up on melancholy hill

it’s been a while since i made a playlist so i just put together some music i listen to when i’m up late

8tracks link / Playmoss link

Heaven - I Monster // Liability - Lorde // On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz // Sometimes I Want 2 Die - Blackbear // Cancer (Cover) - Twenty One Pilots // Slow Life - Grizzly Bear // Roslyn - Bon Iver and St Vincent // Sea Castle - Purity Ring // Ribs - Lorde // Closer - The Tiny // Anathema - Twenty One Pilots // Caves - Haux

anonymous asked:

Cotton candy, butter pecan, orange sherbet, mocha, brownie batter, key lime, green tea

Cotton Candy: three places I want to travel to?
Japan, New York, LA

Butter pecan: favorite songs for life?
Hmm air catcher, greener, up on melancholy hill

Orange sherbet: favorite anime?
Evangelion, Osomatsu San, Mob Pyscho

Mocha: ideal weather?
Stormy and rainy

Brownie batter: do you like sushi?
Kind of, it’s not my favorite

Key lime: where do you want to be right now?
Dead LOL but actually probably in bed

Green tea: favorite flavor of ice cream?
Cookie dough!