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Love Is... (Part II of II)

A/N: This is the second and final part of this scenario! ^__^ Enjoy!

Pairing: You x Kai

Summary: When he breaks up with you because he’s afraid to love you

Three weeks later

Is this what love was supposed to feel like? Pain, searing through not only my heart, but my entire being? My hands trembled by my sides before I clamped them around my glass of Jack Daniels and coke, eyes blinking rapidly as my table of friends glanced around awkwardly.

I shouldn’t have come out tonight. But after almost a month of moping, I had decided that I couldn’t do this to myself anymore. I couldn’t let myself wither away like that just because of Jongin.

Except he was never ‘just’ Jongin, was he? He was the love of my life, the most important person to me. Without him, I had no meaning.

And of course I had to bump into him at the club. I had to see him standing by the bar, talking to that tall, beautiful, model-like woman who flirted and laughed with him whilst I sat some distance away, unnoticed by Jongin and close to bursting into tears.

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Doe Makeup tutorial: 10 Easy Steps

Step one: Prep

Start off by pulling your hair back and washing your face. We need a clean surface so our make up with glide on seamlessly. I chose to go with Neutrogena’s  pink grape fruit exfoliator. This is great to scrub away grit and grime.

External image

This leads us to our next preparation step.

Make sure to apply a primer to your face to help make up apply smoothly. I like L'Oreal’s perfecting base due to my oily skin.

If you have dry skin I highly recommend Monistat chafing cream for a matte finish that is gentle on dry and sensitive skin.

Step : White out

Now apply a matte white Halloween costume make up cream. Really any formula will work, I personally purchased mine from the dollarma. Apply the cream make up down the bridge of your nose, under your eyes and just below your brows

Step 3: Powder

Chose a brown pressed powder approximately two shades darker than your natural skin tone. I chose Cover Girls “clean” pressed powder in the shade 165 “Tawny”. Apply along your hair line, your cheeks and along your jawline with an angled brush, and blend out with a fluffy kabuki brush.

Now, contour both sides of your nasal bridge with the shade of pressed powder before.

Step 4: Polka dot spots

Place some of the cream white makeup onto the back of your hand and apply dots of said makeup on your forehead and onto your cheek bones

Step 5: Brows

Now define and fill in your brows, personally when it comes to brows Ink the bigger is better. Think  Audrey Hepburn. Defining your brows will frame your face. For this look I like ELF cosmetics  brow kit, which you can get at any drug store for under 5$., but any brown pencil or even a dark eye shadow will work.

Step 6: Button Nose

Now draw on a small button nose with your favourite black eye liner. I personally recommend using a black pencil liner, and then a black liquid liner on top so your nose will lost longer through out the night.

Step 7: Doe eyes

 Pick up your favourite liner and create chic cat eye, now from the point  recede back and draw in the crease of you eye to a achieve a double winged liner, similar to twiggy. Just like your nose, I recommend using a pencil liner under and a liquid on top for a long lasting effect.

Step 8: As above below

Repeat an elongated version of the swiping motion you used above your eyes  to below in order to mirror the look. Optional: Draw in some doe like lashed to complete this look near the outer corner of your eye. Now accentuate the button nose with a tiny curve.

Eye Items used: Elf Cosmetics liquid liner

Too faced: better than sex mascara

Grandoise by Estee Lauder

Ste 9:

Apply a few coats of mascara and apply your lipstick of choice. You can also draw in a little  crease above your nose with your pressed powder from before or some dark eye shadow.

Step 10: Powder and finish

Set with translucent powder and you’re done