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whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

On compromise

Y’know, whenever I read a meta post that (directly) or a fanfic that (indirectly) criticizes Anders for being unwilling and unable to compromise, so much so to the point where he quite forcefully acts to prevent anyone else  from being able to compromise –

I think of the moment on the stairs when Meredith officially declares Annulment. Meredith declares Annulment and Orsino, desperate and terrified for the lives of the mages he’s fought so hard to protect, throws down the only bargaining chip he thinks he has left: offering to let her do those room-to-room searches he was trying to block her from doing at the start of the argument. Searches he was trying to block because after all the dehumanization and degradation the Templars under Meredith have inflicted on the mages of the Gallows, she is now demanding the very last sliver of privacy they have left them.

That is what compromise between mages and the Chantry looks like, at its basest level. This is the inevitable end-point of negotiations where one side has uncontested physical and moral power over the lives of the other: the mages scrambling to surrender up the very last scraps of their dignity, integrity and humanity in the futile hopes of being allowed to live for one more day.

“You know, that blanket kinda looks like a wedding veil”

For Eren and Levi Winter Weekend!! Day 2: Blanket/Kotatsu. Hrrrghh don’t ask me where they’re I don’t know, all I can tell you is that they gon kiss.


Team Fortress 2. Spy’s Dying Wish

Spy: So what’s YOUR dying wish?

Sniper: That… I shall take to my grave.♪

Been working on this for a week and finally finished it with my usual crappy panelling and backgrounds. Anyways, tribute to the video that sealed my fate to the TF2 fandom then later gave me papa!Spy feels.(`∀´)♥

Scout’s the only one who has NO IDEA who his father is. Yes, the Team knows.