unwelcomed guests

he’s the beauty; she’s the beast

so i’m sure the remake of a timeless classic that disney is about to roll out is going to be great and all

but here’s another way we could do things:

he’s the beauty

she’s the beast

for a movie who’s central theme is inner beauty, it doesn’t really do anything to support that, you know? so how about this: adam, our prince turned beast, isn’t an inhospitable monster. because this back story doesn’t make any sense – why is the young prince of this land alone, in a castle, only to be caught unaware by a witch?

so how about this – this is pseudo france, right, so these royals do what their real life counterparts did. they flee. the cruel, greedy king and queen flee and leave their young son behind with their staff. their son who is kind and soft hearted and totally unfit to rule any kingdom (never mind that they’re literally running away from their own people). not only that – they trade their son for their freedom, trade their kingdom for their freedom. to the witch.

so the witch comes, and she doesn’t disguise herself as a crone, goes to him looking as lovely and young as her magic keeps her. but our prince adam has a talent, one many cast-aside, neglected children have developed – the ability to see people for who they really are, and he knows this is no kind young woman in need of his help. he refuses to let her in – and there’s this little twist to the magic, that she can only enter the palace grounds and claim her prize if she’s welcomed in a as a guest, and he, the young master of this castle, won’t let her in.

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A Lesson in Love (The Aftermath)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,817

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. This part is small snippets of how the reader is feeling after the events of the last chapter. I hope you enjoy it 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - you dedicate so much time to editing all of my fics and I am forever grateful to you for that

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Forty Minutes Later

You read an article a few weeks ago about something called ‘dry drowning’. At the time, the prognosis seemed so strange. Whenever you heard the word 'drowning’, you associated it with water. That’s why you couldn’t comprehend how it could happen on land. It took a quick Google search to inform you that dry drowning was the lungs’ inability to extract oxygen from the air; it could happen just as easily on land as it could in the water.

As you sit on the floor with your arms still wrapped tightly around your body and your legs fast asleep, you realize that you’re drowning. The world is blurring into shapes you can’t make out and bright colors that make your eyes hurt. Your head is spinning. And your heart, oh your heart, it’s aching with loss. Abandonment. Rejection.

Rejection is a feeling you don’t know very well and one that is quite literally making you sick to your stomach. By avoiding relationships, you’ve avoided this. But there was only so long you could last before it found you. You might be biased or inexperienced, but you’re almost certain that it has sensed your vulnerability like a dog sniffs out fear and is using that to its advantage. It sees you trapped out in the ocean trying to keep yourself afloat and it’s like a merciless wave that refuses to let you get your bearings before knocking you under the surface again.

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say you love me


you’re a doctor who finds bucky in an alley way, bleeding out. you help him, and get way more than you ever asked for. (based on this request.)

word count: 5.7K

pairing: bucky x reader

warnings: angst, fluff, open ending, bad writing

a/n: listen, i dont think this is good but i hope this is what ya wanted. there’s no smut in this, sorry my dudes :/ i left this ending kind of open and abrupt, so if y’all want a second part, i can write it. 

Originally posted by natpekis

masterlist | request

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Part 1 of ?

Italics = Memory | Normal = present

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Smut | Fluff | Angst

Words: 1K

“Move near the studio.”

Your eyes widen as you turn your head to face Yoongi on the bed staring right back at you, “What? Did I say something weird?”

“No” you shuffle to turn your whole body to face him, “I just never imagined you’d want me nearer.“

His eyebrow raises and he gives you his signature smirk before grabbing your hips, pulling you closer to his body, “I always want you nearer, y/n.” His nose tickles your neck as he inhales your scent in. “Even this isn’t near enough.”

The memory replays over and over again, trying to see where it all went wrong. You extend your hand to touch the the water coming from the shower head wincing in pain as it’s too hot for your skin. You pull your hand back to tighten your grip on your legs pulled up against your chest. The air around you becomes like smoke as the water hits the tiles.

You feel his hard member over his sleeping shorts and groan, “For a second I actually thought you were a sweet person”

“Thats strange.” he pulls you until your at eye level with each other, “you never said my cum was sweet.” you roll your eyes as you feel yourself being pulled to meet his lips.

Under the covers, his hand travels down your ass to give it a firm squeeze, making you moan into his lips as his tongue begins it’s invasion. His tongue sliding in gently as he licks the roof of your mouth bitting slightly on you upper lip before going down to the base of your throat.

