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anonymous asked:

Will you please do some headcannons about how 2D would be in a relationship? Thank you if you can

- 2D is a huge cuddler and makes sure to do it with you every chance he gets. 
- Before he was in Gorillaz and worked at the music shop, he’d always leave tiny notes before he went off for work. They would usually be something along the lines of “I hope you have a good day today! I’ll miss you.” with a tiny heart or smiley face drawn next to it.
- Speaking of him leaving notes, he also likes to draw little pictures for you. He’s not the best artist, but it’s the thought that counts.
- When he’s on tours away from you he calls you at least two or three times a day. He sends you pictures from where he’s at and sends you selfies he’s took of him and the others. He brings you souvenirs from the places they toured in, too.
- He loves it when you call him “Stu” or “Stu-pot”.
- He gives you lots of butterfly kisses. 
- You’re almost all he talks about to the others. 
- He loves taking baths with you!!! He throws in some really nicely scented bubble bath soap and puts a CD of your choice into the CD player he had put in his bathroom. You wash each other’s hair and sit in the tub for a while after, just talking about whatever comes to mind.
- He’s the type to watch TV with you and when a cute character is shown he goes “Look, it’s you.”
- He shares his clothes with you and he thinks you look super cute in them.
- His favorite thing is to watch zombie films with him!!! He gets overjoyed when you show interest in them.
- He cooks breakfast for you a lot. It’s usually very sweet too (i.e Chocolate pancakes with gallons of syrup on top.)
- He wants to carry you around so badly but the poor boy’s so skinny he can’t lift anything. In this trying time, he resorts to just hugging and kissing you way more than usual.
- Speaking of kissing, he thinks it’s adorable that you have to stand on your toes in order to smooch him.
- He sings to you a lot, especially if you’re upset or having trouble sleeping. (if you need a good idea of what/how he’d sing look up “Every Planet We Reach is Dead” or the “On Melancholy Hill” acoustic. It’s seriously so sweet. :’^))