age of 90, Severus retires with a comfortable sum after giving away almost all his wealth to charity. His home has a farm filled with rescued animals. He adopts and fosters animals and gives free boarding to anyone who needs it. All is well.

Longing (part 2)

Summary: After two years of what you thought was a good relationship, Bucky breaks up with you out of the blue. It isn’t before long though that he realizes he needs you in his life.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst, smut, fluff

A/N: For Blade’s Fic Fest. @bookybuns this is part two, with the smut

“When did you talk to Steve?” you asked.

“That night. He said he bumped into you after. He came out and found me and beat the shit out of me.”

“He did?”

“Yeah, he said I had no right to hurt you,” he took a deep breath, “I told him that’s what I was trying not to do, but he made it clear that that’s exactly what I was doing.”

He chanced a look at you before continuing, “I didn’t believe him. I still thought I was doing the right thing.”

Brushing a strand of wet hair from your face, Bucky sighed, “I talked to Steve a few days later. He saw I was a wreck and he told me how bad you were doing. After a lot of talking, he told me to just take a little more time, to see. But then I saw you and Sam, man I hate that guy. I know he and I aren’t best pals, but I didn’t think he’d go and steal my girl.”

“He didn’t.”

Bucky’s eyes shot up to yours, “Really?”

You chuckled, “You really are a moron, Buck. Sam and I are just friends. He was there for me. If you paid attention, you’d see I lounge around with Nat and Steve too. Friends can cuddle too ya know.”

“You… and Steve?”

“And Nat.”

Bucky’s lips were on yours in seconds. The force of it knocked you down and Bucky climbed on top of you.

He kissed you like he needed to to breathe.

You were gasping for air but you didn’t want to stop, you’d missed this too much.

Bucky’s lips moved down your neck, his tongue tracing lightly over where he had just bitten.

“Bucky,” you breathed.

Bucky was off of you now, standing at the edge of the bed and frantically pulling the shirt and sweats from his body.

You sat up and pulled your shirt over your head before positioning yourself in the center of the bed. You sat there waiting, watching as Bucky finished.

He looked over at you and his eyes flashed with desire.

Crawling up the bed, Bucky kissed you slowly and passionately.

Kneading your breast with his metal fingers, he gently pushed you down so you were laying on your back.

His lips were on your skin once again, slowly kissing his way down your body.

You watched as he made his way down between your legs, his eyes catching yours before he bent down and kissed your folds.

“Bucky, oh god,” you moaned.

You felt Bucky smile against you as he worked his tongue between your folds.

Throwing your head back, you took a minute to adjust to the pleasure washing over you.

You shuddered as Bucky’s metal arm wrapped around your leg and pinned you between the bed and his mouth.

Gasping, you did your best to be quiet, “Bucky, you feel so good.”

He hummed in response as he adjusted so his flesh hand was now under his face.

Bucky didn’t stop circling his tongue over your clit as he inserted his middle finger into you.

His movements grew faster and you chanced a look down at him.

He was staring right at you, his blue eyes shining in the light as he went down on you.

“Fuck,” you breathed.

Throwing your head back again, you intertwined your fingers in his hair as he drew you closer and closer to completion.

You couldn’t control yourself anymore, you held Bucky in place as you ground down on his face. Bucky stayed still as best he could as you fucked yourself on his tongue and fingers.

Your movements were becoming frantic and you could feel yourself about to come undone.

It wasn’t until Bucky pushed his face forward and lightly bit your clit did you finally come.

You let go of Bucky’s hair, both hands going on either side of you to grip the sheets as Bucky worked you through your orgasm.

About a minute later, you brought your hands up to your face and covered your mouth as you took a deep breath, “That was…”

Bucky smirked, “so fucking hot. I missed that.”

You nodded, still a little foggy.

You reached your hands out like a child, motioning for Bucky to come over to you.

He let out a laugh as he hovered above you before pressing his lips to yours again.

You licked his lips and pulled away as he tried to fully kiss you.

He eyed you as you reached up and wiped your slick from his face, before pushing him onto his back.

