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what even would an unsolved/worth it crossover look like. "welcome to buzzfeed unworth it and today we're going to visit three haunted cruise ships at three drastically different price points"

fggsgsgs ‘buzzfeed unworth it’

possible themes:
-haunted houses
-ghost tours

and at the end steven asks “which one was the most worth it” and ryan and shane say “the case will always remain…unsolved” and steven never invites them on the show again

Too Far

Request: Can I request a Dom Dean imagine where he’s pissed for whatever reason and gets too rough with the reader? She pushes him off her and he looks at her to see marks (welts, fingernail marks, bruises, bites, red marks, hand prints) and she’s scared and runs to sleep in another room. In the morning Dean finds her and kisses her marks and apologizes and just fluffy smut with lots of cuddles and kisses??

Summary: Dean pushes his babies too far. 

TW: dubcon, bdsm, dom dean, sub reader

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It was known by many memebers of the hunting community that the Winchesters often pushed their luck. None more so than Dean Winchester. He pushed everything to the brink of destruction before applying the breaks and close his eyes. The ones who faced the brunt of the pressure most frequently were his babies. Baby was wrecked, dinged, flipped, and stolen on a yearly basis. His baby girl was tied, whipped, spanked and fuck. Her scars would fade and Baby’s would be buffed away until the next time. 

The problem, however, brewed inside y/n an aching feeling of unworth. She must have done something wrong. Why else would her dom not care for her? So she said nothing, and allowed herself to be pushed further and further until the edge had disappeared in take off. 

After hunts, practically bad hunts like the one he was just on, he needed release. His little sub was there in the bunker, waiting patiently behind the door. Opening the door to his bedroom, he growled lowly. “On the bed slut.” 

Slut, that was new. Dean never degraded you more than claiming you as his. This new claim was a sharp slap in the face. “Color?” 

Looking up from long lashes,she mumbled a “green.” You were still green after being tied up, strung out along the bedposts. Licking his lips, he nuzzled his scruffy cheeks against your bare skin watching goosebumps spring up. 

“Alright slut,” he baited reaching out for his crop, “let’s get started.” 

The stings lost the pleasurable vibration, as Dean worked along your body. His left thumb traced her spread clit, licking and moaning along the way. Long, rough digits wrapped around your throat squeezing at your airway. A panic rushed through you, reminding you of your time with a djin who had taken to choking you into submission. Dean knew. Dean wouldn’t push this. 

Except he did. Your protests of colors were ignored, pushing on with letting his anger out. Bringing your leg up, you kicked his body away. Gasping for breath, you stared him down. “Red you fucking bastard!” 

Red. Flashes of hell, flashes of demon eyes, flashes of the bites on your skin, the small clots of blood that had sprung up. “Oh God.” His steady jaw shook, trembling with regret. He was hesitant in approaching you, slowly reaching out. “Baby girl.” 

"Get out.” 

He retreated, feeling like he had failed you. “I’m so sorry.” Dean closed the door feeling his chest tighten in defeat. It would take a lot to make up for this, he was meant to be more to you than what he done. 

Breakfast was his first attempt at apology. He cooked everything the way you loved but never had the chance to get and served it to your bed. Seeing you with the lights on hurt, red welts and ugly purple bruises splotched across your bod trembling slightly. “Hey sleepy head.” 

Pushing yourself up, you moaned in ache. Silence fell over you both as he slowly crawled in bed beside you. “I know I hurt you.” He whispered kissed  a soft  dip into your neck.  “I was an awful man, an awful boyfriend, and an awful dom. I pushed you too far and I know that.” 

You listened intently,mulling things over a cup of his coffee. “Keep talking.” 

Dean chuckled kissing your shoulder, wriggling lower into the bed. “I don’t deserve someone as cute as you, as loving as you.” His scruffy lips brushed across your stomach daring lower and lower. “I want to love you right if you’ll let me.” 

His green eyes hooded, masked behind his tickling lashes. “Can I make it up to you?” Nodding you set the trey of food aside. “Let me hear you say it baby, say yes.”


Dean waisted no time in scooping you up into his arms, holding you close to his chest. Tucking you under his chin, he started kissing on your shoulder softer than last night. As his lips occupied your mind, he rolled you both to the side so he could spoon you. His thick thighs hooked over yours, lulling you as close to you as he could. 

Slowly, he traced the skin up the apex of your thighs, wincing each time you winced. “I’m so sorry little girl.” He whispered his throat husky with lust and shame. Dipping one finger into your folds, you let out a mewl. That one positive response was enough for you both to move on. Another finger, another sound. 

