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Just a compilation of Harry being exceptionally beautiful 2

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The Signs as Charlie Puth Songs (Nine Track Mind)
  • **Check your Venus sign too!**
  • Aries: My Gospel // There's nothing that I won't do just to make you love me
  • Taurus: Then There's You // There's beautiful and then there's you
  • Gemini: Losing My Mind // I'm sorry that I'm not there to give you what you want, I'll think about us some other time
  • Cancer: As You Are // I could never judge you, I would take you as you are
  • Leo: Suffer // Don't keep me waiting, you should come over
  • Virgo: River // Nothing is as cold as running on your own
  • Libra: One Call Away // Call me baby if you need a friend, I just wanna give you love
  • Scorpio: Up All Night // Cause there ain't nobody else that could light me up so bright and break this crazy spell
  • Sagittarius: Dangerously // I loved you dangerously, more than the air that I breathe
  • Capricorn: Some Type Of Love // When the world's on fire we won't even move, there is no reason if I'm here with you
  • Aquarius: Does it Feel // Tell me lies, like how you're better off without me
  • Pisces: We Don't Talk Anymore // Should've known your love was a game, now I can't get you out of my brain
I think i’m in love - peter parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Prompts 1 and 14; Based off the song “I Think I’m in Love” by Kat Dahilia

Y/N doesn’t know how to deal with the sudden and strong feelings that have been wracking her brain for weeks, and neither does Peter. But, he decides to take action.

-1. “Are you kidding me? How is dangling from a twenty story building, safe?”

-14. “I swear to god if you ever do that again…”

Requested: yes (anon)

Warning: language; VERY FLUFF

Here’s another request:) and I added this song bc it fit it so well! You can listen to it HERE:)! I hope u guys like this one!!



Time’s a ticking, hearts are running. Think that Cupid’s up to something. You ask me how I feel, I say nothing.

“Y/N/N? Are you okay?”

The sweet, scratchy voice that belonged to your best friend, Peter Parker, awoke you from your dreamy, afternoon daze.

“W-What? Oh, yeah yeah, I’m good,” you wave your right hand in his direction, as if saying that everything was fine and not to worry about.

The only consolation was, everything wasn’t fine.

Your wondrous mind had been slipping into an endless whirl-wind of confusion, guilt, and numerous other categories for the past couple of weeks. It seemed as if you didn’t know how to behave around anyone anymore, especially Peter for that matter. Every time someone would ask you a question, snapping you out of yet another daze, your state would jump into a lost one, confusion taking over as to what they were asking you. But, your mind was preoccupied with something, or someone else.

Peter Parker was the problem, and you hated it. Everything about him flooded your thoughts, day and night, all day, every day. You didn’t know how to control it, it just jumped upon you one day as he was speaking feverishly to you about one of his “Stark Internship Retreats". His eyes filled with excitement and wonder as he told you about his thrilling second life.

It seemed as at that moment, something inside you clicked, something that has never happened in the past seven years of your life with Peter. It scared you at first, your body and mind not knowing how to act in such a sudden and exhilarating situation.

Immediately, as you took notice of every little quirk and feature of Peter, your brain couldn’t help but make you blush and smile as the things popped into your head, over and over again.

And at that moment, you knew how your feelings were quickly laying themselves out. And you had no idea you wouldn’t be able to stop it.

But lately color seems so bright and the stars light up the night. My feet they feel so light, I’m ignoring all the signs.

’‘The sky is such a vibrant blue today, don’t you think?” you dazedly lean over to your friend Michelle, lying your head on her shoulder.

Michelle’s brown orbs tear away from her book,rolling her eyes at the interruption. Her eyes then narrow confusedly towards you, “Uhh, sure?” she questions, oddly looking down at your slumped figure.

Your lips turned up into a huge grin across your face while your Y/E/C eyes looked up towards the vibrant sky in a low haze. Your arms lay limp by your sides and your veins pursed with loving dreariness as the day went on. You couldn’t describe it. It was as if your thoughts clouded with no external thoughts of anything or anyone else. All that replayed in your head was…Peter.

Peter, Peter, Peter…

“What?” Michelle questioned you, her hand grasping her book as it fell by her sides, her attention fully faced to you.

Your eyes widened in confusion, eyebrows furrowing, “What?” you asked back defensively, wondering if you had made a strange noise or something that awoke her intent attention on the book.

Oh fuck, did I just say his name out loud?

Her finger pointed at you as your head shot up off her shoulder, “You just said Peter’s name like three times, out loud,” she pronounced loudly to you, your sudden thoughts just easily being exposed.


You shook your head vigorously back and forth, attempting to make your doubt evident to your friend, “No, no I didn’t. I said-”

“Noooo, you didn’t. You said Peter,” she came back instantly, not allowing you to let the topic go, “What is up with you?”  she tagged on, her head titled in your direction, bewilderment displayed across her features.

Your teeth grabbed your bottom lip in guilt and uneasiness, not knowing whether you should allow your new beheld secret to slip through your chapped lips. It was Michelle, you’ve been friends for awhile and you trust her with everything. She and Peter are the two you tell absolutely everything to, and of course you couldn’t tell Peter this.

Guilt subdued and you sighed before, grabbing her by the shoulders and dragging her to a nearby vacant spot in the park, “Okay I need to tell you something, but you have to swear you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

Her hands flew up in defense at your statement, “I promise, my mouth is completely shut,” she pretended to zip her lips before easing you to go on.

