Positive & Calming Game Music

Since there’s a lot of people here who might need it; and the only kind of music I know to be calming tends to be game music, here’s some nice music. 

Just note: not all can be classed as ‘calm’ but some can be classed as ‘happy’, as up-tune beats could perhaps make people feel better as well. (All have warnings if they apply.)

Also if anybody needs to see this as a sign to not kill themselves, then this is it. Please do not hurt yourself or kill yourself! Fight through this life with us, yeah? This is for everybody to enjoy. I mean everybody.

There’s a ton of songs on here and it took quite a while to compile them. Like. Hours. And Hours. Of my time, and other peoples time.

Thank you to all those whom supported the creation of this master post! All are tagged next to their songs/playlists/recommendations! All help that anybody gave me is so, so, so appreciated.

Please do not be shy to add any more to this list. It is appreciated, very, very appreciated. 

Had to be cut under “read more” due to the largeness of this post. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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- Playlists, Extended Music and Compilations by Others -

‘Calming’ Playlist (includes Tales of Symphonia,Tales of Zestiria and Faster Than Light (FTL) OSTs) - by @doodle-bee-danny with recommendation of FTL by @theyoungdaydreamer​


5 Hour Atmospheric and Relaxing Video Game Music Compilation - @masterswordkeychain​


45 Minutes of Relaxing Legend of Zelda Music - @masterswordkeychain​


10 Hours of Great Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - @masterswordkeychain​


- Xenoblade Chronicles -

Daily Life - Xenoblade Chronicles


Reminiscence - Xenoblade Chronicles


Reminiscence (Music Box) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Riki the Legendary Hero - Xenoblade Chronicles (upbeat)


Shulk and Fiora - Xenoblade Chronicles


Riki’s Tenderness - Xenoblade Chronicles


While I Think - Xenoblade Chronicles


Grandeur - Xenoblade Chronicles


Once We Part Ways - Xenoblade Chronicles


To One’s Own Future - Xenoblade Chronicles


Hometown - Xenoblade Chronicles


Hometown (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Colony 9 (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles 


Satorl, the Shimmering Marsh (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Makna Forest - Xenoblade Chronicles (upbeat)


Makna Forest (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Frontier Village - Xenoblade Chronicles (upbeat)


Frontier Village (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Eryth Sea - Xenoblade Chronicles


Eryth Sea (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Imperial City Alcamoth (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Where the Ancestors Sleep - Xenoblade Chronicles 


Snowy Valak Mountain - Xenoblade Chronicles


Snowy Valak Mountain (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles


Imperial Capital Agniratha - Xenoblade Chronicles


Colony 6 (Future) - Xenoblade Chronicles


- Fire Emblem -

“You have power… like mine” - Fire Emblem Awakening - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Id (Serenity) - Fire Emblem Awakening - @twilightjoltik-toumei


…… - Fire Emblem Awakening - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Id (Hope) - Fire Emblem Awakening (empowering, upbeat) - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Watery Music Box - Fire Emblem Fates - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Alight - Fire Emblem Fates (upbeat) - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Past Below - Fire Emblem Fates - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


- Plats VS Zombies -

Plants VS Zombies - Zen Garden - @twilightjoltik-toumei​

- Pokémon -

Crystal Cave - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Bubbles Shining Over the Sea - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Personality Test - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky   - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


A Peaceful Visit - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


Shaymin Village - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (upbeat) - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


S.S. Anne Music -  Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen (upbeat)


Sealed Chamber Music -  Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire


Super Daganronpa 2

Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt] - Super Danganronpa 2 (upbeat) - @twilightjoltik-toumei​


- Tomb Raider -

Main Theme - Tomb Raider - @variouslungsandsaints​


Main Theme - Tomb Raider III - @variouslungsandsaints​


Main Theme - Tomb Raider Legend (empowering, upbeat) - @variouslungsandsaints​


- Asagao Academy -

Humble Beginnings - Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club


Lazy Days - Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club


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Last Night; Liam Dunbar

this a rlly old imagine i wrote on my other blog so im reuploading it here

TW where you’re drunk and stuff happens between you and Brett/Liam (I don’t mind which) but the next day you can’t remember it until they tell you 