Your thighs started to tremble as your stomach knotted with the pleasurable feeling of release. “Dean.” A pathetic whine escaping your lips. “Please.” 

He shook his head, continuing to scissor you open with his fingers. "Maybe later baby, for now we’re taking it slow.” 

A frustrated grunt left your lips, but you nodded. Slow was good, the slower the burn the less intense the heat. Dizzy feelings took over as you cried out in pleasure coming over Dean’s fingers. He pulled them out, shining and slick. Sucking then dry offered the spurt of pleasure dean needed to come over your back while peppering kisses all over your shoulders. 

“Was that better?” The insecurity from hunting always stayed with Dean, carrying over into the shitstorm of his personal life. 

"It was.” You managed to mumble before nesting back against him, pushing your ass into his crotch. After the small nap you were sure you would take,Dean  would be frustrated enough for sex, and you’d be ready. Dean pushed you to the edge, sometimes right off the cliff, but he always managed to catch you before you went too far.

I do love you, Amelia; you are dearer to me than any sister. Your kindness, your sense of humour, your saintly temper…”
The last phrase appealed too strongly to the sense of humour she had just mentioned; I stopped crying and began to laugh feebly,
“Dearest Evelyn, I have a temper like a fiend’s, and the disposition of a baulky mule. How beautiful is friendship, that it blinds one to the friend’s true nature! Well, child don’t cry anymore; I know why you weep, and it is not because of my saintly nature. I suppose the Almighty will order our lives and He sees fit, and there is no reason for us to worry. I Have not altogether decided to accept His decrees; but whatever happes, you and I will not part until I can give you up to a man who deserves you. Here, wipe your eyes,and then give me the handkerchief so I can wipe mine. I did not expect to need more than one handkerchief this evening.

I had heard wonderful things about the Amelia Peabody series, being about a Victorian woman who travels alone and learns archaeology and gets married and has kids. But no one told me - the first book is about Amelia and Evelyn becoming best friends, and their relationship is the glue that holds the story together. I love it! Why is it that, when faced with a platonic love story, everyone talks as if that storyline isn’t there? Does no one fall in and out of friendship anymore? Is friendship so cheap as to be completely unworth talking about? Gah.

The book is excellent, expect more quotes. 

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Jealous claude

Warning: contains blood and violence (◡‿◡✿)

Claude didn’t like cleaning. He become firmly convinced that it was such a vapid work, completely unworth his time and will. It was his duty anyway, strictly written in his daily shedule and he couldn’t simply refuse to his master about doing trivial things like that. He wasn’t a human, the whole mansion didn’t ever make him shed a drop of sweat since he became a butler. However, was the point of cleaning the dust if it appeared again after few days? Why had he to kill the bugs crawling into the building if he couldn’t get rid of them completely?

Pointless, as well as human’s life.

The dinner was prepared before the time, golden cutlery perfectly polished, tea ready in a matter of seconds, dining room decorated in white and blue; everything what the master wished for this evening. Placing the last one of the forks on the long table, right next to the porcelain plate, he suddenly felt lack of your presence. Claude didn’t have a single occasion to see you today and it became to slightly frustrate him. The last time he saw you was yesterday evening as he watched you share a cute, disobliging conversation with unknown to him person. It wouldn’t surprise him in the slightest, only if the said human didn’t give you a kiss on the cheek in a farewell manner.

How dare he to touch demon’s property? How could he place those filthy mouth on your skin?


Claude peeked down at the fork he was still holding in his gloved hand, now twisted in a way it reminded rather crumpled twig than golden cultery. He hid the luckless object in the pocket of his coat, repeating himself in the mind that he shouldn’t have let those foolish emotions affect him in any way. And yet…

There was still one thing he forgot to clean up before the dinner. Now, he had only seven minutes left and it was more than he needed. Heading to one of the guest’s bedrooms, the demon took a white handkerchief from the table, aware of the fact he will need it soon, as always when he was dealing with a dirt.

Closing the door behind him, Claude took a deep breath, smelling the scent of blood and rotting body filling the air in the bedroom. What a reprehensible neglect of him, forgetting to clean one of the most important places in the mansion. But still, he had more than six minutes to get rid of the mess he made last night after discovering what mischievous thing that scum did to you, tainting your beautiful skin with his lips.

The same lips he has cutten off few hours later.

Claude stepped forward into the room, leaning over dead body on the floor, staring at it with the same impassive look in his golden eyes. Hell, how he hated cleaning. He was sure there will be another persons who will try to get you away from him, proving he wasn’t adoring you as much as they did and the whole circle will begin once again. The demon couldn’t complain, it was his duty after all, being the Trancy butler.

