unwelcomed houseguest

CS FF: Houseguest from Hell

Summary: Wish Realm Hook sneaks through the portal and ends up in Storybrooke.  This results in Emma and Killian getting an unwelcome houseguest and Emma an unwanted suitor.

Rating: PG

Note: I just thought it would be funny if Wish Realm Hook ended up in Storybrooke and met his counterpart, while stirring up some trouble.  This is the result.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

….Houseguest from Hell: Part 1/1…

Killian kicked the front door closed with his boot, as his lips remained fused to Emma’s.

“I missed you so much,” he breathed into her mouth.

Emma pulled back for a moment, caressing his cheek as she met his eyes. “After that portal closed, I was scared I might never find a way back to my family.  Back to you.”

Killian offered her a smile. “I never doubted for a moment that you would find your way back to me.”

Emma grinned as she captured his lips again.  She began to maneuver them to the couch.

“Henry is staying at Regina’s tonight, so we have the house to ourselves,” she managed to mumble between kisses.

Killian moved his lips to her neck.  “I want to take my time with you.  Let’s go to our bedroom.”

They didn’t stop kissing all the way up the stairs, nearly falling several times in the process.  By the time they made it to the threshold of their bedroom, Emma’s jacket had been shed, as had Hook’s.  Emma was hard at work on the buttons of his vest.

Killian wrapped his arms around Emma’s waist as he pulled her flush against his body and backed them into their bedroom.   Emma felt the back of her legs hit the bed and she felt onto it, Killian landing gently on top of her. She clawed at his back, a moan escaping her lips.  

“Do you mind? I am trying to sleep,” a voice sounded behind them.

Emma and Killian’s eyes flew open and they quickly parted, scrambling to their feet to face the voice.  Spread out on Killian’s side of the bed, was Wish Realm Hook.  

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Under [OQ x Hades/Persephone, Part II]

Dedicating this bit to descaliers because she’s a goddess in her own right for offering invaluable input on the whole mythology that I have taken way too many liberties with already, hehe. On ffn here!

Part I: Earth

Part II: Hell

Leroy gives her a gruff nod as she passes, then a low bow to the man two steps behind her.

It figures, that her ferryman would know him. He’s quite the social butterfly, for as crotchety as he is. And he’s been particularly grumpy of late, after another pointless war had recently quadrupled his business overnight.

“For people so obsessed with staying alive, they sure love killing each other, don’t they,” he will often grouch to her in passing, and Regina can’t help but agree. “Great reflection on humanity, that.”

(He’s no fonder of this job than Regina is, but at least his is a paying one. He could technically leave if he wanted, if it weren’t for the one very good reason he has to stay—six of them, actually, six brothers to feed and keep a good roof over their heads. But Regina, as eternally damned as she is, has not even the illusion of choice in the matter, and that’s all she’s ever wanted, really. A say in her own fate, whether it be one of fortune or meant to fail.)

So after the last round of souls has rowed through, and there’s a decisive lull till the next, Leroy will mutter something about having plans, then suddenly make himself scarce. Won’t resurface again for it’s hard to say how long, as Regina has no real sense of time to tell; but he’ll be a great deal happier, if not walking quite as straight as before, when he does.

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