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Just curious what you thought about the snap of Blake peeing? I thought it was kind of weird and maybe crossed a line? I also don't know how Blake felt about it based on his "wow".

I don’t think he cares. At all.

First because there is an actual older close up photo of him acting (or maybe he is) peeing on the side of a building. He obviously approved that one and finds it funny. He also talks about peeing off his back porch on talk shows.

Second because if it really bothered him, Gwen wouldn’t have posted it. I’m thinking that Gwen is much more in touch with his feelings than any fans. She actually knows him personally. We don’t. I’m pretty sure Gwen would have been able to catch on to him actually being annoyed. I think the “wow” was a joke that he knows her so well that he knew exactly what she was doing when she asked him that question and a joking “smh” moment. Gwen is pretty perceptive when it comes to emotions. Just look at how she normally reads contestants on the Voice.

Third because I’m from the country/small town. Guys literally do this all the time when out in the fields/woods. They don’t even bat an eye. Like Blake made sure that he walked far enough away from everybody that nobody could see anything. But he wasn’t exactly hiding. It just a normal thing for most country guys.

It really isn’t a big deal, ya’ll.

France NT during the international break: a million of HQ photos, behind the scenes videos, complete interviews, daily videos of the trainings, a quite updated youtube channel…

Spain NT during the international break: “oh yeah, we took some photos with our phones, hold on… here. We’re also going to add an ugly watermark on them. By the way, we’re going to upload one minute of every training but we’re going to film it from the other side of the pitch because we think the perspective is better. But don’t forget to suscribe to all our social media sites because we’re not going to keep you updated, but at least we’ll pretend we’re going to do it.”