You inhaled deeply before shutting your eyes tightly, releasing them slowly as all of your thoughts for the past few weeks came flooding back, “Okay… I just sorta realized I’ve been in love with Peter for a really long fucking time and I don’t know how to deal that’s why I’ve been acting so weird and hazy lately okay it’s because Peter makes me go fucking insane but in a good way and it’s just freaking me out so that’s why okay I’m done-” you completely rushed out in a span of ten seconds, no pauses or breath being taken in your spill.

Michelle watched you oddly as you sucked in a new breath of air, regaining your previous state before rolling her eyes and throwing her hand up, “Uhm, obviously? I thought it was pretty mutual between you two?”

I keep on frontin’, yeah, I stay bluffin’. I keep you wonderin’, keep you huntin’ for my lovin’. But I crave us huggin’, yeah, I stay stubborn. ‘Cause I can’t admit that you got all the strings and know just how to tug 'em.

 “Are you kidding me? How is dangling from a twenty story building, safe?” you screamed out, face red with anger and concern towards your best friend.

“Y/N I’m fine!” Peter hollered back at you, eyes lit up with excitement once again as he came to your window still dressed in his attire, “I only came here to tell you how bad ass I was!”

You felt your protective instincts kick in as Peter blabbered on about how some bad guy tried to kill him once again. You couldn’t help it. Every time Peter approached you with yet another Spider-Man story, you couldn’t help but feel regret for that second persona he takes on almost every night. The risk of him getting severely hurt, or even killed put you in such a protective and weary state you didn’t know how to act or respond to his exciting stories.

These feelings have been immensely growing at a rapid rate ever since two days ago when Michelle spoke to you about her mutual sights and views between the two of you.

“Well, whenever I’m with both of you, one of the two of you always seems to be staring at the other. I mean, most of the time it’s you drooling over him in a lovey looking daze,” she laughs at your actions.

“Ha, very funny. Now, what else?” you pressured her, folding your arms over your chest and biting your lip.

She sighs, hand on her hip, “At lunch, when you'e always going on and on about how hard your math test was, he smiles a little, almost as if he liked seeing you talking non-stop.”

Your heart did a gigantic leap at the seemingly little yet grand gesture he felt towards you. God, that just proves how much of an impact this boy had on you. That small set of information from Michelle made you swoon for days.

I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I didn’t think it could be true. Let alone that it would be you. I think I’m in love again (I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love).

You’re so pathetic, Y/N. Pining after someone who only sees you as a friend.

You slide out of yesterday’s conversation and back into reality, only to have Peter still jabbering on still about his greatest moment.

Tired of hearing him brag about how he almost got killed tonight, you put your hand up in front of him, cutting off his talking, “I swear to god if you ever do that again…” you glare at him annoyingly, shaking your head in disappointment.

He smiles brightly, rolling his eyes playfully, “I promise I won’t. Who else besides you is gonna keep me on the ground if I’m not here?” his play on words and sarcasm knowing exactly how to tug at your heart.

Smiling widely at his flirtatious comment and gesture, he leans over and wraps his arm tightly around your frame, his head digging into the crook of your neck, “You’re such a good friend, you know that?” he mutters softly into your neck.

Your heart aches a little as the word 'friend’ slips from between his lips, Masking your defeat, your hug him tighter, “I know.”

 My heart’s pacin’, I’m confused, I’m dazin’. I saw something I never seen in you, It’s got me shakin’. I must be hallucinatin’, I hear it happens, I’m just sayin’. Babe, I’m just sayin’. Someone give me some paper, someone give me some crayons. I’m feeling like a child, I need something to play on.

One thing you didn’t know was that, Peter’s head had been occupied twenty-four-seven as well.

But, with thoughts of you.

He couldn’t describe it. I was as if everything in the world suddenly had a purpose, and that purpose was you. He knew it sounded crazy, of course it did. You were his best friend, the oe he confided everything to, and all of the sudden you went from closest confidant to someone Peter couldn’t slip out of his mind for just a second.

When you spoke to him, it was something that connected on a whole new level. Your beautiful Y/E/C eyes sprang into his with such admiration that he felt his veins pulse with nerves. Your pretty lips that moved feverishly as you yelled at him for getting himself into more danger, became something he could stare at all day.  And when you touched, oh. That set his whole body on fire. Your sweet, caring touch would send him into a daze of bliss as your bodies held each other in a hug.

He knew what was happening to him, and he knew he needed to act on it, fast. Unlike you, Peter was sure there was something magnificently mutual between you two, and he needed to show you.

 I’m trying hard to trust you when you say, “Give me your hand.” Baby, I’m fallin’, I hope you catch me when I land.

New Message

Pete:): Come over as soon as you can. I need to tell you something.

You stared down at your phone wearily. It must be important, Peter never texted you without ending it in a smiley face or something. Nerves instantly wrack your body as you decide to make your way over there now, curious as to what could be so important.

Oh fuck, did he find out? No, there’s no way. Michelle would never and you hadn’t made it obvious, had you? Oh god, had you?

Shaking off the nervous energy, you grab your jacket and earbuds before heading out the door. Once outside, you slip in your earbuds, clicking shuffle on your most recent playlist. 'I Think I’m In Love’ by Kat Dahalia came on as you began the few block walk to Peter’s apartment.

 "In my dreams you’re the dutch and I’m the duchess and your blunts are always loose, so I’m in charge of rollin’ dutches. And we getting so high, we always get the munchies. And we go for early brunches that turn into late lunches.  And we ain’t gotta label, we’re just rollin’ with the punches, I make fun of your belly and tell you to do some crunches. And you say, “Yeah, well, your ass jiggles, go and do some lunges.” I say, “Fuck you,” while I’m thinking of you as my husband. I think I’m in love…“

Damn, my girl Kat knows what’s up.

