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Seven Minutes In Heaven (Jeremy Heere x Reader)

I wrote this originally for a request but i strayed from the prompt so far that it literally doesn’t fit it at all so,,,,I’m just positing it on it’s own and i’ll write the requested one later this week or something

Warnings: swearing, underage drinking, like,,, making out (it’s not nsfw tho it’s pretty tame)

Word Count: 1597

Requests: Open :-)

To say your friends were drunk would be an understatement. The eight of you were coming down from the emotional high of your senior homecoming, but from the looks of it Chloe had yet to come down from the four shots of peppermint vodka she downed ‘as a pregame’ before leaving from the dance.

Of course, you weren’t exactly one to talk, having drank about as much as the rest of them, indulging in some teenage irresponsibility as a way of celebrating your last homecoming. As Rich emerged from Jake’s kitchen with yet another handle of vodka, you couldn’t help but feel like the night would either be one lost as a result of all of you blacking out, or one that would live in infamy.

You were pouring about a shot and a half into a half empty sprite when Jenna emerged from the bathroom, holding her clutch up like a trophy.

“Let’s play seven minutes in heaven!” She said, a wicked smile on her face as she looked at me. My heart sped up a bit, knowing that she would find a way to get me into a closet with Jeremy.

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First time with Jungkook (Special for his Birthday)

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-Wake up Jagi!

A voice hums nearby, and I feel my head will explode soon, as the light from the curtains increases.

-Shut up, Jungkook!

He laughs deep and uncovers me, I turn quickly.

-Go to hell.

I murmur, and move to find a better position. I noticed a weight rise on the bed again, and I know it’s him, lift my shirt from behind, so that my back is in the air.

-I’ve prepared breakfast.

He whispers, stroking the lower part of my back with his fingers, making figures on my skin.

-Then eat it and leave me.

I growled, and he laughs.

-Why are you in a bad mood, what did I do to you?

App his lips to my ear, then down to my neck, his lips do not peel off my skin.

-You know perfectly well what.

He lets out a laugh and I could hit him hard on his face for idiot, he does that on purpose, although I do not really bother to hear him laugh. I love to hear his laugh when he is with me.

-You wanted to come and spend the night with me, remember?

Grumbling, knowing it’s true. Jungkook yesterday proposed going to the beach he discovered a few days ago and being able to celebrate his birthday and it seemed like a good idea. But now, after a night with snot and lots of sneezing, the idea is not so attractive. I spin to get him out of bed, but he does not move. His mouth is inches from mine and he begins to laugh. Then he speaks again, his lips on mine.

-Move, dress, and go down. I do not want to be late for the practice because of you.

He kisses my nose.

-I would, but I have a idiot on top of me. I have an alarm clock, you know?

I tickle the ribs with my fingers to pull away. He laughs and gets up. I throw my pillow at him and he catches her with his hands.

-Yes, I know, I gave it to you and you do not use it.

-Yes, I use it

I throw another pillow at him and he catches her again.

-You’re always late if I do not wake you up, ____.

He comes up to me, and he catches me in his arms, down the stairs I protesting and he laughing.

-Hi, Mom.

Jungkook smiles and sets me down on the stool next to the kitchen counter. He sits down next to me, and brings me the cereal.

-Hello, children.

She smiles, she is already accustomed to Jungkook being always affectionate to me, even more than I am.

-Did you sleep well?

Jungkook smiles sarcastically.

-Yes, of course.

He knows perfectly well that I did not sleep well, but I do not say anything. I do not want his Mom to find out where we went last night. She smiles and picks up her purse from the table and walks out the door. She is usually away from home for her job or whatever, so it is not surprising her quick escapes.

-Yes, I had a good time yesterday, Jungkook, thank you.

I kissed his cheek and he blushed.

-How can you continue to blush Jungkook?

-Do not laugh at me Jagi.

-Okay babyboy.

After breakfast I let him take me back to the room, because I know he loves it.

-You really seem to like me in my arms.

I whisper against his neck.He smiles and kisses my head, then holds me tighter.

-Yes, I like it.

He puts me to bed and I lie down, too tired to protest.

-Come here.

He says, reaching out to me and undressing me. First the blouse and then the pants.

-You’re so beautiful.

Kisses that go down to my neck , then to my collarbone.

-So beautiful.

He says again. Jungkook takes off his shirt, then his pants, and we’re both in our underwear.

-I want you so much.

He Kiss me, very strong. I open my mouth, to let his tongue pass, and he smiles slyly at my offer, plays entertainingly as he moves us across the bed, placing me now on top of him. He finishes taking off the boxers, and looks at me. His erection against my waist.

-We do not have to do anything you do not want Jagi.

He says, and I groan in frustration.

“No, I’m ready, I want this, a lot.

I kiss his lips again, and he continues to undress me. He smiles at me with amazement and something else. I do not know what, but it makes me smile too. It looms over me, and it unzips my black bra. Then his breathing changes, more erratic.

-You’re beautiful, ____ .

Kiss my breasts, then my nipples. The feeling is wonderful. His lips are around one, and his fingers rubbing the other. I notice how hard it becomes to his touch. Then he makes a path of kisses to my waist, and penetrates a finger inside me, completely ignoring the existence of my panties, he caresses my clitoris for a few moments, and finally takes off my panties. After he gets up and takes out an envelope silver color of a drawer of the bedside table. As he puts the condom into his erection, without taking my eyes off me, I feel his skin rub against mine but I do not move.

Were his eyes always so dazzling?


He whispers, I seat and close my eyes. He holds me with both hands by the hips and gently lifts me, rubs with the head of his penis my entrance, as if expecting something.

-What happen?

My voice is hoarse, and excited. Jungkook is staring at me.

“Are you a virgin?”

He whispers and I blush.


