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Masterlist - Updated 30/4/17

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Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here - Part 1

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles - Masterlist

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers - Masterlist

100 Kinks - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (smut)

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. - Part 1, Part 2 (smut)

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride. - Part 1: Carter

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

“I’m tired of being your secret”/“Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking” (SMUT)

“Will you just tell me the truth?”

“You don’t need to protect me”/“Didn’t realise I needed your permission”

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

“Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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Surprises (Part 2)

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A/N: I don’t love this but I said I’d do a part 2 so here it is, it went in a totally different direction than i thought it would but…well, I am a beacon of sin and it just happened, sue me. 

Part 1 / Part 3

Summary: Jughead needs a lot more sleep than hes getting, and you’re not about to let him avoid it. Hey, he might even enjoy it.

Word Count: 1,561

Warnings: None, I don’t think. It gets a tiny bit sexy but it’s definitely not smut. 

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i’ve got a drawer full of plain white t-shirts that i won’t talk about and a bottle of rum i won’t drink late at night. look at me, afraid of sticking around. look at me, still writing like my hands are bound. i stopped doing dangerous things, i’m not one for spite and that’s all it ever was. i don’t think about hospitals or bright red lights anymore, now i’m stuck on fires and tacks. and my clothes don’t stick to me no more, they’re in dressers and under my bed where they should be. i guess i’m gonna be fine this time. i guess i kind of wanted you to see.
—  a.m
Domestic Emison

- Emily would always be the one to wake up first so she’d always be the one to see Alison’s sleeping face. Several times Alison would wake up at 4am just to see Emily’s sleeping face. And to take pictures and draw on her.

- Alison would usually be the one doing the cooking and indoor chores while Emily would do things like gardening and landscaping. Alison feels bad that Emily’s always doing the hard work so she tries to help most of the time. Emily is always impressed how Alison can carry the bags of soil with little effort. She finds it adorable how Alison is the smaller but stronger one.

- A lot of times they’ll stay up late watching rom coms and Alison refuses to get up and walk to their bed afterwards. Emily carries her bridal style but usually gets smacked, not because Alison doesn’t like it but because she was just bashful leaning against Emily’s tensing muscles.

- Emily would come home from work to find clothes missing from her wardrobe. It’s been happening a lot recently so Emily secretly stayed back home one day without telling Alison. Emily regretted staying back because she couldn’t focus on work the next day because her wife wearing her oversized sweatshirts was the cutest thing ever.

- One time Emily volunteered to do the cooking. Knowing how bad she was at it, Alison reassured her that she’ll do it instead but Emily stubbornly refused to accept her request so Alison reluctantly allowed her to do so. Five minutes in and Emily cut herself chopping some vegetables. Alison told her to stop what she was doing and walked over to Emily, demanding to see her finger. Emily refused saying it was only a small cut until Alison firmly told her that it wasn’t a request but an order. Emily held out her finger and yelped in surprise when Alison kissed the small wound. While doing so Alison looked up to see Emily blushing red profusely. With a final lick, she smirked, wrapped a bandaid around Emily’s finger and seductively put on her apron.

“Why don’t you take a seat Em, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

From then on Emily never offered to cook again as she wasn’t sure her heart could take another one of Alison’s blows.

College: What You Actually Need

A friend of mine is starting college in the fall and asked me for some packing advice. Packing for college may sound simple, but it can be extremely overwhelming. After a full year of living in the dorms, I have realized what is actually important to bring and what is completely unnecessary.

There are two main packing categories: what you bring and what you buy. We’ll start off with what you bring. My biggest suggestion is that you start early. I separated my room into four regions towards the beginning of the summer and worked on each part for a week or two. I went through every drawer and shelf and de-cluttered. I threw things out and donated multiple bags of clothing. What this process will help you realize is what is actually important to you. You will be leaving your home and you can’t bring everything, so ask yourself: what can’t I live without for a year? What I soon realized is that the things I could live without, were items I really didn’t need. I mean if you aren’t going to use it for a whole year, when will you ever? By the end of the summer the things left in my room were items I truly valued and used. By tackling one section of my room at a time I didn’t become overwhelmed (well… not that overwhelmed).

