Richard Spencer showed up an hour late for his own press conference and quit the speech a half hour early after being belligerently heckled for two straight hours by a half-full auditorium. It was beautiful. It’s all on video forever; check the Gainesville Sun and Gainesville Alligator facebook pages.

Aside from a few boneheads wandering around being creepy, there’s been diddly shit going on in the town itself. They couldn’t bus in enough fools to occupy more than one space.

I’m not happy the event was allowed to happen, but Gainesville sure turned it around. The sites of protest were absolutely filled with good guys overwhelming the boneheads. Enough people stood up and showed up that the scary aggressive protest stuff wasn’t even necessary, which is nice, very nice. Right now, the bad guys are on the back foot.

But listen: Let me emphasize the “right now” part. There are still all these boneheads in town, and with the event over there’s nothing to keep them in one spot. Right now, and this evening, is when those flash mobs might start happening. Keep an ear to the ground, yeah?

Taehyung as your boyfriend would include...

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  • Taehyung had been pining after you for a few months
  • You really liked him (I mean how can you not??) but the only reason you hadn’t said yes to him was because of the pressure of dating an idol
  • However after a few months of him persuading you you’d finally give in
  • No one can resist this cutie
  • Taehyung had almost given up on his love for you until one day you stopped by the dorm
  • He had thought you were there to play video games with Jungkook or have another dance practice with Hoseok
  • But he was pleasantly surprised once he opened the door and felt you place your lips onto his, ignoring the way his body stiffened
  • He’d soon relax and lean down a bit more, caressing the small of your back as you held his face in your hands
  • He pulled back and smiled his usual boxy smile, cheeks heating up as you grinned up at him
  • Taehyung would be the happiest he had ever been with you
  • He’d constantly smother you in kisses no matter where you were
  • He just loved the softness of your lips and the fact that he was able to kiss them whenever he wanted
  • He was like a little puppy when he was with you and would follow you around when you were too busy for him
  • He was the only one that made you forget of all your responsibilities and chores, which was a gift but also a curse
  • You loved when you were able to curl up in his arms and forget about all the work you had to catch up on
  • But when you actually had to get to work it was pretty hard to ignore him
  • Taehyung loved seeing you blush so he’d tease you any chance he got
  • Which earned him an hour of you ignoring him (but he thought it was worth it since he got to see your cute pout and the lovely red hue that stained your cheeks)
  • Lots of nicknames in the relationship like princess or babygirl
  • Tagging along on bangtan family days out
  • Sometimes it annoyed the other boys but they didn’t say anything because as long as you and Taehyung were happy they were happy
  • Your relationship wasn’t really a secret
  • Taehyung had accidentally revealed it 2 weeks in when he was going on tour and pulled you into a kiss riGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS
  • He’d also send cute messages to you when he was being interviewed or in the middle of concerts
  • Baths would be usual with him too
  • Most of the time it’d be really innocent.
  • He would have your back pressed against his chest as his fingers massaged shampoo into your hair, inhaling the scented candles that were placed on the edges of the tub
  • However other times Taehyung couldn’t stop his hands from wandering ;))
  • When you were sleepy and he was laying beside you on his bed he’d read a book or sing to you to help you fall asleep
  • He’d probably randomly come home one day with a puppy, looking at you with big eyes and asking “can we keep it, please?”
  • How could anyone say no to this cutie?
  • Tae would never ask your permission before he done something stupid because he knows that you’ll end up forgiving him anyway
  • You’d constantly be over at the dorm
  • Your visits were so common that even Yoongi suggested that you should just move into Taehyung’s room
  • Jimin wasn’t very happy because he had to bunk with Jungkook and Hoseok
  • Very rare fights
  • And even when you two did fight they were pretty small which meant you both made up in a matter of moments over a pint of ice cream
  • You and Taehyung would always be clinging to one another, even after all the years you had been together you just loved being with him

Originally posted by jjks

  • Now let’s get naughty
  • If you think Taehyung is energetic in general you should see him in the bedroom
  • There’s no stopping him
  • He’s full on daddy mode once he had you beneath him
  • I feel lie Taehyung likes to take things slow in the bedroom, despite still liking it rough
  • He would only make you beg if you had done something to set him off like flirt with someone else or tease him in public
  • He’s a complete dom, there’s literally no submissive bones in this boy’s body
  • He’d only let you ride him if you were doing what he told you or if he was too tired from practice
  • But like Yoongi he’d still keep his dominance
  • Taehyung always put his tongue to good use
  • He’d love making you come more times than you can count with just his mouth and long fingers
  • He’s also a big fan of toys, preferably toys that affected you
  • He would have vibrating panties for you that he’d only use in public, watching in amusemnt as you tried to cover your whimpers
  • I f there was one thing Taehyung loved to do it was watch you pleasure yourself
  • He would sit at the foot of the bed, eyes glued to the way your fingers pumped in and out of your wet pussy
  • He would never let you finish yourself off which would frustrate you until he shoved his head between your thighs
  • The only thing that left your lips then were strained moans and whimpers
  • There would be large dents in Taehyung’s wall due to the headboard banging off it
  • Even after being scolded by Jin multiple times he still hadn’t learnt his lesson
  • He also likes you to dress up for him
  • Nothing looked better to him than to see you wrapped up in expensive lace, propped up on his bed once he came home
  • And once you two actually got down to business he would lightly choke you, loving the way your back arched of the mattress as your chest pressed against his
  • After sex he’d be really caring and would kiss all your sore spots before getting you cleaned up cuddling you until you both feell asleep
  • In conclusion Taehyung would be the most supportive and loving boyfriend anyone could ask for. Count yourself lucky ;)

