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Well, a creppy boy started talking to me on the Tumblr chat saying weird shit and asked me to be his valentine out of the blue, so.. Yeah can I request RFA+V+Saeran reacting to that? A creep talking to MC and saying creppy stuff lol. Love ur blog 💕

Is he still bothering you? If he is PM me and his ass is grass
Or if you’re just in need of a fake girlfriend/boyfriend/SO also say the word I’m there y’all don’t even know how good I look in drag

Forreal tho, if someone online is ever making you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to get assertive or reach out for help.


 RFA+V+Saeran react to a Creep creepin on MC


  • Yandere Yoosung: ACTIVATED i imagine a magical girl animation sequence whenever I say that
  • You had shown him the messages immediately because you two were playing games on an online server together when you got random, creepy PMs from GameFreak90
  • ‘hey there, I see you’re a high level. U must be pretty good with your hands
  • want 2 play a game together sometime? it doesn’t have to be online ;)
  • its almost valentines day you know. we can hang out. ‘
  • You were so uncomfortable, and it went from uncomfortable to freaked out when you asked GameFreak90 to stop messaging you and he kept going, starting to talk about all the things he’d like to do to you
  • Yoosung searched the guys name immediately and pulled up his profile
  • His hands never moved so fast
  • ‘Hey. Quit messaging MC28. She’s a good friend of mine and you’re freaking her out. -ShootingStar’
  • ‘fuck off’
  • Yoosung was not having it. He didn’t have Seven’s hacking skills, or Jumins money, or Jaehee’s wit or anything the others had
  • But what he did have was his games
  • He pulled up TeamSpeak for his LOLOL guild immediately
  • “Guys, I need backup for an emergency raid”
  • It was over in minutes
  • Yoosung’s guild had raided and completely emptied GameFreak90′s base
  • Yoosung got a string of messages immediately after
  • hey man what the fuck
  • dude give me my shit back
  • fine im sorry im sorry give me my shit please
  • dude please
  • Yoosung just turned his mic on and with one last request of his guild “Hey, can everyone here flag this guy for inappropriate behavior”
  • In about 10 mins Yoosung went to pull up GameFreak90′s profile
  • It had been deleted
  • Yoosung had the smuggest of smirks on his face
  • Until
  • “My hero” You giggled and kissed him on the cheek
  • He went from war hero Shooting Star to blushing, stuttering, Yoosung real quick


  • It was a slow day in the coffee shop so you were just sitting at a table playing on your phone and sipping coffee
  • Ding.
  • Huh? New message.
  • Ding ding ding
  • You had a bad feeling before even opening your Fumblr app 
  • When you did open the little social media site, you were met with a bunch of unwelcomed advances from some strange follower
  • Hey valentines is coming up and im lonely
  • r u lonely to?
  • how about u be my valentine and we can go out??
  • You grimaced and replied with a curt “I’m sorry but no thanks”
  • come on babe
  • dont b like that
  • we can have fun
  • Jaehee had noticed to look on your face and immediately popped to your side
  • “Mc is everything alright?
  • “Yeah..I’m just getting creepy messages from some guy on Fumblr.” You handed her the phone so she could read them and her nose crinkled in distaste almost instantly
  • “Well your first problem is you apologized.” 
  • “Huh?”
  • Jaehee started tapping away as she spoke “Don’t apologize for not being interested. When you apologize it makes you seem more …docile. Submissive. If these creeps think you have an ounce of shyness or even politeness in you they’ll try to exploit it.”
  • “o-oh.” You stammered, surprised by how irritated Jaehee suddenly seemed
  • “Secondly,” Her expression softened a bit with a final tap on the screen “You didn’t block him immediately” She looked to you with a smile on her face, pleased with herself for whatever she said to your Fumblr follower
  • She handed the phone back to you and a light blush fell across your cheeks. Jaehee never seemed to be the protector type but when it comes down to it
  • Baehee isn’t letting anyone bother you
  • ever


  • He’s gotten his fair share of creepy fan mail, but he understands it comes with the job
  • But when you get creepy mail from his followers
  • You two have all the fan mail sent to a P.O. Box so fans don’t have your home address
  • One time when you went to get the batch, the two of you found a handful of letters with your name on them
  • “My fans must see us together all the time” Zen said as he handed the letters to you, a cautious look on his face. He was worried it was going to be some fangirl writing a mean letter about how she deserves Zen instead of you
  • It was much creepier
  • It was a bunch of letters from some guy 
  • ‘My sister is a big fan of Zen so I have to watch TV shows with him on them all the time. One time there was a news story about him, but you were in the picture with him…’
  • The letters go on to say how once the writer saw you with Zen he started searching you more and claimed you two would be a perfect match. He started suggesting you break up with Zen (offering for him to date his sister) and for the two of you to get together.
  • You have to literally hold Zen back so he doesnt march to the return address and beat the shit out of sender
  • “Zen it’ll be such bad press do not do not do not”
  • 20 mins later
  • He’s not calm, but he’s not bum rushing the door so…calm enough
  • “Let’s think of a reasonable way to handle this” You slump into a chair, exhausted from being the only thing standing between Zen and a physical assault charge
  • After a few minutes of silence
  • ..”I have an idea.”
  • Zen pulled out a pad and started scribbling. “He said his sister is a fan of me? Well I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.”
  • Zen ended up writing a very heartfelt note to the sister of the sender, explaining the situation and how uncomfortable you were feeling because of the brother. And if the sincerity of the letter wasn’t enough to get her to make her brother stop, the VIP pass to Zen’s next show was a good bribe. 
  • He sent it out the next morning, and a few days later you guys checked the PO box to find a letter from her apologizing profusely for her brother’s behavior and how she’d handle it. And about 10 pages of ‘thank you’s and compliments for Zen of course. 


  • Elizabeth would only chase a laser pointer for so long, so you had a lot of free time whenever Jumin was at work
  • You were no stranger to social media sites as they were the best way to distract yourself for hours at a time until you had something entertaining to do
  • And you’ve gotten spam bots before, but never a human who was actually so forward enough to send you enough messages to make you a small novel
  • you look really nice in your profile picture
  • is that designer? man you got money to
  • you’re a rich bitch. wanna come see what its like on the other side of town?
  • You were appalled. 
  • “Leave me alone” was the best you could muster since you were in such a state of disgusted shock. 
  • The messages continued, and you ended up just blocking the guy. But even after that just looking at your phone made you a little nervous that you were going to see more messages from another douchebag
  • But nope
  • Same douchebag. Different site. 
  • why’d you block me? playing hard to get?
  • “How’d you find my profile?”
  • it’s not hard to figure it out since I saw your name on the other one ;*
  • You just blocked him again and put your phone down, resolving to entertain yourself with anything else that wasn’t social media.
  • Eventually Jumin came home, and the first thing he noticed was your phone sitting on the coffee table and a specific lack of…you.
  • He went into a panic for a moment before you stepped into the hall, freshly showered. 
  • “Oh, MC, there you are. I was worried for a second. You’re usually not far from your phone.” 
  • “Yeah..” You muttered. “Some guy just keeps bugging me”
  • What
  • What do you mean
  • What guy
  • How
  • You explain the situation to Jumin and his phone is to his ear almost immediately as he picks up yours with his free hand.
  • “Luciel? I’m cashing in on a favor….”
  • You knew immediately where this was going and you had a slight grin on your face, knowing the creep who kept messaging you wasn’t going to be bothering you or anyone else anytime soon


  • You don’t even waste time
  • The second you get the first creepy message
  • hey hot stuff
  • You hand your phone to Seven
  • He just looks down at the screen, and a devious smile spreads across his face
  • Sure he could mess with anyone he wanted, but this time he has an excuse to go all out and ruin this Creeps life.
  • Seven whips up a program in a matter of minutes, connects a USB from his computer to your phone, then texts the man back
  • Hey cutie…wanna see a picture? ;)’ and he attached a file 
  • It says the message was received and viewed, but no response was given.
  • “What’d you do?” You ask as Seven hands your phone back
  • With a big smirk on his face:
  • “Once he opens that file his phone is going to run through his chat logs and play back all his creepy messages  on a permanent loop on his screen. And if he has any wireless connection to his computer, say, cloud storage, it’s going to happen to his computer too. And every few minutes he’s going to get a picture of me dressed as a maid, because I have to deliver, you know?”
  • You give Seven a huge hug “Ugh, thank you. How will I every pay you back”
  • “You already did” He laughs
  • “Huh?”
  • “You’ll see” He winks and goes back to his computer.
  • You shrug and walk away, figuring you’d find out soon enough
  • And you did
  • The next time you opened your phone, your background was a nonstop slideshow of 707′s Greatest Crossdressing Pics
  • And all your app icons were selfies
  • And your gallery was filled with pictures of the red headed hacker


  • V was sitting on the couch and you were upstairs cleaning up and putzing around
  • Ding
  • V looked to see your phone light up on the table 
  • “MC, I think someone messaged you!” V yelled up the stairs
  • “Will you check it for me? It’s probably just a guest with a question about the party.” You called back 
  • “Sure.” And with that he opened your phone to find a rather crude picture  “What in the world”
  • my friend gave me ur number, thought you’d like this ;)
  • V was horrified that someone meant for you to open this 
  • ‘I dont’ He typed back.
  • awww come on. you can tell from the pic im a good looking guy and my friend says ur cute. why dont we hang out
  • No.” V glared at the number displayed at the top of the message board
  • playing hard to get? i like
  • V realized there was no reasoning with this idiot, and he thought it would be a waste of time trying to further communicate with a fool like his, so he bit down his better instinct and just sent a picture of himself glaring at the phone camera and typed “You’re talking to a man”
  • there was no reply for a moment
  • my friend said this was a girl
  • I can assure I am not a female. Your friend gave you the wrong number. Go away
  • There was no response but V was sure he could feel the embarrassment from the other side of the connection
  • With a satisfied huff he deleted the messages and number, figuring it best if you never have to worry about the situation
  • He also plans to find out which one of your friends would give your number to such a vulgar creep. 