Now, what do you need to buy? My school sent out a packing list with suggested items to bring to college. While I found some suggestions helpful, others were ridiculous. First of all, you don’t need an iron/ironing board. You hear me? Almost every friend of mine bought those adorable mini chevron ironing boards and never used them. No one (except maybe those pledging boys) irons in college. And I promise you, if you do find yourself in need of some wrinkle relief, there will be a naive freshman with an adorable mini chevron ironing board right down the hall who will happily let you borrow it.

Any college packing list will suggest the obvious: bedding, towels, shower caddy, hangers… But there are a few items I would like to heavily emphasize. Bring a printer. Even if your school provides free printing (which very few do), I recommend a personal printer. When you’re up writing an essay until 4am, the last thing  you’ll want to worry about is getting up early to print at the library. Having a printer will also help you make friends. I think my friends used my printer more than me and repaid me with paper (well worth it!). Another important item? A robe. Walking to a communal bathroom in a towel is just not for me. Plus, hanging out in your room with your stranger of a roommate can be kind of uncomfortable in a towel. Robes rule! I also recommend bringing stamps for letters to friends, a drying rack for all those items that really shouldn’t go in the dryer (you can’t hang your wet clothes all over your room like you did back home), and a plastic bin for your wet shower caddy fresh from the shower.

Now for a few of my packing quick tips…

-Keep your boots and coats at home: If you plan on returning home before the winter months, keep your warmer clothes at home and get them when you’re ready for them. I swapped out my crop tops and denim shorts for riding boots and vests in November, which allowed for extra room in my dorm closet (if you could even call it that).

-Invest in a Target card: See next bullet point for further explanation.

-Make a list of toiletries: I’m warning you now. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to need a lot of products. My suggestion is to make a list of the products you use while you’re still home, so when you get to college you know exactly what you will be needing. There won’t be enough room in your car (or in those boxes you have to ship across the country) for your shampoo and leave-in conditioner, and sunscreen, and laundry detergent, and dish soap (you forgot about that one, huh?).

-Get crafty: I had so much fun with my friends making DIY wall art for my dorm over the summer. Dorm rooms can be dark and depressing, so definitely bring some colorful items to brighten the space up. Check out these chevron canvases I made a few years ago here!!!

-Command Hooks are your best friend: Enough said.

-Dorm stuff might not be your style: Don’t limit yourself to the “dorm” section of a store. Personally, I think generic dorm bedding is awful. I searched far and wide for the perfect bedding  that fit my taste and I don’t regret it. I also got sucked into buying an acrylic desk lamp from the dorm section of Bed Bath and Beyond and literally turned it on once. It was so ugly! Your dorm room is your home so make it your own.

-Expect a mess: BRING CLEANING SUPPLIES! Clorex wipes saved my life the day of move in. I was not prepared for the amount of dirt and dust I’d find in my room upon move in. I heavily suggest wiping down every surface before you move in.

-Follow the rules: Before shopping, make sure to review your college’s dorm rules. For example, my school didn’t allow wall decals, extension cords, or toasters.

Packing is a unique experience and you will quickly figure out what works for you. No matter what, even if you forget a laundry basket or some washcloths, you will survive.

Good luck packing!

If you are curious about where I’ve been for the last year, catch up with me here!

Masterlist - updated 30/11/16

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- run off and read my masterlist here , come and let me know your favourites -

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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Hello! I love your blog so so much! Can I request a HC or Scenarios of Iwaizumi/Akaashi/Tsukki react to s/o tell them that she is give up on them and won't bother them anymore (she confessed to them long time ago and got rejected, yet she is still kind and always give them encouragement and sweets and things--for YEARS.) And at the moment the boys just realize that they like her too. Just wanna see them try to change her mind lol.