“You have too many clothes on” he jokes pulling your shirt off. Giving your nipples a kiss each he slides further down to take off your panties with you assistance. Your legs automatically come together as the fabric leaves you naked. He kisses the side of your legs and begins to gently pull them apart to take a place between them.

he blows slightly on your exposed heat, “Don’t hide from me.” he licks a slow torturous line from your entrance and to your clit here he kitten licks. you raise your head up slowly to meet his eyes and he starts sucking. You head involuntarily is thrown back in pleasure. He continues his assault, adding his finger slowly into you, as your moans become louder.

“Yoongi - ”

“I’m just getting started, don’t come until I tell you to, baby girl.” you whimper back a response, unable to keep that promise as you legs start to shake from the pleasure. His fingers exit you and your walls clench around nothing, unable to relive themselves. “Come wet daddy’s cock with your mouth”

At the sound of voice, fuzzes your mind even more. He grabs your hands and pulls you up on your knees - facing his already hard member.

you swallow hard before you reach out to grab his tip, spreading the precum around with your hands. Before you lean in to take him in your mouth, Yoongi reaches for your chin to turn you face up “Look up at me, your mouth might be busy but your eyes aren’t.”

Keeping your eyes on him, you stick out your tongue lightly licking his end. His hand travels towards the back of your head to grab onto your hair building you forwards to take him all into your mouth. Choking slightly as his tip reaches the back of your mouth, he see his eyes close with a groan. 2 seconds go by before he opens them again, pulling you back and thrusting you to him once again. Not daring you to lose eye contact, you flatten your toungue letting him control the pace .

his groans become lower with each thrust, “Take a deep breath baby girl.”

You do as you’re told, he guides your mouth further down your throat. Your nose reaching his lower stomach, just as you swallow he pulls you back with a low moan, dragging you to lay again on the mattress. Your eyes remain on him as he positions himself at your entrance, his eyes meet yours and stay on your as he slowly begins to fill you up perfectly with his length.

You sigh as he leans down to rest his forehead on yours, “I love you” he sighs as he pulls back his hips and thrust once

“Only you” he says before his mouth covers your own.

It becomes slightly harder breathe properly, but you push aside your discomfort forcing yourself to remember the thread of hope that keeps you in this apartment.

His thrust begin again rapidly meeting your sweet spot making you leave indents on his back, “I - love - you” you huff with every thrust.

His hand goes down to search for you clit as he begins to loose himself in the sensation. Your legs begin to shake again as your nearing your end. Your eyes close involuntarily as you feel a wave of euphoria over come you, gently meeting his thrust to expand the sensation.

“Your clenching so good, baby” he pants, his trust getting sloppier. You push him on his back, and enter his member inside of you again, ignoring he over stimulation.

His rough grip on you hips pull you down in order for him cum to reach the deepest part of you before he lets go and lets you collapse on his chest.

Heavy panting was the only sound through out your apartment. You put your hands on his chest pushing yourself up to stare at his face .

“Is this why you want me nearer?” You tease.

His gummy smile appears, his hands travel to your waist gently drawing indistinguishable figures with his fingers. “It’s not the only reason” he admits “I want you nearer for your eyes”

“My eyes?” You widen them at him and he begins laughing

“You’ll understand one day”

You feel your throat close up again and your chest tighten, what went wrong?

It’s been over three months since you felt loved by him.

Three months since you would go to bed and wake up expecting to see him there.

Three months of waiting sleeplessly for him to walk through that door.

Three months since he told you to not look him in the eyes anymore.

Your phone rings, being you slightly back to reality. You see the caller and another tear threaten to escape you today. The ringing stops and the voicemail appears. Slowly you put the phone to your ear.

“I’m not going home today” you hear his tired voice on the other line, a quick silence before you hear his sigh. “Don’t wait up"

End of message.

“Babe stop taking pictures” you laugh seeing Yoongi snapping away at the apartment.

“It’s our first night here” he walks over to you closing the gap between, “I want to remember everything” he leans down to peck your lips. You get out of his grasp to open the moving boxes filled with clothing.

“Your studio’s near by, so no excuses for not coming to dinner or sleeping the night,” you warn sternly.

“Why would I?” He teases. He puts his camera down before pulling you near again.

You’re tears begin to roll down as you enter the next memory that haunts most of your nights.

