unwritten future


Period Drama Meme: (2/3) Literary Adaptations - The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory.

↳“Mary, tell my daughter Elizabeth – no! Tell all my daughters, everywhere, in all the ages yet to come. Tell them how I died, and why. And tell them to remember this: the future is unwritten. Know your rights.” 

Always legal (”

(to paint & smoke one….irgendwie,irgendwo,irgendwann)

The US is making a dumb and blind baby out of the Dutchies..leaving them behind again in progress and liberation as often. (as they did with graffiti and art in the past) Wake up Netherlands & world!

Most great thinkers/writers and artists from the past till now smoked pot-as Joe Strumer stated once (see ‘the future is unwritten’ docu on his life and the Clash)not sayig you have’ to, or that it is good for everyone-but we should be able to choose and think for ourselves. Marijuana never hurted or killed anyone. (drugwars sadly did) You can also drink too much milk, not going to forbid that either! Piece out! One

haluaisin tatskan jossa lukee joko “the future remains unwritten” tai “tyhjä tulevaisuus” mut en osaa päättää kumpi olis parempi ku noissa on ihan eri sävy ja fiilis, miks kaikki on suomeksi aina niin lohdutonta

“We all have dreams.Rich people, poor people, young people, old people handicapped people, etc…it is human nature to have a goal that results in each individuals most desired happiness. I ask then, why are you not pursuing that dream of yours, for if you wish to be happy by your standard then let no obstacle stall your way. Truly, the future is unwritten, and it is your own story you are writing, so make sure you capture your dream. Success is always wanted, often pursued, but mostly abandoned, because it is "too hard”. Go forth everyone, and don’t let life flow by. You will reach your destination of desire and it will be more blissful than Heaven itself.“


Again I’m here awake in bed
And I think to myself:
Why did it happen?
Why did it end like this?
Why couldn’t we have eternal bliss
Instead of the ashes of what was our passion?

But a flame still flickers within my soul
A weak, but eternal flame
My dear, has your fire been put out?
Do you feel the same?
Has the flame been rekindled for another?

Every day I feel the pain
And every day it comes like rain
And I feel every drop of every moment we had together

Unwritten is the future, I know not what’s in store
No matter what, my flame will burn for you forevermore.

Media Monday #213

1. John Waters  oder Craig Ferguson einmal im wahren Leben zu treffen, war/wäre sicherlich nervenaufreibend. Mein Herz würde brechen, wenn sie mich nicht mögen und adoptieren würden. Die beiden in Kombination, meine neuen Dads, das wäre wahrlich legendär. Stellt euch das mal vor. Tim Burton und Pee Wee übernehmen dann das Babysitting für Little Franzi.…

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Hey you there!

you are no god.

YOu are no higher being.

your tummy is supposed to squish. gods are made of stone and drink ambrosia. YOu are made of softness and brains and yay

gods have one characteristic to their whole being

you are a complex human being who is growing and learning all the time. YOu can make your own decisions because the future is unwritten.

the gods have to stick to what has been written.

you, a squish squish, are pretty darn amazing. Look at you, dont know what your doing but hey, you’re still fucking here.

Im pretty damn proud of you.

and i know those stone gods, theyre pretty jealous of your squish too.

This shirt has the name of the brand @soundplusvision on the front & the words “The Future Is Unwritten” on the back. “The Future Is Unwritten” comes from The Clash song “Know Your Rights” off the Combat Rock album.

London: The Modern Babylon

London: The Modern Babylon is legendary director Julien Temple’s (Joe Strummer - The Future is Unwritten) epic time-traveling voyage to the heart of his hometown.

The Mental Landscape

If you live life doing anything that might be dangerous, there comes a point where you develop this weird clarity about the odds that your life will end because of what your doing.

If you drive a lot, especially on dangerous roads, you could easily die in a car wreck. If you work with big industrial equipment, or go to war, you are aware, even on the good days, that theres every chance you could be killed on the job.

Ghosts of the way you could die are always there, sometimes ignored, rejected, or denied. Sometimes we see them in fine detail as nightmares or vivid unbidden fantasy. 

The future is unwritten, but the thousand possible outcomes of a life, and a life ending, are always being calculated by the hands of fate.

When you spend much of your life battling chronic illness, or deep depression, or the horrible combination of both. Death etches itself in possibility every day. You know your life could end.

In a hospital bed. On an operating table. Or broken, alone, in the dark.

I’m not suicidal. I don’t have those tendencies. But the question still haunts me. With every life snuffed out by their own demons, by the voices that haunted them, filling their minds with fear and sadness and pain.

So many people.

Will it someday be me? Will I ever lose the battle, and lose myself so completely that I don’t make it?

My hope is not. I keep fighting. I remind myself why I’m here, for those who love me, and need me. I get help when I feel like I need it. I try to stay ahead of the darkness.

But the spectre is still there, the image of what might be, if I slip up, if I fall down, if I can’t make it.

And I’ll just have to make sure it doesn’t come to be.