Thank you very much! I’ll work on these right away, so I do hope you’ll enjoy! Ah… poor reader-chan though! I’m working on cleaning out the inbox for a little! I appreciate sending in the request, thank you! -Admin 4AM


  • He kind of panics at first, and can’t comprehend what just happened?
  • “Wait… no, I like having someone dote on me”
  • Then he realizes that he enjoys the attention and doesn’t place that as an ego booster, instead the feeling would make him feel appreciated and truly wanted
  • He thinks back to all those kind things he’s received and those acts that many would think he’s not good enough for such a nice girl like her
  • Apologizes a thousand times at least by catching her before she’s about to head off
  • Look at her, still strong and going with a smile, but she looks really sad and it kind of breaks his heart…
  • He feels extremely guilty by not thinking much of her feelings in the situations before, so he attempts to make up for it by asking her out on a date
  • He claims he’s just going to give her a chance, but by now he’s trapped in her extremely warm smile and never wants that to go away


  • At her statement, he realizes what an ass he’s been to her without him ever realizing it and thinking about his actions beforehand
  • He starts thinking about how he never really returned the favors or gave her small trinkets in response to the heartfelt ones of her own, and the things he did give her were probably thinks she accidentally dropped and a blank face
  • Ah, takes him a week to get over all this guilt and try to make it up to her
  • So much thinking about her and getting distracted by her generous acts makes his heart ache that she’s thinking about moving on
  • He’s also pretty surprised that she’s stuck to him for years and is now only just moving on, he believes he has a chance still
  • He decides to go anonymous and do that “secret admirer” trope to get her attention, there are hints that it’s him but you’d really have to look for it in there
  • Some X-Files stuff right there
  • He’ll man up and reveal himself, apologizing and hoping he’d be able to change her mind on giving up on him


  • He sort of brushes it off, but that statement comes back to haunt him throughout the months
  • He’s done nothing about it, trying to keep up this cool facade of his, but the guilt is eating away at him a little too quickly
  • It isn’t until he sees her for the first time in a while since she was just no longer there with him that he feels kind of angry
  • She just received a confession from this guy and she’s about to answer
  • What’s her answer? Tsukki says: “Sorry, she’s taken right now.”
  • She’s pretty shocked at first, but gets a little angry with him because she just got over him and now he’s all of a sudden going after her? Not cool.
  • Okay, she’s really mad. She just slapped him in the face, pretty hard to do if he’s way up there
  • So what does he do now that he finally has a chance to talk to her again instead of flat out ignore her?
  • He gets on his knees and begs for a second shot at this, he’s determined to try and get her to change her mind
  • If this doesn’t work, he’ll be making up for it by returning her kindness from before in his own non-snarky ways

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Sorry, but Shelley (theflyingwonder) mentioned that you had better ideas for how Dick Grayson should have died in Injustice? #StillCryingAboutTheFuckingRock2k15

Hi, I was talking about it to cakechoz just yesterday

uh well it started with one idea

(note Shelly’s sadistic excitement over the idea)

Alright, so keep in mind that I’m not a good story teller.

Well it starts where Damian injured Dick. I didn’t think about it thoughtfully but the idea was to have Damian do something like going for the kill on a criminal and Dick interposing himself to protect them from Robin. Would it work? Like Damian sees a criminal injure someone (why not Dick himself) and Damian, enraged, goes to kill them only to realize that he injured his brother even more badly. Thus making it his fault in Robin’s eyes but maybe not Batman. Or not to the point of rejection at least.

 Anyway, Nightwing is fatally injured, they barely save him, Dick goes into a coma that no one expects him to wake up from and is on life support. 

After some time everyone came to accept the idea that it’ll be better to let Dick go, besides Bruce who stubbornly believes that he’ll find a way to bring him back (be in his place, Bruce has seen so many impossible things being realized…).