He looks pleased for some reason, and kisses the tip of my nose. Then it penetrates me, it is soft, but it still feels so different, so full. Let me get used to it for a few seconds, then start to ram it up, with slow and deep movements, then they are faster, urgent, and shallow. He kisses my shoulder and continues with strong thrusts, I moan and cling to his back, scratching it with his nails.

-I want … more.

He looks at me puzzled but nods, and continues, very strong and hard. I move with him and kiss his skin, whatever it is, I want to kiss him. In a kind of dead time for my head, my body collapses around him as I notice how he also contracts and then releases. Satisfied.

- I think you’re going to be late for practice but happy birthday my babyboy.

Happy Birthday Jungkook  

Gif are not mine/ Request are open

A wild piece of Life Chapter 8 (Final Chapter)

Summary:SMUT!!!!!!!!!! also, “daddy” usage, oral (giving and receiving), car sex. Angst at the end.


*clears throat* It’s smut, you don’t like, don’t read. Just skip, this is a reward for everyone who loves:

  • Negan
  • SMut
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Negan smut
  • Read every single chapter

So thank you and enjoy.

This is part of @embracetheapocalypsewithme ‘s 400 follower challenge.

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You showed how brave you are by kissing him first, he was taken aback. He pulled away, his eyes read unsure, guilt and you pulled away thinking you did something wrong. 

“I’m sorry..” You looked down at your intertwined fingers. 

He shook his head slowly and asked, “you don’t have to apologize…you caught me off guard babe.” he chuckles, “Normally I make the move, I never thought you were going to do it.”

You stayed silent, fighting off the tears. 

Now he was the one to get closer, “Tell me…do you want this?” He softly asked, his hand placing on yours. 

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One Year Anniversary

Mature content be advised! 

1.7k  Jaebum/Taehyung smut

(Threesome MMF bisexual)

I wrote this for a dear friend and she okayed it to be posted. enjoy

want one? message me what and who you want(doesn’t have to be kpop idols)  

first one go easy on me. 

(fluff/smut/angst/i do it all)

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A Night In || Kian Lawley Smut

“Are you done yet?”, Kian cocked a brow before turning to face you. The two of you had been fighting.. again. You scoffed as you did a half turn in front of the mirror, tight dress accentuating each and every curve in the best way. Hair styled to perfection and makeup done. “Almost. Be patient.” He rolled his eyes before pulling you in and holding you close, his hips brushing against your own. “I’m not really known for my patience, Babe.” One side of your lips curved up into a faint smirk, in which was easily hidden by your curls as you turned away for a.moment.

His lips meet yours as he takes a step back and pulls you onto the bed with him. “Let’s stay in tonight…” You sigh, secretly loving the idea but not wanting him to know. You hated the idea of being that transparent. “Stay in? But fidnt you tell your friends we’d be there—” Another kiss. His hand reaching around the slowly unzip the long zipper along the center of your back. “Don’t worry about them.” His ‘offer’ was tempting, and the look in his eyes made it extremely hard to even look away. Almost instinctively, your lips met his, hungrily melting against his own. Hands clinging to his shirt as he rolled, pinning you beneath him. Kian’s eyes were dark lustful; silently urging you to do as he asked. Of course, you had no problem with that. Slipping out of your dress, you grinned…hand grazing his obvious bulge.He moaned in response, kisses now trailing down your neck before he nipped at your collarbone. His hands eagerly unzipped your bra, gazing at you eagerly. Both unclothed, you wrap you legs around his waist as he thrusts into you. His body shaking as you moved together. Your name passing his lips with every stir of the hips. Holding onto his hand, you both released after a few moments and rode out your highs together. Breathless sighs filling the room as he collapsed at your side. Needless to say…you didn’t need to go out to have fun.

Poor Carl- Daryl Dixon (Smut)

Daryl x reader smut


Love your blog by the way babe!! Can you write a DarylxReader oneshot? Like where the reader and Carl have a prank war going on so he sneaks into her room to read her journal, but than the reader and Daryl come into the room so he has to hide under the bed, while the reader and Daryl and like fooling around on the bed. Sorry if that’s really specific :( Keep writing you’re amazing!! XX

Warning: This is smut XD

Carl tried to control his breathing as he felt the bed dip on top of him. Your diary was clutched in his hand and regrets flooded in his head. All he wanted to do was take your diary and embarrass you but that all took a turn when you had come back and a certain redneck was with you and he had to stuff himself under the bed.

Daryl let out a small and quite laugh. “What’s so funny?” “You.” He only answered a little smile across his lips. Your confused face only made him laugh again, gaining a soft punch against his arm from you. “Asshole!” you chuckle, unable to hide your grin. “Now that hurt my feelings, (y/n)!” Daryl snickered, letting himself fall with his back on the bed. “Your poor, poor feelings." You smirk and straddle his hips, connecting your lips with his almost instantly.

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Movies, Games and Food

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Requested: YES

Requested by anonymous: I am a big fan of you. You my friend are talented. Could you do one with, your long term friend Isaac, at your house alone watching tv but it turns out Isaac has feelings for you. Could you start with a lot of fluff then moderate smut? Thank chooo.


WORDS: 1,164


A/N: I changed a little bit! Isaac is my baby and I want to protect him from de world btw thank you so much baby. I really hope you like it.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

I knocked the door and prayed that Mrs. Lahey didn’t open the door. I opened my eyes and I saw Isaac with a big smile on his face. I hugged him.

“Come in.”

Isaac closed the door and I looked around.

“He’s not home. We have the whole house for us.” He smiled.


“Ok. So, I got some movies and games, I also bought some food.”

