unwin avenue

Carmilla Movie Locations!

When I was in Toronto for Fan Expo this year, I decided to pay a visit to the various locations used in the upcoming Carmilla movie!

1 (one) Spooky Mansion (aka Glanmore National Historic Site)

Dancing House (aka Vincent Massey Mansion)

Domestic Hollstein (aka 1091 Queen Street East)

Oh Hey It’s Toronto (aka Riverdale Park East)

Bonus Round, from the teaser:

Cat on a Bike (aka Unwin Avenue)

Hot for Teacher (aka Sugar Beach Park)

Commissions Open!

I am opening up art commissions! To those who are interested in purchasing an original print, please see the prices listings below:

Drawing (1 character)- 10$
           -options include: sketch, lineart, colour with or without shade

2+ Characters  - +5$ (per extra character)

Background  - +5$

***All payments are required through PayPal

For requests contact me at: armart2018@gmail.com

Below are some sample pieces available for purchase at a set 10$ price
1. Danny Phantom (available with line, colour, colour w/shade and background) 
2. Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin from Kingsman (available as shown)
3. Harley Quinn in Harlem City (Character and Background can be sold separately as well)
4. Harley Quinn vs. Batman (available as is)
5. Murdoc from Gorillaz (available as is) 

Don’t forget to spread the word!