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The Signs as an Animated Goth Girl

Aries- Onyx Trollenberg (Trollz) 

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Taurus- Sam Manson (Danny Phantom) 

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Gemini- Ingrid Third (Fillmore)

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Cancer- Raven (Teen Titans) 

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Leo- Joan of Arc (Clone High) 

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Virgo- Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice: The Animated Series”)

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Libra- Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) 

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Scorpio- Gwen (Total Drama Island) 

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Sagittarius- Marceline (Adventure Time)

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Capricorn- Cassandra (Hercules: The Animated Series) 

Aquarius- Creepie Creecher (Growing up Creepy)

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Pisces- Misery (Ruby Gloom) 

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Incorporating Fashion into Comics, An Analysis Part 3(Real Brands in Fake Worlds)

Part 1

Part 2

Well here we are to part 3 of my Incorporating series. In my last post we discussed how fashion has inspired mangaka’s to create more stylish character designs while also communicating plot details and character traits through their attire. Today ’s post will be going over how some of these stories try to break down the barrier that is the fourth wall slightly by using real life fashion brands, not just as inspiration but also as an actual part of the story.

As many of you may have realized by now, I’m a huge fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and more specifically, Rohan Kishibe.

After much binge reading researching, I’ve finally read the currently released Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe side stories. They were all very well written and drawn thanks to Hirohiko Araki, however the one we’ll be discussing today is the story Rohan Goes to Gucci

This short sees Rohan traveling to the Gucci factory in Florence, Italy in order to have them “repair” his grandmother’s bag that apparently will make anything of value that is placed in it disappear. While the story itself is very enjoyable and entertaining through the whole read, how this short came to be is more interesting to me. Rohan Goes to Gucci was a three-way collaboration between Araki, Gucci and the fashion magazine Spur, which is where the short had it’s run. Due to being a collaboration with a fashion designer and a fashion magazine, the outfits and accessories shown are all real.

The Gucci bag Rohan’s grandmother gave to him.

The outfits the interpreter wears along with her purses.

The story being centered around Rohan’s journey to get his grandmother’s bag fixed was eye opening in a way. It was the first time obvious product placement really felt like it was part of the story, not just shoehorned in to get a quick buck. Araki has spent much time working on his storytelling ability as he details in his book Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Crafting Manga. This isn’t Araki’s only time giving back to the fashion world for the inspiration it’s given JoJo’s, he collaborated with Gucci again two years after the first to give us Jolyne, Fly High With Gucci!

Another short Araki created that was published in Spur, this short story features Jolyne Kujo with an altered history, at an airport awaiting a flight to Tokyo. Ten days prior to the events of this story, her mother had passed away from an illness and she recounts how before she died, her mother had her old clothes tailored to fit Jolyne. While not as on the nose about it as Rohan’s story was, Jolyne is in a way more abrupt about it without you noticing it and you can tell here he’s mastered the art of product placement for clothes.

Every outfit in the seires is part of Frida Gianinni’s 2013 collection, and recreated perfectly in Araki’s style and look fantastic on his already beautiful characters.

Another series that incorporates fashion brands into the story rather well in my opinion but does so for very obvious reasons is a new manga that has recently begun circulation. Fuku o Kiru Nara Konna Fuu ni or If You’re Gonna Dress Up, Do it Like This does this through the use of updating a wardrobe as the main plot device of the series. The main character, Yusuke is a  27 year old salary-man that goes to a class reunion one day and realizes just how bad his fashion sense is. He then asks his sister for assistance in updating his wardrobe. The series chronicles their day to day lives as she guides him through the world of fashion!

This is a cute slice of life series that has been growing on me due to how much I can relate to the main protagonist. He’s a gamer who mostly wears nothing but hoodies and jeans until he realizes that the world of fashion has so much more to offer than just that.

It also uses real life brands and stores in order to not only give the story a sense of realism, but for the manga to also double as a guide for anyone interested in learning more about men’s fashion or fashion tips and guides in general. 

If you’re looking for something light hearted and easy to read I’d recommend it. I plan to do a full analysis post on this series to discuss all the things about it that really catch my eye, as a fashion lover and as a manga lover.

That about wraps this post up, if you guys notice any mistakes I’ve made don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll change it asap. I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing my next post on, however I have a good idea and I’ve been doing a lot of research in that general direction so be sure to look out for it!! Till next time, ciao~!


Striking while that iron is hot, a year later.Found my way into a little Zootopia group, they were having Thematic weeks. Decided to jump in. First week was Sci Fi, though I guess mine is more like Cyber Punk akin to Shadowrun, but I thought it was neat. 

Second up, High Seas adventure. Went a little more wild with this one. Regardless of what I feel of the overall quality of these images, I’m more impressed upon myself that I finished them within about 3 days, which is fast for me.


So this was the adventure we went on today! A little forest hike, seeing a waterfall, finding an observation tower… excuse the lump in the last picture. But we were up really high! It was a good day. :)


“Are you sure you want to do this? Because you can still go home to the castle and spend the day with Mary and Lola.”
“I said I would do it, so I’m doing it! If this is how my husband wants to spend all his time, then I’m going to see what it’s all about.”
“And what do you think so far?”
“Oh, it’s simply fascinating. There’s a tree. There’s another tree. And look – just for something different, more trees! And dear God, it’s freezing out here. How do you bear it?”
“You adjust. There are fires in the castle.”
“Yes, there are fires! And comfort, and food, and music, but there’s not you. And that’s what I can’t live without.”
“Very well, wife. Adventure awaits. Are you ready?”
“Is there any chance adventure lurks inside? … Oh, I figured not. Let’s get on with it, then.”

reign storylines i wish had happened: in an attempt to rekindle their marriage, kenna tags along with bash on his investigations. at first she hates it (of course), but soon she gets swept up into high stakes adventuring, and bash is reminded anew of just how much he admires his dauntless and wonderful wife.