But Damian, who’d rather let Dick be in piece instead of forcing him to keep on living artificially decides to take a big decision and unplugs Dick’s life support. It might seem a little harsh but imagine Damian seeing Dick (who was his mentor, first friend, and moral compass, a man he deemed worthy of his father’s legacy, one of the things the most valuable to him) isn’t ever going to wake up again and wasn’t even given the death that’ll liberate him. I had the idea of him saying something like “You refuse to kill, even if that means liberating someone you love of an endless suffering.”

Maybe me and theflyingwonder‘s rumbling about that subject might explain it better (because shelly is better with words)

*preceeds to paste the whole conversation*

Anyway, so that’s it. Hope you like it, or if you want to discuss it, come to me anytime, I really really love talking about these kind of things. 

It’s 4 in the morning
But how am I supposed to sleep
When there are places to explore
And novels I’ve yet to read
And there’s a pounding in my head
That’s reminding me
Of the person that I’ve
Always desired to be
“You’ve got time,” everyone tells me,
“You’re only sixteen”
But I know that if I look back
On my life when I’m dying
And I haven’t at least tried to fulfill my dreams
Part of me will never forgive myself

I don’t want to be a failure
Or to let anyone down
And all my fears and desires
Intertwine to psyche me out
I spend too much time
Making stories in my head
Maybe if my mind stopped buzzing
I could finally get rest
But there are possibilities
Tingling through my limbs
And a future I can’t control
And a boy that I can’t win

There are lessons to impart
And songs to write and hear
More boys to break my heart
Yet I’m just lying here
I wish selfishness
Were the root to my lonely rhymes
But I’m just some girl who’s been
Burned a few too many times

There are things to reflect on
And conversations to replay
And conversations to plan out
And make happen the next day
‘It’s the planning not the doing’
But I’ve got to grab these years
Because there’s a dream in my heart
That is louder than my fears

At 4AM it’s peaceful
It’s like time is on pause
I can quietly reflect
With nobody else up
It’s the kind of alone
That doesn’t feel lonely at all
And there’s no one there to hurt me
Or wait for me to trip and fall

So, how am I supposed to sleep
When there are all these things to do?
How am I supposed to sleep
When I’m not lying next to you?

—  What Keeps Me Up At Night by Sarah Gargano

chnvvoo  asked:

Ok but, Chris X Josh

who’s the cuddler: i mean. they’re probably equal cuddlemonsters. josh needs a lot of affection and chris is like constantly freezing so they’re probably always cuddling. or even just lounging while laying on each other. 

who makes the bed: niether of them they’re both lawless heathens. chris read on the internet not making the bed and opening the windows kills bacteria so they use that as a totally justifiable reason to never make the bed. 

who wakes up first: josh has a lot of trouble sleeping and staying asleep so he usually does. chris stays up doing absolutely everything other than sleep until way past 4am so he sleeps until 11am like an unproductive member of society. (back in the day they both used to party hardy but they’ve kind of become homebodies since then. chris never fixed his schedule.)

who has the weird taste in music: chris has a bunch of soundtracks to things and r&b. whereas josh listens to stuff like halsey and lana del rey. there’s a lot of bleed over between their music taste because what one of them ends up listening to the other usually does too. 

who is more protective: it used to be josh, because chris not only grew up being the nerdy kid he also grew up being the poorest kid in his class a lot of the time. josh punched somebody for calling chris ‘goodwill hunting’ in highschool. there was a fight and like everyone involved got suspended. since the first lodge party though the dynamic’s kind of shifted in the opposite direction and now chris is the protective one.

who sings in the shower: chris is a terrible singer, he thought josh was also a terrible singer but it turns out josh had been faking it for like 10 years so chris didn’t feel bad. the washingtons had actually gotten josh singing lessons when he was younger and the first time chris heard josh sing for real he was just like ‘bro what the fuck’. neither of them sing in the shower though. chris kind of wishes josh would.

