up a creek without a paddle

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Asshole customers: Talk shit about retail/service workers/janitors until you're blue in the face. But if we all walked out as one, you would be up shit creek without a paddle. No shopping for food, no shopping for clothes, no going out to eat, no drive thru, no cleaning of restrooms or fixing of clogged toilets. Even your "shop online" would be a fail, because there wouldn't be anyone to deliver it. Our jobs are REAL jobs, thank you very much.

The One Where They Find Out Ryan Was a Theater Major

-The original idea came to me after seeing a comic on @rysarts blog. The comic is here. Check out the conclusion there.-

There was no way in hell they were going to get into that building. Short of blowing up the entire place there was just no way getting in, the security was top of the line and somehow they got wind that the crew was planning on hitting them. Basically they were up shit creek without a paddle. Gavin and Michael spent the better part of a week, heads together going over electronic and paper plans for the entire block, trying to find any possible entrance. 

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see the problem is i want to make young pope jokes but i 1. have never watched hbo’s young pope and 2. dont talk to any of the catholic members of my family so i am up jokes creek without a paddle here

No, I’m pissed off and bitter and more pissed off

Sam, [i]YOU’RE[/i] the one who brought results. <i>YOU’RE</i> the one who killed the Alpha Vampire, it was your plan, your kill. The BMoL were without a creek up a paddle and YOU saved them ALL!

I hate how Sam always sells himself short, they did nothing, you did everything. You don’t need them, they need you and unfortunately, because of your low self-esteem, you have played right into their hands of making you believe you need them. 

You only need your brother, Cas, and yourself. The BMoL weren’t there when you stopped the Apocalypse, they weren’t there when the Leviathans were threatening to take over. They definitely weren’t there when you and your brother were facing the Darkness. Don’t sell yourself short

Please remember that you are enough, you save people and you don’t kill those that are deemed unnatural like they do. I hope your eyes are opened soon because you, Sam Winchester, are a billion times better than they will ever be. 

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darth vader voice: yaint

  ❛      if  y’all’d’ve  learned  your  lesson ,      y’all’d’ve  known  not  to  fuck  with  me  again !   drop  this  empire  in  a  barrel  of  titties  and  it  comes  out  sucking  its  thumb !     consider  yourself  up  shit  creek without  a  paddle !       ❜    

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Jenna, I just wanted to tell you that because of your videos and answers to all the writing asks you get, I've finally nailed down the plot and my main character and I am really happy with how it's all coming together! Basically, without the resources you provide I'd be up shit-creek without a paddle. From the depths of this cold stone of a heart, thank you for everything. <3

Awww, I’m SO happy I’ve ben able to help! Good luck on your writing journey, kick lots of ass!

never understood the phrase “up a creek without a paddle.” it makes no sense? if you are “up” the creek, you are upstream, as in, you’re at the top and closer to the source of the current. if you needed to get anywhere from there you wouldn’t really need a paddle, you could just keep riding the current downstream?


Raffles Week, Day 3: A New Burrow 3 /4

(1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

Bunny finally gets in on the action! And it’s a good thing, too, or Raffles would be totally up a creek without a paddle at this point in the film. (Raffles is hiding the necklace in the tobacco pouch here, and presumably explaining the plan to Bunny, yet Bunny seems to have forgotten about the plan when Raffles tosses him the pouch later.)

Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (1917) with John Barrymore as AJ Raffles and Frank Morgan as Bunny Manders.


“They are coming from the aetheryte!” 

The agency was prepared for war. Those golden scaled au ra were turning with a vengeance. But for most of the invasion the ward engine took care of them. However, there were malfunctions and errors as typical for anything the agents were involved in. But they powered through the mess like they always did. 

At the end of the attack, many lives were lost. The tribe they had sworn to protect, their numbers cut in half. A darkness engulfed the estate that night. A hollow gloom that could be felt by all, effected most of them no doubt. It would be some time before things were normal.

On the account of those injured, Kugeki sat with Aioux while he tended to those he could. The construct wished she could had done more outside of sitting by and being supportive. But with no sense for magical mending, she was up the creek without a paddle. 

At least Mountain had a use for her, to trace the aether of the invader gold scales. But beyond that, Kugeki had not much else to do. Everyone else were doing their part and had things covered. She stayed out of the way and aided if there was a chance to. 

The night was wild and unpredictable, she had much to process and compress. 


Reasons why I love writing Gaster in “The GONERS”

Look at this dork. This is Gaster in “The GONERS”.