Moving between his legs, you planted kisses all over his legs and around his belly button.

“Doll,” he breathed.

You bent down and slowly licked at his balls.

You moved around until you found a spot that made his dick twitch against your face. Smiling to yourself, you continued licking and sucking before finally moving to suck at his tip.

Chancing a look at Bucky, you noticed his eyes were pinched closed. You stopped with the tip of his penis still in your mouth and began working your tongue up and down.

Your eyes still on Bucky, you watched as his tongue poked out and licked his lips, a small moan escaping in the process.

You began to bob your head up and down frantically, your left hand moving to massage his balls as you worked.

Adjusting yourself so that you were hovering above him to fit more of his dick into your mouth, your nipples grazed over his thighs.

Bucky looked down at you, “Fuck, doll, you gotta stop.”

You locked your eyes with his and began moving faster, ignoring his request.

Bucky threw his head back but just as quickly, he shot up and pulled you from him.

“I don’t wanna come yet, babe.”

“But I was having fun,” you pouted.

“Trust me, me too. And as much as I’d love to come in that pretty mouth, I really need to fuck you.”

You smiled at him and bent down once again to suck him into your mouth.

Bucky pulled you up again and pressed his lips to yours, “I said stop it, doll.”

“Mhmm, well I want to make you come.”

“Okay,” Bucky slid off the bed and pulled you up with him.

He leaned down and kissed your lips before turning you around and bending you over the edge of the bed.

Bucky kneeled behind you and buried his face in you once again.

You could feel his tongue work in and out of you and your legs were already shaky.

Right before you were going to come again, Bucky stopped.

Before you could protest, Bucky leaned over you, his lips brushing over the back of your neck. You could feel his hard dick pressing against you and you instinctively pushed back against him.

He moaned, “Baby, I’m gonna fuck you hard like this, then later I’m gonna take my time with you, that okay?”

You nodded and he kissed down your spine before straightening himself and thrusting himself into you.

You cried out as Bucky’s hips snapped against yours, the sound of skin on skin echoing throughout the room.

Your fists were clenched in the sheets on either side of your head, but Bucky reached up to take your hands in his. He guided your arms behind your back, his pace not faltering once.

You clasped your hands together and Bucky placed his flesh had over yours, his way of maintaining tenderness, even in moments like these.

His metal arm whirred as his fingers gripped your hip. Bucky’s pace quickened as he fucked you.

“Harder,” you managed.

Bucky’s hips snapped into yours before pulling out slowly and slamming back into you.

He continued like that, no doubt watching his dick disappear in and out of you.

He slapped your ass and you cried out in pain and pleasure, “please.”

“Please what?”

You couldn’t form any other words so you muttered again, “please.”

Bucky chuckled behind you before pulling down a little so your ass was closer to him.

Both of his hands were on your hips now as he set a frantic pace.

You couldn’t hold back anymore, “Bucky I’m gonna come.”

“Go ahead doll, I’m right behind you,” he managed.

As soon as he finished speaking you felt your walls clamp down around him as you came. Bucky let out a moan behind you as he came too.

You took a deep breath as Bucky pulled out of you and laid down on the bed beside you.

You just looked at him, happy to finally have him back.

Bucky gave you a crooked smile then turned to look up at the ceiling.


“Just, you don’t need to cuddle with anyone else anymore. You have me.”

“I do,” you got up to clean yourself up before plopping back on the bed beside Bucky again.

He watched your movements, taking you in.

You placed a kiss to the side of his mouth, “You can look at me more in the morning, but right now, I’m beat and wanna go to sleep.”

“I love you, doll.”

“I know,” you teased.

@Klance shippers

Now y'all know how you made us Sheith shippers feel. How’s the salt?

Cookie Day (WinterIron Quick Fic)

This is just fluffy WinterIron. Just fluff. To make up for the tear fest that was “Moments” lol

Enjoy :)

Bucky made….cookies.

Like really, really insanely good cookies. While humming, and listening to slow music as he took over the kitchen in the Tower. He even wore an apron most times.

And really, the team didn’t know what to do about it.