After ten minutes, your face comes in contact with Peter’s front door. As your hand began to knock, your phone buzzed in your pocket, signaling a new text.

Pete:): The door is open when you get here. Just come in.

Your hand redirects to the doorknob, twisting it open you walk inside his vacant apartment. Quietness hits you as you make your way to Peter’s bedroom door. As your feet make way to him, your nerves begin to buildup once again, your mind wracking numerous terrible and nerve wracking situations that could possible happen within the next two minutes. Your knuckles daringly hit the door twice, stomach churning as you impatiently wait for Peter to open the door.

And once he does, you are taken in by his state. His beautiful brown eyes looked to be a nervous wreck. Hell, he looked to be a nervous wreck.

Well, guess that makes two of us.

His hair was sprawled in all different directions, looking as if he had been running his hands through it for a while. Confusion swam over you and you looked oddly at him, stepping into his dark room.

“Pete? Are you okay?” you question him as he walks behind you to shut the door. He sighs heavily, his thin lips forming a small line across his face in intense concern.

He walks back towards you, standing awkwardly in front of you, his eyes scanning everywhere in the room except to pass yours, “Uh, what? Yeah, I just wanted to…” he trails off, voice slowly becoming distant as you look down at his nervous figure to his hands rubbing themselves together roughly.

What is he doing? Why is he so nervous? You’re the one that’s nervous! Hell you’re the one who’s been nervous around him 24/7.

You dared to speak, interrupting his sighing session, “Tell me something? You sounded kind of urgent in your text.”

His head popped up in your comment, eyes meeting yours in a weary yet odd look. You felt as if he was freaking out about something serious, and you had no idea what. Stepping closer to him, you lied a hand on his shoulder, expressing excessive comfort to him.

“You can tell me anything, you know that,” you urged him, head leaning closer to his. His eyes continued to stare into yours, little fleck of light brown swam around your gaze, heart now caught in your throat.

You showed him that you’re here, can he take a hint?

He stuttered out his next response, leaning closer to you almost in a whisper he muttered, “I know that. Its just, I don’t think I can tell you this. I need to show you,” his voice got quieter with every word. His intense gaze and proximity caused your body to flood with those feelings. Those feelings you couldn’t seem to get rid of. Those feelings that were so evident right now you were shocked he couldn’t tell .

Attempting to receive a response from him, you slowly asked, eyebrows furrowing at what his last statement meant, “Peter, what do you mean? You can just tell me, I’m not going to judge-”

Your reply was cut short, not by a comment, nor a statement, but by your lips being enveloped in someone else’s. You had to keep your body from leaping back at the sudden change in atmosphere. You were standing here, eyes shut tightly to absorb the unbelievable, enticing feeling of Peter’s lips on yours. You didn’t care as to why it happened, you just wanted it to never end. Your body lit on fire from the feeling as his hand reached up and cupped the side of your cheek as your hands unknowingly grabbed his cheeks in an attempt to pull him closer.

You felt the smile you loved so much play across his lips at your actions, your closed mouth turning up into one of your own. The room became weightless, the air turned warm and you felt as if you were flying. Nothing, could beat this feeling you had right now. It felt as if everything you had sensed in the past weeks was all coming together now. And you knew, finally, that he felt the same.

You finally realized what that feeling was, and it was incredible.

I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). Baby, I think I’m in love again. I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I didn’t think it could be true, let alone that it would be you. I think I’m in love again (I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love). I think I’m in love again.

Jimin as your Boyfriend
  • What a confusing boyfriend
  • One minute he’s an adorable smol bean
  • And the next, he’s showing off his hot bod
  • Uses cute nicknames like “baby girl” and maybe “kitten” idk how kinky he is
  • Probably really kinky lol sorry not sorry
  • Likes to stay indoors and cuddle with you when it’s raining to keep it chill
  • But takes you on picnics and to the pool when it’s sunny
  • When you don’t listen to him he might say one of two things:
  • 1) “Jiminie wants you to listen! Pweeeeaaaase!”(In which you respond by cringing)
  • 2) “If you don’t listen to me right now, princess, I’ll have to punish you later”(In which you respond by cringing).
  • If he’s on tour he’ll Skype or Facetime you every night so that he doesn’t have to wait a single night without seeing that beautiful face
  • He most likely steals your pillows because they smell like you WHICH HE SWEARS ISN’T A WEIRD THING TO DO AT ALL
  • Jimin sux at cooking so you’d have to cook for him a lot or get takeout
  • But when you do cook, he’s always trying to learn how you’re making things
  • “Okay, but how do you crack an egg so well? Don’t the shells get everywhere?”
  • He does bake well though, surprisingly enough
  • He’d make you little heart cookies and cupcakes on Valentine’s Day and stuff
  • Jimin knows how it feels to be insecure so he compliments everything about you as many times as he can throughout the day
  • “Oh your hair look as perfect as always!”
  • “How are you so pretty?????”
  • “Woah, I thought you were an angel, but y/n is better!”
  • I feel like Jimin loses things very easily and needs you to help him find a lot of stuff
  • And he’d use one of those
  • “y/n! I lost something, can you help me find it?”
  • “What did you lose this time, Jimin?”
  • “Oh wait I lost my heart, but it looks like you’re keeping it”
  • Jimin gives you a lot of shy kisses when he thinks you did something cute
  • So basically, always
  • I could see you being that couple who plays board games like candy land at a frat party
  • But I can also see you being that couple that grinds on each other all night?
  • Grinding+Candy Land= SIGN ME UP YES
  • You like to joke about his baby face, but then…
  • “You won’t be laughing when this dic-”
  • But at the end of the night when you’re all tired and flustered
  • You’d probably have sex
  • Just Kidding(not really)
  • But at the end of the night, Jimin would massage all of the worries from your body
  • And he’d whisper on and on about how grateful he is to have you in his life
  • And you can wrap your arms around him in comfort
  • Knowing he’ll always be there for you the next day

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-Admin C

If you could send in requests, it would help us a lot with our writing… We don’t get inspo from thin air my dudes.

gregfahlgren  asked:

Brian, I tweeted you about Stan today, and it just sprang to mind that I've never asked you about your first meeting with Stan. What was that like? Were you able to speak? Or did you just stutter and blurt out something weird?

 when I was a very young man, I was hired to do the signs for the cars for the Superman Parade in Cleveland. this was many, many years ago. 