2 members done! I’m really liking these so far they are really different than anything I had done ♡ I’m so happy because I accidentally deleted this and was able to get it back!!


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i feel like one of the jims would look right at the eclipse and scream FUCK YOU ECLIPSE YOUR MY BITCH.. and then he ends up curled up by the host crying bc he cant see and the host is just gently patting his head and then just calmly says ''well your eclipses bitch now''

one of the jims would do that, i feel. perhaps it was uncle jim or sneaky jim



hey i’m finally opening up commissions! i’m saving up to go to NJ next month to see Be More Chill and meet up with some of my long distance friends, so it would help me out a lot if you bought a commission! 
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i scheduled my next tattoo! luckily got fit in on Nov 4th!?

i really adore the way the roses wrap around my left arm, with such warm tones. so i want morning glories in cool colors wrapping around my right arm, in similarly abstract line work. morning glories always cheer me up, seem so up and at em & motivating, & remind me of my mom.

i am so SO excited!

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Hey so it's possible just me but the TAZ commitment theme feels like something the IPRE would use in a recruitment add with a deep voiceover about space being the final frontier

You mean like the theme song, right?? Because I can totally see that.

I bet the IPRE had some fantastic advertising because they want the best of the best, they want to attract qualified professionals who are prepared for this amazing journey.

(Davenport looks at the people they actually ended up with, who he hand-picked personally, and hopes that his gut instincts were correct because this is not what he’d pictured at the beginning of this.)

How similar do you think the first get-to-know-you meeting for the IPRE was to Commitment’s? Was there some arbitrary test, were the potential recruits split into groups for their first (of many, so many) qualifying tests? Maybe the twins were split up, maybe Taako ended up at the same table as a big guy named Magnus and a dadly dwarf named Merle and somehow, through sheer bumbling incompetence, they stumbled into the answer first. His sister’s group is next, with a mousey girl clutching a journal and a flustered nerd who keeps stumbling over his words and not looking directly at Lup. And they keep doing well, against the odds, all six of them. They keep ending up together. It seems like fate, almost, and in hindsight maybe it is.

I work at Family Dollar and I was ringing a guy up and he brought up ice cream, frozen pizzas, and soda. I made a comment about wishing that was my dinner and he said “well what are you having?” and I said “probably nothing, I’ll just go home and go to bed” I had handed back his change which included 3 $1s and he took them out and said “here take this” and I was like “that’s so sweet but I cannot take that from you” and he said “it would have to go in the drawer right?” I said “yes sir it would” and he’s like “that’s too bad, have a nice night” I said “thank you, you too”. I then told my coworker and he was like “those people make this job better.”

the Flowertot triplets: Lilac, Saffron, and Snot. children of Ina Pickle and She of Leaves, they never got over their mothers breaking up eons ago, and spend their immortality most wantonly; tearing up gardens, roughing up gardeners, joyriding pumpkins, and leaving rude messages inside peanut shells. even unrelated bad harvests are usually blamed on the Flowertots, which they don’t mind, as it boosts their street cred among the naughty deities and sub-deities.

faction: Unexplainable

Asparagus for breakfast?  Mari didn’t seem very impressed with it either, lol.  

Sorry Marisol!  Your mean Sim Goddess threw out all the food that wasn’t perfect (Luna is level 10 in everything cooking so there shouldn’t be anything but perfect!) and that meant there was nothing for breakfast left.

Hope wakes up and cleans up all the dirty dishes.  Much later, Gabe wakes up and kisses her cheek good morning.

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Is it me or does the whole SG cast and team seem to be a dysfunctional hot mess? Katie and Chyler are doing their damn best but you can only throw so much shit up before people just up and bolt. I'm watching S3 but frankly with one foot out the door. If not for Katie, I would be gone already.

Literally me as you this is exactly my feeling

Don’t let something that happened in past relationships be the reason you treat everyone afterwards like shit. Heal up, grow up. Move on.

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Where was bbrae confirmed in 2011 can you explain that please?

I was referring to the comics, specifically the run prior to the N52 reboot. Basically, this is their final scene together before the end of Teen Titans, so what I mean to say is, BBRae ended canon by 2011 (after all the messy break-ups and hook-ups, this is how it finalized), and when the N52 reboot happened, it was all scrapped.

Has been ever since, with the exception of some hints and flirtations perpetuated by DC to string fans along (all of which went nowhere).