in this photoset you can see just a fracture of all astro did in their first year as a group. things these six boys accomplished in a year is stunning. they managed to create their own fresh sound, participate in various events, become faces of brands, participate in a number of variety programs while simultaneously working to put out new music every 3-4 months. thank you for your hard work, astro. thank you fantagio for molding these six bright boys into a group and a family. thank you astro for all the happiness you made us feel over the past year. thank you for the heart-warming music you put out. thank you for making every concept about your fans. thank you for loving us unconditionally. thank you for being born. i love you more than i could express.

let’s go together forever!!

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If during the 90 minutes on Thursday Robert doesn’t have at least one small breakdown over losing his husband the day after their wedding for 12 months when he was so sure it wouldn’t be that long then me and Emmerdale are having words. I want tears. I want pain. I want devastation.

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Sabine is so fucking important y'all like:

-First major asian protagonist in mainstream Star Wars media, and first woc to be a major protagonist period (take notes Kathleen Kennedy).

-May or may not be gay coded, and is friends with a black girl who may or may not be her ex-girlfriend.

-Has a whole family of cool space asians with an interesting history and will be important in future episodes and will help liberate Mandalore ftom the Empire.

-Major mother/daughter relationships are rare in this franchise but Sabine has both Hera AND her birth mother.

-Also it’s canon her father took her mother’s surname which is also a first for Star Wars.

-So she decided she doesn’t want to lead Mandalore, but rather find someone else who is worthy, which I suspect refers to be Bo-katan. BUT Sabine COULD have lead Mandalore if she wanted to and that’s fucking awesome.

Heya! It’s been like… two months (I think, I have no idea really) since I first started doing the rp thing here and this is probably the first time I’ve ever felt so welcome while rping. I’m still a nervous wreck, but I’ve met so many wonderful people that I can’t even imagine my life without anymore and it’s hella great. I never thought anything would really come of this, but I’m so glad that it did and that I’m able to be a part of such a wonderful rp community. I love everyone so much, like seriously. But here goes the part where I mention people under a read more because I wrote way too much and I need to chill.

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