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Just Tonight | Theo Raeken Imagine

request: by tanyaprerananairHey could you make a theo smut for me where I’m the new girl in school that just came from New Zealand and is a true alpha just like Scott and he kidnaps me and ties me up and fucks me basically and then starts having feelings for me? Sorry that was really long but your blog is awesome ❤️ and you can add my name in it if you want 😁 thanks anyways

word count: 1597

warnings: smut; rough sex; kidnapping

A/N: i know it’s kinda short and i’m not that good at smut but i like the way it turned out and i hope you do too

Could there be anything worse than the first day of school? For you, there was. It was your first day at a new school. After two whole years of fighting, your dad decided to leave your step mother and of course, you would accompany him. But how should you have known that he wanted to move to a small town, like Beacon Hills? You were from New Zealand and you were different from the people here. They were all human, at least the ones you had met so far, except for you. You were a werewolf. But not a simple werewolf, like an omega or a beta, no, you were a true alpha and of course you had to find a new pack. However you were sure that you wouldn’t find a single werewolf in Beacon Hills. “Y/N, sweetie?”, your dad called. “You have to go. You don’t want to be late to your first day at school, do you?”, he added. “No, of course not”, you lied and made your way downstairs. When your dad’s car stopped in front of the school, you heard how you heart skipped a beat. You said goodbye to your dad and entered the hallway. “Ah, Ms. Y/L/N?”, a voice asked. You turned around and saw a woman running towards you. “Hello, my name is Mrs. Morell and I’m your french teacher and that’s exactly your first lesson”, she smiled. “This”, she handed you a paper. “Is your timetable. Your first lesson starts at 8 o'clock, so if you don’t mind you can follow me to the class room?”, she offered, still smiling this big smile. You nodded and followed her. When the bell rang, Mrs. Morell clapped her hands and pulled you in front of the class. “Everybody, this is your new class mate: Y/N Y/L/N”, she announced and pointed at a seat next to a black-haired boy. “Hey, I’m Scott”, he mumbled and smiled. “Hi”, you replied and started unpacking your things. There didn’t happen anything spectacular while school: you talked to a few students and of course you had to stand in front of every class while the respective teacher presented you to the others. When your last lesson ended, you let out a sigh of relief and left the building. You had to wait for your dad who would pick you up  and that’s when you heard Scott talk to some others. “I’m 100% sure she’s a werewolf. I mean look at her”, a skinny, brown-haired boy said. “Me too, but I think there’s something else”, Scott uttered. You smiled. “Hey Scott, you want to know what? I’m a true alpha", you whispered, aware of the fact that Scott was able to hear you. You looked at him and your eyes changed from their normal color into a dark red. Scott smirked and began to talk to his friends again. After half an hour of waiting, you gave up and decided to walk home by yourself. You took out your iPod and started to listen to some music, when suddenly you felt a dull pain at the back of your head and everything turned black. After… you weren’t sure for how many hours or days you blacked out, but you woke up and the first thing you smelled was a disgusting smell of some chemicals. “Oh, the alpha is awake”, someone noticed and you saw a blurry face in front of yours. “W-Who are… y-you?”, you tried to say but you couldn’t help yourself and started to stutter. “I’m Theo Raeken, just a simple omega”, he explained and smirked. You blinked a few times, before you were able to see clear. “And what do you want from me, Theo Raeken?”, you said as you had found your voice again. “I just wanted to make sure if Scott’s telling the truth about you being a true alpha”, he mumbled and caressed your hair. When he touched you, you started to growl and your eyes turned red. “Obviously he is”, Theo said, more to himself. You looked at him. He was handsome, like he was really hot. You started inspecting his soft lips and wondered how they would feel on yours. Your eyes wandered to his toned chest under a tight black shirt. “I can hear your heart racing”, Theo murmured, his hot breath meeting your ear and making you shiver. “Well, I think you’re really beautiful, Y/N”, he whispered and pulled you up, just to lay you down on a mattress. He picked up a rope from the floor and in next to no time, your hands were tied up to the bed. Theo smashed his lips into yours, causing you to moan into his mouth. His hands were on your hips and you wanted to touch him, but you couldn’t. He pulled away and kissed your neck, nibbling your soft skin. When he found your sweet spot, he started to suck it, sending shivers down your legs. His right hand found its way to one your you boobs and he started squeezing it harshly. Theo removed his lips from you, just to pull down your shirt and unzip your bra, leaving your upper body completely naked. He smirked when he saw that your nipples were already hard. He pinched one of your nipples in his right hand while sucking greedily at the other one. You shrugged which made Theo pinching your nipple even harder, before doing exactly the same thing to your other nipple. You groaned but he closed your mouth with his lips pressing harshly against yours. He removed his hand from your nipple and took off his shirt, so you could admire his toned chest. “Like what you see?”, he asked and winked at you. One off his hands was still on your hip, as the other one slid down to your pants to undo them along with your panties. He spreaded your legs and looked down at your wet warmth. “God, beautiful”, he mumbled. His lips started to kiss the inside of your thighs causing you to moan his name loudly. Suddenly one of his fingers ran over your clit and all you could think about was how bad you wanted him inside of you. “Theo, please, just enter me”, you whispered and he smiled. He stood up and took off his jeans with his underwear, presenting his large erection to you. Before you could even think about it, Theo’s dick was at your entrance, rubbing against it. One of his hands got to your ass and he started squeezing it roughly while pressing his lips against yours again. He bit your lower lip but you had already opened your mouth to let his thick tongue slide inside of it. Without a warning Theo thrusted his full length into you and you tried to hold back the tears. You wrapped your legs around his waist, causing him to get deeper. He thrusted into you like that’s all he ever wanted. His thrusts were rough and fast and you were still trying to figure out what was predominant: the pain or the pleasure, he gave to you. “G-God, The-eo”, you moaned when he hit that one spot again and again. “I-I can’t hold back anymore”, you screamed and suddenly Theo pulled himself out. You looked at him with confusion before you felt his tongue at your clit. He locked his eyes with yours, admiring the pleasure he was giving to you. He drew circles around your clit before he started dipping his tongue into you roughly. You were pushed over the edge a few seconds later, moaning Theo’s name while he was licking up your sweet juices. When Theo fell down next to you, you felt exhausted. He untied you and said: “You’re free to go, Y/N. But maybe we can do this again another time” You smirked and dressed yourself again before you left Theo alone. “Oh my God, where the hell where you?”, you father screamed when you arrived at home. “Um, I was with some friends”, you answered. Your father sighed. “You could’ve at least told me”, he said and smiled. “I’m sorry but my battery was depleted”, you excused. You didn’t see Theo for over a month and you started to feel lonely. Not that you hadn’t found friends but wanted Theo and only Theo. After school you got upstairs and went to your room to do the rest of your homework, when you realized him. “Hey”, he said sitting on your bed. “Theo? Where were you?”, you asked and hugged him. “I had to… think”, he explained. “About what?”, you wanted to know, still being in his arms. “I know this may sound strange, because I don’t really know you, but… I like you. I mean I really like -”, he was cut off by you pressing your lips against his. “I know what you mean, Theo. I feel like we knew each other since forever and I like you too”, you said. “I’m in love with you, Theo”, you added and looked up shyly. Theo smiled. “I’m usually not the guy for relationships”, he whispered. “I know, Theo. You just want a nice fuck and then you never want to see this person again”, you said bitterly. “Yeah, usually. But with you it’s different. I want you, Y/N. I love you”, he told you and again he gave you butterflies in your stomach. He leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss. This kind of kiss, you would like to never end.