One of the special guests was Stan Lee. I stayed up all night working on the signs and when the bus full of guests appeared to get into their parade cars, Stan popped off the bus, grabbed me by the shoulders and said very excitedly in my face: Brian Michael Bendis!!

 I said, nervously: you know my name??

 he pulled me close and whispered in my ear: you’re wearing a name tag, shmuck.

 he gave me a loving shoulder tap and walked away.

 that is an absolutely true story.

anonymous asked:

Hi! This may sounds weird but I just read your fic about Jughead leaving and the baby being there, I was wondering if you could maybe make a second one to it? Idk it seemed interesting but it's up to you

Okay! Part 1:https://bughead4days.tumblr.com/post/160933651976/hi-i-was-wondering-if-you-can-do-a-prompt-in-the !

She’d been up all night, the bags under her eyes were a sure sign that she hadn’t gotten a second of sleep last night. A few of her regular customers regarded her with concerned glances which she quickly shook off, Simply stating

“My son had a nightmare, he’s only two so I had a hard time getting him to go back to bed, I’m really fine though. Thankyou!”

Hunter was perched on the counter beside her, scribbling in his coloring book, desperate to stay in the lines, no matter how difficult it was for his tiny little hands.

“You’re doing good baby, I love how you made the elephant purple.” Betty smiled encouragingly, as she tied a wedding bouquet with lace.

Hunter looked up and grinned a gummy smile, his teeth were finally starting to come in fully and he loved to show off the new additions.

The bell to the shop jingled and Betty looked up with a smile, her eyes instantly softening when she spotted one of her oldest friends.

“Kevin Keller, what on earth are you doing here? I thought you were spending spring break in the Bahamas?” Betty grinned, coming around the cabinet and wrapping her arms around the tall boy.

“Plans changed, apparently Joaquin has some business to attend to on the Southside.” He rolled his eyes “and Veronica may have texted me that a certain someone has decided to reappear” kevin placed an arm on Betty’s shoulder and squeezed

Betty sighed, slumping against the counter and glancing at Hunter

“I don’t know why he’s Back. I don’t know how to feel, part of me wishes he would just leave, Hunters is beginning to understand his surroundings and I don’t want him anymore confused. But then.. I’m happy he’s okay, I’m happy he’s here because that means he’s alive.. you know a little part of me always wondered… I don’t know.” She sighed miserably and Kevin nodded his head and walked over to the toddler, picking him up and dropping a kiss to his cheek.

“Well, no matter what, you have to remember, no matter what he’s done, he did give you this little guy. And that in itself is something to think about.”

Leave it to Kevin to play devils advocate.

Handing off the baby, Kevin smiled.
“Tonight Pop Tate’s? Let Alice have Hunter for the night, we’ll get the gang back together. Milkshakes and burgers? You could use some fattening up, you’re looking skinnier than ever.”

Betty laughed as Kevin lifted her top, tickling hunters toes.

“Its just all the running after this one, I hardly have time to eat.” She laughed, Walking Kevin to the door. “I’ll see you tonight, a night out sounds great.” Kevin kissed both Hunter and Betty on the cheeks before heading out the door with a dramatic wave.

“You’re uncle Kevin’s crazy.” Betty laughed, placing Hunter back on the counter.

“Crazy” the blue eyed little boy rolled his eyes, imitating his mother.

Betty narrowed her eyes playfully
“Now don’t you go copying me you silly little munchkin. Do as I say not as I do.” She tickled his ribs and smiled as he squealed in delight, the bells went off again and Betty turned around , figuring it was Kevin, she grabbed Hunter, her fingers still tickling as he laughed loudly

“Did you forget something?” She turned fully, her eyes going wide when she realized it wasn’t Kevin.

“Yeah. I did” Jughead Jones stated, his hair a mess and his flannel top unbuttoned slightly, revealing his tight white tank top underneath, she noticed he had matching bags under his eyes and his shoelaces were undone.

“What are you doing here?” Betty gripped Hunter protectively and he instantly tensed up, his eyes watering, the poor little boy always got stressed when his mother did.

“I needed to see you. I needed to see.. I just.. I have to explain.” Jughead mumbled, his eyes glued on hers, occasionally shifting to the little replica of himself

Betty turned her attention to Hunter
“It’s okay lovebug, mommies fine. Look.” She stuck her tongue out playfully and the little boy relaxed slightly, his fingers coming up to poke her tongue. Jughead watched the interaction his heart aching severely, he always knew Betty would make an amazing mother, he used to spend nights thinking about it.

Betty placed the little boy on the counter and held out a blue marker, lifting it over her head so he had to reach, casing Hunter to giggle and grab at it.

Betty walked towards Jughead, leading him away from their son and into a corner, still in sight of Hunter but far enough so he wouldn’t hear.

“I don’t want to hear your explanations, I told you before, we’re fine and we don’t need you. You don’t get to come in here after three years and act like you care. Okay, you’ve seen him, you know he exists now do what you do best. Run.” Betty crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes distant as she looked away from him.

