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Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.

LMAO so I read every tag on my artwork and someone left the ANGRIEST TAGS!! 


oh no no klance here

op’s intentions DEfinitely weren’t to make it klance (they were. straight up added extra blush bcos i wanted keith 2 look more gay for lance. guess it wasnt enough. guess i needed to put MAXIMUM blush. theres literally always a backstory to my art when i draw - ie what was happening before the drawing took place. this was straight up klance. cool beans.)

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Can you provide an insight on how Kaegie treats MC as a love interest? He had a couple of stories released in Tenka, correct?


One of his event CGs involves him using his thumb to wipe sugar off MC’s face, and then sticking it in his mouth.

………….100% tease. very playful. 

His logic is not logical at all. For example, Kenshin tells him to take care of MC, as she’s staying with him for a couple of nights. He somehow interprets that to mean that they should have sex. Kageie and MC, I mean, not Kenshin and Kageie. Apparently he thinks it’ll make her happy???????? 

i guess you could say he’s really not afraid to get up close and personal. lol

Reveling in Richonne

#9: The “I’m Still With You” (5x16)

Now as much as I missed the signs that Richonne was endgame, this was one scene that even I could not deny. I mean the chemistry was oozing and I could not just place this in the “just friends” box. No, this was more. I love this scene. I loved it when it first aired and I love it to this day. The fact that Rick essentially admits to being whipped. You can’t miss that. 

Michonne enters the bedroom and says “you ready?” Interestingly, she asked him that very thing before entering ASZ’s gates and now she’s asking again to see if he’s ready to try and stay. I love that she’s checking in on him and unafraid to associate with him and see him for who he is despite him being ASZ’s Public Enemy Number One rn. He immediately gives her the full on detailed scoop about what he’s been up to. It’s adorable and hilarious that all she said is “you ready?” and then he just has to spill his guts and confess. Like he tells her about every little thing in that moment cuz he needs them to clear the air for his own sanity, after all, she’s pretty much his sanity. 

I love that he’s a little uncertain if she’s still upset with him from their previous conversation and that it just doesn’t sit well with him to be at odds with her so he has to make it right. It’s interesting that he says “We lied to you…” Like first, it’s very mature to own up to it that way and not try to spin it to make it sound better. But also there’s other members of TF who were left out of the loop and yet, as Rick was scheming, the one person he felt he was betraying was Michonne. Since they’re soul mates, going against her is going against himself, thus the guilt. 

He says he wasn’t sure how she’d take it or what she’d do. Now this is curious. I wonder what he thought she might do? Part of me feels like he had to fear she would be disappointed in him and distance herself and he couldn’t handle that so he’d rather make himself crazy trying to keep up appearances for her. I’m so glad they have this heart to heart in the finale so they can realize they never have to keep up appearances for each other again and they can be fully honest with one another. 

I think Michonne is surprised that Rick thinks she’d try and stop him when she asks. Like I think she was hoping he’d know by now that she fully supports him even if they don’t always agree. But I honestly don’t think it’s that he thought she’d try to stop him, it’s that if she so much as sighed to imply what he was doing made her unhappy he would stop doing it effective immediately. I love that Michonne is adamant that Rick understand she knocked him out for his sake not anyone else’s. I think hearing her confidently say “That was for you. Not them.” wakes him up to realize she’s on his team always. 

And then he just lays it all out and confirms that he didn’t tell her about the guns because he was afraid she’d talk him out of it, cuz she could’ve. That’s a lot of control to give someone, especially for an alpha male like Rick. He also has to be very aware of the specialness of Michonne to him for him to admit this. Like he both subconsciously and knowingly values Michonne and her thoughts and feelings. Basically, Rick knows he ain’t dealing with no average chick. 👸🏾

But after Rick sweetly confesses that Michonne basically holds his heart in her hands, Michonne gives one of the best little speeches of the series. Round of applause for Danai cuz she can slay these mini monologues. She starts by reiterating they don’t need their weapons here and she connects to him by making it personal and saying “I don’t need my sword.” Like if you think about that sentence, it’s kind of crazy. 

I’m sure Michonne was not a person pre-ZA who thought she’d ever have to use a sword, let alone become a master at using one. Her wanting ASZ to work and not be violent is her wanting some semblance of normal and safety back, like we’d all want in her situation. She doesn’t want to have to be the sword wielding warrior all the time if she doesn’t have to be and she wants Rick to see that Rick doesn’t have to be “bite yo neck out” Rick all the time if he doesn’t want to be. 