  • You two were watching a video on your phone when you got a sudden chat request on Kiik, a messaging app
  • Saeran cast a quizzical look at you and you return it with a shrug, signalling you had no clue
  • When you open it up theres just a bunch of weird messages
  • hey babe
  • hey
  • wanna be my valentine
  • i dont want to be lonely and i bet you dont either
  • we can keep each other company ;)
  • You didn’t even have a chance to respond before Saeran took the phone from your hand
  • Fuck off” He was holding your phone so tight you thought he was gonna snap it in half
  • wow ur not very polite
  • “I said. Fuck. Off.” Saeran let out a breath that sounded like a growl
  • come on baby dont be like that
  • You could see a fire in your friend’s eyes and you knew things were about to get bad
  • Send one more message and I’ll end your miserable existence, Scum.” 
  • “Saeran let’s just ignore it” You tried to take your phone back but he wouldn’t let go, too hyper focused on the screen. Instead he looked at you and said “He shouldn’t be talking to you this way.”
  • Ding
  • Both your eyes shot back to the screen
  • so you’ll come see me ;)
  • Whoever was on the other line had nooo clue who they were taunting
  • Saeran got up slowly, so slow it was a little creepy, when you looked at him you could see the gears running in his head
  • He walked over to his computer and started typing away, looking to the phone every now and then.
  • After about 20 minutes he finally came back to sit with you and handed your phone back.
  • “You….You good, Saeran?” You asked, surprised at how calmed he seemed.
  • He looked to you with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. “I’m very good.”
  • You were almost worried to ask but “What’d you do?”
  • “Not much. But he’ll leave you alone soon enough.”
  • You stopped asking questions, he wouldn’t tell you the details anyways.
  • ..
  • That night you were awoken to 
  • Dingdingdingdingding
  • You fumbled around in the dark and eventually opened your phone to see messages from the Kiik app
  • Iuwefjkgl
  • ahfuoieqhwf
  • please helpfehofejijeqiue
  • …..
  • I’m very sorry for what I said to you earlier. I will never contact you again. If I do my fingers will be broken.
  • You knew immediately. 
  • Saeran what’d you do???” You sent the text
  • All you got back was “:)” 
Make it hurt. ( Then kiss it better).

Main pairing : Min Yoongi / OC 

Genre : A/B/O Au . 

Rating : 19+ ( excessive swearing and extremely explicit sexual situations) 

Please refer to this : A/B/O Dynamics. 

Chapter 1.

If I could be anything but an omega, I would be happy , I thought miserably, puking out the remnants of last night’s dinner, gripping the edge of the ceramic toilet before stumbling back up on unsteady legs. I stumbled a little, moving to the basin in the corner and staring at myself in the huge ornate mirror. 

I grimaced. 

I looked like i’d been fucked by the entire football team. 

Glaring at my own face, I turned on the faucet, cupping my palms to collect enough water and splashing it on my face. I never wore make-up ( i got enough unwanted attention without it ) , and the water slid down my smooth skin easily. I grabbed a bunch of paper towels and soaked up the rest of the moisture before dumping the rest in the trash. 

It took me another few minutes to find the pills in my bag, dry swallowing the three huge tablets till my throat hurt . I stayed propped against the wall, waiting for the unwelcome fire in my belly to calm down. I felt uncomfortable, the slick still dripping out of me in an annoyingly distracting way. 

It was the third time this year. Third time that the supplements hadn’t done their job right. I’d gone into heat despite the suppressants and I was just really  really  lucky that there had been no Alphas around.

 i hung out with betas ( hang out being a very loose definition of me just breathing the same air as them ) and i also stayed the hell away from the  Alphas in my school. 

I pressed my palms into my flushed cheeks. 

There was an explanation of course. 

The doctor had warned me about it a long time back. 

 If you need to live surrounded by Alphas then you’re going to need stronger doses and your scholarship does not cover the cost of pills. You need to make a decision soon. There are plenty of omega Schools in Busal and Ilsan. Pick one and transfer out of Seulong High. 

 i bit my lips in consternation. 

Seulong High was the best School in the country and I’d worked my ass off to get the scholarship. The best part about the school was that it didn’t have a ‘ No omegas Allowed’ clause like the rest of the schools in the country. It wasn’t because they supported omegas or something : it was just that there were just five Scholarship seats and it was fiercely competetitive. Omegas did not get into the program . they never did. 

The school was reserved especially for Alphas and betas . Alpha m,en who belonged to super rich , powerul families. Chaebols, son’s of politicians , stuff like that. The girls were mostly taken , each one with an alpha or beta of her own. it was a precaution mostly, because Alphas could be unpredictable. 

there were no omegas here. 

Omegas were so incredibly rare that parents never actually considered letting them out into society. They were usually locked up at home, home schooled and mated off to an Alpha the moment they came of age. 

And maybe i could have been that way if my parents were still alive. But they weren’t. The only family i had was my step brother and it helped that he was a top surgeon in one of the biggest Hospitals in the country. But he was an Alpha and we didn’t hang out as often as I would have liked. 

Nonetheless , once every month I did check up with him .

I wanted to be a doctor. And that meant that I had to fight the system tooth and nail. So far , I’d done well. I was the top of my year. 

Everyone knew that I was a recluse.

Boys stayed away ( after three or four broken noses, umpteen kicks to the crotch and a very memorable broken rib ) , girls hated me ( like i gave a damn) and most importantly : Everyone thought i was a beta. 

I was one of the only three omegas on the Seulong High campus. And the other two were teachers ( who were the main reason i had manged to pass of as a beta the past year ) . They were both mated. This meant that they had no scent at all. 

Now me , on the other hand…. 

The suppressants were the only thing keeping me from turning into some sort of Alpha Kryptonite. If they ever lost strength in front of an Alpha, I would likely lose everything I’d worked for. 


I felt nauseous just thinking about it. 

I could never actually leave Seulong High. I wouldn’t. And even if the suppressants were losing strength, I would just have to find a way to convince Seokjin oppa to get the stronger ones for me.

I couldn’t transfer out of this place. Just another year and i would become a medical student. I knew that. The dream was real, the endless nights of worry would soon be over. I would be free . 

All i had to do was hold on. 


“So, What’s the verdict?” I slipped my blouse back on, peering over the makshift partition and smiling brightly at my step brother. 

Seokjin gave me a glare. 

“I can’t believe you’re joking about this Min Jung . I told you to get off those pills and register in the program. You’re almost nineteen… How long are you going to go around unmated? Find an Alpha , get mated and go pursue your dreams or whatever…. Suppressants are dangerous and just look at your bloodwork! There’s an increase in every bloody toxin…!!! I want you to cut back on the dosage…”

I groaned.

“Seokjin…i can’t get mated now. I refuse to give an Alpha that kind of power over me! What if the creep decides he wants to stop me from becoming a doctor. i won’t even be able to say no!” I shuddered. 

Seokjin’s gaze softened mariginally. 

“Min, would i honestly let you marry a guy like that? i know so many Alphas myself…. You could meet a few of them.. date them for a while if you like… “ He said gently. 

I rolled my eyes. 

“And what if he imprints on me?” I glowered at Seokjin. “ Seriously you need to stop pimping me out to your friends! “ 

Seokjin glared back, affronted. 

“I’m not.. Jesus you’re the single most exasperating creature on the planet! I’m trying to stop you from dying a premature death! You’re eighteen already. Your heats are going to get stronger. your scent is already tangible. I can actually smell you ! And if I can.. so can other Alphas…“ He snapped. “ Are you telling me you’d rather get raped in some alleyway by some horny Alpha then meet a decent and legit one through me?!!” 

I sighed.

“the school nurse just thinks I need stronger suppressants.. you could just prescribe them for me…” i sulked. 

Seokjin snorted. 

“Like hell i will. I’m not an angel of death. Listen,. this is me being perfectly serious. There’s a Charity Ball for Autism on Friday. i’ll pick you up. Most of the Alphas there are young.. your age…. Quite a few of them aren’t even paired off with betas. I’ll introduce you to a few of them… They’ll love you… You can at least give it a chance.” 

“And if they all turn out to be jerks…?” I challenged, grabbing my school bag. 

“then I’ll prescribe the damn suppressants. But be warned.. i need legit reasons for you rejecting them…” He warned. 

“Fine!” I growled, “ Fuck, why do you have to be so reasonable…it makes me want to tear my hair out.” 

Seokjin grinned. 

“Be safe, bunny. I love you. You know that right?” 

“I love you too.. you big sap.” I muttered, bending down to kiss him on the lips. 

Seokjin growled low.

“i told you to stop doing that….You’re not eight anymore…” He sighed. 

I grinned and patted his crotch, making him yelp.

“Come on, we both know you only get it up for Jimin these days..” I winked. 

Seokjin’s eyes went wide as saucers..

“How did you-?”

“Have a great day,  Seokjinnie Hyung…”  i faux-moaned.. “ Check your voicemail message you idiot. Jimin’s recorded himself moaning your name! I’m traumatized for life. And so is anyone else calling you!!  ” 

Seokjin let out a whimper and dived for his phone and i laughed as i walked out. 


“I can’t believe your brother bought you this.” My roommate , Jieun whispered, fingers fluttering over the silky fabric of the gown with awed reverence.I rolled my eyes, concentrating on smoothing the lipstick across my plump lips, grimacing at the blood red tint it left behind. I hated dressing up. 

But I had promised Seokjin . And he had gone out of his way to send me a dress, make-up, stiletto heels and even a Cartier Watch and jewelry. 

 Dear Bunny, Look good tonight or i’m signing you up for the program myself, Love Seokjin xoxox.

 As far as threats went, it was pretty effective. I grabbed the curling iron on the dresser, carefully threading my sable brown locks around the heating elemnet, letting it curl my hair into bouncy curves that fell right over my chest. It was painstaking work but I manged to get it done by six. 

Slipping into the dress was easier, because Jieun helped. Still, the bare shoulders made me flinch. I wasn’t particularly pale and the suppresants helped curb the natural ‘ omega glow’ that people fawned over. But my skin still looked ivory white against the dark maroon of the dress. I slipped on the necklace, a simple ruby pendant, watching the locked rest right in the center of my cleavage. 

I stared at the finished result . Kim Seokjin had taken full advantage of having an International Designer for a boyfriend and Park Jimin had out done himself . 

Jieun let out a strangled moan next to me.

“Jesus fucking Christ , it should be illegal to look this good , Min Jung … What the hell! You look like a fucking dream…. !” She whispered. 