who cries during movies: this is so lame okay it’s usually josh and then chris will start crying if he sees josh crying because okay have you seen josh cry??? it’s fucking heartbreaking man. chris has missed the endings of movies because he was looking at josh instead of the screen before. 

who spends the most while out shopping: josh ‘my parents own a mountain in another country’ washington, honestly he really tries to put a lid on his spending when chris is around but it’s hard for someone who’s never had to worry about money to be frugal in their spending. 

who kisses more roughly: josh. josh also happens to give hickies like a motherfucker. chris comes home for christmas one year and his mom thought he’d been in a fight because of it. OKAY BUT, BUT chris kisses more filthily if that makes sense??? like josh will start things and then chris mentally goes ‘oh yeah??? tell that to my tongue’. they wear each other out. 

who is more dominate: uhhhhHHHHHHH. i mean. it depends. they try to do things at a pace that makes the other comfortable. and sometimes one of them takes the lead but it isn’t dominate per say. chris is also very conscious of how josh is feeling depending on how he’s feeling mentally and tries to be whatever josh needs that day. sometimes it’s just sweet kisses. or hanging out. sometimes it’s more. *it is a mystery* 

my rating of the ship from 1-10:

sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯  i say so 💯  thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Only Fools Rush In

Summery: One story may be over, but the song doesn’t end. A series of sequel one-shots set in the ‘Vindicated’ universe.

Rating: K

Pairing: Hollstein

Note: Some “I love you” fluff for you Vindicated fans to soothe your Hollstein wounds. Also a bit of commentary on Laura’s hesitance to use those words in canon.

AO3 link

Wise men say: only fool’s rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you…

Silas held two concert series a year. The first was in the fall as a welcome back block party in the quad. The second was an end-of-year concert, also in the quad, that usually got a lot more attendance with the weather balmy and the sun shining.

Laura did not attend the fall concert, too busy in the library with a midterm paper and helping LaFontaine organize some data set for a lab project. However, when April finally rolled around and the stage was in the process of set up, Laura was buzzing with excitement.

Carmilla had been a last minute decision by the student committee in charge of the event. They’d apparently been fighting over some hipster ska band or some band that opened for Ed Sheeran and the middle ground was reached in Carmilla Karnstein, should she accept, which evidently they weren’t to keen about but Laura couldn’t blame them either and was fairly convinced the only thing that swung her to the yay side of yay or nay was Laura pouting over Skype that she hadn’t seen her in a month and something about that Rollingstone cover just not doing it for her…

Carmilla emailed them back within 2 minutes. And they thought Carmilla was the ladykiller in the relationship.

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Wentworth 3x09 Rant + Fridget

Alright, I finally watched episode 9. This is so good and fucked up on so many levels. But let’s talk about Fridget. Note this is a 4am rant xD
First and foremost PRE WARNING

This is NO HATE OF ANY KIND. This is rational and logical thinking of this puzzled mess that is Wentworth. (AKA Franky’s love life apparently)
Rumor has it, Libby Tanner was supposed to play the part of Erica, but she was pregnant at the time so she couldn’t. So the character Erica was sticking but it was a last minute thing. Why do you think the producers/writers approached Libby Tanner 2 years later to play Bridget? I highly doubt (since they waited and were keen on Libby) that they would throw/kick her off after 1 season. (So this is probably why people see so many similarities with Erica and Bridget) Wouldn’t make sense to go through so much trouble for one actor. And Libby is LITERALLY SLAYING THIS ROLE, and her character Bridget. ( I told ya I had a feeling Bridget would SLAY this ep) 

This episode HAD TO be proof enough for all of you that Bridget and Franky’s relationship is far from just plain physical. Bridget Westfall and Erica Davidson are two completely different people. You can check out my 1st rant about it here;


Let’s get back to it, Bridget SLAYED (I’m sorry but she did, even if you don’t like Bridget (I don’t see how you couldn’t) but SHE IS THE ONLY CHARACTER ON THIS FRIKKEN SHOW THAT IS NOT REMOTELY INTIMIDATED by Fergurson. How she stands up to her head up and eye contact, no submission no fear. SHE SLAYS, PERIOD.