“Uh y/n?” You hear Namjoons voice on the other line

“Namjoon?” you take the phone out of your ear to make sure you dialed the correct number, “What are you doing with Yoongi phone? Where is he?”

“Uh… here’s Jin” you hear him pass the phone over.

“Y/n! Hey, listen Yoongi fell asleep at the dorm today and you know we don’t usually try and wake him”

You let out a sigh of relief, “don’t wake him, it’s fine. I was just worried since it was really late”

“Yeah don’t worry about - yah! Jimin, Jungkook hold him down!” Faintly you hear things crashing on the other line

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes - No…” you hear him sigh in exhaustion, “it’s been a long night. Get some sleep - everything will be sorted in the morning. AISHH-!”

The line goes dead.

Silence invades for the first time that night as an unwelcome guest, ready to be asked to leave and forgotten the next day. He came the next day, but welcomed silence as a good friend into the apartment. You thought that it’ll go away seeing that it overstayed its welcome.

However, it came the next day again and then the next and the next…



It is exceedingly difficult, but not impossible, to reason with a drunk person.

A drunk and heartbroken person, however, is a different story entirely.

“Leo,” Henry murmured, ducking his head low and nudging the hat towards the prince with a new level of desperation. “Wear it. Please. Before someone recognises you.”

Prince Leonardo, heir to the Southern Kingdom, wealthiest young royal on the continent, and currently in the running as drunkest person in the tavern, took a moment to lift his bleary eyes away from his glass. When his gaze locked with Henry’s, the young valet made the terrible mistake of hoping that he’d made a breakthrough, and he quirked his lips in encouragement.


Henry sighed, resigning himself to spending time in the rougher side of town for the foreseeable future, but apprehensive nonetheless. Leo was still in his regular clothes. In other words, his wealth was obvious to anyone and everyone. Nobody this side of town wore blue, for it was the colour of nobility, of royalty.

They were bound to attract attention sooner or later.

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He Overheard

Originally posted by deeepsleep

Prompt: “could you please do a Bones/Reader where it’s like, one night you drunkenly confessed to Jim that you have a sort of ‘doctor kink’ (or he finds out somehow about it) so whenever Bones is near you, Jim is all smirk-y and giggly, but Bones just usually passes it off 'cause it’s just Jim, but eventually Jim can’t hold his tongue and he tells Bones and he gets all blushy 'cause he likes you, so Jim cooks up a plan for you two to get together? haha sorry it’s long but I looove your writing so much xx”

Pairing: Bones x reader

Warnings: language

Words: 2096

A/N: Sorry this is a little late, y’all. Moving has been really stressful and it’s eaten a lot of my time lately. Thank God for my tireless Beta, who puts up with me incessantly asking questions and sending her things late, as well as yelling at me when things aren’t quite up to par. <3  

Ladies night. It had taken so long to actually get everyone together, but finally, you and Uhura had managed to wrangle a few other women from the bridge, the medbay, and engineering to have a night of fun when the ship was docked. Christine Chapel from down in medbay had gone on a supply run, while you and Uhura prepared your living space for several more occupants than it should have. You’d decided that keeping it on ship would be easier, as you’d have fewer unwelcome guests at your shindig.

“That should just about do it!” Uhura says, tossing another pillow in the corner to complete the last seat around your low table.

“Finally, now we just need Christine to get back with the…” You’re cut off by the door opening, and Christine appears in the doorway, arms full of bottles.

“A little help?” She gestures her head towards one of the bottles that’s about to fall. You rush to her, snagging it before it can drop and you take a few other bottles out of her arms. Grinning, you set the bottles and glasses up, chatting with Christine and Uhura until the other women arrive.

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Knock, Chapter 6

Knocking the Habit

You might not be perfect, alright, so you’re not perfect. Who is?

Originally posted by wise-emperor

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Simon/Reader

Words: 2284

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5

It’s points day and it might not be the best idea you’ve ever had but you know exactly what you want to buy. Once a smoker, always a smoker. Still, you find yourself muttering the request under your breath like a dirty word. It is a dirty word. You’re pregnant and no doubt Negan has already spread the good news with his almighty mouth.

It’s a woman called Doris working the desk today and she’s never liked you, you don’t think Doris has ever liked anyone. She looks you up and down, not even trying to hide her distaste as she slowly eases stiff legs off her chair to fill your order. When she returns she’s holding a grey plastic crate filled with supplies, she sits them in front of you and slumps back onto her seat with an overexerted heave of stale breath.