I groaned a little.

 I had no use for my beauty. 

So far it had done nothing good for me :  unwelcome advances, groping hands, catcalls and lewd remarks. Speculation if perhaps my good grades had less to do with my brains and more to do with my ability to deep throat the professors. 

I wanted to peel off my clothes , chop off my hair and go sink into a bath , hopefully empty a bottle of wine and never see another Alpha again in my entire life. 

And the evening hadn’t even started. 


“Stop looking like you’re sucking on a lemon. And enough with the death glares ” Seokjin gritted out as I stared down  yet another Alpha who was making his way over with a very dopey look on his face. He was tall, dressed like every other man in the room and the half empty glass of whiskey told me he wasn’t entirely sober. He wasn’t bad looking (alphas seldom were ) but there was a hint of cigarette smoke and stale air , wafting from his direction and…no. 

Just no. 

 My glare seemed to work. He hesitated a bit. 

I stuck my thumb out, drawing it scross my neck in a slitting motion.

The young man stuttered in his footsteps, looked vaguely horrified and then turned on his heel and walked away.

Twelve down… countless more to go. 

“what the fuck are you doing?!” Seokjin hissed. 

“They smell like shit.” I deadpanned. “ every one of them makes me nauseous.” 

“You’re being so unfair… “ Seokjin sighed. 

“You expect me to spend the rest of my life with a guy who makes me nauseous?” I glared. 

“i think that you should..” Seokjin stopped abruptly, head tilting as he glanced over my shoulder. His gaze went wide and he gripped my forearm. “ oh, shit.” 

“what?” i whirled around but Seokjin grabbed my chin, firmly pulling me back to face him.

“Ow…oppa what the fuck..” i hissed, rubbing my chin petulantly and Seokjin hissed.

“That’s Mr. Min! One of the main investors in my hospital! He’s here with his son and his fiancee…. We’re going to have to go greet them. Please act like a human being …” He begged. 

I rolled my eyes.

“you say that like I’m going to pick my nose in front of him or something.” I grumbled.

“i’m serious. Min Jae Hyun is a scary git and so is his son Yoongi.”

I froze.

“Min.. are you..? You mean Min Yoongi?” I stuttered.

“You know him.?”

 Holy shit.

 “Uh.. not exactly… He’s one of the seniors in my School” I managed. 

“Wait, he’s in  your  school?” Seokjin looked stunned. “ Does he know you’re a-”

“No! Oppa..he thinks I’m a beta …  he can’t know… you can’t tell..”

“Shh… it’s okay bunny… You’re on the suppressants right? He needn’t know. “ Seokjin said reassuringly and I tried not to tremble. Sweat collected along my hairline and i already felt jittery. 

“Dr. Kim!!” A Rough voice called out and Seokjin gripped my wrist. 

“Come on bunny…”

I turned slowly and of course, my eyes immediately clashed with Min Yoongi. Lean and built like a dream, he stood dressed in a Valentino suit, shoulders framed perfectly in the smooth black fabric. He had ash blond hair, eyes a dark obsidian black and thin attractive lips,subtly smiling as he look the hand that Seokjin offered.

Next to him stood Jung Yuju, Yoongi’s fiancee and long time girlfriend. She gave me the annoyed look that beta females always reserved for omegas. 

The ‘ something dirty like you doesn’t deserve to look so pretty ‘ look. 

“Hello, Yoongi. Hello Yuju..” Seokjin greeted amiably.

“Hello hyung.” Yoongi drawled easily and his gaze shifted to me in a question.

“you look familar…” He said briskly. 

“This is my sister, Lee Min Jung… Bunny , this is Mr. Min and his son Yoongi. His soon to be daughter in law Yuju.” Seokjin smiled brigthly and i felt my ears burn as Yoongi smirked. 

He gave me a vaguely curious glance and his nostrils flared briefly. I felt his eyes change color briefly, tinted red for just a second and my heart skipped a beat. 

He’d scented me. He looked confused for a second, no doubt why he was smelling omega. 

But then he looked amused again.

“Bunny huh?” He drawled.

I couldn’t even unglue my tongue enough to glare at him. 

See, here’s the thing :

 Min Yoongi was exquisitely hot. 

Not just the physically attractive , oh he’s handsome kind of hot. 

I mean he is that. He has one of those naturally aesthetic faces, meant to be on billboards across the country. 

But more than that he .. smelled  good. 

But i also  know that the betas in our school, all the girls who pined after him , even his long term girlfirned did not know the effect Yoongi’s Alpha scent had on an Omega. 

The effect it had on me. 

the only time i’d been exposed to it was nearly eight months ago, when I’d watched him beat up some kid for bullying one of the freshmen. The exertion from the fight had made him sweaty and panting and his scent had been even stronger than usual. 

Strong enough to dig into my brain and take firm root there. And now, i could smell it again. not as strong as usual, probabaly because he’d sprayed on scent maskers for the event. But it was there nonetheless : pine trees and sunshine, rainstorms and black satin sheets. i felt the heat begin to lick it’s way up my spine, warmth pooling at the pit of my stomach, and then the tell-tale wetness threatening to drip. 

“You’re a junior, aren’t you?” Yoongi said casually and his voice was yet another nail in my coffin. He sounded raspy and drunk, half asleep and scratchy. The deep bass of his tone and the masculine voice rang through my body like a vibrato. 

And i knew on a practical level that it was my biology. Alphas have a differently evolved voice box. it gives them that dominant tone and omegas have the sensitive nerve endings that react to that particular voice. 

So, honestly , It wasn’t anything personal, the way his voice made me want to drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his cock, right there in front of everyone. 

it was biology. 

I choked on my own lust ridden thoughts and Seokjin gave me a curious glance. 

“Why don’t you join us at our table, Doc… We can talk a bit more about that proposal for another laboratory.” Mr. Min said briskly and Seokjin looked like he’d just received an invitation to dine with the pope.

“Yes.. Yes sir..” He breathed happily and i flinched as he let go of me. 

“Bun-” He stopped when i glowered at him.” I mean.. Min Jung, why don’t you stay with yoongi and Yuju…We’ll just..”

He was already moving away and i stood still, aware of Yuju’s stare boring holes into my skull.

“Please.. carry on , I’ll be fine by myself.” I said automatically and Yoongi didn’t protest, merely bowing slightly.

“Pleasure meeting you, Min Jung.” 

“Are you an omega?” Yuju said suddenly , eyes narrowed dangerously and i froze. 

I held her gaze calmly. 

“That is none of your business” I said loftily. 

Yuju scoffed.

“Oh please… Coming to a formal event dressed like a fucking whore. Only your kind could be that shameless.” 

 Your kind… 

I hated the way she said it, like i wasn’t even human. 

“Yuju.. you shouldn’t talk like that to- ” Yoongi began, moving as though to touch me and i knocked his hand away. 

“You don’t have to defend me..I can do it myself.” I snapped . 

i rounded on the bitch next to him. 

 “ It’s such a pity your father’s money could buy you those boobs but not a better personality.” I glared at her before turning to move away. 

Stupid fucking alphas and Betas!! they could all go die in a fire!! 

I’d barely taken a step before I felt a torrent of wetness on my cheek , all over my shoulders and down my chest. i stood still stunned as everyone turned around to stare at us. 

it took me a second to realize that she had chucked her entire glass of wine on me. 

“Apologize now, you filthy little  omega!”  She screamed , so loud that my ears rang. 

“Fuck , Yuju… Stop.. What the hell is wrong with you?” Yoongi grabbed his fiancees wrist and yanked her away while i stood there humiliated. 

Seokjin was at my side a second later.

“it wasn’t my fault… “ i started, voice wobbling but Seokjin merely sushed me , shrugging off his coat and tossing it over my shoulders before bowing stiffly. 

“Please excuse us…” He growled at Yoongi, eyes flaring red as he stared him down before pulling me away from both of them .

 i let him lead me out of the room and into the nearest rest room.

“I’m so sorry..” He said apologetically. “ I shouldn’t have brought you here…” 

“I didn’t even provoke her…” I felt my voice wobble. “ This is why i hate alphas!” I gritted out. 

“Come on , bunny you’re being unfair… Yoongi didn’t..”

“He’s engaged to her…” i sneered. “ No doubt he agrees with everything she believes. Probably thinks omegas are dirt.” I felt tears sting. 

It was unbelievable because I was actually wet, my underwear soaked because of that fucker’s goddamn scent …and it didn’t even matter because he was a bastard and his fiancee was a class A demon. 

Min Yoongi could go to hell and he could take his bitchy girlfriend with him. 

“i know bunny… it’s alright. Come on.. you can stay with me tonight.” Seokjin cooed and i relaxed a little. Seokjin had a bomb apartment in one of the best localities in the city. i could at least drink some wine and relax in a nice warm bath and hopefully dream of a dead or dying Yuju. 


Seokjin’s guest room had the softest, plushiest mattress in the world. After a nice hour long bath and a glass of wine, i was relaxed enough to drift into a nice , warm sleep. So , when i woke up to jimin screaming, I almost screamed myself., 


“Jiminie… keep it down.. Min Jung’s sleeping…”


I froze, sitting up so fast that my spine almost snapped.

What the…

I crawled out of the bed so fast my legs got caught in the blankets, my body landing on the carpeted flooor with a thud. i kicked away the annoying fabric and scrambled to my feet, grabbing the door and throwing myself out into the living space in disbelief.

“they suspended you?!” I choked in disbelief. 

Jin looked stunned to see me . And a little guilty. 

“Bunny.. wait..it’s not..” he began holding a hand up as though to calm me but i snarled in anger. 

“Why?” I felt my voice shake in misery. 

“It’s nothing. The Director thinks that just for two weeks, i should take a break because of what Mr. Min.. umm.. said..”

“Two weeks?!! They suspended you for two weeks because his bitchy daughter in law couldn’t act like a civilized human?” I said stunned. 

“Min jung… it’s not that serious.. i was thinking of taking time off anyway and…”

“I’m going to kill him.” I said, my entire body shaking in disbelief. 

“Oh, God. It isn’t  Yoongi’s fault. Min jung Please don’t make the whole thing worse..” 

“Worse?! They suspended you hyung.. You’re the most brilliant surgeon in the damn country and they suspended you over that little  spat ?! Who does he think he is?!  God?! “ I was shaking so bad that my teeth chattered. 