Now let me write out this little portion of what she says next because it’s just beautiful. She tells him; 

 "I think you can find a way. We can find a way. And if we don’t…I’m still with you.“ 

I love that she so eloquently spells it out for him that, honey, she is ride or die. May I break this down? I love that she first voices her belief in him as a man and leader by saying she thinks he can find a way. But then she reminds him he’s not expected to find a way alone by saying we can find a way. And then she says “and if we don’t” because Michonne is not naive. Optimistic, but not naive. She knows stuff can go down and she says “if we don't” cuz they are a unit and so it’s not just up to Rick to figure it out if things go south. It’s so important that Rick hears this and know that Michonne might be hopeful but she’s also ready at any minute to take care of business, so he really doesn’t have to put on a front for her. She sees pros and cons cuz she’s just well rounded like that. Again, 👸🏾. 

And the “I’m still with you” 😍😍😍 Such a great line. I love that she acknowledges the deep bond and partnership they’ve built by telling him that she is with him regardless. By saying “I’m still with you” she’s reminding him that she’s never left. She’s been with him and she has every intention to stay with him through thick and thin. I love that it’s so clear these words mean the world to Rick and he is getting his life in this moment. 

This scene also has a quote from Michonne that resonated with me from the moment I heard it. It’s the last part of her speech to Rick when she says “Something’s gonna happen. Just don’t make something happen.” Those are wise words to live by. Like sometimes we can have the “Raven Baxter” effect (yes, this is a That’s So Raven reference because my TV taste is so versatile 😂 ) but the effect is where you’re so sure you can see something’s going to happen that you essentially will it to happen. It’s such a smart approach to instead think “Something is going to happen, that’s the way life is, but I’m not going to over think or overreact thus forcing something to happen.” Michonne gave us a life lesson right there lol. 

They are so up close and personal as they talk in this scene and the lighting is on point too. And then Michonne softly pushing his gun away and saying “don’t be too long” like the queen and wife she is. Rick deserves a woman who will love and support him and be with him no matter what. He didn’t have that before and I think that he realized in this scene that she was that to him but now it was just a matter of overcoming the PTSD to truly act on this realization.

I missed a lot of their elevator looks but the way that Rick looks at Michonne in this scene. A1👌🏽 It makes sense that a lot of people thought they might kiss. Like looking back now, those two had to end up together. I don’t know a woman or man who could come along and get in a relationship with them and not start to feel insecure about the way those two look at each other and interact. If they were with anyone else, that other person would so clearly sense that their heart belonged to someone else. Like it’s crazy that a scene as intimate and romantic as this was taking place between R&M during the dumb Jessie arc that I couldn’t stand. But I won’t talk too much about that because like so many of you…

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And in this scene, neither did Rick :). This iconic “I’m still with you” scene was special in every way and it was a verbal declaration of their love for each other. For her to look him in his eyes and tell him even if everything falls apart “I’m still with you.” This moment is everything! And it was proof that love “conquers” all (I think all TWD episode titles are about Richonne lol)

I really want “I love you” to be said between R&M at some point in the series, even though they’ve said it countless times in their actions, but if we never get verbal “I love you’s” then this scene will certainly suffice because this was both of their subconsciouses saying those three special words.

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The gayest thing I agree but zoom in jimin's face 😂😂😂😂 te funniest thing

Jimin…this boy is always doing this in photoshoots I swear. He gets up close in personal like he’s tryna kiss someone LOL, he did this with Hobi too😂


A slightly drunk Stiles putting the stereo on in the loft’s living room when the whole pack left after the pack meeting/bonding night and swaying to the music, moving his hips to the beat… And then he goes looking for Derek who’s finishing up the dishes the pack left for him to do *again*. Stiles taking Derek’s arm and dragging him to the living room and trying to make Derek dance with him but he doesn’t budge, he just crosses his arms across his chest and scowls, shaking his head. So stiles just shrugs and resumes his dancing, all moving hips and ungraceful flailing arms… But then Stiles locks eyes with Derek’s and literally undulate his whole body towards him and Derek’s mouth falls open a little. He does it again and again, until Derek is taking a step forward. They meet halfway. Chest to chest. Arms around the neck, hands resting on hips. And then they dance until Stiles can’t stand up anymore.


