Photos from The 100 Cosplay Meetup on Friday of SDCC 2015, my first cosplay debut. So honored to be in the company of some really amazing cosplayers and new friends, including brightcopperpenny, sirrogue, unwinona, moonflowerlights, and salanderhacks.

Special guest appearances by many members of the amazing creative team that makes up the100writers, including aaronginsburg, kimshum, sugarjonze, and laynemorgan

You all made my comic-con this year– here’s to Camp Jaha 2k16!


Wow. WonderCon. Where do I even start? I was up past 3 am Saturday morning finishing my Clarke costume and packing but it was all totally worth it! So, so much amazingness happened in only two days, but here’s 10 pictures and 10 memories that go with them:

1. The *very first photos* we got of the three of us being knock-down amazing and just completely freaking out as they got posted to Twitter and then RTed all over. Gabriela is a fantastic photographer!

2. Getting ready in unwinona‘s room and having feminerdity do my makeup, singing the Kimmie Schmidt theme song, then thatblackwidowgirl showing up in full Lexa regalia and all of us shrieking about The 100 at the top of our lungs

3. Meeting the extremely delightful trio of laynemorgan, Eric, and Caroline and walking around con with them and pretty much never shutting up about The 100 the whole time

4. Getting to ask Jason Rothenberg if Wick could make more chemistry jokes in S3 and getting a “yes” from him and Kim Shumway (science teacher WIN!)

5. Denny’s lunch with my Lexa, plus Liz and Kirsten, talking all things fandom related but especially vampires

6. Clexa’s Best Day Ever walking around the con floor and randomly running into the new co-exec producer of The 100 who recognized our costumes and wanted a pic with us???

7. sirrogue‘s f-ing amazing Roku costume that he made completely by himself with only a little advice & serger threading from me

8. Running into thatjayjustice as the most badass Wonder Woman ever yeah!!!

9. Chasing down thekeythief and getting her amazing Clarke & Bellamy (and Felicity!) fanart to go with my awesome pin!

10. Getting to the con floor the exact same time as barefootdramaturg so I could give her the very first of the Carter Commandos penny blossoms!


These are from a Hunger Games themed photo shoot me and my friends did a while ago. At some point in the story, Unwinona’s character went off the deep end and decided she was going to win the games, but not before she carved the number of her district into her arm. 

I achieved this effect with something called 3rd Degree which is a silicone based product that comes in two parts. Painted with alcohol colors and stage blood. I also helped with the blood and dirt smearing.

Photos by: Kevin Green

Meet Lola Unwinona!

Lola has been an actress since the age of twelve and a nerd since the age of birth. Trained as an improv comedian, her troupe was voted Best Improv Group by SL Weekly. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2006 and performed as part of the third year company until 2007. Lola has performed for several years with the Garage Theatre Company (LB Post’s Best Cutting Edge Theatre in 2013) in Long Beach, California. She has also been seen awkwardly gracing the stage at Mortified Live in both Los Angeles and Portland, a show described by Newsweek as a “cultural phenomenon” and featured on This American Life, The Today Show, and The Onion AV Club. Yes, she knows that she kinda looks like Winona Ryder. Lola plays Lilly, the roommate of Kit Quinn’s character, in the upcoming Sweethearts of the Galaxy!

Oh, and this one time, two of the guys from Kids in the Hall told her she was funny. So that’s pretty great.


This is the interview dress I made for my wonderful friend Unwinona. I designed this based on the description in the book and making it was truly a labor of love. So many people helped with this dress, which is good because it was quite tedious. Each diamond was hand sewn to the base dress. Every diamond is three layers of fabric surged together and we cut fifty diamonds out of each kind of fabric. Someone else can do the math on that.

Doing new stuff

Recently I got together with my friends and we decided to kick some ass and make our own vlog for nerd ladies. We filmed our first episode last night and I’m crazy excited. I’m excited to make stuff with my friends and I’m excited to embark on this adventure with them.

We’re called The NerdStreet Hoodlums if you want to check us out. We’re on all the social media and our first episode will premiere next week!

Hawkeye Avenger Puppet!!

You read correct followers, what you see here is a Hawkeye puppet I made for unwinona's birthday present. She is not only an awesome friend but is an awesome archer and deserved an awesome puppet to match her awesomeness. That was a lot of awesome to go into one puppet but I think I matched it pretty well.  I love making puppets for my friends.  One of these days I’ll make an entire Avenger puppet team. Enjoy

The inspiration

the puppet