Embarrassing Encounter

This is for the drabble game! Can I get number 8 and 65 with Taehyung? It can be smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) love the blog btw!! 💕💕 


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 Pairing: V (Taehyung) x Reader

Word Count: 634

“Stay over.”

“I didn’t realize you were there.”

“Stay over?“ Your eyes widened at the statement your boyfriend made. He chuckled once he saw the look on your face. He nodded and brought his lips to yours giving you a quick peck. 

“Yeah, stay over. Spend the night. Stay.” Taehyung’s voice deepened and you couldn’t help but feel all the nerves wrack themselves all over your body. You nodded slowly gaining a big smile on his face. “Good. I’m going to go shower but go ahead and grab one of my shirts to sleep in tonight, I won’t be long.” Taehyung said as he pointed over to his dresser where all his shirt’s were. You nodded and got up to grab one, you picked one randomly quickly throwing your shirt you were wearing off and onto his bed along with your bra. You unzipped your jeans removing them as well and grabbed a pair of his sweats he had, rolling the waist band of them up a couple of times so that they would fit you properly. They hugged your hips but they were still comfortable.

You decided to run down to the kitchen. You were rummaging through the fridge when you heard a cough come from behind you. Turning around the fridge door slammed shut and a pair of lips met yours pressing you in between the fridge and the body of who was kissing you. Immediately you knew who’s lips were on your own. His heart beat faster and faster as his hands lay upon your hips squeezing them every so often. He was content with right now, he was happy with the moment the both of you were in. The space evaporated around you two allowing him to forget about everything that was going on. 

His hands tightened on your hips and pulled you up and spun you around so you were now sitting on the kitchen counter. Your legs wrapped around his waist pulling him in closer. You felt his hardening member against your clothed core and you wanted nothing more than to be stripped of all clothing and be against his bare chest. Your hands ran up his chest feeling every muscle on his body. Your hands made there way behind his neck and pulling him in closer to you. 

His hands ran down from your hips and slipped his hands under the waist band of the sweats. His lips detached from yours and immediately latched to the skin of your neck, his fingers made it’s way down and rubbed against your heat, slipping themselves under the thin fabric that covered them. You moaned out as the friction from his fingers came in contrast with his tongue running over your neck, you could feel the smirk that made it’s way on his face. 

“You’re already so wet jagi.” Taehyung whispered. Before you could answer he plunged two of his fingers deep in your core and quickly curving them. You let out a small moan biting your lip so you didn’t make too much noise. You brought your lips back onto his kissing him hard yet with so much passion. 

Your hands moved from his neck to his shoulders gripping them and letting out a loud groan as he inserted a third fingers. Your head went back in bliss but your body ran cold when you heard the click of the kitchen door open and met the eyes of Jin. You two held a stare for a couple seconds before Taehyung noticed you tense up and he immediately thought he had hurt you.

“Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?” Your eyes met his once Jin escaped from sight slamming the door. Tae’s head snapped back then went back to you. 

“I didn’t realize you were there! I’m sorry!” Jin’s voice yelled from the living room, soon hearing loud footsteps going up the stairs.

“Jin stopped by…”

Safe Haven- Daryl Dixon (Part Two) (Smut)

Part one


Please do a part 2 of Safe Haven ahh it was wonderful! Can you maybe do it where they’re older in the apocalypse and its ends up being smutty or something lmao?

Warnings: Mention of abuse, smut, mild fingering, dom daryl, neck biting.

You don’t need to read part one to understand this but this is part two

This is trash 

“Daryl! That one was mine.” You scowl shooting down another walker. You had been shooting walkers for the past hour now trying to past some time as it gets very boring being on watch.

“Nope. That bad boy was mine.” He said nudging you so you miss your shot.

You and Daryl had always been close. He was the only one that you could complain to and you were the only one he could talk to about his problems.

When the prison fell you were separated but when you met up again when the group came to Alexandria toy decided to settle down in this new safe haven.

“Do that again and I swear.” Daryl teased as you nudged him again.

“Swear what?” you smirk.

He came close to you and rested his forehead against yours. “I think you know.” He growled squeezing your ass. You ran your hands up his back, under his shirt. Feeling the scars that lived there.

Your shift flew by quite quickly and as soon as you made it to the bedroom his lips were on yours.