I turned on my heel and rushed back into the room, grabbing my clothes and stalking into the bath room. Every ounce of attraction i’d felt for the idiot had vanished, in it’s place seething anger and fury filled my heart. I could  put up with being bullied when it was me. 

But Seokjin was innocent . He breathed and lived for his job. to think that anyone would actually try to take that away from him… was unacceptable. 

Min Yoongi was going to get his ass whooped. 


I found Yoongi in the Music room. 

it took me more than an hour, hunting through every possible Alpha hangout to find the guy and now that i realized he was actually in the music room, playing the piano of all things, i felt so completely thrown that i just stood there gaping for a few seconds. 

“Min Jung?” He looked surprised to see me, pushing away from the piano to stand up and i came to my senses, trying to ignore the way his scent just  washed over me  like a bloody hurricane. 

“Who do you think you are?!” I hissed angrily. 

“What the-”

“You think you’re so great, just because you’re rich?! it’s not even your money! You were just lucky to be born his son. You’re just lucky you were born an Alpha.. Do you think you earned the respect people give you?” i spat out , fury coursing through my veins. 

“Min Jung, what are you-”

“You got my brother suspended?!! Because your evil girlfriend couldn’t act civil?!” I laughed without mirth. 

“it was a misunderstanding, i already-”

“I mean… honestly… what makes you better than omegas? huh? Are you smarter? yeah.. probably…but guess what…i’m smart too. I outranked hundreds of thousands of kids to be here…. I’m not an idiot… ! ” I was dangerously close to tears but i barelled on. 

“ Are you richer than me? Yes… but guess what.. some day i’ll be rich too. And unlike you, it will be  my  money.. money that i earned… I’ll be rich and powerful and unlike you, i’ll use that for good. I won’t bully people into stuff or fire perfectly hardworking doctors from their jobs just because my girlfriend can’t act like a decent human being!” 

Yoongi didn’t reply. . He just stood there staring at me . 

i wasn’t done. 

“ And guess what?? someday i’m going to be a doctor. And you know what i’m going to do? I’m going to find an end to this Alpha omega nonsense. I’m going to prove…once and for all that you alphas  aren’t in anyway better than..” i almost said me… catching myself at the last second..” omegas. i’m going to do it. Then you can all stop treating omegas like crap!! ” I growled. 

I panted, breathless from all the yelling and for a few seconds we just stood still staring at each other. 

And then his phone rang.

He casually pulled it out and glanced at it. 

And then he took the call, transferring it to the speakers. 

“Yoongi…?” It was Seokjin.

i startled.

“Yes, hyung…” 

“Yoongi,… your father called. He told me what happened .. Thank you so much buddy…” 

“Don’t mention it hyung..” Yoongi kept his gaze on me and i felt foreboding rise inside me. That didn’t sound good. 

“Listen.. Min Jung misunderstood what happened. She’s probabaly on the way there …”

“She’s here.” yoongi said casually and i choked. 

“Seokjin oppa?” i said nervously.

“Bunny?! Oh God.. tell me you didn’t hit him or something!! “ Seokjin sounded nauseuous. 

Yoongi laughed softly. 

“No hyung.. She didn’t do anything. Just got here infact..”

“Oh thank God.. Min jung…I’m reinstated. Yoongi told his dad that it was all a misunderstanding and Mr. Min personally called and spologized for it. Everything’s fine so please spare Yoongi your fists of fury…” 

I felt my face flame red enough to catch fire. 

 oh, God, where was a lightning bolt when you needed one? 

“Hyung, i’ll call you back.” Yoongi hung up. 

I straed at him and then took a step back. i knew i should apologize. But i couldn’;t bring myself to say it. 

“I should.. um… just leave..” I turned on my heel , ready to bolt . 

i almost reached the door when his voice came out, low rumbling and an outright growl. 

 Stop right there..” 

I froze, stunned when the syllables felt like bullets against my spine, pain hitting my nerves and making my entire body ache. 

I couldn’t move. 

 Oh, God no.

 He was using his Alpha voice. If there was even an ounce of doubt about the kind of guy Min Yoongi was, it evaporated. 

 He’s just like the rest of them. 

 I trembled a bit, willing myself to not move. To act like I was merely waiting for him to continue. Not like i couldn’t move. 

His voice rumbled over me again and it really did feel like little pricks of a needle up and down my spine. 

“Are you an omega? Tell me the truth…”  He was using the same voice, the one I couldn’t fight. 

But I was still on the suppressants and not  completely  helpless and although it took every single ounce of my energy, I took a deep breath, aware of the painful ache inside my skull.

“No, i’m not.” I whispered. It felt like Someone had taken a knife to my gut, the pain visceral and unbearable. It wasn’t in my gene to lie to an Alpha. 

Silence. My entire body felt taught, stretched like a rubber band. 

And then.

“If you’re so proud of omegas… why are you ashamed to admit it yourself.” He sneered. I shut my eyes. 

  “I’m leaving.” I said firmly. 

He chuckled softly.

“Leave. I’m not stopping you.” 

But he was. 

‘We both knew he was. 

I opened my mouth, ready to argue but the door slammed open suddenly, breaking the spell. i sagged a bit as Yuju stalked in. She took one look at me and launched herself at me. 

i was still weak from what yoongi had done and i went down like a rock, head hitting the floor with a painful crack. Stunned , I shoved her away and dragged myself up. Yoongi was reaching for me again.

“Are you okay Min Jung..?” He looked genuinely worried but i glared at him. 

“You’re a bastard. every single one of you.!! You just deserve eacth other !” I snarled, dragging myself up and getting the hell away from him. 

I didn’t stop running till i’d locked myself in my room.

And it was only then did I let the tears fall. 

 Author’s Note : Whew… tiring. Did you guys like it? i would love to have some feedback. 

When Soulmates Go Wrong (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4040 (Sorry, got carried away)

Warnings: Aaaaangst

A/N: I’ve got a part two, but I’m going to need you to tell me if you want it. This is just a little something that’s been in the works for at least a month, and I figured it was high time to put it out there. Gif is not mine, and feedback is greatly appreciated as usual. If you want to be added to the tag list, let me know.

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Ah, soulmates. True love smiled upon by the stars themselves. Every person had a mark matching their soulmate’s. The mark could appear anywhere on one’s body, in any color, or any shape, but it always matched what their soulmate had - color, location, shape, everything. And everyone had a soulmate. Except for me.

I’d been born without my soul mark. This terrified my mother on the day of my birth as the nurses had almost frantically tried to find something that could even possibly be a soul mark. There had been nothing to find.

When it turned out that I had powers - the ability to command the elements - in addition to a concerning propensity for all forms of weaponry and an uncanny gift for reading people’s body language… let’s just say that she and my father were afraid for me. Afraid that people would exploit me for my lack of connection as well as my powers.

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Gaston and Lefou have a complex relationship- stuck somewhere between lover and friend, perhaps doomed to perpetually dance the line.

Since the battle with Beast, Gaston has given up on Belle. He isn’t as upset about it as Lefou expected him to be. Lefou expected fits, alternating between angry and melancholy. He expected needing to console Gaston, comfort him, take him for too many drinks and help him walk home while Gaston rambled about losing the only beautiful he’d ever seen. Lefou expected all of this- and none of it came.

Gaston shrugged off the rejected like a grain of sand on his jacket, and that was that. He and Lefou slipped back into something more than familiar. More than because it combined the old times with something novel because Gaston likes to stand closer and brush their hands together and lean in when talking- looks as if he’s paying more attention to Lefou when he talks, and Lefou talks more often now.

It is as if the battle had dulled Gaston’s edges. It changed him somehow. From the time Gaston left Lefou for dead and the time Lefou found him in the remains of the castle, something drastic had changed. And Lefou doesn’t know what it is.

He finds himself liking it, the newfound attention Gaston directs towards him. He likes feeling important enough that Gaston listens to what he says now. Somehow, and Lefou would give anything to know this, somehow the battle had influenced Gaston to respect Lefou more.

Lefou approaches the subject one day. They are sitting in the tavern. Gaston is on his third beer and Lefou is halfway through his first, having been contemplating asking Gaston this question for much of the day. Nerves wound up in his chest.

He starts, “Gaston,” and then he stops. Now that he has started, the words leave him. His breath is shallower.

“What is it?” Gaston takes another swig from his mug.

Then he does it. He leans closer, brushing his shoulder against Lefou’s.

“Why do you do that?”

Lefou’s heart was in his throat. He didn’t want it to stop. He didn’t want Gaston to go back to the dismissive person he used to be. But he couldn’t go on forever tortured with misinformation because all signs point to something highly improbable- He had to know.

“Do what?”

And he does it more- his voice is lower. He’s closer. Lefou is almost delusional enough to believe Gaston cares for him. Almost.

It comes out in a burst: “That! You’re..!” He stops again.

Gaston sits back, confusion written plainly on his face. “Spit it out, Lefou.”

Lefou takes a few breaths. He says, “You’re acting as if you care for me. With the closeness, the attention.”

Lefou swallows thickly. Several moments pass, and Gaston still hasn’t said anything. His eyes are watchful. He looks like he wants to talk, but he doesn’t, and it makes Lefou go crazy. Gaston was never the type of person to think first and talk later. He was entirely action.

After a solid eight seconds, Gaston says, “Are you accusing me of not caring for you?”

The question strikes Lefou like a slap. It wasn’t what he intended, but he realized it was what he believed: Gaston doesn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t care for Lefou.

As Lefou takes too long to respond, Gaston continues, “If you would prefer I stop, I will. But don’t make the mistake of believing I don’t care for you.”

Confusion wraps Lefou like a blanket. He furiously does not understand.

“But you don’t! Not like- Not like the way you’re acting as if you do, and if you’re toying with me just to-”

Lefou stops.

Another eight seconds pass. They inch by slowly. Methodically.

“Belle gave me advice,” Gaston admits. “After the fight- It shook me. It make me realize how much I did not know. How righteous I had been, and wrongfully so.”

Gaston stops for a moment, and Lefou is too shocked to say anything. Gaston averts his eyes, gripping the handle of his mug tightly.

