unwelcomed guests

DAY 3191

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Dec 23,  2016                Fri  10:54 pm

Birthday - EF Irfan Nuyani /Anu Uttam

Saturday, December 24, 2016

to Irfan and to Anu our birthday greetings and love .. may this new year in their lives bring greater happiness and love and joy .. from us all .. the Ef

Lethargy is the worst form of a depleted distrustful despondent mind .. alliterations apart, it is indeed a most unwelcome guest .. it arrives unannounced, and never leaves when you want it to .. bearing its idiosyncrasies is by itself a lesson in stagnant behavioural manner  .. ride it willingly and with trust and faith .. it needs to be overcome .. overcome with the kind of results it could produce if not .. 

I try to fight with it each day, breathing heavily on its head to turn and adjust to the winds in that direction of flow .. if you persist it works .. the winds change direction, they flow the way of the mind desire .. that is what the ultimate truth is , nothing more …

And a sequence begins here :

The sequence is that I have discovered, and I am the only one that has, that a dance item that is being performed by Jacqueline spl ?, on stage at the awards, has a peculiarity that has accidentally occurred …

A lady dancer, among the many that adorn the stage, has just lost her skirt .. and on sharing this piece of information to many about us, there is disbelief and mouth covered face giggles, by all and sundry .. namely Aishwarya, Karan and Anushka .. 

That was for just one girl losing her skirt .. but as the rhythm increased and the vigour improved, a few more fell .. three I believe .. and then it was beyond humour .. it was a sense of wanting to jump up on stage and help them with their .. errr .. euphemism ?? 

Award ceremonies and the glitter of presence with all that are assumed to win .. and all that assume reach venue with hope and praise and expectation .. 

“come and ye shall receive, if not begotten” ..

There is a method behind the madness of award seasons, and awards .. and they need not be discussed publicly, but they are .. we shall of course refrain .. honouring creative outputs has been a recurring feature among many from its inception .. the deserving get the wands of glory, those that fail end up with destroyed hopes and the possibility of ‘another time’ ..

At times the time at another time takes time .. wait for its patience .. its .. because we are fine, its the other that needs to wait .. that metallic piece of design mounted on a wooden platform, with words to glorify its owner, has adorned many a home and hearth .. how much we value the existence of that metal, in shapes and sizes of different kind .. cherished and possessive about all its aspects ..

One of the greatest achievements of today’s time and generation is to be able to find an App., for a particular job/work, and then be able to or have the acumen to work it .. we carry the world in the palm of our hands virtually .. many of them that have a direct land line connect with the Almighty, would go against and complain .. complain about what ..? Nothing can be complained for accommodation .. and accommodation is scarce and difficult to get .. not mine .. mine is warmed up and ready for redressal .. 

And till then its Good Night .. and on the eve of Christmas, we wish all of you a very warm and Merry Christmas and the year to come ..

Amitabh Bachchan

On Wanda’s twelfth night of living at the Avenger’s facility, an intruder had been detected…

The alarm had sounded at 2:13 am, prompting the Avengers, half-clad in their pajamas, into action. Natasha eyed the security monitors. Steve armed himself and set about investigating the grounds. Vision was conducting a room by room sweep. Meanwhile, Wanda stayed in the kitchen near the cutlery, a statue pulsing with anxiety and fear for endless minutes.

She sensed him, like a breath, before he appeared, phasing up from the floor beside her.

“What is it?” she asked, voice muffled behind the sleeve of her pajama.

Vision spoke calmly as his eyes surveyed the area, calculating. “All is well,” he said. “Captain Rogers and Miss Romanoff are addressing our unwelcomed guest. A reporter, it seems.”

With a windless push, Wanda found herself leaning closer to him. It was reassuring to have someone beside her again. Her new ‘teammates,’ as they called themselves, still kept their distance, even in training.

She wished more than anything that Pietro was here, with a warm arm around her and soothing words in her ear. Wanda’s fingers twitched, a muscle memory as old as she, flared to life. And without another thought, her hand found his.

Vision did not startle, merely tilting his head to verify what his senses were relaying to be true. No one ever willingly touched him, aside from Tony’s pokes and prods. But this action was not on behalf of curiosity or 'science.’ This was somehow different. Considering the events, he concluded she was seeking comfort. He performed what he hoped was the correct reaction and curled his fingers around her petite palm.

For a few brief seconds all was well.

Wanda’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what she’d done. 'Idiot!’ she cursed herself.

He wasn’t Pietro.

Pietro wasn’t here.

Pietro was dead.

So what the hell was she doing? Her hand slipped out, back into the safety of her sleeve as she pulled her arms closer to her chest. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

Vision wanted to reply that she had nothing to apologize for. He’d be happy to hold her hand or perform any function that would bring her comfort and ease her mind. But then Steve was sounding over the intercom, informing them the area was clear and they were free to return to their quarters.