To turn day into night, sugar into salt, living to dead

actual human garbage reporting for duty with input a la snarky

so you got kunzite (eridan) in one corner, who is a devout homeworld gem and who sees all other lifeforms as unworth, being absolutely revolted by mammals and wants them all destroyed and basically leads the takeover and genocide of worlds to establish kindergartens :^)

and then you have amber (sollux) who doesnt really give a shit about anything so long as there is some homeworld technology around. this stupid pissbaby is a fusion (because who wouldnt make this pissbaby a fusion?? good god)

so basically together they fuse to form diopside who i will draw later when my brain isnt actively shutting down

good night uAu

A Promise

A/N: Based on imaginexhobbit’s “Imagine playing with the pugs in Laketown” although that isn’t exactly the main part of this piece. Written as a sequel to In Sickness. Also posted on AO3.

    Fili was having mixed feelings about Mirkwood, to be honest. Being captured by elves wasn’t exactly a highlight of his life, after all. Nor was getting searched and robbed of his weapons. or being stuffed into a cell. But then, he’d been stuck in a cell with you, of all people. Something had happened; what it was, he honestly didn’t know, but it had ultimately saw him ready to court you. After the Mountain was reclaimed, of course. And if Uncle agreed. Though the prince saw no good reason as to why not. And it did not seem likely he would listen if Thorin did truly disagree.

    So perhaps there was something good to come out of that cursed elven forest. Even if they were all drenched and deprived of weapons. And now stuck in the bargeman’s home, Kili turning ever paler by the moment, all due to the arrow which had pierced his leg.

    Beyond that, you had disappeared. Of the race of man, yourself, you had blended easily into the crowd, merely drawing your borrowed cloak a bit higher to obscure your identity. Thorin, of course, had taken advantage of that, more often than not sending  you to scout the town, though Fili himself believed you took that time more for your own enjoyment.

    A correct assumption, it would turn out, for as he peeked outside through the door, ready to call you back in before Thorin made his decision for the remainder of the journey, he came upon a rather curious sight. You, crouched down, hood fallen slightly back, with two tiny pugs scampering excitedly about your legs. He could see your profile, the way your lip curved up in delight, the sparkling glint in your eyes and the way they crinkled. And how your mouth would occasionally move, whispering soft coos of adoration at the tiny canines.

    Fili was entranced, to say the least. Your dry humor, your - at times - reckless courage in the face of death, it made Fili chuckle, remembering how threatened Kili had felt, feeling as though he had been replaced. Perhaps that had been what had drawn him to you in the first place, though Mirkwood had shown him also another side of you, one a bit more mature than Kili, one more tempered by years spent travelling alone. And this now, too, revealed yet another facet, one of wonder and suppressed innocence. The creatures jumped onto their hind legs, front paws resting upon your knees, curls of tails wagging in excitement, high yips escaping their jaws until you gently shushed them, an order to which they complied. Swiftly, you grabbed one around the middle, hoisting it into your lap as it tried in ain to lick at your face, eliciting a few soft giggles, the other pug simply scampering around a bit more in its attempt at more attention. Maintaining a hold on one dog, you reached out to the other, scratching its head, chine, and - as it flopped over lazily - stomach.

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There’s nothing I want but money and time
Million dollar bills and a tick tick tick tick

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For the people who think they're alone. If one person sees it pls share to make a difference. One saved life is the inspiration to all hurt lifes.

People believe they’re alone but in reality they are full of people that love them, they’re just blind cause of society. I want to be clear in something there’s no REASON TO THINK ABOUT SUICIDE OR SELF HARM. There will be times that you will feel unworth it ,that you’re alone in this big world, there will be people that tells you this hurtful things etc. But the only truth is that nothing of it is true why? Because YOU’re worth it, YOU’RE not alone in this pathetic world, YOU’RE just perfect in your own way. If you think of suiciding you’re being so selfish because you’re not thinking about your parents that LOVES you so much that will give there lifes for you, you’re causing so much pain to them beacuse it’s not natural to a parent see there child dead and less that way, you will kill them of sadness of sorrow . Im not telling you that it will always be color of pink theres going to pain but happiness too. Its has to be a little of rain to see the beauty of the rainbow. YOU’RE SO STRONG THAT YOU DON’T OF. Its worth the fighting its worth fighting for your happiness. DONT TAKE PERMANENT SOLUTIONS FOR TEMPORARY PROBLEMS. If you need to talk to someone i will be here for you to listen.

- keep strong for yourself and for your happiness.
With love Ashley