“I… Told her things. She gave me advice. She told me I should wait ten seconds before responding to something-” He stumbles over his words so uncharacteristically. He lets out a big breath as if giving up on the vague confession.

He sets out to be direct: “I told her I care for you. And that I hurt you.” A short lapse of quietness. “She recommended I try to show you I’m sorry rather than saying it because actions speak louder than words.”

Gaston’s eyes flicker over Lefou’s face tentatively, gauging his reaction. “You don’t understand how much I value your company, Lefou.”

People bustle about around them. They jostle and laugh and shout and play. They throw things, jest and joke. But to Lefou, the world was white noise.

It is everything Lefou ever wanted to hear, but it’s so unreal. It feels like it isn’t happening, and Lefou is going to wake up in bed. But Gaston is in front of him, face tense and jaw set in anxiety. Lefou had been in love with Gaston for ages, but resigned to his fate of unrequited love. It feels unreal.

Gaston breaths in through his nose, puts his cup down loudly, and stands up.

“I’m sorry. My advances are unwelcome.”

“No!” Lefou blurts. Gaston blinks, startled. “No. I’m sorry, I just. I’m having trouble… Comprehending.”

Lefou’s heart races. His thoughts run wild. He stands.

“I- I care for you, too.” He and Gaston are standing so close, in the middle of the tavern, albeit earning little attention from the drunkards around them. “I like your closeness and your attention.”

Gaston watches him, dumbfounded, as Lefou wraps his arms around him, one around his waist and the other higher on his back. Lefou’s face presses against Gaston’s chest. He feels Gaston’s chin drop on top of his head gently.

And they stay like that, in each other’s arms in the center of the tavern, a gentle break from the rest of the scene. They still have more to talk about, things to work out, things to understand and amend. But that’s for later. For now, Lefou is perfectly content.


Anon (who didn’t have a blog at the time but now does): @i-smell-food thanks for the prompt!

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To everyone using phrases like “the people *brave enough* to post #metoo” … stop.

“brave enough”… As if those who’ve experienced inappropriate, unwelcome sexual advances but don’t post a hashtag claiming the experience weren’t/aren’t “brave enough”

As if trauma survivors aren’t “brave enough”

As if the only way to be “brave enough” is if it’s for public consumption.

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A woman in line at the coffee shop is hitting on Mulder, the advances clearly unwelcome, Scully cuts in in a funny and flirty way

Continuing the coffee shop au. Early season one. Tagging @today-in-fic

The Flaky Pastry Technique

Mulder had gone ahead. She hadn’t had coffee for three hours and felt every one of those 10800 seconds. The Tooms case report had taken longer than she’d expected. She had tried to soften the accusations around Colton’s involvement but after rewriting it several times, her anger at his bone-headed and boorish behaviour swelled and she simply wrote:

           Agent Tom Colton acted rashly in his decision to call off the stakeout. His refusal to listen to Agent Mulder’s or my own theories, evidence and suggestions, put lives in danger. His manner was unhelpful, obstructive even, and it is my view that his narrow field of vision in this case delayed its conclusion and could have resulted in serious injury to me, or even worse.

She’d been having nightmares. That Mulder didn’t get there in time. That Tooms had got his quota and her mother would be burying a daughter. It made her shudder, the danger that Colton and his territorial Alpha male stunt had delivered. It made her shudder to think of her mother’s grief. It made her question her career choice, but only for a second. She had found a steady ally in Mulder, his intensity, when focused, was proving to be a surprising and welcome guide through this still strange landscape of the X Files. Being asked to spy on her partner had left a bad taste in her mouth, but since their faltering start she and Mulder had found some kind of groove. And understanding each other’s tastes in coffee was a big part of that groove.

           She pushed open the door to the coffee shop. The place was always busy. She briefly remembered when she’d sat in the window seats with Jack, blowing the steam off their too hot coffees and sharing an apple Danish. It seemed so long ago. He’d been a big part of her life for such a short time but she knew without a doubt that his impression on her life would be nowhere near as profound as Mulder’s would be. Had already been.

           Mulder was placing the order. He was pointing to something in the cool cabinet, probably one of those slices that had cholesterol as its main ingredient. The barista was smiling at him – she knew them both by name, but it was the woman next to him that caught her eye. She was well-dressed in a stylish skirt suit, long slim legs, silk blouse, flowing blonde hair. She was stunning. And she was leaning so close to him that their arms were brushing.

           Scully wondered whether he knew her. He was smiling, but the more she looked, the more she realised it was his fake smile, the one he wore for Blevins, for Skinner, for the woman in accounts who hand-delivered his signed 302s. She moved a little closer and listened.

           “You’d like this one, it’s very soft inside, creamy even. But the outside is hard and crusty. It’s the perfect balance.”

           He nodded. “I’m a creature of habit. The custard slice with flaked almonds. The nuts make it healthier. My partner likes that.”

           “FBI then? You’re all pretty easy to spot. Where is he?” The woman flicked her hair over her shoulder and looked around. Mulder reached for the coffees, not following her gaze.

           “She’s on her way.”

           The woman sucked in a breath. “They allow male-female partnerships? That must be hard.”

           Scully bit her lip as the woman purred.

           Mulder looked down at her. “We work well together. We complement each other. She’s the best partner I’ve had.”

           The flush on Scully’s cheeks hit hard. And she knew it was time to move.

           “Really? Perhaps your expectations are too low, Mr…?”

           Mulder took the tray and tucked the paper bag containing his slice in between the coffees.

           “Mulder,” Scully said, taking the bag. “Let me get that.”

           The woman stood her ground.

           Scully opened the bag and licked her lips. “I love this one. It’s our favourite, isn’t it? It’s the one we always use to upset the suspects.”

           Mulder’s lips quivered into a smile. A real one. He turned back to the woman, who had straightened her shoulders.

“Yes, you see, my partner here sits at the desk and nibbles the ends of the pastry whilst I’m interrogating and she lets it flake all down her front and then I walk over to her and rub the flakes off. It’s the standard procedure for distracting the suspect and usually we get them to deviate from their story and it all pretty much unravels from there.”

           Rolling her lips together, Scully nodded at the woman. “Our last suspect, we were certain he had ripped the livers from four people and eaten them.” She paused a beat and the woman blanched. “But getting him to confess was proving difficult so we used this flaky pastry technique.”  

The woman stepped back and held a hand to her mouth. “Livers?”

“He nested in bile,” Scully added. “He could stretch and flatten his body like rodent.” She opened the bag and breathed in the sweet aroma of the pastry. “It was fascinating, really.”

           “But my partner here had him salivating over her in no time,” Mulder added, draping his arm over Scully’s shoulders. “And then she put him in an arm lock and he confessed his deepest, darkest sins. And believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear those.” He beamed and took a swig of his coffee. “It’s very unsettling if you’re of a delicate disposition.”

Once she’d stopped giggling, Scully drained the last of her coffee and put the cup in the bin just as Mulder threw the screwed up bag across the desk. Flakes of pastry showered her.


           He waggled his eyebrows and grinned at her. “Do I get to rub the flakes off, Scully?”

           “Only if I get to put you in an arm lock to get your deepest, darkest confessions out of you,” she said, smiling back.

           “They’re very unsettling.”

           She picked up the bag and dropped it in the bin. “I’ve no doubt, Mulder. But it’s okay, I’m not of a delicate disposition, Mulder.”

Someone to Stay - AU

Previous chapters

Chapter 3

“And this happened, how?”

Claire probed gently into the child’s scalp, retreating when his shoulders hunched in pain. The boy glanced up at her, smiling sheepishly. Fergus - as his chart read – reached out for his mother’s hand, who held it tightly with worry since walking into A&E.

“I was playing with my friends, in the backyard of Louis’s house. There were some rocks there and we took turns to see who could throw one the furthest, you know?” His legs started swinging back on forth, as he recounted his tale.

“Yes, I know,” Claire rolled her eyes, but smiled gently. “Continue.”

“And Louis took this giant rock and heaved it at the chain-link fence that separates his yard from the neighbors’ and the rock bounced back and hit me in the head. It hurt a lot, but I was alright, but then my friends started yelling something awful, and I felt a tickle on my face. It was my blood, a whole lot of it!” Fergus’s eyes grew wide in remembrance, and turned a little pale again. His mother squeezed his hand, shaking her head at the boys’ exploits.

“I see. Well, here’s the doctor now!” Claire swept aside as Dr. Abernathy joined them in the small room. “He’ll have you set to rights in no time.”

Claire assisted Dr. Abernathy as he anesthetized the area, and began suturing the torn scalp. Fergus cried out but once, and then pursed his lips bravely, while his mother turned away from the needle. In about twenty minutes, the doctor was done, and was busy giving the boy’s mother instructions on how to care for the wound and reassuring Fergus he would have a small “wicked scar” to show off to his friends.

Claire smiled and waved goodbye at the retreating patient. She began the final touches on the necessary paperwork before filing away the information at the nurses’ station. Her head bent over the documents, a shadow was suddenly cast over the paper.


She froze.

It had been four weeks since she’d last heard that voice. She wouldn’t pretend now that she hadn’t thought about it, or even missed it sometimes, but it was still unexpected. Fighting to get her features into control before they became transparent on her glass face, she took a deep breath and raised her head to look at him.

Frank’s face was the same, handsome and refined, with deep lines etched into the corners of his mouth. At times amused, others worried or even angry, today the lines told a story of contrition. Claire didn’t feel like reading it.

She set her lips into a straight line, and stared at Frank. She refused to be the one to speak first, and damned if she thought it was good to see him again, the lying cheating bastard.

“You lying, cheating bastard.” So much for self control.

“Claire, please…” Frank’s hands – so polished, so genteel – reached out to her, pleading, but not quite touching. “Listen, I have—“

“Nothing to say, and nothing I want to hear. I want you to leave.” Claire pushed her chair back, tossing the pen onto the papers and striding out of the nurses’ station, Frank right behind her.

“I know what I did was stupid, and unfair, and you did not deserve to find out like that, Claire, I’m sorry!” Once outside the A&E doors, he grasped her shoulder to stop her.

Claire whirled and shoved him back, catching him unawares. “No, I did not deserve that at all, you wanker!” She pushed her hair out of her face, and let her rage fly. “Four years, you sodding bastard! Four years of my life that I will never get back!” She walked back, tears streaming uncontrollably; after her trip to Scotland, back in London she had refused all contact with Frank, pushing him out of her thoughts and out of her life. He had made attempts, but she had changed her number and slept often at the hospital through endless shifts. Avoiding, resisting, trying to heal. “Go away!”

