i’ve been sitting here for like?? ten minutes?? trying to think of something to say about the fact that my uncultured ass finally watched Shawshank Redemption twenty years after everyone else on earth but i can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t sound completely unworth and glib so just yeah holy shit i am fucked up about it!! what a fucking movie oh my god!!!

actual human garbage reporting for duty with input a la snarky

so you got kunzite (eridan) in one corner, who is a devout homeworld gem and who sees all other lifeforms as unworth, being absolutely revolted by mammals and wants them all destroyed and basically leads the takeover and genocide of worlds to establish kindergartens :^)

and then you have amber (sollux) who doesnt really give a shit about anything so long as there is some homeworld technology around. this stupid pissbaby is a fusion (because who wouldnt make this pissbaby a fusion?? good god)

so basically together they fuse to form diopside who i will draw later when my brain isnt actively shutting down

good night uAu

messedupmoon  asked:

Iced coffee

It was that time of year again. Not three minutes could pass without someone sneezing, coughing or having their voice cut out for literally no reason, and everyone would ask if their throat was sore.

No one was actually sick, they just had some symptoms. Well, except for Kwan, he was sick. Meaning Dash was having a bad day.

It was Saturday. And therefore, unworth the trouble of tracking down Fenton, for petty amusement. That was how he ended up at the local coffee shop, searching for something to do.

In line, the board jock counted 4 coughs, one sneeze, and the cashier who assured everyone she was fine despite how she sounded. “A little low on the sneezes” he thought, wondering if that would jinx it.

By the time he gave his order a Ghost fight had broken out by the street! Phantom! Dash thought as he grabbed the steaming foam and ran out the door.

The fight was over by the time he reached them. Phantom turned putting the lid on the soup can. Dash opened his mouth to tell him… to ask… to say something. When the ghost sneezed. “Yup! I jinxed it!” The thought came as freezing air shot passed him.

Phantom, noticing something Dash didn’t , burst into laughter and flew off. Confused, the quarterback turned and walked off. At least he had his steaming hot… NO! Iced Coffee!?!?!