“You were a asshole today” you chuckle, unable to hide your grin.

“Now that hurt my feelings, (y/n)!” Daryl snickered, letting himself fall with his back on the bed. You smirk and straddle his hips, connecting your lips with his almost instantly.

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Do you think I’m gay?

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Requested by amebee16: Hey I was just wondering if you could do an image for me? I’ve read all you images and oh my god best images ever! I was wondering if you could do a smut with Y/N and Stiles and she thinks he’s gay and they have a sleep over and then they sleep in the same bed and it gets a bit smutty and then Y/N realises and starts teasing him and they do it. Maybe Scott walks in on them then leaves with a massive grin on his face and sends Stiles a cheeky text after they finish 😂 it would be a real honour if you did this for me! Thank you! Loves ya! 💖


WORDS: 794


A/N: Aw thanks. I’m happy that you liked it. I changed your imagine a little bit; I hope you enjoy it!

Y/N P.O.V.

“Hey, are you ready?” Stiles smiles.


We enter in his jeep and we drove us to his house.

“Oh, hey, Y/N.” Sherriff Stilinski waved.


“Dad, she’s going to sleep here today. We’re going to do the history project. Ok?”

Sherriff Stilinski smirked and nodes before leaving the house.

“Be safe.” He yelled.

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anonymous asked:

"Uhh you know, my mom is inviting you for dinner so.." nkmk

“Excuse me; what now?”

Maki shook her head in disbelief; she’s repeated it over ten times now and she knew Nico was just trying to pretend she didn’t hear in the hopes that Maki didn’t actually say it. She did it all the time when the younger girl said something Nico didn’t like.

“I’m sure you’re not that stupid,” Maki commented, making the older girl’s nose flare up in irritation. “I know you heard what I said.”

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Naughty Little School Girl Part 3

Chris Motionless AU Smut 

So I’ve been asked to now do a part 3. Okay so here is a run down of whats happening. Christopher Cerulli is a heavily tattooed, pierced emo high school music teacher. He is currently having a fling with one of his year 12 students. Of course no one knows about it except them. They have only fucked twice but the heat is building up. Chris has invited her over to his place for a root instead of school so here it is Part 3 of Naughty Little School Girl.

Y/N = Your Name 

You couldn’t  believe where you were standing right now. You were inside your music teachers lounge room. You and Chris had fucked twice now and you still couldn’t believe it. The very moment you first saw Chris you knew you wanted him to be more than just your music teacher but you never thought anything would come of it. But here you were standing in his lounge room while he fumbled around in his kitchen getting you a glass of water. You were so nervous even though you had already done this with him there was something different about being in his house. It all seemed more real, Chris walked out of the kitchen and into the lounge room holding two glasses of water. He put them on the table and sat down on the lounge, he tapped the spot next to him for you to come over and sit beside him. You walked over and sat down, he leaned over and started kissing you. 

Your tongues battled for dominance and you felt his hand rub your tit through your top. “I love not having to worry about being caught, and best thing is we can make all the noise we want” Chris laughed while he rubbed your inner thigh. “I’m so glad you felt the same way about me” he added “of course I did, I’ve wanted you from the beginning but you were my teacher, I didn’t think anything could happen.” “Well by rights it really shouldn’t, but how could I resist you, you’re so sexy” he moved his hand toward your throbbing core, he slowly unzipped your jeans and pulled then down. He then pulled off your panties and threw them onto the floor. He started circling your wet clit as he bit your neck “you’re so irresistible” he said between bites. “Oh Chris it feels so good” he added one finger and pumped it in and out.

He then pulled off his shirt and yours too, you rubbed his hard cock through his pants and unzipped them while he continued to finger you. You pulled downs his pants and boxers letting his enormous cock spring out. You sat and massaged it while he pleasured you, both of you quietly moaning under your breath. Chris unclipped your bra then picked you up and walked you into his bedroom. He slowly placed you on his bed, “you still wanna go doggy style?” you asked while getting on your hands and knees, “fuck yes.” Chris lined himself at your entrance and slowly pushed his length into your wet folds, he grabbed a handful of your hair and started thrusting into you. His pounding became harder and faster, he bit your shoulder blades while squeezing you tits. “You’re so perfect” he moaned, the room filled with the sound of slapping skin and both of your loud moans. “Oh god Chris, faster” you begged, he thrusted faster into and hit your g-spot every time. 

“Say my name Y/N”, “CHRIS !!!” you screamed his name as he pounded into you. “I’m going to….” “me too Y/N” you both reached your climax and Chris pulled out and plonked himself on the bed, you lay down next to him and both tried to catch your breath. You go up and walked over to the door of his room, “where are you going?” he asked “to get changed” “you don’t have to go you know, I want you to stay the night” Chris said as he sat up. “Really?” “yeah of course I do”, you walked back over to the bed and Chris pulled you down so that you were laying next to him again. “I wish you could stay with me forever” he added you ran your hands down his chest and traced over his tattoos. “I wish I could too” “well you’re staying the night right?” Chris asked while pulling you in closer to him. “Yeah I think I will” you cuddled into his chest and he started playing with your hair. “Good, I’m glad" 

Earned It - Calum Hood (smut)

It wasn’t that I hated my job, I mean it could be worse, I could be a stripper or a prostitute. But my job was better, it was similar, but better. You know that Cher movie, Burlesque? Yeah well I’m one of those dancers. It wasn’t a bad job, it gets me through paying my bills and rent on time. Sometimes I think it might’ve been best to continue living with my parents at 18, but my house my rules.

Work is usually the same, some new faces, some regulars. And of course almost every person in the room were middle-aged business men that probably have wives and children at home, but its not like they’re cheating is it?

