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amorphouss  asked:

Hi. I’m moving into a college dorm next year, and because I admire your taste in minimalist aesthetics, I was hoping you could point me in the direction of a brand that sells dorm-appropriate furniture and decorations. Any suggestions? Thanks so much. Cheers!

Before you go out and buy any furniture check the dorm you will be living in, most are already provided with furniture that you are expected to keep for the year. Make sure whatever you are planning to do works with the pieces already provided. 

Keep your new decorations (bed dressing, posters, etc) light and neutral, the brand matters very little. Just don’t go crazy decorating. Remember that most of the stuff you take to college will end up in the trash after you graduate.

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Duke University


Even with all the construction currently going on around campus, I don’t think it’s possible to catch a bad angle of Duke. 

You, Me & Our Precious Baby (1/2)

Pairing: Haruki x Isuke

Words: ~5400

Summary: Raising a child is an adventure no one can ever be fully prepared for, and that is what Haruki and Isuke will soon find out for themselves. Part I.

Tags: Future AU, Family, Humor, some self-indulgent cheesy crap 

Note: Fluff for your soul because I love you guys 

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anonymous asked:

i miss Toronto dearly since I moved away in June last year. what is it like up there? aside from all mayor-related drama, what else is new up there? any architectural developments aside from that giant condo at college park? any good music lately? how much snow is there this year?

The mayor’s a goof, Jully Black just finished a month of crossfit, Justin Bieber is being charged with a bunch of things, we got a new radio station that everyone’s listening to, it’s been sooooooo cold, the TTC is never on time, everything’s a new condo.