“(Y/N) come on, we need to get you home.” Liam pulls on your arm as you down another shot of Jack Daniels. Obviously, he wasn’t drunk, but you couldn’t notice that or much of anything at the moment. You sloppily get up out of your seat and fall onto his shoulder.
“Has anyone ever told you that you have very pretty eyes.” You giggle as you poke his cheek and rest your head on his shoulder. The party wasn’t scheduled to end for another 45 minutes, but you’d obviously made the most of your night.
You get dragged through the rooms and hallways before Liam notices your stumbling and eventually picks you up bridal style.
“Let;s get you home, eh?” He smiles down at you as you wrap your hands around his neck and snuggle your face into his upper chest. It was a good thing you were too dizzy to hear his heartbeat raising dramatically.

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parent | home

shallura week | day oneday threeday fourday six • parent/home | AO3
a/n: AU! unabashed no plot, all power couple fluff/ultra marrieds. this can also be read as a sequel to this!
rating: low T
warning: the level of adorable is illegal and gross, let me tell you

Their room was still relatively dark, just the comforting gray haze of dawn making everything seem closer - time slower. No determined rays of dawn wedged in the spaces between the blinds to illuminate the curtains to take him away from the edges between sleeping and awake. There wasn’t the piercing blare of an alarm, only the quiet, hazy lull where he could decide whether or not he’s ready to bring himself out of dreams and shuffle through the comforting motions of stretching and starting the first round of coffee, or -

If he wanted to stay blissfully wrapped in the duvet with her legs hooked over his.

Shiro adjusted his pillow and repositioned his body where he’s fit next to her lithe and strong frame like a puzzle piece, her hair tickling his nose when he curled toward her. Carefully, his hand moves over to ghost her side, brushing the soft skin of her belly where her t-shirt had ridden up. She hummed when his calloused fingers flexed assuredly on her waist, reaching to pull his arm the rest of the way closer to tangle her fingers with his.

“That tickles.”

He could hear the sleepy smile in her voice. Shiro pressed the curl of his own smile to her shoulder in false apology and squeezed her hand. “That wasn’t my intention.”

She snorted, more a huff of air than anything, and craned her head back to look at him her, her eyebrow raising comically high on her forehead. “Oh, you had intentions.”

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Let’s talk about Flora Reinhold
  • Flora Reinhold who has trust issues after being kidnapped, abandoned and betrayed multiple times
  • Flora Reinhold who also has abandonment issues after living in isolation for most of her life because her Father asked her to do it and she complied 
  • Flora Reinhold who no longer accepts simply being told what to do by the time Unwound Future happens
  • Flora Reinhold whose grudge holding skills rival those of Don Paolo
  • Flora Reinhold who reads murder mystery novels and considers an investigation an ‘adventure’
  • Flora Reinhold who found out that everyone she cared about and grew up with were robots and still regarded them as human beings
  • Flora Reinhold who has had to watch both of her parents die when she was a kid and stopped smiling for the rest of her childhood
  • Flora Reinhold who still has a cheerful outlook on life despite everything that’s happened to her
  • Flora Reinhold who is insecure
  • Flora Reinhold who feels like a burden
  • Flora Reinhold who loves to make friends
  • Flora Reinhold who I have no doubt would be the most doting older sister ever and would (ironically) be overly protective of her little siblings
  • Flora Reinhold who would shake with fear when she finds out that her siblings want to get into dangerous professions like their Father but would encourage them to pursue their passions anyway, because she doesn’t want anyone to feel as alone or restricted  as she did growing up
  • Flora Reinhold who is more than half of a ship, the useless character, the character who can’t cook 
  • Flora Reinhold, a character who deserves so much more development and attention than Level-5 has given her

I am who I always wanted to become. Not because I’m perfect, but because I am. I am and I know that I AM; not because someone told me so, but because I experience me so. I am you, I am me, I am the warm summer breeze, I am the dream that weaves, I am the love that never leaves, I am ancient, I am free, I am the frequency of all that be, I am the word and I am sound, I am the pulse of cycles go round, I am presence, I am now, I am the glory of time unwound. All that you see is a sea of me, spiraling outward from the EYE of thee.  In Everything and nothing; and the space in-between- that’s the place to experience me.  I was never lost, so I can’t be found; slow your breath and don your crown. Slow than fast- paradox reveals, nothing’s as it seems- yet all is real. Real to you, because all is me- open your heart and begin to see……….