Next, she is such a professional it’s amazing. Her EMPATHY for the women. Something that her and Miss Davidson don’t really have in common. Bridget isn’t the one to push herself over the top with her career even if she thinks she isn’t fit for it (Erica) she is content with her position, and is improving herself on it. The sass and courage and ATTACK of Fergurson ;) that’s where some of Vera’s doubts start.

In the Library. Bridget whispering Jodi’s name…. Sweet Mother Of All that Is Holy……..
‘Stops breathing wide eye, jaw dropped, tries not to hyperventilate’ 

First and foremost. Erica/Bridget x Franky

Franky DIDN’T STOP her chase on Erica. In my opinion, Franky had a huge crush /in love? With Erica. But Erica didn’t share the same debt of those feelings. Franky never stopped the flirting/sassy comments/slightly aggressive approach (blunt/direct) perhaps she thought Erica shared her feelings but was in denial of her sexuality. She tried so hard to open her and crack her. But like is said in my first rant. Erica chose the logical/rational solution = her fiancé. (Why do you think all those flashbacks with him were?)
Whilst with Bridget. We see no back story (Not yet?) but Bridget obviously shares the attraction/MIND BLOWING chemistry and feelings towards Franky.
Bridget and Franky connected on an emotional level-the session’s sure, but the key thing to any relationship is….? TRUST
Something we hadn’t seen with Erica and Franky.

Another difference between Erica/Bridget x Franky. RESPECT
Now, like I said Franky kept pushing and pushing until that kiss where Erica finally gave in. But what happened after that? Nothing Franky just seemed happy to gain her prize? And then Erica was written off (This is the show’s decision obviously, Libby returning for S3, so maybe this was just to get it, to start the session with something hot/forbidden to hook up viewers. If that rumor about the actors is true this could be the reason. Because if Erica had any potential to return wouldn’t they say anything? And Pete ships Fridget? )
With Bridget- When Franky tried flirting, obviously Bridget denied it or would look away ( ‘ Are you threatening me? Because you’re trying to intimidate me and I don’t like it… and don’t respect it) Franky INSTANTLY backs off. When she goes near the line Bridget warns her and she doesn’t push.
Ep 8 Bridget doesn’t deny her attraction, obviously Franky is retaliating because she’s so hurt by Bridget’s rejection she instantly refers to sex ‘So you wanna fuck me?’ (That is all she knew, how to be close with someone and this part is sad rly ..) ‘I Can live with that’ (I am WILLING TO BE YOUR FUCK BUDDY/USE ME just as long as I can be close to you
Bridget replies ‘I can’t ‘ (ofc cuz she DOESN’T want JUST that, she wants you as a WHOLE FRANKY ( If this was only physical Bridget wouldn’t Protect Franky at all/hide incriminating evidence)

Let’s get back to the library scene in ep 9. (RESPECT)
The way she looked at Franky and smiled with such admiration.
‘I thought we weren’t doing this anymore’ (Sessions, flirting) And Bridget is being playful (Not therapist anymore so they can be a bit chill) ‘We can still talk’

(And then the whisper…. Just a second ‘gets a bucket of ice water and pours it over me’ Ok.. I’, calm now :D )


Talking about Ferguson, Jodi. Franky wants to find out what is it and motions for Bridget to follow her behind the book shelves. Bridget being careful steps in. AAAAAAAAAAAAAND


Franky smiles, checks to see if anyone is there and doesn’t waste any time,whispers ‘Do you miss me?’ (EHEM! THE INTENSE EYE CONTACT)
Ah…. I know that smile…
Franky gently caresses Bridget’s cheek…then lip (HAVE WE EVER SEEN FRANKY DOYLE DO THIS?! ’Wide eyes, shaking tries to find oxygen tank! )

The way Bridget MOVES HER HEAD and how Franky’s finger trailed her bottom lip, Bridget smirked ( …..THIS IS NOT SUPPOSE TO.. HFQOEIRHGONEOIR ‘Starts having a seizure faints…comes back to life after 2 hours o.o……………. WHAT AM I FEELING?!)BRIDGET HAD A SHAKY GASP OMFG!!!

