uofc elections

When I walked past this poster yesterday, ‘respect’ had been removed, and 'she’ was replaced by 'science’. I’ve kind of being stewing on this since these posters first popped up, trying to find a way to articulate my feelings about it.

I just feel like this campaign is so representative of the attitude that so many men, both generally and at the U of C in particular, have towards women in the sciences. Do you think that this fucking idiot would have continued with this campaign after being told over and over by multiple people how incredibly sexist, demeaning, and offensive it is towards women if he was at all concerned about getting women to vote for him? Of course not! If he actually took the women in this department seriously, if he gave any thought to our concerns, he wouldn’t have put those campaign posterns up in the first place. And if, by some serious error in judgement he had, he would have taken them down the fucking second that people started speaking out against them. But he didn’t, choosing instead to show complete disregard for a large segment of the people he’s claiming to want to represent, rather than just admitting that he was wrong. And I honestly wish I was more surprised by that, but to a lot of men in the science department women might as well be completely invisible, and I am sick of it. I am so goddamn tired of being ignored.

I’m tired of being met with surprise every time I tell someone that I’m a computer science major.

Of hearing “Oh, I assumed you were an arts student”, or

“I didn’t know girls took that”, or

“What made you choose that?” In that condescending tone you know they’d never use on a man.

I’m sick of hearing about 3rd and 4th year courses with no women in them at all, and worrying about the dude bros I’m going to have to work with on projects for the next three years of my life. 

I’m sick of being asked if I’m the only girl in my class, or the prettiest, or how many girls there are in my program, and how many of those are asian or attractive or young or why there aren’t more girls in this program, as if that wasn’t glaringly obvious. 

And on top of all of that, the last fucking thing I need is some cocky asswipe claiming to want to represent my interests that refuses to treat me with even the most basic level of respect.