six of matters of the heart - a fairytale au

Claude can’t stand the thought and neither can she stand the guilt. So she loses herself the only way she knows how, the only way that seems foolproof — at least for the few minutes that she is high off of that feeling of pure ecstasy.

She doesn’t know his name. She doesn’t care to.

All she does know is that he’s younger than her twenty years. Not by much, but still it shocks her to discover that he’s an expert with his tongue.

He guides her a little hurriedly to her fourposter bed, bursts of excited energy in the balls of his bare feet that make Claude think this will be over quickly. She has to question whether it is even worth it to lower herself to the bastard son of some snobby lord, but then his smooth, unworked hands are pushing up the skirt of her dress, followed swiftly by her petticoat and she finds herself short for breath, chest heaving as he undoes her piece by piece.

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Just saw an idea bandied about on a messageboard regarding the current CEO status quo.

Basically, the CEO status quo makes Spider-Man far too famous, well off, unrelatable, detached from his street level roots and unworkable long term.

Do those criticisms give anyone else a niggling feeling at the back of their heads? 

Like…deja vu…

Oh and I just remembered…we’ve got an event called ‘Civil War’ this year don’t we…that thing that led into a major sea changing status quo for Spider-Man.

…Funny that…

just poly things, part whatever-i’m-on-now

The total inability to talk about problems in a relationship without everyone boiling it down to polyamory. Because polyamory, of course, is the main feature of poly people’s relationships. It’s not possible that you could be fighting about other, totally unrelated, things. Nurp, it’s all about being poly.

And on the flip side, the total inability to admit that yes, sometimes polyamory is the problem. It has very specific and often unworkable challenges. It’s not a big love nest all the time.

Basically, I feel like poly people are not allowed to have regular relationship drama going on without factions forming to assign it to this political “side” or that one.

“Act Two can seem interminable. For writers, it means keeping the story moving for forty-five to sixty pages. For moviegoers, an unworkable second act is a time to snooze, to buy popcorn, and to vow never to see a film by that filmmaker again.

Most Act Two problems come from insufficient momentum and lack of focus. The movie doesn’t move! We’re unsure what’s happening and why.

A second act might not work for many reasons. Sometimes the script has moved off track. It has taken a detour, circled around, and then decided to come back to the main storyline. Perhaps unrelated scenes are muddying and slowing the story. Perhaps the characters are talking, not acting. Perhaps the story is developing too quickly – or too slowly – and is missing or skipping critical beats.”

Seger, Linda. Making a Good Script Great, 3rd. Ed. Silman-James Press, 2010. Kindle File.

“…The process of personal growth isn’t always easy. We must face our own ugliness. We often must become painfully aware of the unworkability of a pattern before we are willing to give it up. It often seems, in fact, that our lives are worse rather than better when we begin to work deeply on ourselves. Life doesn’t actually get worse; it’s just that we feel our own transgressions more because we are no longer anesthetized by unconsciousness. We’re no longer distanced, through denial or disassociation, from our own experience. We’re starting to see the truth about the games we play.

This process can be so painful that we are tempted to go backwards. It takes courage – this is often called the path of the spiritual warrior – to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”

- Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”                            

focusas asked:

cavoli riscaldati, Zuko, Zuko honor :D

This one was actually tough, so I had to get a bit creative.

Contains a battle and features Hua Mulan - no, not Disney’s Fa Mulan, but she’ll do as a nice visual reference in your head. No pairing though. Just war.

Foreign Word Prompt Request - Cavoli Riscaldati (Italian) - Zuko / Zuko’s Honor - “The result of attempting to revive and unworkable relationship.”

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“It is the grim and hopeless reality of the Fire Nation’s Penal Legions: doomed men and women from everywhere in the empire, forced to die in hopeless battles far from home. Convicts, murderers, deserters, debtors, rebels, exiles, all are sent to the legions to die, that they may be redeemed in the eyes of the Fire Lord and gain honor through death.”

- General Bujing

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So, first day on this blog, and I won’t be able to do a gorram thing. I generally am able to do a little of this and that, but only on account of who I’m working with. Of course, that’s when someone does the scheduling good and proper. So, since I’m all by my lonesome after five central standard, I’m gonna hafta be good and scarce after then. Ain’t that nice? On account'a that, I won’t be on later, either. I’ll be right pissed, whether at management or at customers, I don’t know, but I got a tendency of takin’ it out on those what don’t need it. So, Captain’s free ‘till then, if you feel inclined to talking.

The thing about Stained is that while it doesn’t work on all dragons it’s a potential saving grace for first gens with previously unworkable terts (or even clashing primaries + secondaries)

When the colourwheel arrives and complimentary hatches become much rarer I reckon Stained is going to become a LOT more important.