But tonight was different, there was a new face, a younger face. The first performance of our new Fifty Shades set was when I saw him sitting at the side of the room not too far from the back. Part of my job is to make the audience feel involved, so I didn’t think twice of making eye contact with the dimly lit face. I wanted to know more, why was he here? He only looked a year older than me at most.

Another part of my job was making conversation with the audience, when other sets were on I’d be a waitress and company. It was the bartender, who I would consider a friend, that pushed me to go say hi. I went to sit next to him, scooting myself quite close to his body on the booth like seat.

“I’ve not seen you here before,”

“Thought I’d come check it out/”

“Well, what do you think?”

“It’s good.”

“Favourite set?”

“Definitely your Fifty Shades,” he smirked at me and I basked in the compliment, grinning wide. His arm went over my shoulders, “So whats your name?”

“Y/N, yours?”

“Calum, can I ask why you work here? Like it just doesn’t seem like the place most girls dream of working.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “It pays the bills.”


We talked until I had to excuse myself for my final set of the night. When I got off the stage and got ready to leave, putting on a hoodie and jeans, I was met outside the stage door. “I want to offer you a night of pleasure,” Calum held out a flower, a plastic one, that he took from the lobby. I took it from him and looked him in the eyes. He wasn’t bad looking, why not?

I simply nodded once and took his hand, as he dragged me to his car. He was parked a few metres away from the front entrance. I was pushed against the side of the car, his lips attaching themselves to mine before I could even figure out what was happening. My mouth let him in, and it wasn’t long until he pulled away and moved down to my neck. Biting down just before I pushed him off me.

I heard Calum unlock the car and I turned to open the door and get in, my breathing heavy. Calum instead of getting in the drivers seat he got in the back seat and I knew why. I rolled my eyes and got out, to climb in the back of his car, leaving my bag in the passenger seat.  I moved to sit in the middle seat next to Calum, before he turned to me and tipped me back. I had to shift my body down as I laid down so I wouldn’t hit my head on the car door.

As I lay back on the seat Calum was leaning over me, my legs wrapping around his waist. His lips returned to my neck as he kissed and licked down my neck. My hoodie was soon unzipped revealing my bra. I tugged the arms of the hoodie off and dropped it onto the floor and Calum took off his tshirt. When he returned I pulled his lips to mine with the back of his neck and Calum’s hands were soon moving to unclip my bra and pull it off.

Once it was on the floor my hands went for Calum’s jeans, unbuttoning them, him doing the same with mine. I pushed Calum up, off of me and we both undid our jeans and struggled to pull them off in the small space. Once both of them were off Calum was once again over me, his hands trailing gently down my sides to my hips, slowly pulling down my knickers. I was left naked once I kicked them off and Calum was soon to pull his own boxers down and off onto the car floor.

I was wet and ready for this to get to the good part already. Calum lined himself up with myself as I wrapped my legs, once again, around his waist. I pulled his head towards mine as he met our hips at a slow pace. Slowly, he dragged himself out of me as I let out a shaky breath. It wasnt long before I moaned out “faster Cal,” and sure enough faster he went. Our breathing was light and fast, both of our highs reaching closer and closer.

Calum nipped and kissed at my neck as I couldn’t keep the moans from escaping my lips. “Calum, I’m gonna-”

“Me too, you first.” Calum’s hand dropped to my clit, moving it in slow circles, but picking up the pace as Calum was getting closer to his high. I almost screamed when I came, Calum moving his lips to mine messily as we tried to keep it low-key parked in a car outside on a regular street. My head fell back once I had done as Calum pulled out and stroked himself twice before cumming all over my stomach.

Calum struggled to keep himself from crushing me as he was exahsted from his orgasm. I grabbed his tshirt from the floor and cleaned myself up, and moved over to the side so Calum could slip between the seat and backrest. His arm went under and around my back to stop me from falling off the seat as I moved so I lay on the side of Calum’s body.


Once we had calmed down fully and gotten back dressed, which was a struggle in the little room we had. Calum being shirtless still as his tshirt was messy, he dropped me home. Exchanging each others numbers and planning on seeing each other again soon.

So my inspiration was from the Earned It music video like theres nothing about earning anything in here. Oh and I’m starting to post smut and imagines again on my instagram and this was originally for there as a “reborn” imagine. Like I will get to work on part 3 and Jealous Justin as soon as I have my tea (dinner) and finish my homework for the night. But yah, follow me on instagram -> youcompleteme_ss <-

Drummer Boy

“How was that?!” Ashton shouted going backstage with the rest of the boys, where I had been sitting since the beginning of the show. I smiled as they entered the room, all four boys sweating terribly. Except for Ashton. He was dripping. Not that I’m complaining, it makes me so horny. But that was the problem. Since the concert started, the only thing I could think about was him pounding into me senseless, sweat streaming down his forehead. The way he slammed his drums, his hair all messy and sweaty, his big hands around the drumsticks. He walked up to me and placed his hands on my hip bones, pulling me in for a kiss.

“You were amazing baby” I say separating our lips and all the boys turn to me.

“Thanks Y/N” Calum says sarcastically.

“Oh Jesus, you guys were great as well, you idiot” I said rolling my eyes.

“Yeah but I was amazing” Ashton says pulling me even closer, tangling his arms around my waist.

“Fuck, you guys make me hate you two” Michael growls grabbing a can of Red bull.

“He’s just jealous he doesn’t have a girl to do it with” Luke said looking at Michael, who showed his middle finger to him.

Ashton finally let go of me and grabbed a water bottle. I watched as he put his lips around it and swallowed a big gulp, his head thrown back as the water ran through his throat. I couldn’t help but feel turned on. I pressed my legs against each other thinking about the things he could to me with those lips. I felt the wetness in my panties; I was dripping, and he hadn’t even touched me yet.