“Claire, I mean to explain and I want you to listen. Let’s go.” Frank came at her, intending to take her by the arm and drag her away somewhere they could talk without witnesses to his disgrace. His hand, poised to grab her, was slapped away by a figure looming behind Claire.

“I believe the lady asked ye to go.” That soft, burred cadence. Claire turned to find Jamie Fraser himself standing behind her, his eyes a steely blue. His gaze was trained on Frank, who retreated minutely in the face of this new threat.

“I don’t think this is any of your business. Leave us alone to talk, will you?” Frank’s bravado lasted all of ten seconds until Jamie stepped out from behind Claire and asserted his height and breadth of shoulder. In his black leather jacket and unkempt red hair he looked positively dangerous.

She had no words for what was unfolding before her, confused at seeing Jamie in London at her place of work, and watching him defend her from Frank’s unwelcome advances. Her heart surged with adrenaline; whether her fight response or Jamie’s presence was responsible, she didn’t know.

“Frank, please, just go. There’s nothing else to say,” Claire said. Jamie remained still as a statue in front of her, shielding her from Frank. Frank tried to peer around the tall Scot’s figure, but Jamie wouldn’t let him make eye contact.

“Ye heard her. Go now, before I make ye.” Jamie turned to Claire, and gestured towards the hospital doors. “Inside, mo nighean donn,  and call security if ye must.” The time elapsed had felt like hours to her, but only a few minutes had actually passed. Crossing the A&E doors, Dr. Abernathy met her and caught her by the elbows as Claire trembled slightly.

“Claire? What is it? Do you need help?” The good doctor glanced outside and watched the confrontation. “Who’s that?”

“Frank,” Claire managed. “He showed up, wanted to speak with me. I said no. He followed me outside, and then—well, Jamie was there.”

“I take it Jamie is the redhead. Here, Lady Jane.” Dr. Abernathy, calling Claire by his nickname for her, led her to an empty chair in the waiting room. Outside, Jamie called out to Frank using what sounded like a few choice curse words in Gaelic as Claire’s former partner disappeared around the corner, the back of his neck flushed red in anger.

Claire breathed a sigh of relief. Jamie walked through the automatic doors, and his eyes immediately went to Dr. Abernathy holding Claire’s hand in support. They tightened momentarily before his face broke out in a gentle smile.

“Hi, I’m Jamie, a friend of Claire’s.” He held out a large hand, forcing the doctor to relinquish his hold on her.

“I’m Joe Abernathy, a colleague of Claire’s. Thank you for your help, man. Lady Jane here was having a pretty rough time of it.” He shook Jamie’s hand fiercely in gratitude, and palmed his shoulder. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. LJ, take your break now, why don’t you.” Behind Jamie’s unsuspecting back, Dr. Abernathy winked and strolled off.

Claire flushed, cursing her glass face once again. She’d be lying (but only to herself) if she hadn’t thought about Jamie every once in a while for the past few weeks. A little. She glanced up at Jamie, who took a seat beside her on the uncomfortable chairs.

He broke the silence first. “Lady Jane?”

She took a deep breath and managed a smile. “Just a nickname Joe has for me. He’s American, and found my English accent hilarious when he first arrived.”

“And the other one? The rude one?” Jamie frowned.

“Thank you so much Jamie. That was… unexpected. Frank shouldn’t have been here,” said Claire, shuddering briefly.

“Frank. Was he yer bad romantic experience?”

“You remember that?” Claire asked in surprise.

“I remember many things about ye. Mostly, how I forgot to ask for yer number last time we met,” Jamie grinned. “Ye didn’t offer either, so…”

“So how come you’re here?” Claire blurted out before she could stop herself. Jamie brushed his hand against the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Weel—seeing as I had no way of contacting ye or even yer surname to go by, I asked Rupert. He was verra much enamored of yer friend Geillis, and he asked her about ye. For me, ye ken.”

“You’re in London. I thought you were on tour.”

“We’ve done with the tour. I wanted talk to ye. See ye, mebbe. Ask ye to join me for dinner, perhaps.”

Claire felt the telltale flush creeping up her neck once more. She looked down at her hands, twisting in her lap. She didn’t know what to say to this man. This unexpected savior who had come all the way from God knew where. To see her. Just her.

“I… don’t know. I don’t know what to say.” Claire felt the uncontrollable urge to laugh or cry. And she didn’t know if she wanted to hug or strangle Geillis.

“Claire. I dinna mean to push ye now.” Jamie leaned in. “It doesna have to be dinner. I’ll take whatever ye can give me. Coffee, if ye like. A cup of water from the cooler would do as well.”

“But why?” She met his eyes this time; she let him have a glimpse of the turmoil inside, the furious pain and anger of betrayal that still raged within. The feeling that would not let her open up quite yet. Perhaps ever.

“Why? You’re bonny, have eyes like whiskey and a strength about ye—“

“Strength?” Claire’s voice shook slightly. “I don’t know about that.”

“I do. I understand yer wounds are raw and smartin’ and I respect that. I just want to get to know ye a bit better, as a friend. I’ll not ask for more than ye want to give. Is that alright?”

“Coffee.” Coffee with a friend was alright. No danger there. They had already had coffee before.

Jamie’s smile was blinding. “Coffee is fine. When?”

“Tomorrow? 6 o’clock.” Before she could change her mind, she stood. “I must get back to my shift.”

“I’ll be here. Til 6 then.” He unfolded himself gracefully from the chair and strode to the doors.

“Oh, and Jamie?” He turned.

“It’s Beauchamp. Claire Beauchamp.”

Charlie had been begging Danny to go to the beach all week, but to be honest, on that particular Saturday it didn’t take much insisting because even Danny felt like enjoying the sun. They were walking along the surf, Charlie holding Danny’s right hand and Steve’s left. They were swinging Charlie back and forth, and Danny couldn’t help the smile on his face and how warm he felt listening to Charlie’s laughter and shrieks of joy, asking them to swing him harder and faster. It really was a beautiful day to be out, but the warmth Danny felt had little to do with the sun. It was the feeling of being with family that was doing that. Of course, Steve wasn’t officially family, not in the technical sense of the word; for all intents and purposes he was just a very good and present friend.

Only they’d been doing so many things together with Charlie and Steve had been helping out so much that Danny was beginning to have a hard time remembering that. The line between them had always been somewhat flimsy, more often than not being hard to tell how far that friendship could go before becoming something else. Lately, that line had become even thinner, since Steve had apparently decided that he wanted to be more open with his affection towards Danny. There had started to be more looks, and touches and Danny didn’t really know what to do with that. So much so, that he’d noticed that he’d started putting some distance between them whenever Steve got too obvious. It wasn’t that the advances were unwelcome, it was more that nothing had ever been so welcome before and Danny had started feeling a little bit out of his depth.

But there was something about today. Something about the way the sun was shining and making Steve’s eyes sparkle, and Danny knew that part of that was that Steve just felt so happy around Danny and his kids that he couldn’t help the constant twinkle in his eyes. Something about the way Charlie felt so comfortable flanked by them, like nothing bad could ever happen to him if those two men were with him. Something about the way Danny felt so relaxed, with a feeling of being home that he hadn’t felt… he wasn’t sure if he’d ever felt like that, so full, so complete. Something about the way he wished he could stay like this forever, have days like this whenever he wanted.

Danny felt Charlie pulling away from him, trying to free himself from his hold, making his focus change. It didn’t take long for Danny to see the seashell that was so interesting to Charlie that he just had to have it that very instant. As soon as Charlie pulled free, Steve moved closer to Danny and Danny instinctively did the same, until their arms were brushing with every new step. When their hands brushed against each other, Danny knew. He knew that he didn’t want to fight any of this anymore, that all those feelings were too good to let go. He maintained the touch, not allowing their hands to separate and slowly, very slowly, moved to hold Steve’s hand. He let his fingers linger while they traced the lines of Steve’s palm, moved along his fingers. He felt their warmth, how they were calloused from too much work, too much fight, while being so soft and tender it made him want to cry, and if that wasn’t the definition of Steve he didn’t know what was. He loosely interlaced their fingers, playing with Steve’s, enjoying every single touch, every single moment of proximity, feeling all the love Steve felt for him in the gentle way he played with Danny’s fingers back. When Danny’s wrist brushed against Steve’s he could feel his pulse racing, and Danny was glad to know he wasn’t the only one that was so overwhelmed by something so simple as a touch of hands. Except it wasn’t simple at all, because it was the first time that they were touching with very clear intent, and Danny was happy that Steve knew that too. He finally allowed their hands to clasp together, and the way Steve held his hand so tight… if Danny had any doubt about the certainty of this it was gone now. Danny let out a deep sigh and from the corner of his eye he could see the most soft, goofiest smile Danny had ever seen on Steve’s face. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of being with his family.

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lanelacy  asked:

How would the companions react if mod Katalyna became inquisitor?

Cassandra: Oh, yeah, this mouthy little shit definitely blew up the Temple. She’s very irritated by Katalyna’s tendency to respond to everything with snide remarks, particularly when she’s in distress. Though eventually they warm up to each other, it’s a pretty rocky beginning.

Cullen: His first impression is that she’s determined. Even though she’s clearly struggling to keep up and limping subtly, she’s still keeping pace and fighting through. He can respect that.

Leliana: She sees the way Katalyna watches everyone and wonders if she’s as good at observing as the Nightingale. When it turns out that she is, they become fast friends.

Dorian: They’re fast friends. She doesn’t give a shit that he’s Tevinter or a mage or any of that. She actually is more comfortable with him because he’s gay and she doesn’t have to worry about unwelcome advances. As such, they flirt a lot, drink a lot, and read a lot. Dorian’s favorite alcove in the library is often filled with giggling as they make fun of historical figures together.

Vivienne: Katalyna is very intimidated by the First Enchanter and rather put off by her icy countenance. After a while, they manage to form a cautious friendship based mostly on snark.

Solas: It might annoy him how much time she spends around him, asking questions about literally everything, but her innocent desire to learn endears her to him. They end up enjoying each other’s company and spend a lot of time studying together.