From the vantage point of the Swiss Alps, world leaders and their wealthy friends who attended the World Economic Forum in Davos cast an eye over the potential threats to their order. This year they identified “large scale involuntary migration” as the biggest “risk” in 2016.

As they talked about how to address the risk posed by the 1.1 million refugees who had arrived in Europe in 2015, another 45 bodies were pulled from the Aegean Sea. In January, an estimated 187 refugees drowned crossing between Turkey and Greece. Four thousand drowned last year. Debate about the refugee crisis has dominated European politics for months.

The Dublin Treaty, which specifies that refugees must seek asylum in the first country in which they arrive, has proved unworkable. Most refugees have come through Greece and Italy, which do not have the infrastructure to process the high volume of claims, and most refugees want to make the onward journey to western or northern Europe. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, in effect suspended the treaty in August when she declared refugees were welcome in Germany.

The ensuing debate has been characterised as one between liberal-minded, compassionate Germany and the reactionary nationalism of eastern European countries that called for the reimposition of border controls. Merkel was even touted as a potential recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

These accolades were misplaced. Merkel’s celebrated “welcome culture” was predicated on fortifying Europe’s borders. On the eve of the Christian Democrats’ (CDU) conference in December, she proclaimed her aim was to “drastically reduce” the number of refugees reaching Europe.

READ MORE: A dark wave of racism engulfs Europe

I’m Writing This Because I’m Mad at You Right Now, Though I’m Sure I’ll Regret it Later

I find it irritating that you spend so much time
making music you choose not to let anyone else hear,
instead of actually living your life
and doing real, actual things
with real, actual people.
It seems obvious to everyone but you
that you make all your choices based on some sort of
inane cowardice.
You don’t really want to move,
and you don’t really want to stay.
You never truly are doing anything with your life,
just shoving and plowing it
as deeply into the unworkable soil
as you could possibly ever manage to get it.
Does this not depress you?
Do you not want to kill yourself?
When the end of your age comes before you,
what will you have to say for the work of your hands?
That you went out of your way to keep for yourself
all the immense talents you’ve ever had?
That you’ve almost systematically made your wife
completely fucking miserable
by dangling all of her dreams just far enough out of her reach
to make her believe that you would ever commit
to doing anything with yourself,
your family,
your art,
or your marriage?
But you don’t, do you?
You don’t want to do anything but exactly what you feel like doing
at any particular time.
You just want to crawl like a six year-old
under your bed,
whining that you’ll never get what you want,
and never do anything about it.
Well, I’ve got news for you, kiddo–
the only monster in the closet is you;
and the only one who can open up the door?
that’s you too.

lavellanlove asked:

10,15, & 26 for the Inq HC meme :)

For Laughlin:

10:How do their personal beliefs affect their choices and dealings with others?

Laughlin is pretty firm in his personal loyalties so he’ll make decisions to benefit/aid friends and companions that might not be in the best interest of the bigger picture.

15:Which part of the storyline affected them most? Why?

Going into the Fade. Not the choice between Hawke and Stroud (Hawke stayed btw), but watching Sera deal with her fears. He went from thinking she was confusing and odd to forging a friendship with her. It alsomade him try to look past some of the differences between him and other team members to gain some connection.

26:Name one to three things that you headcanon about your Inquisitor that is not/cannot be confirmed through in-game choices.

His relationship with Dorian doesn’t last. Although they love each other, the cultural divide is eventually unworkable.

In Haven, he hung around with Adan, Krem and some of the other folks rather than the companions.

Whatsherface in Haven, the one that got tossed out of her clan at 7 - Laughlin suspects he knows her clan. Small one with little status and less sense, one of the bad apples of the Dalish world as far as Laughlin’s concerned.

EU plans could spell doom for oil price reporting

By Peg Mackey and Alex Lawler

LONDON (Reuters) - Tough new rules proposed by the European Union for financial benchmarks would seriously threaten oil price reporting agencies (PRAs), industry sources say, as they could impose huge liabilities on oil publishers and participants.

Oil price reporting agencies were already under renewed scrutiny after European authorities raided the London office of lead price publisher Platts - a unit of McGraw Hill - as well as oil majors BP , Shell and Statoil , saying they suspected oil prices had been manipulated.

The EU’s draft law, which is unlikely to take effect before 2014, proposes that regulation of top benchmarks like Libor and oil be shifted to the Paris-based European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

“This is heavy-handed regulation, and if it’s applied as written, it will make oil price reporting unworkable,” said a senior oil industry source who requested anonymity.

“These rules were designed for Libor and have nothing to do with open markets.”