Silently, Wanda shuffled away while Vision gazed thoughtfully at her retreating back.

It was after this event that Vision made an adjustment to his regular activity. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, he fitted himself to Wanda’s right, should she ever require his hand again.

Psycho// Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: A relaxing Halloween night turns horrifying as an unwelcome guest finds its way into your home.

A/N: The Halloween/Horror movie loving side of me just had to write something to celebrate this season.🎃 

It was Halloween night and the fall weather had taken a nasty turn as the storm raged on outside. It had been raining for hours, much to the dismay of hundreds of trick-or-treaters that had hoped to set off on a candy filled adventure that night. Only a few souls had braved the horrid weather and so you were left with a substantial amount of candy in the cauldron that was set by the door. Your stomach growled as you took advantage of the leftover candy, biting down on Kit Kat bars and Reeses.

Your cat meowed in protest when you stood from the couch, her warm fluff instantly burying into the blanket you had been using for cover as you watched horror movies alone. Your boyfriend had been called in for work just a few days before, thus ruining your Halloween plans. You didn’t mind too much as you knew how important his work was for the wellbeing of everyone else. Ridding the world of monsters was something that was tough to do and something few were even willing to attempt.

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BTS reacting to you scaring them with a freaky mask.

A/N: Happy [almost] Halloween everyone! 

여러분! , 행복한 할로윈! 

Jin: He’d jump the minute he turns around to you in a clowns mask and let out a quite feminine scream, making you drop your scary image. He’d look at you in disgust before brushing it off like it was nothing. ‘Your normal face is way scarier than this mask.’

Suga: The minute he sees you standing in front of him with one of the masks you’re hiding in your wardrobe, he’d raise his fist to punch the unwelcome guest before realizing that it’s you and giggling. ‘You want to get punshed, right?’

Rap Monster: He’d just stare at you silently, shaking his head in dissapointment before punshing your shoulder and walking past you. ‘Nice Attempt Y/N.’

J-Hope: He’d overreact and fall to the ground like the drama queen he is and just lay there, staring at the ceiling blankly. When you ask him if he’s okay, he’d pretend that he’s seriously hurt by your actions and pout at you for being so mean.

Taehyung: He’d look at you in shock to why you would do this to him and jokingly hiss at you before leaving the room to plan his revenge.

Jimin: When you jump at him from behind the couch, he’d jump up from his spot, screaming bloody murder and jump away from the couch on his tip-toes, not looking back.  ‘You’re really something Y/N.’

Jungkook: He’d be too into whatever’s on TV to even fully take in your mask and just giggle silently at your cute attempt before turning around to you, raising his eyebrow in confusion. ‘You got something on your face’

Love, Youngmi! xx


We all have those days when nothing seems to go right. It appears it’s the same for the animal kingdom too.

In this case, a raccoon was seen having a string of bad luck after it was chased up a tree only to fall into a pond of cold water. The moment of misfortune occurred when the cute critter crept inside a lemur enclosure at the North Carolina Zoo.

The inhabitants did not take well to their unwelcome guest and it was forced to take refuge in a nearby tree. After scrambling up a tree and looking down on his rather unfamiliar surroundings, things continued to go wrong for the cute animal.

After waiting for the coast to clear, it then attempted to get higher but ended up losing its grip and hurtling to the ground in what can only be described as a Superman style bomber dive. It was then captured plunging into a pond below before clambering out looking rather bedraggled.

With the water to break its fall, the daring creature climbed up a handily placed twig to complete his Mission Impossible escape to safety.

The photographer, Evan Hambrick said: “It was insane. We were all routing for him. Everyone was cheering. I don’t know how he got in, but I’m glad he got out.” [x]

Unwelcome Guest//Closed

“How the hell did you get in here, brat?” Jason questioned, a hard glare directed towards a certain kid seated like he owned the damn place on the shirt sofa. He’d only recently moved to this apartment, and there was hardly anything in it. The sofa, a fridge half stocked with beer and half stocked with things to make quick meals, an old television, and a mattress in the corner with bedding and extra blankets.

“Did you break a fuckin’ lock? Those cost money to replace, you know?”


anonymous asked:

No no no! Feeling like that is forbidden in multiple universes! AND THERES A REASON FOR THAT!