So after seeing some of the comments from the haters about why Richonne would have an apple handy first thing in the morning, I decided to Google apples as a breath freshener because I remembered my dentist telling me the same thing a while back, and I think it’s pretty common knowledge, but anyway, this is what I found on one of the several sites that popped up:  

“Think of apples as a natural toothbrush for your mouth. You see when you chew an apple it produces quite a bit of saliva production and the combination with the high fiber content of apples will help cleanse your mouth.” 

Now, we know that dental hygiene is very important to Michonne.  I mean, come on, the woman brushed for teeth for 20 minutes once she got her hands on a toothbrush, and she was borrowing Rick and Carl’s toothpaste on the regular.  Rick knows this about her as well.  I mean, he spent all day trying to find her her favorite toothpaste, and when that plan went south, he got her some mints, and the rest as they say is history.  

Michonne is a smart cookie, so i have no doubt that she would know that an apple would freshen your breath and would have one bedside for her and Rick to freshen up when they awake in the morning since those two seem to be having a whole lot of up close and personal interaction, lol!

So it makes sense to me, and it’s sexy as hell to share food with your significant other. Plus we know that apples may represent something else of Biblical proportions for those two in the upcoming storyline, which may not be so good:(  So I guess the haters can grab ahold of that little tidbit and get a little pleasure or hope, but regardless, they just need to get over it because Richonne is here to stay, sorry, not sorry.

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You know that dog from the spn mockumentary was the same one Jensen was holding in the short shorts. Maybe she's there all the time and is a crew member's pet, but I think MIsha was around the day Jensen was in those shorts. I choose to think in my own head that Misha got to see Jensen in those shorts up close and personal and in a private setting. lol

I also think that this:

was part of the mockumentary. It’s a shame it didn’t make it in, but perhaps Misha/Jensen thought this was stretching it a bit too far? Anyway, I think I heard the dog is from Gen, so he could hold it whenever she was there with the dogs.

Another thing I really appreaciate is how many outfits jensen had to change for the mockumentary :) while others wore pretty much the same thing all the time, we saw Jensen in:

so kudos to jensen for going through all those costume changes haha ;)

people joke about how miranda ~doesn’t handle rejection well~ if you break up with her in me3, BUT I REMEMBER a time when the majority of people shit all over her romance for being just about sex and not serious and how she doesn’t ‘really’ care about you. i think if i went to the bsn circa 2011 and said that miranda is the only LI to cry if you break up with them i would have been laughed into another universe

Funhaus Hogwarts AU: Houses

Adam: Hufflepuff. Reserved and thoughtful, Adam is gentle when laughing, speaking, and showing his love. Although he’s shy some days and grumpy or sad others, Adam will still make sure that those close to him know he loves and appreciates them by giving out hugs or compliments.

Bruce: Hufflepuff. Although he shows it with jokes and jabs, Bruce’s love for those he cares about knows no bounds. Fiercely protective and willing to fight for those close to him, Bruce is one of the most loyal friends you could ask for. The complete opposite on the Hufflepuff spectrum from Adam (on most days), Bruce is loud and doesn’t mind attention.

Joel: Slytherin. Let’s be real, Joel can judge people pretty hard. Headstrong and determined to follow his passions in life, Joel isn’t the type to be pushed around or let someone try and put a damper on his vibrant personality.

Lawrence: Slytherin. Even though Lawrence has a thirst for knowledge, his strong sense of pride and his firm beliefs put him in Slytherin. He’s someone who knows what he thinks and where he’s going, so don’t stand in his way or disagree.

James: Gryffindor. James loves to make people laugh and be the center of attention. He’s passionate and confident (and very a little stubborn).

Elyse: Ravenclaw. Her eccentric personality and varied passions put her in this house. Although she’s definitely smart, her zany attitude is really what cemented her place in Ravenclaw.

Omar: Ravenclaw. He’s a very creative person, a huge Ravenclaw trait. Omar is quiet around strangers but blossoms around friends, talking openly about his newest projects and ideas.

Matt: Ravenclaw. Matt is caring, loyal, and brave; but his thirst for knowledge and the way he carefully thinks through his responses overpowered these traits when being assigned to this house. The opposite end of the Ravenclaw spectrum from Elyse (book smart rather than eccentric) but still very much a Ravenclaw.

Spoole: Gryffindor. Although he’s definitely kind, Spoole has a mischievous streak and loves riling people up. At first glance, he and James are the complete opposite. It may be hard to see why Sean was put in this house along with an obvious Gryffindor like James, but if you get to know them both you’ll realize they’re not very different at all.

guess who got carried away at four in the morning? meeeeeeee!!!