Simmered Golden Eye Snapper @ Uoshin

Mrs. CB picked a winner with this fish.  It was simmered in a sweet soy sauce in front of us by a friendly chef; while we waited for the fish, the chef cooked up some spicy bean sprouts to go with our drinks.  The meat was fresh and buttery in texture with the sauce a wonderful complement.  The whole fish ran about $20, which seemed quite reasonable.  

We picked the bones clean, but I will spare you that photo; I think only my parents would be proud of that.


Japanese cuisine is incredibly versatile when it comes to seafood – it can be prepared in a multitude of ways and cooked to different degrees (or even not at all), and sometimes it’s so fresh it’s still twitching when you get it. Though you might have to do some traveling to taste it all, if you’re simply after some fresh, delicious seafood, make a trip to Uoshin.

Uoshin (魚真) is an izakaya chain specializing in seafood – you will not find any meat on their menu. Instead, it lists dishes under various styles of preparation – raw (sashimi or sushi), fried, grilled, boiled, in a nabe, and so on – but the seafood changes seasonally, highlighting the best fish to eat at different times of the year. 

Naturally, sashimi is a must-order at Uoshin: it’s the pride of the menu, literally taking up the whole first page. You can specify by fish, but the best option is to go for the assorted sashimi platter, which comes with your choice of either four or six generous selections of different fish. In the winter, the buri kama (yellowtail collar) is also a highlight – the skin grilled with the right crispness, hiding the juicy meat underneath. Sharing about six to seven dishes between two people came out to just over 3,000 yen per person (including drinks).

The Uoshin featured in this video is the Shimokitazawa branch, but there are many more Uoshins across Tokyo, and even a dedicated sushi restaurant in Kitazawa. The Nogizaka branch is by far the most well-known for its unique bare bones design as a nod to local fish markets, but each Uoshin is unique in style, and they all make the same promise – delicious, seasonal, and fresh seafood. 

Eat up, have fun, and dance if you’re happy (preferably better than I did…)

Music: Nujabes + Fat Jon - Aruarian Dance

All photos courtesy of Emily Koh

Uoshin (Shimokitazawa)
Setagaya-Ku, Kitazawa 2-1-1
Telephone: 03-3419-5584
Monday to Saturday: 17:00 to 24:30 (Last order: 23:30)
Sundays / Holidays: 16:00 to 24:00 (Last order: 23:00)

Map link (Click me!)

Went back to Uoshin last night and found it to be packed since it was a Friday night.  Here are some shots from our last visit:


After a short wait, we were seated not far from these fish that can be grilled or simmered whole.  I found that most don’t go to the trouble of picking out a specific fish first, but Mrs. CB wanted to give it a try and see if she could find a good one.

魚真の新館がオープンしていました。シロウトにも嬉しいお店の作り(笑)。夜7時までやっているのもgood。すぐそばにはおいしい「一力とうふ」もあるし。今晩はお鍋に決定。#kyodo #uoshin #tofu (さかなや魚真)