…J’avais déjà absorbé beaucoup de vin. Je demandai à X. de lire dans le livre que je traînais avec moi un passage et il l’a lu à haute voix (personne à ma connaissance ne lit avec plus de dure simplicité, avec plus de grandeur passionnée que lui). J’étais trop ivre et ne me rappelle plus exactement le passage. Lui-même avait bu autant que moi. Ce serait une erreur de penser qu’une telle lecture faite par des hommes pris de boisson n’est qu’un paradoxe provocant. Tout ce que je puis dire de plus vrai au sujet de X., c’est qu’il [raturé] au moment de ma vie [raturé]. Je crois que nous sommes unis en ceci que nous sommes l’un et l’autre ouverts sans défense — par tentation — a des forces de destruction, mais non comme des audacieux, comme des enfants que n’abandonne jamais une lâche naïveté,
—  Georges Bataille, Oeuvres Completes, Tome V, p. 497-8

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I love reading your responses, especially on Damon and Stefan's relationship. I think the biggest misconception that Stefan (and Damon) has in regards to Damon's humanity is that his ability to be a good person equates to him being worthy of Elena. They aren't one in the same. And because his humanity has been so wrapped into whether or not Elena wants him is why it's easy for him to backslide when things don't work out for them. Damon needs to recognize that his choices to be a better (1/2)

(2/2) person should be made because HE wants to be a better person, not so someone else can say that he’s worthy. He has to want it for himself. Plus, it’s hard to be “better” for someone when they don’t hold you accountable for the poor decisions you make in their name.

Completely, completely agree. And I think that’s a huge part of what the narrative has been trying to demonstrate with just how unworkable DE has been, and it’s so important for Stefan to see that… Thank you, bb!!


My Mum got me MAC’s Heroine lipstick in New York a month ago but for some reason I haven’t worn it till today (yesterday, technically). It’s such a gorgeous deep magenta -I wouldn’t say it’s a  true purple as it’s perhaps a bit too warm for that, just a tad though- and whilst it is matte, it wears very comfortably and is quite creamy. Then again your mileage may vary because Ruby Woo, a so-called retro matte, is said to be unworkable and uncomfortable by so many people but I personally love it and have no bad words for it. I’m terrible when it comes to criticising a lipstick for its dryness because I’ve been so obsessed with mattes for the past three years and I love their texture.

When I took a make-up wipe to remove Heroine, I saw that it had left a very pretty and quite pigmented pink stain behind. This mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you dislike staining I wouldn’t get this lipstick.

I paired this with a quick and messy light teal eye because whilst it was dreadfully grey out (like always), I still wanted to go for a fun spring look.

Products used:
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara
MAC Paintpot Camel Coat
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow Mochi
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner 59 Dynamint

I keep looking at my hair and all I can think is how much I want more then anything for it to look decent for once. I’m sick of I being this tangled frizzy unworkable mop. #selfie #hair #ugh

Oh my GODDESS! I just got an email from someone who wants to do a photo shoot at my work…

And the photographer would be…





Ughhhh Julia Serano this essay could have been Such A Good and talked more about how men who are associated with feminine traits are degraded even by some women and how we need to unwork that instead it just…. turned out… coming off kind of victim blame-y…………………… and very……… what about the men-y………………………… sigh…………………………………………

The P5 1 group of world powers — the US, Russia, France, England, China and Germany — has been seeking a comprehensive accord with Iran that would prevent it from developing a nuclear bomb, in return for an easing of economic sanctions. The Jewish state is not privy to all of the details of the impending deal, although Israeli officials have repeatedly warned that the Jewish state stands to lose the most in the event that Tehran acquires the bomb. An EU official said in February that Israel was no longer being fully briefed on the talks. Ahead of a looming March 31 deadline to formulate a framework deal with Iran, a senior French diplomat said Sunday that Israel’s stance on the issue had become increasingly unworkable.

A WELFARE card that would stop recipients spending taxpayer-funded benefits on drugs, alcohol and gambling will be trialled this year.

The card, which aims to curb growing domestic violence against women and children, including in remote communities, is the brainchild of West Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest.

The Sunday Tasmanian ­understands the Federal Government will go ahead with the card in coming weeks, with limited trials planned for some of the most disadvantaged areas in the country.

Mr Forrest originally proposed the card to tackle Aboriginal disadvantage and welfare dependency, but the proposal trial will be aimed more broadly at other communities deeply affected by ­violence and inter-generational welfare dependency.

Tasmania has some of the most entrenched welfare-­dependent communities in the country and is a likely test site.

But Tasmanian welfare groups have branded the idea “discriminatory, demeaning and unworkable”.

Read more: The Mercury

Freedom: By suggesting that voting should be mandatory, President Obama — the “smartest president in history” — has endorsed an idea that is unworkable, unconstitutional and probably wouldn’t even boost turnout. At an event in Cleveland this week, an audience member asked Obama about the influence of money in political campaigns. After giving his hackneyed “elections cost too much and lobbyists have too much influence” spiel, Obama brought up the

—  Mandatory Voting? Is Obama Kidding, Or Just Plain Dumb? http://ift.tt/1x6tSOW
Well hot dang

Mooseman has made a comeback to this here unworkable social networking site. Moose has been very busy here lately with it being hunting season and all. You know jus tryna escape the death. Moose is sure the 15 followers would be horrified if they saw moose’s carcus in a huntin picture. Moose sayin moo. Moose will proly drop off the map for a while again, for it will soon be time to frolic through the meadows of Canadaland

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