I looooooveeee you


Stay Awake (One Shot AU)

Summary: It started off as two strangers studying at the same table, but then the other decided to pass out on her books. And hey, would you look at that, he’s pretty damn good looking!

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EXO reacts to; seeing their girlfriend cry for the first time - Chen, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo & Kai.

Hello, sweethearts! I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for 1000 followers! I hope you like the reactario!



You shake your head and scrunch your curls whilst spraying hair spray in them to keep them in place- pulling a satisfied face at Chen in the mirror as he lounges in the empty tub; watching you get ready to go out. He grins at you, staring dopily at you whilst resting his chin in his hand. He’d been following you around all morning, when you questioned him on it, he just said he liked spending time with you- which you couldn’t complain about; you liked spending time with him too. He’d been away a lot recently so it was nice just to have him near you. You smile back and rummage through your makeup bag, pulling out a dark red lipstick and applying it with painstaking accuracy. Chen’s voice makes you glance at him again through the mirror.

“You’re so beautiful.” He tilts his head to the side as you give him a suspicious look.

“What do you want, or what have you done?” He pulls a look of faux shock as the corner of his lips pull up in a smirk.

“Nothing! I’m being serious, you’re genuinely breathtaking, Jagi. Just in the way you are, how you carry yourself, it makes me feel so lucky to be with you.” He smiles as he reaches out and tickles his fingers lightly against your back. You feel you cheeks flush and you look down at your hands.

“Th-thank you, Oppa… I feel lucky to be with you too.” You reach around to take his hand, meeting his eyes in the mirror as he lightly runs his fingers in patterns around your palm; the feeling sending shockwaves through your body.

“But it’s more than that, the little things you do make me so happy, like the way you wrinkle your nose with you sip bitter tea, or the little mewling noises you make when you’re tired, even the way you steal the covers at night and cuddle them… All these things just make me love you more each day.” 

Your breath hitches in your throat as you stare at him in awe. He… Chen loves you? He notices so much… and likes these things about you… loves them even… Your eyes start to water as you grip onto his hand tightly, looking down at the counter, listening to the sound of his calm breaths, seeming totally sure about what he said. You see a tear fall on the counter, and apparently, so does he.

“Are you crying? I’m sorry! Did I say something wrong?!” He sits up slightly as you pull your hand away and turn to face him, leaning on the counter- smiling at him brightly, letting tears fall where they may.

“You love me?” He grins, nodding. You let out a giggle, trying to blink back tears by looking up at the ceiling. “Oh dammit, I just did my makeup.” 

“I’m sorry! Oh god, uh… please don’t cry! Should I take my clothes off?” You let out a laugh, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Why would you take your clothes off?” He shrugs as you take a step towards him, he takes your hand in his and kisses the back of it lightly.

“I don’t know, it made you laugh, though, didn’t it?” He grins and holds your chin in between his forefinger and thumb. You giggle down at him, shaking your head slightly.

“I love you, too.” You say clearly. He beams up at you, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you on top of him, kissing you fervently, smirking against your lips.

“Oh really?” You grin and trace the hem of his shirt, edging your fingers slowly up his abdomen.



Tears were streaming down your face, uncontrollable sobs bursting from your chest making every breath laboured, and yet- you can’t take your eyes away. The scene playing in front of you… out of your control, it was the same case every time, nothing ever changed and nothing could ever save them… EXCEPT IF YOU MOVED OVER, ROSE. THERE’S PLENTY OF ROOM YOU, BITCH. 

You jump as you hear the sound of keys jangling in the door, making your foot push the Titanic DVD case off the coffee table as you jolt in your place on the sofa. Shit, he’s here. He’s not meant to come over today… You pause the DVD, grab the nearest cushion and shove it over your face as Chanyeol walks through the door.

“Jagiya! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been kicked out of the flat for a few hours, Baekhyun’s got… visitors…” The shudder in his voice is almost tangible. His footsteps draw closer as he tosses his keys on the seat next to you. “Hey… are you okay?” His tone shifts to one of concern as his light touch to your shoulder makes you tense. ‘Oh shit, he can’t see me crying over chick flicks…’

“Mmm hmm!” You hum into the cushion, the crackle in your voice betrays you, Chanyeol walks around the sofa and crouches in front of you.