It makes your stomach turn but you manage to swallow the feeling down as your eyes quickly scan the contents of the crate. It’s mostly filled with fruit, tinned and fresh. But it’s what’s sitting on top that truly catches your attention. A tub of Prenatal Vitamins next to a box of decaffeinated tea. “What’s this?” you hiss, trying to keep your voice as low and even as possible.

Doris doesn’t even bother to look at you, she just starts flicking through the pages of her ledger, placing a big red tick next to your name, “that’s your allowance.”

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Beauty and the Beast Ch. 6

Originally posted by magicalseasonsofthewitch

Requested by: @yourtropegirl

Special thanks: @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being my idea bouncer and helping me slog through this story. @bkwrm523 for helping make this chapter be all it can be.

Star Trek AU -  Leonard x Reader - 3,521 word(s) - violence and fluff

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5

Tags: @outside-the-government @hellhoundsandunicorns @kirk-enterprise @aeryntheofficial @dolamrothianlady @dragons-of-the-usa @imagineangryspacegrump @fanscribbling @pokeharvest @captainjimsexypantskirk @starmission @elenawrit @malindacath @janora00 @lovelyturtle36 @arrowsshootyouforwards @agentpeggyfreakingcarter @glittergalab @8bit-arc-reactor

This is the last and final chapter! We made it through another one! Thank you all for all your kind words and support once more! I appreciate and love every single one of you, seriously!

You and Leonard made your way back to the house, both of you laughing and in good spirits. Leonard lightly wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you in close. You leaned into his side and wrapped your arm around his lower back, hugging him gently. Leonard pulled away a moment later to open the door for you and gestured you inside. You nodded your head in his direction and made your way in.

“Come with me and I’ll get a fire going” Leonard offered, making his way to the fireplace.

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A Collection of Superstitions

***Please note some of these directly contradict one another, as is the way of folklore and superstition.***

Denotes or causes good luck…

  • Getting pooped on by a bird.
  • Finding a horseshoe.
  • Finding a four-leaf clover.
  • Treading in cowpat.
  • Wearing clothes inside-out, but you can’t change it until you would normally remove the item, or the good luck is nullified.
  • Finding a cricket in the house.
  • Meeting a black cat, especially one you know. (Only path-crossing black cats cause bad luck.)
  • Touching wood, especially to protect good fortune that has been mentioned from being ruined. For example, touching wood whilst/after saying “The whole family is healthy,” or “If he gets the job”. 
  • Nailing a horseshoe above the door, though the points must face up or the luck will “run out”. 
  • Seeing three butterflies together.
  • Seeing a ladybird. The richer the red and greater number of spots, the better the luck.
  • Carrying an acorn.
  • Wearing clothes back-to-front.
  • Meeting a herd of cows on the road.
  • Pictures of elephants that face the door. 
  • Leaving an open pair of scissors beneath a pillow (please be careful).
  • Seeing a hearse.
  • Catching falling autumn leaves.
  • Meeting a chimney sweep by chance.
  • Saying “white rabbit” 3 times as your first words of the month.
  • An itchy right eye.
  • Keeping clover in the house.
  • Breaking a glass or dish.
  • A frog entering the house.
  • Lifting your feet whilst driving over railway lines.
  • Sneezing at the same time as someone else.
  • Wearing new clothes on Easter.
  • A black cat walking towards you. 
  • “Find a penny that lays heads up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”
  • Using a new broom to sweep into the house before you do anything else with it, will also sweep luck in. 
  • If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, the whole year will be lucky.

Denotes or causes bad luck…

  • Friday the 13th.
  • A black cat crossing your path.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors.
  • Rocking an empty rocking chair.
  • Peacock feathers indoors.
  • Walking under a ladder. Reversing back through it undoes the bad luck. 
  • Empty bottles on the table.
  • Putting new shoes on the table.
  • Spilling salt. Throw a pinch over the left shoulder to dispel this bad luck.
  • Breaking a mirror gets seven years. To dispel it bury the pieces outside, or run them under a stream.
  • An itchy left eye. 
  • Killing a ladybird.
  • A single jackdaw perching on a house.
  • Seeing a hearse, hold your collar until you see a 4 legged animal to undo the bad luck.
  • Entering a building left foot first.
  • A black cat walking away from you. 
  • Passing someone on the stairs.
  • Starting a task on a Friday you can’t finish by the end of the week. 
  • Getting out of bed on a different side than the one you got in on will make you unlucky until you return to bed the next evening. 
  • Lighting three cigarettes with the same match.
  • If you have been given a container of food (plate, tub etc) it must not be returned home without some new food in it.
  • Patching clothes whilst wearing them.
  • If you borrow salt, it should be paid back with sugar, or bad luck will follow you. 
  • Bees should always be told before they are moved, not doing so may cause bad luck. 
  • New money containers, like wallets or purses, that are given as gifts should always have a little money in when they’re given. A penny is traditional. Not doing so would give both giver and recipient bad luck. 