“What are we going to do now?” Luke asked. “I don’t want to go to the hotel.” Fuck you, Lucas. All I wanted was to get to the hotel as soon as possible and have Ashton all to myself.

“Do you guys wanna eat something?” Calum asked, interrupting mu thoughts.

“Yeah sure” Michael and Luke agreed, the three of them making their way to the door.

“Nah, we’re just gonna stay here a little bit more” Ashton said looking at me.

“Yeah” I agreed, crossing my legs even tighter to the thought of having Ashton fucking me backstage.

“Ok” Calum said, “Have fun” he sayd winking at us before leaving, Ashton giggling a little bit embarrassed.

“Are you ok over there?” Ashton asked with a smirk, as soon as Calum closed the door.

“Um… yeah? Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked confused.

“I saw the way you crossed your legs tighter and tighter every time you looked at me” he said getting closer. “Or am I wrong?” he asked, grabbing me by my arm and putting me against the wall. He put his face in the crook of my neck, kissing it slowly, his hands finding it’s way to my waist.

“No, you’re not” I answered, almost in a moan. “Gosh, you make me go crazy all sweaty playing the drums and drinking water like that” I said running my nails down his exposed arms. His lips finally met mine, not in a passionate kiss, but in a hungry one. His tongue was cold due to the water he was drinking, making the kiss even better.

“I guess I’ll have to do something about that” he whispered against my lips. He quickly pulled my dress off, admiring my exposed body. He attacked his lips to mine again, while he was trying to unzip my bra. “Fuck, this is hard” he says referring to his capacity to unzip it.

“Let me do it, Ash” I said reaching for my bra.

“Don’t even think about that. I’m doing it” he said with a rusky voice. He finally undid it and let it fall to the ground, grabbing both of my boobs in each hands. He took my already hard nipples in his fingers massaging them, making me moan. I attacked his lips with mine, trying to hide my moans. He finally took off his shirt and pants, the growing bulge already noticeable.

He found the waistband of my panties and took them out, his fingers attacking my sensitive clit with eight figures. “Gosh, you’re soaking” he moaned in my ear, biting it seconds later. He plugged two fingers in, making me gasp in surprise. He started moving his fingers in and out of me, my face in the crook of his neck. I was so close, and he knew it. I clenched my walls around his fingers and squeezed my eyes, almost reaching my orgasm.

“Not yet, darling” he said pulling his fingers out with a smirk.

“What the fuck, Ashton?” I shouted in disbelief. He chuckles and grabs his wallet in the back pocket of his jeans, which were laying on the floor. He grabbed a condom and put in his lenght as soon as he took off his underwear.

“Don’t be mad honey, I want to make you come with my cock, not my fingers.” he says with a devilish grin. “Jump” he commands and I did so. He put his hands in legs and pressed me against the wall. “Put it in, babe” he said and I grabbed his length, putting it inside of me slowly, holding back my moans.

“Ahh, yeah” he moaned quietly. He started pounding into me slowly, getting harder each thurst. My nails running down his back, his lips pressed to mine in a messy kiss.

“Fuck, you’re so tight” he moaned in the kiss, his hands going from my legs to my ass, squeezing it. I tangled my arms around his neck, resting my head in his shoulder as I moaned loudly. “Ashton” I moaned “You’re so big inside of me” I cried and it seemed like it gave him some kind of confidence. His thrusts became faster, causing me to scream in pleasure.

“Fuck Ashton” I moan loudly, pretty sure people could hear me. “Go baby. Come for me” he said breathless, still pouding into me, sweat coming down his face and neck. “I’m so close” I cried out, pulling him closer to me, if it was even possible. “I know, babe. Jut let go” he said. “Oh fuck” I screamed as feel my walls clenching around him, hitting my high. I collapsed as he hold me tight against the wall, not stopping his thrusts into me. I got back to my normal, feeling the pain growing between my legs as his movements got faster.

“Fuck, Ashton. Stop it. I can’t take it” I cried looking at him getting in and out of me repeatedly.

“Just wait a second babe, I’m close” he said going faster.

“Ashton…” I said weakly. I was so sore I could barely think.

I couldn’t take his thrusts anymore, I was too sensitive. His pace was fast and I thought I was going to pass out.

“Shit” he moaned getting closer to his high. His thrusts becoming sloppy as he reached his orgasm.

“Fuck” he said getting back to his normal, still inside of me. He thrusted a couple time and then pulled out. I tried to stand still, but almost fell.

“Woah, take care” he said chuckling.

“I told you I couldn’t take it anymore Ashton” I said sounding angrier than I wanted.

“Oh, I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he said “Here, let me help you” he said and led me to the couch, laying me down.

“How are you feeling?” he asked me worried, running his hands through my hair.

“Sore. Sensitive. As if I’m gonna pass out” I answered.

“You’re not gonna pass out, darling” he chuckled. “I’m sorry again” he said and I could feel he was sad.

“It’s ok, Ash.” I said trying my best to smile. “It was amazing”. He leaned down to kiss me and ran his fingers against my face softly. “You’re beautiful” he said and I chuckled.

“Here, get dressed” he said giving me my dress. “Do you want some help?” he asked putting his shirt on.

“No, I can do this” I said and got up, still a little too sensitive. I got dressed and sit back down, Ashton putting his arms around me.

“Did you like it tho?” he asked and I chuckled. “Of course I did!” he said and kissed him. “Good.” he said smiling.

“Me too”.

hdkslajfalks sorry

Preferences #1 When he is in the mood


Babe - Niall moaned from the living room.


-Come hereee - he moaned again.

I came to him and he pulled me on his laps.

-Woah, honey - I smirked.

-Kiss me.

He begged but he did it first. He started to giving me some soft kisses while his hands went down to my hips.

-Niall - I moaned.

He removed his lips from mine and placed them on my neck.

-Let’s make love - he whsipered.

I knew it He’s horny.