“I didn’t know Betty, there’s so much you don’t know, so much I want to tell you. I didn’t want to leave you, that’s the last thing I wanted to do. But I had no choice, you have to understand, it wasn’t safe for you and especially since you were pregnant. I would have come back sooner if I had known, but I thought you would be better off without me.” His eyes were pleading and he reached his fingers out to cup her chin.

“You could have called. Sent a message. If you really cared, you would have found a way. You would have come back for me. But you didn’t. I raised him on my own, I still am.” Her lips trembled and he felt his heart pounding in his chest.

“I know I can never get back what I’ve lost, I know you can never forgive me but maybe if you let me explain, maybe you could understand?.” He asked, praying to whatever god was up there.

Betty took a deep breath, moving her face from his hand
“Okay.” She whispered.

Jugheads eyes widened and he felt the whispy felling of hope blooming in his stomach.
“Okay?” He asked

Betty nodded nervously
“You can meet me tonight at 6 at Pops, everyone else will be coming at 7 but if you wanna talk..” she trailed off and he nodded enthusiastically

“I’ll be there at 5.” He said determined, reminding her so much of their son.

“I said 6.” The tiny smile crept through slightly.

“I’ll be there at five” he said finally.

Suddenly a little hand was tugging at the light blue dress Betty had on, looking down she smiled and picked up Hunter

“What’s the matter baby?”

The little boy had his eyes locked on Jughead and Jughead wasn’t taking his eyes off of his son

“I say hello.” Hunter smiled, stumbling on the word hello.

Jughead looked to Betty for approval and she shrugged, giving him the go.

“Hi buddy, it’s nice to meet you.” He gripped the hand that the matching boy was holding out, revelling in the soft baby skin

“Nice to meet you.” Hunter mimicked, looking to his mother and grinning.

Jughead laughed, the toddler was smart and handsome and polite. His stomach hurt for a second as he thought of everything he had missed. But looking down at Betty and Hunter, he knew one thing for sure

He was getting his family back.

Can’t Tell If It’s An Imitation

who?: Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin
genre: 🌸
type: bullet point

blog navigator.

• with pressure from your family, friends and the public, you sign a contract to have a fake boyfriend

I didn’t think I’d enjoy writing this AU so much fisosjsldj tysm anon!! omg this got so out of hand i’m sorry!!

- Admin L

• you aren’t one for fakes
• growing up in a rather well-to-do family with both parents always hard at work and an older brother to take care of you in your penthouse, real luxury goods were all you knew
• since your parents are such significant people in the business realm, your family is bound to have powerful allies
• in fact, your best friend is the eldest daughter of the Lai family
shit no one knows her name so I’m just going to call her…..Miss Lai, 赖小姐.
• if you want to know how important the Lai family is….if you don’t know them, you probably can’t get a job in the field
• it’s always your family and the Lais' 

• every time you step out to go shopping with your best friend, there’s at least a couple of paparazzi following you
• it kind of only worsened when your brother went and became an idol, debuting under the globally popular WannaWrite Entertainment
• or when you signed to be a model with them too
• but that is a story for another time
• your whole life, you’re swarmed with attention
• from your brother
• your nannies
• ‘friends’ in school
• and the media
• it’s irritating, to say the least
• one day, your parents come home and announce that they’ll be meeting up with the Lai family for dinner the next day
• it excited you because, at dinners like this, you usually need to dress up but you don’t exactly have to act princess-like in front of people you call your second, unrelated family
• it’s always banter and one of the more pleasant events you enjoy
• also because you kind of want to see Lai Guanlin, the only son, all suited up
• and probably wearing his huge circular glasses
• you’ve grown up with Guanlin, you two have known each other for your entire lives yet, you aren’t the closest
• most of the time, he is deep in conversation with your brother
• you feel bad if you interrupt
• it’s always a rare and blessed moment when Guanlin talks to you
• currently, he’s in Taiwan and you suppose that’s the reason you’re going out for dinner
• Guanlin was in Korea for a few years to train as an idol
• he still goes back and forth periodically
• which is why you haven’t seen him in a while
• great, now the royal family will have two idol members in their midst
• excited chatter fills the limousine as your family makes your way to the restaurant that probably cost your entire life savings to furnish and run
• you’re a regular at that place and the staff don’t even need to be told to usher your family into a private room
• the other family hasn’t arrived and you take that time to talk to your parents and brother
• ah yes family bonding time :“)  
• you and your mum exchange a normal conversation before she asks “do you have a boyfriend?”
“nope. why?”
“hmm, just checking…..what about Lai Guanlin?”
“…mother, why?”
• she smirks and sighs, “why not? he is a fine and good looking young man. i would definitely support your relationship.”
“besides, half the boys in your grade aren’t even good looking?”
• your jaw drops and giggles fall from your lips
• Mum shrug, “just keep an open mind. he’s always an option”
• then, there are two polite knocks on the door and Mrs Lai steps in, greeting you with a smile
thank God, she’s busy with other things now so she won’t pose any other strange questions
• your mother runs over to envelope her in a tight hug
• they kind of knew each other back in college and finally reunited again
“my son has returned from his journey to Korea!”
• at the mention of Guanlin, you can feel the heat rising to your face and your heart starts beating madly
• especially after what your mother has said
me and Guanlin
• w o w
• Miss Lai brings you in for a loving hug
• despite the age gap, you two never felt awkward.
• Guanlin strolled in a few seconds later, warmly welcomed by your brother and family
• you gulp and is unable to even look at him
• of course, his father follows suit and once again, the power families are together
• dinner continues as per normal
• questions, small talk, savouring the good food
• after some time, your best friend points out that your parents have been conversing with her own for quite awhile now
• lowkey you’re worried because of the serious looks etched on their faces
is it about me…..?
• suddenly, Mrs Lai clears her throat and turns to you, silencing all previous conversation
“Y/N darling,” she says “have you…started seeing anyone?”
• you were just counting the number of minutes it took for someone to pop the question
• so far, the record was 86 minutes and 17 seconds
• the last time, it was your cousin who asked you about your tragically non-existent love life
• you dabbed your napkin onto the sides of your mouth and smiled before replying, “no, I’m not dating anyone at the moment”
• a knowing smile dawns on her lips while your mouth falls open at her next sentence
“what about my son?”
• Guanlin’s chopsticks are set down on his chopstick rest and he wants the floor to swallow him up
• his parents were talking about that matter earlier that day
“ma, please don’t be like this,” he reasons and shoots you an apologetic smile
• the blush on your cheeks is your response
“I’m just putting you out there since you aren’t doing it yourself Lin, I’m not getting any younger and neither are you…” she shoots back