Ward off evil or bad luck by…

  • Crossing fingers.
  • Spinning seven times in a circle, clockwise.
  • Touching wood, as above. 
  • Spitting three times over your shoulder. Some people just say “spit-spit-spit”.

To get a wish…

  • Blow out all birthday candles with the first attempted breath.
  • Hold your breath all the way through a tunnel.
  • Catch a clock at 11:11.
  • Kiss a necklace clasp that has fallen round to the front before moving it back to its proper place.
  • See a chimney sweep, but you must have met by chance. Arranged encounters are cheating!
  • Make it in a bed that has never been slept in. 
  • Two people wrap their little fingers around opposite ends of a wishbone. Each should silently wish, and pull it apart; whoever gets the larger piece should get their wish. 
  • Swallow a whole chicken heart.
  • The first robin you see in spring can be wished on, but you must finish the wish before the robin flies away. 
  • Burn onions whilst you wish.
  • Do it on a shooting star: “Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.”
  • Sneeze, but only once!

Death and The Dead

  • Crows carry the souls of the dead. If one perches near you, take the chance to say goodbye to someone who came before. 
  • Out of respect, hold your breath if you are passing through a graveyard.

Health and Wellness.

  • Don’t turn a new loaf upside down after cutting the first slice, someone in the house will fall ill. 
  • “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 
  • Carrying an acorn will ensure longevity. 
  • If you are interrupted making the bed, all sleeps between those sheets will be restless. 
  • “If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” 
  • Cross yourself if an ambulance passes you, saying ‘God between harm and me and mine’ to protect yourselves and your family.

Dreams and Nightmares

  • A horseshoe in the bedroom keeps away nightmare.
  • If one has a realistic dream, it will come true if mentioned before breakfast. Use this as you will. 
  • Share a pillow with a dog and you will have the same dreams.

Marriage and Romance

  • If you start making a bedspread or quilt, you will not find a successful romantic relationship until it is finished. 
  • Having your feet sept with a broom will prevent you from ever marrying.
  • Sewing a swans feather into a husbands pillow ensures fidelity.
  • A single woman who sits with the corner of the table pointing at her will never marry.
  • A bride who goes to the altar with salt in their pocket will always be happy. 
  • If you don’t sweep the house properly, you will have a bald husband.

Friends and Conversations

  • Don’t say goodbye to a friend on a bridge, or you will not see each other again. 
  • Running into a spider’s web means you’ll meet a new friend.
  • Crossing knives or spilt pepper causes arguments.
  • “Stir with a knife, stir up strife.”
  • If walking as a pair, splitting to walk around opposite sides of a pole will cause an argument, unless you both say “bread and butter” afterwards.
  • If your ear itches or burns, it means someone is talking about you.
  • Biting your tongue when eating means you’ve recently lied.
  • If a knife is given as a gift, it will sever the relationship between giver and recipient. To prevent this, the knife can be bought with any small coin. You can even give the person the money to give back to you!

Money and Material Things

  • Itchy right palms predicts coming money, whereas itching on the left palm suggests you’ll lose some. 
  • Ants building a nest near your door means financial security is in our future. 
  • Seeing a spider spinning a web means you will get new clothes soon. 
  • A bee landing on the hand fortells coming money. 
  • Several jackdaws landing on a house means money is coming. 
  • A small spider dropping onto you means your finances will improve.
  • Keeping black-eyed peas and change in your pocket on New Years Day will mean all your needs will be met during the coming year. 
  • Wearing clothes inside out means you will get beaten up, it’s viewed as easiest to let a friend lightly hit you to see the prediction as met. However, if the friend who swats you is younger than you, they must then pull on your shirt or skirt 3 times, or you will never marry.