“These swings are normal, seriously. But the only reason I’m having one is because…well, Pap brought an unwelcome guest." 

chaos theory

buildup to tragedy braves like this: soft sounds of traffic, a breath hissed out like a crime, the staccato of indistinct voices fluttering in the rainy distance and an ocean speaking braille.

i left a wound the size of my benumbed fist in a bottle for you in your grandfather’s old office. my heart grows to tomb sizes. the walls are reverberating with all these sickly notions. it was a childhood of frosted screams & lips leaking bullets. it was a vampire’s melody in the kitchen. mother praying to a headless deity with her eyes half-open, my brother in the other room with a cigarette up his nose and fifty holes in my socks from all the mice kisses.

youth came like an unwelcome guest on my doorstep stampeding with his steroid gaze and hauling a pick axe shaped to shard the family.

my thigh gap was where boys with vacant eyes and sonorous intentions would snake their forked hands, my eyes abandoned water tanks too tiny to fit all the swamp’s storms. we embodied forests, lichen growing beneath tongues, our ribs reduced to stumps. all flowers lost, honey evaporating into the sad air.

they called it the butterfly effect, i called it martyrdom. someday i’ll find my mother in a burnished garden past the muddled moon.
i’ll see my brother again & his voice will sound like whispering on a summer burnt porch and pinpricks falling. someday it won’t be like this. someday it won’t feel like this.

i dream choking the wind out of him. sundays
spent floating beneath the warm currents of your body. blind eyes picturing rainbows.

the girl will be whole
again. the girl will be whole. the girl
will be.

The shortest month always takes too long

September’s cold weather
is an unwelcome guest;
unwelcome, yet

Fall prepares us for winter,
soothes our eyes with
an array of vibrant colours.

Fast forward to December, 
tightening families’ bonds,
making them come

January ushers in
a sense
of golden opportunities,
and new beginnings.

February comes,
the world has
for so long…

February is the silent killer.

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

The Unwelcome Guest

I used to sell drugs out of my house. Pills, sometimes acid, and of course weed.

I don’t sell drugs anymore. I had an experience that made me stop, and it had nothing to do with an intervention or correction officers and inmates screaming in my face to “scare me straight.” It wasn’t a run in with the law the caused me to seek a “normal” job, either. It was a young woman.

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Creepypasta #849: The Unwelcome Guest

Length: Super long

I used to sell drugs out of my house. Pills, sometimes acid, and of course weed.

I don’t sell drugs anymore. I had an experience that made me stop, and it had nothing to do with an intervention or correction officers and inmates screaming in my face to “scare me straight.” It wasn’t a run in with the law the caused me to seek a “normal” job, either. It was a young woman.

Toby called me at noon on Saturday, waking my hungover ass up. "Yo, man, wakey wakey, eggs and motherfuckin’ bakey, baby.“ He was always saying goofy shit like that.

"What?” I groggily answered.

“Man, I am in need of some greenery. Can I stop by?”


“Whaaaat? You don’t want my money, homeboy?”

“Yeah, I want your money, but, fuck if I got the worst hangover. I’ll call you.”

Toby was a loyal customer, so I felt confident in my gamble that he’d wait for me to buy his weed.

“Alright, alright. Hit me up, man.”


That’s how Toby ended up in the fucking locked bathroom with me, us contorting our bodies into the contours of the tub and quaking in fear as the doorknob rattled.

I got a text that evening, right before I shot him a message, telling him to come on over. "Hey Stew?" It was an unknown number. Normally, I didn’t answer numbers I didn’t know. You gotta play it safe when you’re selling. Never know what kinda shit you’ll get yourself wrapped up in, if you’re too trusting. But I text back because they used my name.

"Yea what’s up? Who is this?”

I didn’t get an instant reply, so I texted Toby. "Hey man come on over.

I weighed his load, making sure I wasn’t inadvertently ripping him off. It was over a gram, but I wasn’t sweating it. I made a lot of money off his business.

"OK man on way. See u n 20”

I opened another text I’d received, from the mystery number: “U sell?”

I noped the fuck out. I didn’t sell to people I’d never met. And I sure as fuck didn’t appreciate one of my customers giving a stranger my name and number. Why didn’t they tell me their name? I didn’t like it, so I didn’t answer.

I watched TV until Toby beat on my front door like he was the police. It used to piss me off, but I was numb to it now.

“What upppp?” he asked, his 270 pound body ambling in from the cold.

“Nothing, man, just hanging. Did you give someone my number?”

He squashed his face together in astonishment.

“Man, you know that ain’t how I play. What’s the number, though?”

“478-256-****.” I read it from my inbox.

“Nope, don’t know it.”

I gave him his baggy in exchange for his money.

“It’s all there.”

“I trust you, brother. Wanna smoke? Watch a movie?”

“Yeah, alright.”

He rolled a joint and lit it up. I put The Conjuring on-it was October, scary movie month. I guffawed as Toby emitted freaked out squeaks during the scene where the mom’s locked in the basement. He was a big motherfucker, so it was comical to see him scared.

My phone chirped. It was the god damn mystery number again.

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