friendly reminder that Guanlin is still a minor and sexualising him is disgusting  

“you two would be perfect for each other,” Mr Lai adds. “its good for your wellbeing, it’s only a bonus its good for the press” shitTumblrmesseduptheformat

• your brother - seated next to you - can’t hold in his snickers and tries to cover up with a cough
• his acting is pretty awful but no one pays him any mind
• you open your mouth to reply but your father holds up a hand
“give it a thought sweetie, taking chances never hurt”
• then all reverts back to normal but your life doesn’t
• the next week or so, your parents keep bringing it up over meals or just giving you that look
• it’s driving you mildly mad though the thought of having Guanlin as your boyfriend does sound very appealing
• but if he isn’t comfortable with it, you won’t have even if you’re forced to
• there’s enough stress and pressure from the media about your life and you really don’t need your parents to worry about it either
• after one supper of constant discussion about that matter, you give up, flop on your bed and call your best friend
• she answers right away, already suspecting what the call is about
• your rant is a mixture of emotions that have been pent up and unable to be released. you spend the next hour filling her in on all the details. how your parents have been leaving more hints and encouragement to date someone, *cough* Lai Guanlin *cough*
• she reveals that things in the Lai mansion have been about the same as yours. it is kind of pissing everyone off but no one has the heart to crush their parents hearts like that
“it’s better than last time when my dad tried to arrange my marriage with some dude. it got called off in the end thank God.”
• you’re about to YELL when she stops you, “Lin and I have been talking and…I think we have a solution to at least get the family off your backs. Come over.”
• well, you clad in your comfy pyjamas and it’s 9pm, you want to sleep but this is a life or death matter so you find yourself pulling on another outfit and dashing out the door
“bye mum, I’m going to the Lai’s house!”
“okay! sure sweetie!” she replies “don’t even think about coming home for the night” she nearly adds
• your chauffeur is wondering why you’re hurrying there so late but she doesn’t mention anything as the car arrives outside the mansion
• the Lai siblings are already running out to receive you
“Y/N, what time shall I pick you up?”
• you stare at the mansion’s daunting double doors and then back at your chauffeur, “it’s fine, you can head back. thanks, see you!”
“my parents are probably in the sitting hall so….be prepared,” Guanlin whispers as he ushers you inside, his sister checking the foyer
• you hastily greet them before the siblings make a noise about your purpose of visitation and bundle you upstairs to Guanlin’s bedroom
• the interior hasn’t changed much since you were last in his room, just a bit more messy and maybe a couple more of gleaming basketball trophies displayed
• his sister snatches a manila envelope of documents off his desk and hands it to you
• you peel it open to reveal a fifteen page contract
• Guanlin and Y/N’s fake relationship™ to be specific
“i hope you’re prepared to be up all night establishing contracts and signing them. this is just a rough draft.”
• Guanlin scans the pages over and immediately makes a couple of changes
“consensual skinship and other intimate actions such as hugging and kissing” is added
“to make it more realistic…you know” he mumbles in embarrassment
• but you kind of feel the same way so you add “cuddling” in there too
• it’s nearly 12am by the time the contract is finalised and printed
• there’s no way you can call your chauffeur now so you decide to sleepover
• besides, it has been awhile since you and your bestie had a sleepover
• you get confused when she shoos you off to Guanlin’s room but hands you an oversized shirt and a pair of running shorts
• you change in her room then venture to Lin’s
• Lin isn’t in his room but you find him in the gaming/lounge room where there’s a mini bar, many game consoles, a television, a sofa with a chaise lounge and even a pool table
• He is playing a game on one of the consoles, Overwatch, you think it is
• wordlessly, you sit next to him and scroll through your IG feed, unsure of what to do since you literally got thrown out of your sleeping place
thanks a billion bestie
“so we’re a couple now,” Guanlin breaks the silence. “we should act like one.”
• he leans closer such that his mouth is close enough to brush your cheek and murmurs, “We need to act like one. Let’s make it believable. They’re watching us through the security cameras”
• you chuckle, “oh goodness. I know all about security camera footage.” you reminisce you rebellious teenage days when your parents installed a camera outside your room door to track what time lights went off
• like a professional, you tuck your legs under you and lean your head on Guanlin’s shoulder, taking note of how his breathing abruptly stopped when you wound your arm through his
• you would have opted for holding his hand but he’s holding onto the gaming controller
• it’s so comfortable you can almost fall asleep in that position
“…by the way, you look really good in my shirt…”
• a hot blush creeps its way to your face and you stammer back an incoherent reply. “O-oh, s-sorry. Your sister gave it to m-me. B-but t-thanks.”
• you should have known he was a Thrasher kind of guy
• get you a man who lets you sleep in his Thrasher shirts
“hmm, let’s get to know each other. I think the last proper talk we had was in 8th grade and clearly, things have changed.”
• Guanlin snorts. “Yeah, who would’ve thought we’d date.”
• you have to constantly remind yourself it’s a fake relationship. It doesn’t feel like one and you don’t want it to be one
• the convo lasts till 2am and Guanlin decides that you need to sleep. pretty much forces you to take his bed while he sleeps in the gaming room’s chaise lounge
• but the bed is foreign to you and you have a hard time falling asleep so you wander back and join him on the other side of the couch
• at least, you have that assurance that your ‘boyfriend’ is beside you
• no one questions your new attire or manila envelope when you arrive back home after a long night
• Guanlin insisted on walking you up to your penthouse, he pecked you on the cheek before bidding you goodbye
• on Monday, you’re really confused when you emerge from your room, clad in your school uniform and find Guanlin sitting at your dining table, talking to your parents
• when he sees you, he beams, like an actual gummy smile you can’t fake
“good morning bao bei. did you sleep well?”
• chemically combusts @ bao bei [宝贝, baby in chinese]
• you rush to pull him into a warm embrace
“why are you here? what is happening?”
“i’m sending you to school today”
• throughout the ride, there’s small talk and it makes you feel very…refreshed and excited
• there’s so much adrenaline pumping in you, at the end of the ride, you lean over and press your lips to his
“bye! thank you! see you later babe.”
• djskdhkss wow yes totally a fake relationship
• also your first kiss wAS WITH YOUR CRUSH KIND OF BOYFRIEND
• Guanlin so shocked he can’t remember how to drive and nearly reverses into the driveway pillar
• after school, it’s like a scene from a Kdrama
“hey, whose man is that?”
• Guanlin is casually leaning on the bonnet of his expensive, shiny car with his sunglasses up and is fully suited up - minus his jacket hanging in the backseat.
• but at the same time, you kind of want to show the world your ‘boyfriend’
• Lin Lin isn’t the kind of guy who shies away from you, though he does feel his insides churning with the entire school watching him
• you feel your backpack being lifted off your shoulders just as you were about to hug your friends goodbye
“yah! babe!”
• gasps and whispers break out from the other students, your friends can die of laughter
