> Tony goes poking around in the hive hes staying in, mostly avoiding the others, and trying to be active when hes noticed a lul in online activity from them. ..He will always be a fairly private troll. And right now he wants to explore. Hes actually got his hair back in a braid now, but is still wearing just pajama bottoms (prospit) because he cant be arsed.

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>You look up from the former owner of the hive you’re in, or your meal in other terms, and with a surprised noise, you quickly shove the corpse behind the recuperacoon and smile innocently.

u͘H͏,,, ̀w͢HO̶, m̴IGH͠T͟ ͟YO͟Ų ͝B͟È,͝
d͞O͢N̨’T YO͡U ̡KN̷O͠W ̸ŢHAT ĮT'̷S̀, ̧i͜M̧P͠OL̴ITE ́TO ͜SN͠EAK͟ U̧P ̨O̕N, ͝o̕T͞H̨ER̛’S B̨ÀC҉KS?

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anythin wworks

Alrig)(ty t)(en!~

>You pull an absolutely enormous chocolate cake out of your hair and hold it out to him.

T)(ere you go!!!~

Lemme know if you need more, dearest~

>You aren’t even being sarcastic, you just have no clue how normal appetites work. Condy no, that thing is bigger than he is.

So, )(ow’ve you been?~