Franky’s finger slowly trails down in the most tender way down Bridget’s chin, releasing her lip, but her fingers still gently resting on Bridget’s cheek …she’s still keeping her head down (This is the most intense/romantic thing ever….)
Franky can’t stops staring at Bridget’s lips…she wants to kiss her, gently with her fingers she tilts Bridget’s head straight so they are nose to nose, (THIS WAS THE MOMENT OMG FEELS FEELS ‘Gets oxygen mask’)

‘I can’t’ ‘I know’ ‘Do this…’  ‘I know’ ‘I can’t’ ‘I know’
(Franky is being playful but in a loving way, both are smiling like 2 little love birds! Bridget’s smile! The way Franky keeps her fingertips on Bridget’s chin and moves down her neck! Omg! ) Franky tried once more but Bridget didn’t budge. Her eyes still closed then she gets serious ‘Not here, not yet’ ( Like more sternly ;) )

(yet…..YET!? OMFG ‘Has an immediate heart attack quickly tries to get a shocker to revive myself) 

Franky has a happy smile but then COCKBLOCK (well in this case uh Clit Block? Idk the term sry xD ) Bridget turns serious again but steps away a bit…. Oh fuck’ (OMG BRIDGET UR SUCH A SASSY LIONESS XD) And Franky reassures her ‘she didn’t see anything’ and she sighed. Bridget smile to reassure her, and she turns, straightens her jacket, smiles again and goes. Then Franky her happy smile there. I don’t think we’ve seen a more genuine smile from Franky ever! (Bridget panting…swearing….I think I need a cold shower now xD)


WTF VERA Bridget doesn’t want Fletch wtf I’m sorry but has Hep C made you dumber?!

Omg She is STILL SASSY AF I LOVE HER! ;) THAT is rubbish’ (Notice Bridget cool and calm but when Fergurson showed the statement notice for the first time in EVER Bridget’s voice is slightly LOUDER
‘WHICH WAS NOTHING’) (……………she can shout at me any day of the week o///o) 

Then notice how Bridget shook a bit/twitched? ‘ I’ll take that risk’ (YOU GO BABE!)
Bridget DIDN’T WANT TO RESIGN SHE WANTED TO STAY DESPITE HOW THAT COULD DAMAGE HER CAREER/REPUTATION But when Fergurson mentioned ppl close to her/Franky’s parole) 

Bridget still keeps her cool but when Fergurson leaves the room she can’t believe Vera! (And neither can the entire frikken FANDOM! )


How Franky ran up to Bridget, Gidget?! ‘What about my parole, I’m never getting out of here?!( Bridget was HER ONLY ALLY, THE ONLY PERSON TO FRIKKEN BELIEVE IN HER AND THAT COULD HELP HER GET OUT OF THAT SHIT HOLE)
I love how Bridget is calm and smiles ‘You’ll be alright…’ Franky sighed ‘I’m sorry’ (She sounded so broken…and small) and Bridget is confident ‘You did nothing wrong’ and smiled
(TO ME, THESE Words are that stick out the most.Bridget NEVER blamed Franky NEVER punished her ONLY WANTED WHAT’S BEST FOR HER AND TO HELP HER ‘You’re a good person Franky’ ‘The REAL YOU got lost’  ) (HOW CAN YOU SAY BRIDGET DOESN’T CARE FOR HER?! )


Bridget sighs slightly frustrated at Vera, the way Franky looks at her! ‘I’ll be at your hearing, okey?’ Franky smiles and nods. At least this isn’t goodbye. Bridget will be there Bridget will stick by her! ‘Don’t worry’ Smile. I know that smile <3 THAT look they shared! (LOVE)