Sera: Pranks! Sera is the enabler Katalyna needed to get into all sorts of trouble! Katalyna spends hours and days trying to make cookies that Sera will like. She won’t give up!

Josephine: Despite Katalyna’s penchant for snark and sarcasm, when it comes down to it she can really clean up her act to deal with the nobles and make alliances. Even though the second the banquet or whatever is over she’s stripping out of the fine clothes before the door to her room is even shut, she can still get through it with a smile and grace, and on that basis they are very friendly.

Varric: Fellow writers? Yes, they’re friends. They spend many evenings swapping tricks and tips for writing a good story and editing for each other. There is frequently alcohol involved. Eventually, Varric is the one she comes to when she just needs to talk.

Cole: “Bright and smiling, a happy face to hide the hurt. You don’t show them what you feel because you think they won’t accept you. But they will. They can see. Just tell them.” But she can’t.

Blackwall: They don’t have very much in common, but sometimes when she just needs to get away from everyone she’ll find him in the stables and ask him to show her wood carving. Even though the little carvings she ends up with are the ugliest paper weights ever to exist, it’s still nice because he doesn’t expect anything from her in these moments. They see more of each other when she’s visiting the horses, which is a daily event.

Iron Bull: He’s the one she goes to when she needs a good, stiff drink. While completely sober, she’ll end up riding the Bull just to see what it’s like. That may or may not end up going anywhere. They’re pretty good friends because she reminds him of other Ben Hassrath agents he’s known, even though she detests the Qun. They don’t talk about the Qun much.

She is

bold, brave,

fiercely uprooting

a small man, and his,

unwelcome advances

with her unabating voice.

And she will not be silenced.

Rip this weed from the Earth!

Remove the ground

beneath his shaken soul;

Dependent upon the soil, on which,

he once stood, solid.

Ladies of Hollywood, uproot him:

Say his name.

Say his name.

Say his name.

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Why hate on Casey? He's a deserving actor. Has talent. And that's what the Oscars should be about.

i’m sorry but i don’t care about talent when an actor makes uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace, speaks inappropriately about someone’s advancing age and fertility, refers to women as “cows”, invades people’s personal space by locking them into their hotel room while entertaining another woman, attempts to manipulate someone into staying with him in a hotel room and violently grabs that someone by the arm when they refuse.

i also don’t fucking care about talent, when men think it’s okay to join someone in bed while they sleep, only wearing his underwear and a t-shirt

i do not fucking care about talent or whatever when sexual assaulters win presidencies and oscars

i do not fucking care

Admirable Shoujo Girls

Shoujo…. shoujo…. I think I might be too old to really have an excuse for loving shoujo as much as I do. My excuse is that I have a “happily ever after*” high school romance, so I enjoy reading about stories that relate to my own. 

That being said, I’ve run across more than enough of annoying stereotypes when it comes to shoujo manga and I’m over it. BUT I’ve also encountered some rather awesome characters that disappoint me for not being real people. These are some characters that inspire me to shift through the overly excitable/cutesy and talented/tsundere cookie cutter character. 

Kerubayashi Teru of “Dengeki Daisy” 

“Go bald Kurosaki!” Man, just thinking about this little spunky nugget makes me want to read Dengeki Daisy all over again. Teru, orphaned by older brother to stomach cancer, Teru depends on daily emails from the mysterious Daisy to get through her loneliness and grief… not realizing that the Daisy she’s never met is actually her school’s janitor and hacker/cracker in hiding. Teru, while definitely a teenager, is such a crazy goofy old soul you can’t blame the older and far more troubled Daisy/Kurosaki for falling so head over heals for her. She’s super silly but extremely intuitive. She doesn’t follow any of the normal rules, and she’s manages to stick is out through some pretty gnarly situations without loosing one bit of herself to despair or doubt. She knows exactly who she is, what she stands for, and what (and who) she wants out of life. I would kill for an anime… or even a sequel manga series JUST for her antics. 

Yosano Suzume of “Hirunaka no Ryuusei” 

Seafood obsessed country bumpkin. Suzume falls in love with her sensei, a friend of her uncle’s and, initially unbeknownst to her, her high school homeroom teacher. While she’s quick to fall in love, she’s extremely aware of the moral dilemma falling in love with her teacher poses. That being said, Suzume doesn’t fall into the trappings of the usual shoujo student/teacher love affair. Suzume definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, even if it’s a little out of tune with everyone else… or in some cases, even herself. She’s a little slow at times, but she has so much honest enthusiasm that you just can’t help but root for her (regardless of her romantic interest). I wish I had that level of self-confidence. Even though she’s surrounded by a bunch of girly girls, she doesn’t fall into shallow trappings, and is quietly adored for it. She’s kind, friendly and just extremely loveable. There’s no anime, probably wont be… but… that’s okay. I think I’d only watch is for Suzume and the aquarium scenes. 

Shirayuki of “Akagami no Shirayukihime” 

Oh, the future king wants to marry her just because she has red hair? “No thanks, here’s my hair (chops it off, encloses it in an F-You letter) that you like so much… adios.” Shirayuki is smart, stupid brave, tough as nails and so optimistic you wonder if it’s something she brewed and bottled. After leaving her home and the prince’s unwelcome advances behind, she escapes to the neighbouring country only to get tangled up in yet another royal net. Zen though, is the exact opposite of what Shirayuki expects from royalty, and after some harrowing encounters, she decides to use her smarts and hard work to become a royal pharmacist and Zen’s ally. I love this manga because it is such an amazing example of what healthy relationships (romance and otherwise) should be… plus, costume design porn. There so much mutual respect and adoration amongst the characters that the romance, while still wonderful and poignant, doesn’t override the development of the main characters and the supporting cast. DID I MENTION THE ANIME IS COMING OUT IS JULY? 

Princess Yona of “Akatsuki no Yona” 

She may be weak, she may be tiny. But this girl’s got a fire that will practically make you shit your pants if she decides you look your way. She’s the reincarnated Dragon King and she’s got some mythical dragon warriors (plus a personal Thunder Beast, a handsome boy-in-waiting and a squirrel) to string you up if she so chooses. Except this despot princess has a genuine heart of gold and is essentially a kitten with some major claws. I love her because despite what she’s got to work with, who’s working for her and her beginnings, she aims to be stronger, smarter and faster for the sake of those important to her. I cannot wait to see where this girls going and what kind of shit goes down when she gets there. If only she wasn’t a dimwit when it comes to a certain dark dragon. 

If you haven’t read any of these mangas, I hope that this inspires you to try one or two. Everyone’s tastes are a little different and while shoujo definitely has its niche, I’m suggesting these ones because while they’re definitely shoujos, the’ve got some interesting edges that make them so sweetly different. I’m still pretty new to the world of manga myself, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear ‘em! 

Anyways, happy reading!

Don’t really feel like responding to any individual people, so I’m just gonna write this. Lesbians are not creepy, lesbians who refuse to take no for an answer, who refuse to take “I’m straight” for an answer, are creepy. And yes, there are lesbians like that. Not all lesbians, not the majority of lesbians, but some lesbians.                                                          

The fact that I am bisexual means that I am attracted to some women, not all women, just as I am attracted to some men, not all men. I have in my life been made very uncomfortable by sexual advances from multiple females who refused to take no for an answer (although to be fair I can’t say for certain if one of them identified as a lesbian). One of these unwelcome advances occurred before I had realized that I’m bi, so I told her I was straight, and she didn’t care. All of the creepiest men that I‘ve met have taken no for an answer, creepy as they were. And maybe I’m just lucky, but this has been my experience.               

Now, as far as the “don’t compare us to men, our love is pure” thing, please just stop. Men are not predatory monsters, women are not innocent angels, we’re all just people. Some people suck, some people are great, some people are alright.                                                                  

But yeah, sorry if that came off as homophobic. I’m just here to meme.                                                                      

anonymous asked:

Do you know what omegaverse is? What about something with omega!yoosung and alpha!saeran? Reading your werewolf au made me think of this lol Also, did you play the V route already??? Tbh when you wrote about Yoosung going to mint eye with Ray instead of mc... Gosh!!!! It was amazing!!! ^^

Here you go ANON!! Please forgive me if I got anything wrong! I hope you like it!

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cynicalclassicist  asked:

Sorry if you've already answered this but why do you think D&D so hate Stannis? Look forward to you beginning S3.

No, I don’t think I’ve answered this in so many words. Happy to give it a go, though.

Stannis can be tough to like, out of universe as well as within it. Pre-character development especially. Davos is exactly right when he tells Stannis that he’s been putting the cart before the horse vis-a-vis the kingdom and the crown. This applies to a lot of Stannis’ reactions in social situations as well, putting his own reactions to difficult situations before what other people may need to hear, hence Stannis’ attempt at giving condolences to Catelyn turns into “well your husband wasn’t my friend” and his reactions to Jon Snow so often include “grumble grumble, why won’t you work for me for real?” Sincere yes, tactful oh hell no. Then add the fact that many of Stannis’ strengths are in details that don’t translate to TV very well (minutiae of military planning, methodical investigation, extreme organisation) or even sound that good in casual conversation.

This sort of thing doesn’t scan well on a shallow reading (and the tactlessness quite understandably annoys a bunch of POV characters), and sad to say, by this point D&D are striking me as shallow readers.

Aggravating this is the fact that Stannis plays a bunch of tropes that also don’t scan well. He’s the unfavourite Baratheon brother, openly jealous and resentful. His stated aim is winning temporal power, hitting the “ambition is evil” button. He’s a public convert to a Scary Foreign Religion. This does not look like a forces-of-justice-friendly character.

Now, GRRM’s quite deliberate in having Stannis look like that stereotypical evil character, without being that character. He does something very similar with Jaime: over the course of Jaime’s POV chapters, we realise that he did not become a stab-happy would-be child murderer in a vacuum, even as the events of the book lead him to attempt a different path. Earlier still, there’s Sansa, who looks painfully shallow at first (the readers are given enough information to understand why she might be this way), and quickly shows herself to be anything but.

There’s a bit of a pattern here. Show!Sansa is a politically uninformed pawn right up to the point where the plot demands she gain competence (and, uh, that didn’t go so well); show!Jaime has fallen victim to the dread disease filler and doesn’t appear to have an arc anymore. And they have the benefit of POV chapters. Stannis, who doesn’t, is subject to even greater misunderstanding.