• Guanlin waits for you to catch up, slipping an arm around your shoulder while the other carries your school bag
“how was school today? did you miss me?”
“you’re doing this because of the contract aren’t you?”
• a look of confusion crosses his face but he tries to conceal it with a nod. “You know I’m not one to break contracts”
but you’re one to break my heart….
• the relationship comes to the light on Friday
• the family is freaking out and congratulating you like it’s your wedding day
• you even set reminders on your phone saying
'your boyfriend isn’t really yours’
• it kind of hurts but it also reminds you not to immerse yourself too deeply into this situation
• you find that your phone is always chiming with notifications from Guanlin, much more than usual
• he wants to know if you’re eating, sleeping and staying hydrated
• you feel touched until you realise it’s on page five of the contract
• on Saturday, an event is arranged for the two of you to go public
• you’re going out shopping in the hottest part of town where you KNOW cameras will be
• they don’t fail to meet your expectations
• other than the annoying flashes, you’re genuinely having a good time with the 'boyfriend’
• he buys you an ice cream and holds all of the shopping bags
• nothing seems forced or fake, it’s like a real relationship
BREAKING: Power families have joined forces through blood, Y/N and Lai Guanlin confirmed to be dating
[ JUST IN ] Lai Guanlin and Y/N spotted enjoying a shopping date downtown. New celebrity couple on the rise?
[ NEWS ] Your new OTP! Y/N recently went public with boyfriend, Lai Guanlin and they are the cutest couple we have ever seen!
• it’s the only news the tabloids will report about
• it is brilliant news though, even the reaction’s are positive, the world loves you guys so much
• must protecc
• all is well for months
• you really warm up to having Guanlin as a boyfriend
• dates with him are never boring, it’s always something new and enjoyable
• once it was ice skating
• you found out that while Lin was athletic beyond words, he wasn’t the best at skating but the two of you still had a blast
• the amount of memes you got from him falling was amazing
• another time, you took him to see a ballet, Romeo and Juliet to be more specific
• it was nice to see him all suited up, just for you
• ballets could be boring when you went by yourself
• so you were glad Guanlin was there to accompany you
• he kept his hand in yours throughout the entire 3 hours
• during the intermission, he purchased a $4 bottle of mountain springs mineral water for you
• how sweet
• you went mad because that water is SO overpriced and he shouldn’t be making reckless financial decisions just because he’s rich
• Lin just ruffles your hair, other arm slipped around your waist
“babe, you worry too much about me,”
“weLL AS YOUR GIRLFRIEND I SHOULD BE” a hand flies over your mouth after you realise what you blurted out
• his eyes widen significantly yet he doesn’t correct you about the 'fake’ part, instead, he holds you closer to his side and waltzes back into the amphitheater
• other days, it’s either you’re at his mansion or he’s at your penthouse
• just fooling around
• but a cute way, like hide and seek around the house
• which leads to nearly knocking over a ton of expensive house decor
• wh00ps
• baking goods following Buzzfeed recipes
• “wait, this actually tastes edible…?” Lin says tentatively
• you laugh, “maybe it’s because you made it.”
“it’s the best”
• then again, you’re a biased adjudicator
• Lin is that kind of chef who tries to play a prank and make things taste terrible but unknowingly, he adds ingredients that make the cookies taste much better
• then you guys cuddle on the couch snacking on cookies and watching Netflix shows
• and you’re entering Autumn as a 'couple
• you can’t wait to do seasonal activities with him, you even made a list
• suddenly, Guanlin suddenly asks,
“y/n….when do you want to terminate the contract?”
• then, your heart shatters into pieces
• you stopped the reminders on your phone and making mental notes that it was a faux relationship
• you stopped wanting it to end
• and that was your biggest mistake
• you might as well just scrap all the dates you planned out since this is ending
• instead of crying, you crack a smile and tell him you’ll bring your manila envelope over to his place the next day to review the contracts
“get home safe,” he wishes and leans in for a kiss which you dodge but hug him
• hurt and puzzlement flashes in his eyes but you know he’ll understand
• the tears finally fall in the car, way past his front door, and your chauffeur pulls over to pass you tissues
• everything was just too good to be true
• no one could tell it was fake
• in your penthouse, you ignore the files and ponder about burning them in your fireplace
• nothing was real
• you just tricked yourself into believing so
• perhaps he found someone else, someone else he could be with happily, with no extra baggage tagging along
• he deserved that freedom and a joyous, legitimate relationship
• it hurt, it truly did
• it was like everything you did or said in the last half a year meant nothing
• tears cloud your vision, you throw yourself onto your bed and sob
• regardless of your puffy face or tired eyes, you’re at the Lai mansion the following day with your document
• the silencing is deafening as you two are going through the contract and a new set of documents is printed
• you decide not to involve your best friend this time
• you can’t bring yourself to tell her anyway
• she had high hopes for the two of you, despite knowing that this day would probably come sooner than she expected
• the sniffles won’t stop and the tears are filling up your eyes, with every flick of your paper, one threatens to fall
• the silence can strangle you, you aren’t used to quietness with Guanlin at all - there was always something to talk about
“…is this your first breakup?” he questions
• you shoot him a weak smile and nod, scribbling your signature on the second last page of the document
• every time the tip of the pen touches the paper, you feel it pierce into your heart
“why do you want it to end?” you whisper, voice barely above a mutter
• Guanlin sighs and looks down at his hands, he hangs his head in shame
“you know it has to, we can’t go on like this forever”
• what he says is true, you find yourself agreeing to it
“but-but I don’t want it to,” you retort softly despite it all
• he spreads his arms open, inviting you for a hug which you instinctively respond to. crawling across his bed to settle in his comforting embrace
“yah ~ i know this is tough but believe me, it’s for the better”
• you can’t tell what’s 'good’ for you anymore
• maybe you shouldn’t have agreed to this in the first place
• first heartbreaks are unforgettable
• your life is just too centred around contracts, paperwork, it’s all you have ever known since the start
• Guanlin rocks you in his arms for probably the last time ever and tears drip down your face
“ahh, don’t cry! i’m sorry, but i have my reasons,” he coos as he swipes the tears away with the soft sleeve of his sweater you lost count of how many times you have fallen asleep in
“i can tell you one of them”
• you don’t know if you can take it
• a billion thoughts swarm your head
“i hope you’ll still take me back”
• nothing registers anymore
• you realise you really liked Guanlin
• and now, it’s coming to an end
“y/n” his hand encloses yours, the one that holds the pen
• the pen that paused on the last sheet of the new contract
• Guanlin grins at you, cupping your face in his hands
• you force the tears to stop
“I just want us to be real, no contract, no paperwork, just us”
• the dilemma between killing him and kissing him is extreme
“yah! Lai Guanlin! How dare you! I wasted all this pen ink on you!”
• “…you’re worried about pen ink?”