“Are you crying? Jagiya, what’s wrong?” His fingers curl around yours and peel them away from the cushion- your puffy eyes and slightly flushed face on show. His mouth falls open as he cups your face with both hands. “Tell me, Y/N, you’re worrying me.” You cringe, a pang of guilt hits you in your chest as you see his sullen face- you can’t let him think something’s wrong…

You bit your lip and raise your chin to gesture towards the TV, embarrassment hindering your voice from forming an explanation. Realisation hits him as he sees the DVD case and Jack dying whilst Rose floats on a huge door in the middle of the ocean, and back to your puffy eyes- trying not to laugh; failing miserably.

“Oh, Jagi.” He chuckles at you and throws himself into the seat next to you, pulling you into his arms and cuddling you exuberantly. You pout and try to defend yourself.

“There was so much room, Chan! SO MUCH! HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO SOMEONE SHE LOVED?!” Chanyeol’s laugh rings through the room as he throws his head back onto the sofa, rubbing your shoulders comfortingly.

“Alright, Y/N, stick the film back on then.” He hides his amused smirk from you behind your neck, placing little kisses on your nape. He finds your passion for such things adorable, even with the puffy eyes and red nose.


You sit on the closed toilet seat and waited. You’d been feeling the three dreaded signs for anyone in their early twenties- hormonal, hungry and tired. You’d wished more than anything that it was just a crazy pre-period pain, but after a week, Aunt Irma hadn’t visited, and now was the time to panic. Seconds turned to minutes and there it was. ‘Pregnant’. You drop the pregnancy test on the floor and scream.

“KYUNGSOO!” You hear the kitchen stool scrape downstairs as he yells back, your breath quickening as he runs up the stairs. 

You feel an unfamiliar brim of tears on your lower lashes as Kyungsoo bursts through the bathroom door, rushing up to you and grabbing your shaking hand in his- the other cupping your cheek lightly. He looks wracked with worry for you as he searches your face for any signs of harm, using his thumb to catch the tear rolling from your eye- glancing at it in shock.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Wh-what’s happening?!” He leans back on his heel, his hand falling from your cheek to your hip, to look your body up and down. You point a shaky finger to the test that had fallen under the sink. 

He crouches down, his hand loosens from your grip slightly, fingertips still lightly touching as he picks up the test. His mouth falls open and his eyes widen, the picture of pure ambivalence as he turns his head slowly to look at you. A few minutes pass, your gaze never drifting from each other as an intense, life-changing atmosphere fills the room, Kyungsoo finds his words before you.

“A… a baby?” He turns in his crouch to take both of your hands, the test between your intertwined fingers. You lose your balance and let yourself sit on the edge of the bath, you force the gulp out of your throat and nod.

“Are you… are you going to leave me?” Your lip quivers as your words waver. His forehead wrinkles quickly, tears forming in his eyes and he kneels up closer to you, shaking his head rapidly.

“No! No, no, no, no, Jagiya. Never. Never think that. I love you so much.” His hands tremble as they try to find your face, holding your cheeks and pressing an ardent kiss to your lips. 

You feel your tears mix as his face presses close to yours, salty tears slipping into the kiss as he fumbles to pull you closer- making you fall into his lap on the bathroom floor, where you’d both stay as time unwound around you. He held you tightly, pressing small kisses to your hands, fingers, neck, anywhere his lips could find your skin- showing love for you in anyway he could; occasionally mumbling sweet words against your ear.

“I love you so much, Y/N. We’ll get through this.”


“Is this really necessary, Kai?” You prod at the binding of the blindfold as Kai drives you around, chuckling to himself. It all seemed very sinister, but you allowed it. For some reason.

“Yes! I want it to be a surprise!” You could hear the childlike joy in his voice and it made you smile, he reaches for you hand and holds it between the two of you. “You’ll love it, I promise.” He pecks your hand quickly and places it back on your lap, assumingly to change gears.

“Okay… but if I get punked on my birthday, I’m not gonna love it.” You say with the ghost of fear in your voice, making him chuckle again as he stops the car.

“Alright… we’re here, wait here a second.” His voice moves further away as the door suddenly bangs shut, making you jump. 

You hear the scuffling of shoes as he heads around the car and opens your door, giggling again as he mumbles a ‘sorry’ and helps you out of the car and walks you down a sloping surface.