House and Home

  • Bringing an old broom to a new home will bring any strife and all limitations of the old home with you. Always throw them out and buy a new one. 
  • Growing ivy on a house or placing salt on the doorstep prevents evil from entering it. 
  • If you break a glass or dish, you will inevitably break a second by the end of the day. It’s often seen as best to break something small or unimportant to fulfil the superstition.


  • Knitting one of your own hairs into a project binds the recipient to you.
  • Sewing left unfinished on New Year’s will stay that way all year. 
  • An unfinished project brings bad luck to the intended recipient.  
  • When making items in pairs (like socks or gloves) the second must be started immediately after the first is finished. 
  • If you break a needle making a garment, you will live to wear the garment out. 
  • If you pause a project during the first step, like the cast-on row of knitting, you will never be able to finish it.

Messages, Travel and Visitors

  • Itches on the sole of the foot mean a journey approaches.
  • A bee, hen or rooster entering the home is a sign there’ll be a visitor. 
  • A bird flying into the house means an important message is coming.
  • To prevent an unwelcome guest from returning, immediately after they leave sweep the room, sweeping everything out of the door. 
  • Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you’ll take a trip. 

Knowledge and Tests

  • If you find a spider in your home, collect and carefully release it, you may ask it one question. Expect an answer to come in a week. 
  • If you use the same pencil to study and take the test, the pencil will remember the answers.

Fae Folk

  • Clover will protect a person from faeries. 
  • Keeping iron or silver on your person will stop you being taken by the faeries. 
  • A lone tree in the middle of a field is a faery tree. You should bow to show respect to the tree and the Folk, especially if you wish to shelter beneath it.
  • If you run anti-clockwise around a church 3 times, you will be taken by the Folk.


  • As per the children’s rhyme, magpies indicate certain things coming into the life. “One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, never to be told. Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss, Ten for a bird you must not miss.” This tune does have variations.
  • Following on from the above, there are several ways to nullify the sorrow that lone magpies predict: Salute them, doff your hat, blow a kiss, say “Hello Mr Magpie, how’s your wife?/how’s the wife and kids?”, “Hurry, run away and find your mate, Mr Magpie.”
  • Crows also have a counting rhyme, “One’s bad, Two’s luck, Three’s health, Four’s wealth, Five’s sickness, Six is death.”
  • Sneezing also indicates things; “Once for a wish, Twice for a kiss, Thrice for a letter, Four for something better.”
  • The day you find the fist flower of Spring also has meaning! “Monday means good fortune, Tuesday means greatest attempts will be successful, Wednesday means marriage, Thursday means warning of small profits, Friday means wealth, Saturday means misfortune, Sunday means excellent luck for weeks.”
  • A bee landing on the head means the person will rise to greatness. 
  • Dropping a comb whilst using it indicates future disappointment. 
  • 13 should never dine together, or the first to rise will be the first to die.
A Thief in the Night [1]

Featuring: Kim Taehyung x Reader

masterthief!Taehyung // aristocracy!au // pg-13 // no warnings // wc:2331

You wake up in a cold sweat, eyes darting rapidly around the dark room. It’s quiet, not a single sound to be heard around the entire building, save for the steadfast tick-tock of the grandfather clock down the hall. Not a single thing out of place, the room is still.

Yet you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are not alone.

There is only one way to wake you so violently, and it is through fear. Since you were young, the sudden presence of another human has always jolted you out of slumber - no matter how deep. It had been a curse upon your caretakers, but had proved to be a blessing later down the road.

Slowly, you prop yourself up on the pillows behind you, and pull your knees up close. Fighting the urge to hyperventilate, you blink rapidly to adjust your eyes to the blindness of night.

That’s when you see him, crouched by the bottom of your balcony window, half covered by the curtains. Dressed in all black, the intruder was one with the darkness, only his eyes uncovered, fringed by a hint of dark hair.

When your eyes meet, you expect him to either bolt out the way he had entered, or to rush at you in yet another attempt on your life.

He does neither.

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let yourself breathe

Saskia loses a sanctuary, and gains something unexpected in the process. Jaalmance (is this the ship name??), pre-relationship

Saskia had been raised on Alliance vessels and space stations, the hum of a drive core or a mass effect field generator, the chill of metal under her feet as natural to her as grass and sunlight were to others. She knew the black depths of space, and had never been afraid.

But living in the Tempest, with SAM in her head and her crew watching her every move, waiting for the sign that she’d finally snapped and gone mad—was like the entire ship was shrieking and she was standing in a huge, empty room with thousands of unseen eyes pulling her apart.

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