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Request: Can you do a boyfriend mark? :3

A/N: haha,,,,im not ok

  • i feel like i’m going to end up in pain after this
  • it’s ok i gotta keep strong for u guys
  • :’-))
  • putting this under a read more!!

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I MADE A MISTAKE AND IT WILL HAUNT ME FOREVER credits to @projecttiger for the dialogues sometimes i really hate u

ok. ok so. in KHUx. the Colosseum reward this month is this. really fucking ridiculously hideous roof hat. so of course i wore it and i forgot i was going on a date in the story and then this happens (and the npc happen to look like maki)

bonus this is my party:

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade Subaru

Fanatic of night~~Fanatic of night I wanna get bloody~~

Ejem sorry xD but the opening is so perfect…anyway long time no see guys >w< but this new year was kind of sad for me because a lost all the memorie en my vita so yeah….u.u

Ok lets start with the most recent game of Diabolik lovers

I had high expectations because Vandead Carnival was so enjoyable (but at least I´m not that happy with the story). 

I started with Subaru because he is my number one favorite character :3

I like the new design of the…ammm don´t know how to call this xD hahaha but the thing that surprise me the most was that they finally call the heroine by his name (sorry I didn´t play Dark fate so I don´t know if they do that in that game).

The sub scenarios on Subaru route was kind of….dissapointing ¬.¬ yeah well the general story was stupid for me but I going to talk about of that later, just two or three sub scenarios were funny or cute.

In this sub scenario Ruki says (again this not a super good translation xD): “Sakamaki Subaru today you´re not a hikikomori”

hahaha poor Subaru in all his route there´s at least four people who call him hikikomori, for example:

The person who always hides the half of his face: Carla (seriously what the fuck with his name -.-)

Or the person who loves the neko pose: Shin (xD hahaha)

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im still a little short for my trip in july, so i thought to open some slots for busts!!!

$20 ea. and include simple bg (or transparent!) and you can specify the pose, if you want to. 

  • contact through email (ayabenchi@gmail.com) or note/asks
  • if i dont reply to your ask within 1-2 days, pls resend it! it couldve been eaten!
  • payment via paypal!! in usd!!!!
  • must pay before i start pls nd thank u
  • ok: ocs/fanart/avatars/couples/nude/furries/whatever tbh
  • no: (super) detailed/mech/the usual

thank you!! pls signal boost if you can! ` v` ♥