“Okay, there’s two steps, here… and here.” He says, an arm supporting you around your waist, the other holding your arm. He halts your walking and positions you in front of what feels like a door, and takes off your blindfold.

You blink against the sudden daylight and try to focus on your surroundings. First you’re met with Kai’s fluffy blonde/pink hair, tickling your face as he kisses you quickly, taking advantage of you not being able to tell him not to- you’d remember to tell him off for that later. Then when someone walks out of the door in front of you, you hear multiple barking sounds coming from within. Your face brightens as you gape at Kai, who’s grinning at you wider and wider by the second. He’d taken you to a dog rehoming shelter.

“You can choose any one you want…” At his words, you throw yourself into his arms- he picks you up and spins you around as you cling to his neck, chanting ‘thank yous’, making his laugh chime through the space around you. He sets you down and you grab his hand, nearly skipping into the building. 

A few minutes later, a younger girl takes you into the long room with windowed rooms on the sides with dogs occupying each of them. After around an hour running around the room, spending at least 5 minutes cooing at each dog through the glass- you ask to see the tiny long haired german shepherd puppy; who kept pawing at the glass whenever you walked passed. As the girl scoops up the puppy and hands it over to you, you become overwhelmed by how adorable the little critter it, and start to well up.

“Oh my god, Kai~! Oh, Kai, look~! She’s so beautiful! Hello, baby girl!” Your voice starts to crack as tears slip from your eyes when the tiny puppy starts licking your nose, wagging her tail so fast she could probably take off.

Kai looks across at you smiling, scrunching his shoulders and face up at how adorable you look, completely speechless at how a cute puppy could make you cry, but found it incredibly endearing. 

“Happy tears?” He asks, ruffling the puppies fur gently.

“Yes~!” You sob, nuzzling your face into both the puppies fur and his hand. He strokes your hair as you give him a loving look. “Thank you, so much, Oppa. This is the best birthday present ever!”

Aaaaand it’s done! I hope you guys like it! And thank you SO MUCH for following! We’ve now hit 1000 FOLLOWERS! AAAH!

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A couple of you have asked to post lyrics for our new record. Here they are.

01. Repetition 
A hole in the wall from past mistakes / It’s a struggle to get better every day / Heartfelt repetition wearing thin / I pray for patience so I can show patience to them / You’re not who you wanted to be and you’re disappointed with yourself / How do you get anywhere if you never leave? / A hole in the head is all it takes / Sometimes it’s hard for me to mean just what I say / Heartfelt repetition wearing thin, how do you get anywhere?

02. A Mile High
I realize we’re making messes but with that I’m fine / My main concern is all the thoughts of you I’m keeping kept up inside / Love like this is not mean to be enclosed in my skull / This time away has let me think on the things that we say / And how I feel that we only mean half of them / But if it’s just me / I’ll be true to my word, do what I said I would / Take me out / Take me anywhere that I could go / I could care less about the trip / The important thing is the seats and the bodies in them / I could go anywhere with you / You’re my best friend, I’m never alone with you / You’re my home

03. Gradient
I took you to the west end of Garden / I didn’t tell you but I was feeling bad ‘cause / I didn’t like you like I used to back then / But now we’re sitting here, we took the same car / It’s alright, yeah don’t feel bad / I just don’t like you like that / Oh no, we can’t stand to be together / I want you back here, but just for today / So I can tell you you’re hard to weather / I’m not complaining / The split was rough but it could have been worse, babe / At least we’re on terms where we communicate / Of course you’re getting bored, it leads to a loneliness / But I’m not a drain stop or a filler / Oh no, I can’t stand to be together / I want you back here, but just for toady / So I can tell you you’re hard to weather / I’m not complaining, you made me better / I know what you did and I’m not mad / I don’t understand that / At least we won’t fight it anymore / I can’t fight it anymore

04. You, Fear and Me
Anxiety is written on my face / Can I breathe or is there too much weight? / Let’s start with what’s wrong / I can’t take what I’m told / and be a bit overbearing / Just a few, nothing new / From a list of many / I admit these things only between us three / I admit these things between you, fear and me / Got me in the car, I’m moving quick / Another hospital trip, you know I’ve been feeling sick again / The rise and fall, can’t take it slow / Yeah, it can be a bit overwhelming / I’ve got to change to make this right / You, fear and me