Platts, along with smaller rivals privately-held Argus Media and ICIS - a unit of Reed Elsevier , provides clients with price benchmarks set by reporters for opaque energy markets. Their assessments are used to close physical and derivative deals worth billions in a $2.5 trillion market.

“We share the EC view that benchmarks should be robust, reliable and promote confidence in the marketplace,” said a Platts spokeswoman.

“But (we) are wary of any measures that could discourage participation in the price reporting process, inadvertently reversing the progress made in recent years in promoting transparency of pricing in energy and other commodity markets,” she added.

Argus and ICIS were not available to comment on the consequences of the EU draft - made available on Thursday - which could yet be watered down.

The agencies have vigorously argued that commodities markets are very different from the rates market and should be exempt from external oversight and new regulations proposed in the aftermath of the Libor rate-rigging scandal.

“The EU regulations would make it very difficult for markets to operate,” said an oil industry executive, who also requested anonymity. “Draconian is a mild term for them.”


Of particular concern is a provision that would allow an energy company to sue a PRA if the publisher is thought to make a mistake in its assessment.

“The entire basis of PRA businesses is that the prices are provided ‘for information purposes’ and are used by the market at the market’s own risk,” said the senior industry source.

Journalists at reporting agencies assess prices by calling as many traders as possible and contacting them via instant messaging to ask where they see the market, trying to avoid pitfalls such as reflecting only a buyer’s or seller’s views.

The proposed EU rules also put the onus on the price reporter to inform ESMA of suspected manipulation.

Another article stipulates the need for a legal agreement between data suppliers and benchmark providers.

“This will make the oil companies reluctant to supply any data to the price reporting agencies,” said the industry executive.

Apart from the PRAs, oil companies may also find the proposed EU rules unworkable because they are unlikely to sign a binding legal agreement about how they submit data, said the industry sources.

The PRAs are likely to have teams of lawyers poring over the 84-page EU document. “The fall back position is always, 'you can’t regulate us - we’re journalists,’” said the senior industry source.

The PRAs’ preference was for the EU to adopt the proposals put forward by the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) that outlined recommended practices, the industry sources said.

Thomson Reuters , parent of Reuters news, competes with Platts, Argus and ICIS in providing news and information to the oil markets. Argus declined to comment.

(Additional reporting by Simon Falush and Dmitry Zhdannikov; Editing by William Hardy)

Making Your Conversant with Environmentally Friendly

Learning how to survive a little supernumerary greenly is an of the essence part of getting along in today’s culture, impossible text who or where you are on our delicate, barely sustainable planet. We all need toward find ways in which for cut down our carbon emissions and despite what my humble self might have heard, himself doesn’t involve huge amounts pertaining to energy and money. Following are a few ideas upon help self lessen your expenditure with regard to carbon-based products and nuptial in with the worldwide environmental take on to recover our superior planet.

For several of us, truly doing something about carbon emissions seems unworkable. We’ve been lied so as to, particularly about how palatalized it is into do something worthwhile. All them have to do is a few uninvented things, such as the following:

1) Place your home’s temperature lower, even simply a couple of degrees will help out. This can come in for a sizeable result on the gob of impressive will power that your family uses astraddle a day by day line of departure and it is firmly crystal-clear.

2) An spare uncorrupted modus vivendi into reduce your electrical usage is by exchanging your customary bulbs in favor of the new “eco-friendly” luminosity bulbs. Not only will these recover electricity except that statistically they are also recognized to foregoing longer and heart brighter than normal light bulbs. An additional way to save is over against use hindsight to turn all the estimate off if you’re peripatetic headed for have place cataleptic relative to the house so as to either extended period of time.

3) Wrap your geyser progressive a well insulated wrapper. I'ts not as strange as themselves sounds - you chamber pot drastically abridge the whole amount of power you total by dint of this uncomplicated step of insulating self heater from it’s surroundings.

4) Docimasy using eco-friendly sponge products and air fresheners. Even though it could appear like such a small adjustment, cooperatively this will reduce the whole amount of toxicity that is released into the environment by virtue of a diurnal basis.

5) Recycling, justified after all these years, is at all events one of the top spot important things you chemical toilet achieve. With a modest mouthful apropos of device, this can be a very trouble-free act. Start by separating your garbage by kinds, such forasmuch as clayey, newspaper and concave lens, and then start throwing each away into labeled containers - there’s man of straw to it. You’ll uncover there are drop-off points vice a good lathwork of this supply on hand, many times situated right at the busier shopping centers and other handy points around town.

Evidently, it won’t take a proportion of fix or exertion - or money - to institute these types concerning slow-witted changes. Lets all sally port coinstantaneously to encourage the green living lifestyle and build a better future for ourselves and our destination generations.