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Do phan for the ship thing 😊

  • who’s the cuddler: pHIL WTF HE LITERALLY SAID IT IN A LIVESHOW IM SO :((((
  • who makes the bed: dan bc he is tidy af and he aLWAYS want his/their room clean
  • who wakes up first: phil bc he has some sense and doesn’t stay up until 4am wtf
  • who has the weird taste in music: we all know this is dan
  • who is more protective: dan af like hello phil lester defence squad leader??? no but since phil receives a lot of hat kind of because Dan he is suuuuper protective.
  • who sings in the shower: i feel as if they both do kind of but dan 100% he is always humming its annoying 
  • who cries during movies: dan without doubt because he is a really sensitive and emotional person :(((
  • who spends the most while out shopping: phil because he buys all of this ridiculous and unnecessary crap that they don’t need at all whilst dan only buys  he really deserves/wants/needs
  • who kisses more roughly: phil !!!!!
  • who is more dominate: this is 100% because as I have said before Dan is a very submissive person whilst Phil is like daddy af/leader u feel.
  • gets jealous the most: dan because he is as said befor emore protective, thus gets jealous more often.
  • one headcanon I have: they are sappy as hell and they do all of these cheesy and romantic crap that would make u cringer for hours though they would never ever admit it.
  • nicknames: obviously daniel & philip. But I also have a feeling they say like Phil Howell/Dan Lester sometimes because they are gross and super married :(((

my rating of the ship from 1-10: -9 (jk im so fra up their asses its like 19)

send me ships :-)))

'Emotional Without Reason'

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summary: I was crying at the wrong part of the movie and Michael’s a dork

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  • Me: I didn't drink in high school.
  • Future College Classmate: What?! What did you even do for fun?!?!?!?!
  • Me out loud: Oh haha I don't know.
  • Me internally: Its possible to have fun without alcohol and besides I remember every single one of my best nights and I did all kind of fun things like watch fireflies and sit on trampolines until 2am with my closest friends and stay up talking about life until 4am and kissed and went on runs and traveled through my city and visited new places and had parties and danced our asses off acting like idiots without needing beer to do it and went to parks to walk on trails and had picnics and laughed until my stomach hurt at sleepovers and felt the wind in my hair on boats and watched my track team win championships and learned to love myself and forked my coaches yards late at night after we won and went on driving adventures to random places to see the city lights and figured out who really loved me and basically I did everything that you did except without alcohol so don't look at me as boring or different than you because I did live life and I'm not ashamed of the life I've made without any alcohol

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I don't mean to seem rude but I was wondering whether you could tell me what is wrong with you psychologically cause I keep being told that I should see someone but don't feel like I have anything to see anyone about and I just want to talk to someone who will understand xx

I’m on one of those 4am moods where everything you have ever bottled up kind of comes out so here goes with 100% honesty 

  • all my life I have hated myself and my weight even though my ribs have always been visible and I do have a thigh gap
  • when I was 13 I purged for a few months -  that wasn’t fun
  • when I was 14 I started self harming and my god the day I made my first cut was the stupidest most addictive thing I ever did
  • I then started to starve myself which I found scarily easy but that has always been on/off
  • around the age of 15 I got very suicidal and I became a mess
  • I continued to starve, purge and cut 
  • I hated my family 
  • I pushed everyone away and I wen on a massive self destruct 
  • shortly before my 16th birthday I started some sort of therapy which didn’t help
  • on my brothers birthday I took a shit load of pills and alcohol and ended up in hospital wired up to a machine which stopped all my organs failing
  • then the uk’s child mental health services (camhs) got involved with my life
  • and I am now on antidepressants because according to 4 medical professionals that is the only way I will get better
  • and I hate it because all it has done is given me the motivation to starve myself and now my life is ruled by a stupid voice in my head that is destroying me and I don’t know what to do 
  • I just want to be happy with my weight and myself and life and be the girl I used to be :(