05. Shake
I’m writing, shook deeply / Our last talk was less than pleasant / I stare into the sun trying to forget your words / But I cannot contend with the weight of what I’ve heard / You shake what I believe / The things you taught to me / What should I believe? / You keep calm, at least try to / You should know that you’re not in charge here / You’re staring at your son spitting up useless words / I will not pretend to agree with what I’ve heard / You shake what I believe / The things you taught to me / But I guess that’s what I need / To know what I believe 

06. Drag Me Under
Will god notice if I don’t try and save my life? / Will he count it as suicide ad not let me into the light? / I care enough, enough to breathe / But beyond that don’t bother me / Drag me under / Drag me under the water / Will god notice if I don’t try and keep ties? / Will he count me a stoic and think I’m too good for his light / I care enough to breathe, why can’t you let me be? / I care enough to breathe, why can’t you leave it?

07. Twist
I didn’t get to pick this / But I’m fairly happy where I live / I don’t care about your possessions / I’ve got my dogs and my whale bones / Bury the blame in your chest and twist it / Do that for me, friend / We’ll call it even / I’m flattered that you came for me / But if I could, I would have cut your throat with dolphin teeth / You want to show me around like a prize, it makes me sick / So in seven weeks I’ll die / Everything that I need washes up on the beach

08. Linden Ave.
Things split, guts twist / You can’t omit these parts from your life / But you try with knife, cut quick, think twice / Now you’re loose, losing blood, yeah I know / Don’t you know how it works? / We grow from the worst / You’re sad with no sun / Feel better come spring / You change with the turn of the leaves / No wonder you want to go home all the time / A safe place from anything new / Don’t you know how it works? / We grow from the worst / Forget it, just get me to the beach / Is it the water that draws you home? / Or the rhythm of swaying palms? / Is it the stretch of Linden Ave? / That street looks so good this time of year / That street looks so good any time of year

09. Worth It
I sit alone thinking about the details of your day / Where you went, who you’re with, and what time you were there / I’m not obsessive, just detail oriented / I’m not possessive, just deeply interested / Are you on my side? / I hadn’t seen you in ten weeks, you could bet that I was scared / The breath I watched you take when you see me see your new colored hair / And I think “I can take apart a bed frame and put it back in one piece but I can’t build a home without you near me” / Are you on my side? / Now that you’ve come around, what’s left to worry about?

10. Swan
Why can’t you find a better outlet? / Why do you starve yourself for days? / Are you okay? Or do I need to call someone? / You sat to my right as I said, “What’s been done is dead” / The color of my eyes show how I felt / I know you’ve been down for too many days / What can I do to help you change? / “One more trip for five days” / I can’t tell you no, so I paced / I need you to get back on your feet / This will get better, believe / I’m counting minutes now / I’m counting hours down / I’m counting all the days until you pick your head up / Why can’t you find a better outlet? / Why do you starve yourself for days? / Please just find a better outlet / Don’t go and starve yourself for days / I swear to god things will get better / Please believe 

11. Go and Stay Gone
Somewhere under the leaves you were rushing towards me / It’s almost fall, I need a change / The kind you make when you feel out of place / What can I do that I haven’t done? / My head, it spins like a top unwound / This time of year reminds me of when you left and said / “You’ll see when you get older” / What’s the thing you never said to me? / “I’m not telling you the truth” / What’s the thing you never said to me? / “I can’t do what I promised to”

Breath of Fire

[For Zutara Week, Day 3: Memories. An homage to ST:TNG’s “Tapestry.”]


And for @honxrable

“We. Will. Not. Disarm.”

The wiry, green-glad nobleman shifted his spectacles and tried to narrow his eyes at the firelord. Zuko gave an answering look that made the ambassador quail.

It was easy to glare when one of his eyes was set in a permanent frown.

Daquan, though he lowered his gaze, retained his grip on the scroll. “This,” he said, “is an edict signed by all the minor Earth Kingdom royalty, that we will halt all trade with the Fire Nation unless you immediately cease your naval operations near the colonies and dismantle the gates of Azulon.”

Zuko all but tore the document from the ambassador’s hands, wondering whose son Daquan had to be to get such a prestigious position. The thought faltered as Zuko remembered whose son he was.

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