up close and personal lol


Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.

guess who got carried away at four in the morning? meeeeeeee!!!

people joke about how miranda ~doesn’t handle rejection well~ if you break up with her in me3, BUT I REMEMBER a time when the majority of people shit all over her romance for being just about sex and not serious and how she doesn’t ‘really’ care about you. i think if i went to the bsn circa 2011 and said that miranda is the only LI to cry if you break up with them i would have been laughed into another universe

A slightly drunk Stiles putting the stereo on in the loft’s living room when the whole pack left after the pack meeting/bonding night and swaying to the music, moving his hips to the beat… And then he goes looking for Derek who’s finishing up the dishes the pack left for him to do *again*. Stiles taking Derek’s arm and dragging him to the living room and trying to make Derek dance with him but he doesn’t budge, he just crosses his arms across his chest and scowls, shaking his head. So stiles just shrugs and resumes his dancing, all moving hips and ungraceful flailing arms… But then Stiles locks eyes with Derek’s and literally undulate his whole body towards him and Derek’s mouth falls open a little. He does it again and again, until Derek is taking a step forward. They meet halfway. Chest to chest. Arms around the neck, hands resting on hips. And then they dance until Stiles can’t stand up anymore.

Okay but…The franchise has had Madrid premieres in the past right? And I imagine because Moscow got canceled, they decided to go to Madrid because it’s a familiar venue and fits the pattern of the previous years. And it’s relatively close to the other premiere locations like Paris and London. Not too much traveling there.

So really, I wouldn’t start worrying or speculating, but that’s just me. Like guys, come on; it’s a whole extra premiere! That means more promotion, more suit Josh, more gorgeous Jen, and an opportunity for more cute moments between the cast. What’s not to love?