im pretty sure its never happened before but why is my acnl games tied to a specific 3ds. i was able to start a whole knew town on a different 3ds for some reason. i may have messed up, but changing the sd cards around didnt change anything either. its just when i uograde my own 3ds, i dont want to lose my original game

Running at The Spa

This is the first week I haven’t travelled for work all year. So instead of hotel treadmills I get to run on the treadmill at home or Lifetime Fitness.

A few years ago I talked Beth into uograding to a Diamond membership so I could train at Lifetime’s Minnetonka Spa. Because it’s a Diamond club it’s never very crowded and the 2 lane lap pool is always warm and empty. Best of all they have full size lockers - I take 2 and spread out. I’m not a country club kind of guy but having a Diamond membership (subsidized by Beth’s coaching for Lifetime) is a perk I enjoy.

5 miles tonight at my 10k pace, 7:30. That’s a very challenging pace for me and reminded me that some of my Tumblr friends are crazy fast. @danagoesthedistance, @seechrisrun and @trekrider83 I’m looking at you.