• you fold your arms and huff in frustration, the tears melting away like ice and anger frosting over
• but he shoots you a gummy smile and apologetic puppy eyes and once again, your heart has warmed
• Guanlin pulls out a Tiffany & Co. box from his desk drawer, offering it to you
• inside, captured between plush velvet cushions is a gleaming gemstone ring
• gasps and splutters of words leave your mouth
“it’s a promise ring. I promise we won’t have to 'act’ like a couple but we can be a couple”
• you want to yell
• he kinda just does that husband thing and slips it on your ring finger
“w8 pls wear it as a necklace pendant ltr”
• you still can’t believe your eyes, your jaw has numbed off from being open for too long
“is-is this real?” you squeak, marvelling at the promise ring
• Guanlin winks, “you know I’m never one for fakes”
• you groan, poking his cheek. “I told you to stop making reckless financial decisions!”
• he just shakes his head as he chuckles
“babe, when it comes to you, you’re worth everything. trust me, this isn’t an imitation. I hope you love it,”
• you lean closer and capture his lips with your own, kissing him with that passion and adoration that can’t be faked

This Day in 1D History - June 2


  • book signing in Skokie !
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Rosemont, USA 


  • Harry and Gemma catch their breath from the day before


  • Louis lands all soft ‘n’ sweet ‘n’ sleepy at LAX


  • <33333
  • Nouis kick off Day 2 of Soccer Aid training!! 
the signs as couple-ly things
  • Aries: stay up all night just talking to each other
  • Taurus: wearing the matching shirts
  • Gemini: writing them notes and leaving them letters
  • Cancer: giving them a massage just because their shoulders are sore
  • Leo: watching them sleep
  • Virgo: fixing ties, glasses, picking hairs of their sweater
  • Libra: buying clothes of little gifts for the other
  • Scorpio: taking care of them when they're sick and not worrying about getting sick
  • Sagittarius: sending them songs and poems that remind them of the other
  • Aquarius: stealing each other's clothes
  • Capricorn: taking lots of pictures together
  • Pisces: arguing over whose turn it is to pay for coffee