[original art by napstamuse]

And if you’re wondering why I love this dork, consider the fact that he:

- Sounds like Dr. Doppler from Treasure Planet
- Wheezes when he laughs too hard, like in this video
- Moves like Milo Thatch from Atlantis
- …Unless he’s in public, in which case he walks like this:

[original art by v0idless]

- And when he reacts to something, it happens like this:

[Original art by Cassiopeia]

- He fidgets all the time - he has a low-key spin ring to mess with while he’s out and about, makes paper planes and origami in his office, and Sans and Papyrus give him fidget toys and puzzle toys respectively every birthday and Gyftmas.

- He hides almost all of the above because he’s scared of not being taken seriously; without him, Hotland Labs is up shit creek without a paddle. So Creepy!Gaster isn’t who he really is, but it’s a mask he wears from necessity.

- He’s chronically ill, suffers from chronic pain and fatigue, and is dependent on Green Magic because his own doesn’t work properly… but it’s the kindness of his sons that helps him get up in the morning.

- Sometimes he gets so excited that he forgets even about his pain and exhaustion and (even though he REALLY regrets it afterwards) goes running around like this:

[original art by napstamuse]

So in conclusion, if you love ADORKABLE SCIENCE PUPPIES who are also SCARY AND INTIMIDATING ROYAL SCIENTISTS, then go read The GONERS.

@hellfirebound cont​ from here.

                                             Dean realized fairly quickly that he had mad a terrible mistake. Granted if he could go back he would have done the same thing over again. This asshole, he was a demon and Dean was the kind that killed demons. Never the less, when he grinned back at Dean, he felt scared. Backing up a couple steps he watched for a sign that something was keeping him held back. Maybe, hopefully he would be at least a little hurt.

                                             Of course there was nothing. No sign at all and once again, Dean felt like he was up shit creek without a single paddle to help him out. He looked side to side and realized that he needed to get out. Fat chance.

                                             Running was probably a terrible option, but it was all he had. He turned tail and started bolting. Maybe he could get out, get in his car and get the fuck out. Or maybe, even if that didn’t work, maybe he could get Cas to pick up tabs on him. Maybe Crowley had him on a no kill list. He wondered for a moment how many of his demons actually gave a rat’s ass about who Crowley wanted left alive.

I don’t believe…
…in fairy tales
If I’ve learned one thing
it’s that life is a
beautiful and bitter slog
through the daisies and the muck
and there ain’t no “happily ever after”
That every time you experience
the sweet taste of victory
you know the acid tang
of crushing defeat is
right around the corner
I don’t believe in fairy tales
but when your fingers grace my skin
with all your gentle tenderness
against my better judgement
I still believe in love

I don’t believe…
…in God
There’s no bearded man in
a white robe and halo
descending from the clouds
to save your ass
We’re on our own in this disaster
and if we don’t look out
for ourselves and each other
then we’re up shit’s creek
without a paddle
I don’t believe in God
but when I look in your eyes
so gorgeously filled
with survival, lust and heartbreak
I have to admit
I still believe in love

I don’t believe…
…this planet will survive
At least we people on it
We don’t run the show anymore
as if we ever did
The corporations do and
they won’t figure out
that human extinction
is bad for business
until it’s far to late
to turn back the hands of time
and even if they did
there would still be China or Egypt or ISIS
or some other idiotic regime
believing world conquest
is preferable to survival of the species
I don’t believe this planet will survive
but when I take you in my arms
and we become each other’s
shelter from the storm
I will hungrily kiss your eager lips
and scream to the uncaring sky

I still believe in you
I still believe in us
I still believe in love


Max Mundan, I Still Believe in Love

© David Rutter 2015

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Last night at the bar there was a friendly debate about a common phrase that got everyone involved, and mothers were even called to settle the disagreement. It was all in good fun and very light, but I’m now putting it to you, Tumblr. Which one of these is correct?

“Up shit creek without a paddle.”

“Up shits creek without a paddle.”

I have my own preference but I will not introduce bias into this.

Which one is correct?

Skele needs $75 by Aug 6 while still being able to pay bills" emergency commission mode: activate

So I stupidly got a ticket while racing to work after awful traffic had me delayed enough. My folks refuse to help pay for the ticket, which I get but it still leaves my stupid ass up shit creek without a paddle. 

 My computer’s dead, so I can only use the family desktop with photoshop CS2. So the digital wouldn’t be the best/most timely since everyone uses it.. But my rates in this state of emergency are:

$5 traditional ink: 

 $10 for colored traditional 

 $10 for digital line art 

Which I have no examples of atm

 $15 for digital color 

 Please reblog if you can’t. I hate asking for reblogs with a passion but I need word spread fast. I know I won’t be able to afford on time otherwise, and I really can’t be late because it’ll jump up in price and then I REALLY won’t be able to afford it. Please contact me for Google wallet info on my deviantart: SkeleVee or Twitter @skele_vee (I do PayPal, too, but don’t prefer it). I won’t take money unless I’m giving something in return. 

 Thank you for any reblogs or to possible commissioners, y'all are amazing.