waking the witch — wicked witches and damned girls
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waking the witch - kate bush; red, red roses / help me, listen to me / red, red roses / I question your innocence / help this blackbird / she’s a witch!

seven devils - florence + the machine; holy water cannot help you now / a thousand armies couldn’t keep me out / I don’t want your money, I don’t want your crown / see I’ve come to burn your kingdom down

the truth is in the dirt - karen elson; the truth is in the dirt on the ground / the truth is in the dirt on the ground / not in your poison tongue or your acid tears / let the truth howl in your ears / here she comes, it’s killing time / flames are burning behind her eyes

if I had a heart - fever ray; this will never end cause I want more / more, give me more, give me more / if I had a heart I would love you / if I had a voice I would sing

whispers and potions - melissa auf der maur; by the fire, women from beyond / travel through me / they visit these eyes, and they need me / whispers and potions, on my waves / drown me to see if I will float / whispers and potions, on my waves

la fille damnée - cécile corbel; qui est ce diable qui m’appele père? / dis moi qui était sur le champ / c’est la fille ta chère fille jeanne / ta fille morte et enterrée / j’entends chanter, j’entends chanter / la fille damnée, j’entends chanter
[who is the devil that calls me father? / tell me at once who it was / it’s the girl, your dear daughter jeanne / your dead and buried daughter / I hear singing, I hear singing / the damned girl, I hear singing]

if I burn - emilie autumn; when you sleep you’ll feel my icy fingers crawling down your back / and when you wake you’ll find me right beside you waiting to attack / and when you walk I will be right behind you quickening my steps / and when you try to shut me out I will be laughing in your head

knight of noir - susanne sundfør; a thousand men, a thousand men have fallen for her wide-eyed / a thousand anchors, a thousand anchors couldn’t hold back the ship / and all her lovers, yes, all her lovers they will sleep for ever and ever / and ever

witch wife - unwoman; and her voice is a string of colored beads, or steps leading into the sea / she loves me all that she can, and her ways to my ways resign / but she was not made for any man, and she never will be all mine

Don’t Worry Texas, We Haven’t Forgotten About You!

The information is trickling in slowly, but here’s what we know! The band is really eager to get back to Texas, and we were hoping to come back sooner, but at least you can look forward to this…

From Arron Von Blackwolf:

Skybourne Presents: Carnival Menagerie!

Friday, September 13th & Saturday, September 14th

Music Hall at Fair Park
909 First Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75210

A 2-day event hosting 10 of the greatest Steampunk bands along with circus and carnival performers from around the US, such as: Circus Freaks, Bizarro, and Carnival Epsilon.

There will be a dance each night, one hosted by DJ Infamous and the other by DJ Scarlet Scarborough from Vegas


Vernian Process
The Extraordinary Contraptions
Marquis of Vaudeville
Montague Jacques Fromage


Steam Powered Giraffe
Nathaniel Johnstone
Darwin Prophet & the Chronus Mirror

We will be announcing more performers closer to the date.
Tickets are now on sale!

We are taking apps for vendors now. Email Arron@skybourne.com for full details.

Early Pre-Reg
30$. This gets you in for both days and all 10 bands.

Early Pre-Reg VIP
100$. This gets you front of line access to concerts and autograph lines as well as early access to dealers room as well as a few more perks to be announced closer to show time. These are limited to 100.

These are 250$. this gets a private autograph session with all bands, seats on the stage with bottle service during the shows and an invite to the closed after party.
these are limited to 10 and only available by emailing me directly: Arron@skybourne.com

here’s a look at the cover i did for the upcoming #steampunk essentials #album featuring #music from:
#AbneyPark, #SteamPoweredGiraffe, #ProfessorElemental, #Unwoman #StrangeArtifact #TheCogisDead #VeroniqueChevalier and MORE!!!
this album will be available at the $50 and above backer level for The League of S.T.E.A.M. season three kickstarter here: http://kck.st/1flSdS4 #ottoandvictoria #octopus #oldschool

“You are breaking her heart,” said Ada. 

“Ada girl, adored girl,” cried Van, “I’m a radiant void. I’m convalescing after a long and dreadful illness. You cried over my unseemly scar, but now life is going to be nothing but love and laughter, and corn in cans. I cannot brood over broken hearts, mine is too recently mended.” ~Nabokov 

Last year, I sat down with my brilliant friend Eden Gallanter to be given an incredible tarot reading with her own Cheimonette deck. Afterward, I composed a sad, strange, wandering, threshold-of-pain-skirting soundscape based on what the cards had told me. That song is one of several musical interpretations of Eden’s readings that were composed by various musicians for The Sonic Arcana, an album curated by Eden as a supplement to her deck’s Kickstarter project. 

The Sonic Arcana compilation is now available for purchase on Bandcamp, with beautiful pieces by Artemis, Mark Growden, Jill Tracy, Star St. Germain, and Unwoman. The final track is my own “Radiant Void”.

Bleh, ugh, ouch, sigh. Such a weird, cathartic, wistful soup. (Winter was hard.) I took this mopey selfie shortly after its completion.

Um… enjoy? :-)

👑 #UNwoman launched an amazing & effective campaign. A series of ads, developed as a creative idea by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, uses genuine Google searches to reveal the widespread prevalence of sexism and discrimination against women. Based on searches dated 9 March, 2013 the ads expose negative sentiments ranging from stereotyping as well as outright denial of women’s rights. This is a problem present in all countries & cultures! @wishcreatively #wishcreatively #unitednations #genderequality #womanempowerment #faarrow


Unwoman playing The Ballad of Serenity at Dragon*CON 2013.


favorite singers → Unwoman

but if I could, if I could, if I could have caugh her
would she now be free?
if I could, if I could, if I could have caught her
would she ever forgive me?
I could pretend I don’t care
wherever she is, what they do to her
in that moment we were severed
but we were girls together 


The Heroine
  • The Heroine
  • Unwoman

The story of a bad actor in a propaganda play who plays the main character on closing night. And the man she loves hasn’t shown up for any performance… She doesn’t know what is worse, thinking he doesn’t love her, or he’s dead.

Written in Red - Words by Voltairine de Cleyre
  • Written in Red - Words by Voltairine de Cleyre
  • Unwoman
  • The Fires I Started

Gods of the World! Their mouths are dumb!
Your guns have spoken and they are dust
But the shrouded Living, whose hearts were numb,
have felt the beat of a wakening drum
Within them sounding — the Dead men’s tongue —
Calling : “Smite off the ancient rust!”
Have beheld “Resurrexit,” the word of the Dead,
(Words of the dead)
(Written in red)


  • Bruises
  • Unwoman
  • Casualties

I learned to love from songs
I know I do it wrong
I fall fast and not very well
Try to dissemble, but you can tell
I can’t play by the rules
Too impatient to be pursued

But you got under my skin
Your skin under my nails
Your smell on my hair
Your marks on my arms

If we can choose our bruises I’ve made my choice
Now I sing my own song in my own voice
Though my tongue may still be tied
In the end I will be undenied
Oh, I learned to love from songs
I know I do it wrong

If I could have what I wanted
You would be part of it
To grasp me firmly’s not an option
But I want you
Even now I’ve had you, still – I want you
Tempted to give all this a name
As our dance moves always one step out of frame