Then there’s the issue of Melisandre, renowned “most misunderstood” character. Her chapter in ADWD reveals her to be a very extreme well-intentioned extremist. It does not make burning people alive okay, of course, but she really believes she’s helping to save the world. She’s not out seducing a powerful man for kicks, perks, or proximity to power. While book characters, including Davos, are concerned about her sexual proximity to Stannis and any attendant influence on him, the sex itself is not on page.

Show!Melisandre, by contrast, is a stand-in for Scary Foreign Religion, with a heaping helping of evil seductress. Unlike GRRM, the showrunners keep us out of her head and refuse to explain how she does what she does, or why. It is a joke how often Melisandre is seen without her clothes, on the show, or making blatant, repeated, clearly unwelcome advances on men. They write original dialogue of her taunting Davos with the death of his son, and remove the instances where she’s kind to him, specifically because she respects his loyalty to Stannis.

End result: where book!Melisandre is a misguided and disastrously incorrect Gandalf, show!Melisandre is a shoulder devil that Stannis listens to because he gets sex out of it. This is pretty well exemplified by show!Stannis ogling Melisandre’s backside as she tries to tell him “seriously, I’m going to need to burn your daughter alive.”

As a final observation, look at the in-universe reaction to Stannis. His noble peers, the people who meet him at parties and purely social functions, loathe him. People of like rank who work parallel to him and/or possess administrative talents of their own don’t necessarily like him any better, but they respect him. The people who love Stannis best are the ones who work and fight for him.

What I’m saying, basically, is that D&D met Stannis at a party. They said a few words to him, got the face value impression. Then they moved on to more glamorous characters, whose storylines don’t require quite so much work.

Thanks for the ask! That was a fun one.


I’m So Sorry

You have been arguing with Dick for quite some time now, each minute that passes gets more and more frustrating for you both. It all started when you confronted him about how you feel pushed to the side because he gives Barbara more attention than his own girlfriend. 

“That’s not what this is!” Dick throws his hands up frantically as he tries to reason with you but you are being extremely difficult. 

“Isn’t it?!” You scream at him. “Because it sure is from where I’m standing! It’s like you care about her more than me, I’m sick of it!” Tears of anger pour out of your eyes. You don’t want to fight with him but you couldn’t bare it anymore, enough is enough, he has to know how you feel.

“You’re twisting things! Barbara is just a friend.” He repeats himself for what seems like the tenth time now. 

“Is she, though?” This time, you don’t shout back. Your face is free from any expression as you look at him. 

“I don’t believe this, I’m done. Speak to me once you’ve calmed down, I’m going out.” Dick exhales loudly as he makes a start for the front door, completely turning his back on you. 

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Nina Dobrev Joins Ken Marino’s ‘Dog Days’ Pic, Filming Roger Avary’s ‘Lucky Day’
EXCLUSIVE: Just over a week before the re-imagined Flatliners comes out, Nina Dobrev is keeping her days full with two new projects.
By Dominic Patten

Currently filming Roger Avary’s Lucky Day in Toronto, The Vampire Diaries alum also is joining Ken Marino’s sophomore feature directing effort Dog Days, I’ve learned. Dobrev will play Good Day Seattle host Elizabeth in the canine-connected ensemble comedy from the West Hot American Summer vet. The character relies on her pet through life and work stresses, including the unwelcomed advances of an on-air colleague. Dog Days is set to start shooting this year in Los Angeles.Before then, Dobrev will finish up her role in the first film directed by Pulp Fiction co-scribe Avary in over a decade. Co-starring with Reservoir Dogs alum Michael Madsen and Luke Bracey in the ex-con thriller, Dobrev portrays Chloe in the Killing Zoe helmer’s latest effort. The character is the French-speaking artist wife of the ex-con and mother of his daughter at the center of Lucky Day, which all takes place over a single unpleasant day.Add to the September 29-debuting Flatliners with Ellen Page and Kiefer Sutherland, Dobrev is in Departure, starring Maisie Williams and Asa Butterfield co-starring, and comedy Crash Pad with Christina Applegate and Domhnall Gleeson.

best friends with newt

ok I’m really like?? emotionally exhausted but I don’t want to go to bed until I know I’m tired enough to just go right to sleep and not dwell on my thoughts so here is a lil drabble !! I’m half awake and I’ve got a lot of writer’s block so this isn’t gonna be the best but I really needed a distraction :0

Newt and reader are just friends in this fic!! Not even a secret love or unrequited stuff or anything of the sort. Just bffs ok I was in the mood for some cute Newt friendship so I just kinda started writing without any more of an idea so here u go!! It’s hella short and there’s no real plot. It’s more like a description of a friendship between Newt and reader, who travels with him and draws the beasts for the novel.


You and Newt had a really peculiar sort of friendship. People often assumed you were dating, married even, and both of you had grown very accustomed to it. You were the best of friends, and it was annoying at first when people assumed that you were a couple, but it happened so often that you had to stop letting it bother you. You could see how they were misinterpreting your behaviors. You had a habit for being overly affectionate to your friends, and you had unintentionally given many interested male friends the wrong idea. You were far more interested in traveling and illustrating, and this made you an ideal traveling partner for Newt. You spent all of your time with him, drawing the creatures the two of you encountered and helping him tend to his beasts, and you understood how misleading that could be to people who didn’t know the two of you well. A man and a woman traveling together and sharing a room (or, more frequently, a suitcase)? The conclusion most onlookers came to was that you were married, or at the very least sleeping together. This was most certainly not the case.

No matter how used to it you were, you still resented the fact that people automatically assumed that close men and women were involved. It was ridiculous to you. Newt always tried subtly to get you to be less vocal about this, but he’d failed multiple times at keeping you from giving nosy strangers a piece of your mind. This was usually if they caught you in a particularly bad mood, and Newt would stand to the side, embarrassed and shooting the bewildered stranger you were lecturing apologetic looks. The only time you embraced it was when you found yourself the target of unwelcome advances. If someone tried to hit on you when you weren’t in the mood, you would simply grab Newt’s arm and let them assume that you were taken. Newt was more than happy to help you with this, and he always watched with silent amusement as you eyed the flirty men with a distasteful glare, shooting them down with a simple “Sorry, I have a boyfriend,” and hanging off of his arm in an exaggerated fashion. He always smiled politely at the rejected man, because he was already smiling at your behavior and he didn’t want to hurt their confidence even more by making them think he was laughing at them. Sometimes, if the two of you were at a social gathering and a man was trying to chat you up, he could sense your discomfort even from across the room and he’d be at your side in a moment to put his arm around your shoulders.

Once the man was discouraged and had left, you’d thank Newt and the two of you would laugh. You both found it incredibly amusing. One night, you had somehow managed to have the great misfortune of stumbling into a particularly drunken muggle man while you were out getting drinks for your birthday. He had been completely convinced that fighting Newt would win your affection, and you did your best to dissuade him with your words until you lost your temper and decided that you would fight him instead, to protect both Newt’s honor and your own. You landed one sharp punch that broke his nose before Newt dragged you out of the muggle bar to avoid being thrown out by the staff. 

You had an instinctive habit of holding hands when you walked around together, because you had a tendency to wander and to get distracted and he’d lost track of you in public more than once. One time, in fact, he had lost you in London and it took six hours for the two of you to reunite. Whenever he mentioned it you always insisted that you had given him a heads up before ducking into a bakery to purchase something to eat, but that when you came back out he had left without you. He always argued that you had said nothing at all, and he had walked for five minutes before turning around to comment that you were being unusually quiet and found out that you were quiet because you had disappeared. From then on, you frequently held hands, and you had a fun time swinging your arm obnoxiously back and forth sometimes just to get him to laugh. Passerby would give you odd looks, which just made you laugh more. 

Honestly, the two of you seemed to laugh together more than you conversed. You tended to ramble a little bit, but he had discovered after a little while that you were mostly talking to yourself and you didn’t expect him to reply, so he would listen quietly while you talked enough for the both of them. He didn’t mind at all. The low mumble of your voice became a comforting and familiar sound, and he appreciated it. You knew he was introverted and could tell when he was getting overwhelmed or drained, so you had trained yourself to recognize when he needed some space and you’d respect that completely.

On particularly dangerous missions, you wouldn’t say anything or try to discourage him, but you’d watch him like a hawk. You couldn’t help but worry for him. Despite your protective nature, you admired his bravery, and you appreciated the fact that he never tried to make you stay in the safety of the suitcase. He knew you could handle yourself just as well as he could, and you were grateful that he was able to recognize that. Sometimes, when things didn’t go quite as planned, you found yourself half-carrying, half-dragging an injured Newt back to the suitcase to reach the bandages. Other times, you were so nervous for him that you had brought the bandages with you. He’d healed you a fair number of times as well, and you both learned to keep calm in situations like that. You often marveled at his scars, because he had some serious ones that he had obtained before you had started traveling with him. You always scolded him for attempting such dangerous missions alone, and he’d always smile sheepishly and apologize for worrying you. You could never stay upset with him for long, and you were so glad that he was a patient man because you recognized that you tried his patience a lot. 

The two of you were a great team, a perfect balance. You had an odd unspoken understanding where you didn’t always have to vocalize things to convey how you felt. One of you could tell when the other wasn’t feeling well, and you both had your own ways of helping. He’d do his best to get your mind off of whatever was troubling you, using this as an opportunity to teach you more about his beasts. You always rolled your eyes and called him a nerd, but really you loved to hear what he had to say and he could tell that you appreciated it. When he was down, you’d make him some tea and just sit with him. You knew he liked the simple closeness, and often, pushing him to talk would just make him feel worse. Sometimes, you’d tell him an amusing anecdote or read from a novel in a ridiculous voice to make him smile, but more often you’d just sit with him in silence under the Bowtruckle tree, your legs draped across his lap, and the two of you would just enjoy each others company and the calming, familiar sounds of the case.

It wasn’t a conventional friendship, but it was one neither of you would trade for the world.


I checked my laptop for the first time today and apparently I typed this up last night at like 3am? It’s really shitty and short but! I didn’t want to waste it so here ya go!! I might delete it later tbh I’m not v happy with it