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“Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that have been rated the most passionate, the most pure - this one left them all behind.”

one year since the most magical first kiss of all time (march 29, 2016)


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Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

i love the women’s hockey fandom so damn much??? we go from ridiculous, making up conspiracy theories about the handles of the isobel cup, to serious, learning and sharing what’s going on about the could-have-been uswnt boycott, and straight back to conspiracy theories about the damn handles. you guys are so amazing and make me smile day after day

Kriffing stars, you two!” Bodhi exclaims.

Jyn and Cassian spring apart, so abruptly Jyn makes a sound like a startled animal and Cassian almost falls off the pilot’s seat, as if that would be good enough to erase what Bodhi had seen when he stormed into the cockpit.

“Can you guys save this for later? Like when you have a room?” Bodhi continues, fully aware of the red rising in Jyn’s cheeks, matching the angry looking marks on her neck. He loved teasing new couples. 

“Is everyone okay? I heard a lot of noise for a person delivering a status report to two peo- oh Jyn, your body temperature is rising rapidly,” Kay leans in the the doorway. 

“I’m fine, Kay,” Jyn snarls. 

“You don’t look fine.”

“She’s fine Kay. Bodhi, take Kay back with you.”

“You don’t look fine either, Cassian. Your heart rate is much higher than your normal resting rate, and your face is incredibly pale. Should I administer treatment for shock?” Kay continues. Bodhi couldn’t tell if Kay was doing it on purpose, but couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Kay. We’re good. Go take Bodhi with you to check the inventory. We’re set for landing soon.” 

“Actually, Cassian, we still have approximately two standard hours bef-” 

Kay.” Cassian looks pained. 

“Let’s go,” Bodhi says, pulling Kay by the arm, failing to hide the smirk on his face. “He knows how to get Jyn back to normal, right Cass?” Jyn looks mortified.

“I don’t think his methods would be better than mine,” Kay replies and Bodhi doubles over with laughter. Cassian glares at Bodhi as he and the droid head back to the hold. 

New couples, man. Wait till Luke heard about this one. 

Mendelweek: role you’d like to see him in  [2/?]

young Albus Dumbledore, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2

Has anyone else wondered that Papyrus’s shoulders are round because he probably wears those MTT basketball things underneath?

This keeps me up at night.



Special clothes underneath his REGULAR clothes???



I want to apologise for messing up this edit with the transitions. But here you go, @thesmutofthemendes, the dedication goes to you because of angry!Shawn ❤

Hate Is A Strong Word

An effort to try and reassert the old status quo backfires. People can change, even a digitized murderer, but one also has to accept that people change. It’s not good to hold onto anger and hate; it spreads so easily like a poison, and it’s worse when the source is the antidote to negative emotions.

Maybe a wake up call is good.

Edit: Digi’s text is “I didn’t believe you could be this stupid!”