Mostly because even a year and a half after Steve brought him home, Bucky was still quiet more days than not. He still wore his hair long, his chin scruffy. He hardly ever smiled, hardly ever engaged with anyone. He was never in anything other than a long sleeve because he didn’t like the attention his arm inevitably drew, even though Steve had told him at least a hundred times that no one here ever noticed. He didn’t wake up screaming with nightmares anymore, but no one ever actually saw him sleep either so…

Anyway. Cookies.

Like, the best cookies in the world. Like thick and fluffy and packed with butter and chocolate and enough sugar to put an elephant down. And he absolutely refused to share.

In fact, no one was even allowed in the kitchen while he was baking. Clint had tried one time to scoop some cookie dough and Bucky had (accidentally) almost broken his hand.

So the team retreated, hovered outside the kitchen door and plotted ways to get to the cookies.

Steve had assured them that back in the day, Bucky had in fact been the best cook he had known, always making something in his mamas kitchen, and then cooking for Steve after his parents passed.

It didn’t matter what it was- thick, crusty bread, impossibly light pastries, and of course these amazing cookies— Bucky could make them no problem, and was happy to do every time Steve looked just the littlest bit hungry.

Of course Steve had been allergic to or at least sensitive to nearly everything back then, so little bites and nibbles was the best he could do. And now that he was a 100% healthy, super serum powered soldier who needed upwards of 4000 calories a day to keep his body running… well Steve was just as desperate as the rest of them to get his hands on some of Bucky’s cookies.

But alas, it wasn’t going to happen. Because Bucky only ever baked enough for himself, just enough to pile on a plate that he then hoarded on his lap during team movie nights, an entire gallon of milk sitting next to him because that’s how much milk it took to wash the cookies down.

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A sketchdump of Pokemon fusions I did as a means to challenge myself. I was always fascinated by the interpretations of some of the poke-fusions and thought it’d be a great way to practice both finding a good silhouette and just character design in general. Each fusion had a bit of a theme in mind, and I think I did an okay job the first time around. I’ll definitely be doing more later, these were fun!

As for the fusions themselves:

1. The Tauros x Machamp fusion’s theme was overall “wrestling” with maybe a bit of “superhero” in there. I’d imagine this pokemon be to typically aggressive and a show-off, but a trainer that earns its respect is in for a loyal companion. One of the biggest shows of trust this pokemon can display is taking its mask off in the presence of another.

2. Charizard x Chansey’s fusion went with the “parental” theme. I figured this pokemon would be bred specifically to be a caretaker of any sort: nurse, babysitter, even adoptive parent in some cases (They’re known for taking in lost or abandoned children). The flame on its tail is gentle and won’t burn anyone that touches it. The pokemon needs physical contact to survive, and if you let it it’ll carry anything small enough in its pouch. Larger breeds of this pokemon are noted to have the habit of picking its trainers up and placing them in their pouch as they would their young.

3. The Rhydon x Eevee fusion’s theme was “guardian”, something like a spiritual protector of buildings or of people. They make great companions and are fiercely loyal pokemon, although they might come off as aloof at first due to it’s generally serious nature.

4. Snorlax and Meowth’s fusion’s theme is basically “cat loaf”. Large, lazy, and full of themselves, but this pokemon is always up for a snuggle fest if it means nap time. Despite their laid back personalities, though, they can be scarily fierce and deadly if they feel threatened.

5. The Mewtwo x Mr. Mime fusion’s theme was… “mime”. This pokemon is a farcry from Mewtwo’s serious nature but isn’t quite as “happy-go-lucky” as a typical Mr. Mime either. Despite many finding it generally cute, it’s piercing stare, near constant smile (small or big depending on the mood), and absolute silence can make it come off as creepy.

6. Dragonite and Primape’s fusion’s theme was “monster”. Large and imposing pokemon that can have quite the temper if provoked. Despite their imposing stature, however, they’ve gotten Dragonite’s generally genial and gentle disposition; they’re especially careful with youngsters of any species. Just make sure not to provoke it into a fit of anger.