He started to moving his hips and I sighted in pleasure. I removed his t-shirt and than mine. He unclipped my bra and pulled me closer to his body. He moaned loudly when he felt my boobs on his torso.

-Fuck, babe - he sighted. - I want you. I really really want you.

-Less talk, more action - I stopped him.

I kissed his lips and than he just put me under him. I unzipped his jeans and he just took off my shorts. His lips were again on my neck and I dug my nails on his back.

-Fuck - he moaned and ripped of my underwear doing exactly the same with his boxers.

Than I sighted when I felt him inside me.

-You’re always so tight for me, babe - he gasped.

I love when he talk dirty to me it’s an orgasm to my ears.

He started to moving fast and all I can do was gasping, moaning and screaming in pleasue which he always give me.

After we both cummed he just peckec my lips.

-I love you baby - he said gently - thank you.

-It was my pleasure - I smiled to him - I love you too, Ni.


I was reading a book when Louis just sat by my side on the couch.

-Hi darling, what are you doing? - he smiled dumbly.

-Oh you know I’m just driving a car - I said sarcastically.

He fell over his eyes.

-So better stop or you will have a crash - he winked at me.

-Yeah? Beacuse?

-Because I want to do something.


-This - and than he kissed me hardly.

I threw my book onto the floor and put my hands on his back.

-Are you in the mood? - I asked.

-Guess - he smirked and kissed my collarbone.

I sighted and pulled him closer.



-You wil play with me or you just do what you should do?

He smirked again.

-I love you darling - he pecked my lips and took off his shirt.

He started undressing me and I was enjoying it. I love the way he strippes me. He always looks sexy and extremely horny while doing this,

When we were completely naked he just shoved his penis inside me making me even wetter.

-Oh gosh - I gasped.

-You’re incredible with those reactions - he giggled.

-Oh stop it, just move your hips.

-Whatever you want, my lady - he smirked.

He started to moving extremely fast and it didn’t take many time when we both cummed.

-Oh fuck that was so good - I moaned.

-Ready for round two?


And we started again.


-Hi love - he hugged me from behind.

-Hi - I replied - how was rehearsal?

-Good but I missed you - he made a sad face.

I pecked his lips and that gave him back a smile.

-But now we’re together - I bit my lip.

-Yes we are -he did it too.

He started to kiss me and it made me wet because whatever he do it always makes me wet.

-I need to chill - he said.

-I know what can help - I smirked.

I took his hand and went with him to our bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed.

-I was waiting for it all day - he gasped while being on the top of me.

-Belive me I was dreaming about it too.

He smiled and kissed my chin, than my cheek and than finally my lips.

-Ugh Zayn - I moaned into his lips.

-Be patient - he responded.

-But I was! - I was close to cry.

-Shh love - he comforted me - I want to heat the atmosphere here.

Than he kissed me again and placed his hands under my shirt. He was touching my belly and than he just unzipped my bra to have a perfect way to touch my boobs.

-Those are perfect - he moaned.

-Zayn - I moaned loudly - I can’t take it anymore just please…get inside me.

-You sure?

I fell over my eyes.

-Of course I am we could make out later.

-If you say so - he kissed me again.

It didn’t take too long when we both get naked and sweaty because of our actions. He was moving fast and furiously completely different than a few minutes ago but I enjoyed it.

-I love you, Zayn - I screamed in pleauser when I peaked.

-I love you too - he gasped a few seconds later.

We kissed softly and he pulled me closer to him.

-I still haven’t enough of you, love.


-Li there is so fucking cold - I sighted.

I was upset because our trip to the mountain was an epic fail because there was no heating.

-Honey calm down I called to the owner and he said that he will fix it today.

I spitted. He came to me from the behind and kissed my neck.

-What are you doing? - I asked.

-You were complaining because there is no heating - he responded.


-So I want to heat you - he bit my neck.

-No way it’s to cold to get naked.

He sighted in disbelieve.


-Yes - I said.




-Because there is no heating.

-There will be - he promised - I told you I called the owner.

I sighted.

-So how would it be? - he smiled.

-You have three minutes to heat me or we will stop.

-Okay - he smiled.

We were kissing still in our clothes when I felt warmth building in my body.

-Liam - I gasped.

-Yes, sweetheart?

-You should take off my clothes.

-But you said there is to cold for it - he smiled.

-I was bantering with you - I explained - that was a foreplay!

-So I should shoved it into you?

-Yes please - I bit my lip.

-Only because of I’m horny.

He took off our clothes and than he entered me so I started to moan loudly.

-Fuck, Liam yes!

He was doing it rough and that was exactly how I like it so I was screaming in extasy.

-Harder, baby please. Harder - I begged him and he just did what I wanted.

He was doing it so damn right so I cummed very fast so as him.

-That was hot - I smirked.

-Told ya - he winked.


You were in your bedroom when he walked in.

-Angel! - he smiled and run to you and hugged you.

-Woah, I was here all day - I smirked.

-I know - he looked at me - sorry that I left you for a whole day.

-It’s okay.

-I missed you - he added.

-I can imagine - I gigged - me too.

-Can we just… - he stopped and blushed.

-Just what?

I knew what he was about to say but I wanted to tease him.

-Can we just relax? - he smiled softly.

-You don’t need to ask Harry - I kissed him.

He smiled again but now more confident. We had a hot make out session than he just shoved his length inside me making me gasp. He’s thrusts were fast and deep exactly how I like it.

-You’re perfect, girl - he moaned.

-And you’re perfect too, boy - I smiled.

Than I moaned very loud because he hit my G-spot and toes started to curling.

-Oh my God Harry! - I yelled extremely loud and i felt pleasure all around me.

-Oh yeah - he gasped and cummed.

He held me tight and kissed my collarbone.

-Best girlfriend ever - he whispered.