unwelcome advances

The signs as Turn quotes

Aries: not now bill!

Taurus: I know how to clean up a mess

Gemini: I like my eggs warm

Cancer: I shaved off my beard for you, you ungrateful shite

Leo: how much wood could a woodhull haul if a Woodhull could haul wood?

Virgo: This is New Jersey!

Libra: Abe you dumb bastard

Scorpio: May I request that you call me Edmund?

Sagittarius: You no longer need to worry about unwelcome advances from inebriated farmers

Capricorn: my ass is licensed by congress

Aquarius: What the hell are you about man?

Pisces: it’s Culper not Culpeper

Dear women,  fuck your feelings.  Honestly.  The world wasn’t created for your feelings. There are laws against physical harm.  We and I am NOT about to owe you the right to not be creeped out ever too.

Grow the hell up.
I’m not about to sleep in a no sex box because you can’t handle being an alive human in 2016

Manslation: Dear women, fuck literally everything you feel, think, want, or need. Honestly. The world wasn’t created for your feelings, it was created for MINE. I’m sure that the laws against physical harm are a great comfort to you as I aggressively inform you that you have no right to be bothered by my unwelcome advances. If I want you, I am going to get all up in your face about it, even if you’re just the cashier ringing up my fucking chicken taquitos at 7-11 and you’ll get fired if you aren’t friendly and polite. It’s really immature of you to want to live your lives without constant interference from the whims of men. I AM about to sleep in a no sex box for the rest of my life because I’m a total fuckin asshole. All alive women should expect and accept advances from any man who decides to come calling and you just have to HANDLE that.

Working on companion!rorie dialogue because reasons

((This is a result of the initial flirt option after reaching skyhold btw, because flirting at haven only rewards the inquisitor with awkward, caught-off guard silence and Rorie changing the subject, asking the inquisitor if they have any further questions.))

Rorie: *chuckles, rolling his eyes* Your persistence is admirable, but surely there are more constructive uses of your time than flirting with me. Skyhold is in need of repairs, after all, and Corypheus is at large.
M!Inquisitor: I enjoy flirting with you, and I can spare a moment if it means seeing you smile again. Unless…my advances are unwelcome?
Rorie: I never said that.
M!Inquisitor: So…
Rorie: Go. Tend to your duties, Inquisitor. This can wait until another day.

anonymous asked:

How would be Kili as a boyfriend?

Kili would be so cute and amazing and i’ve written fanfiction about this actually bc hes so adorable and ah. Kili would be protective, obviously, he’d always make sure that you were safe and put you before him etc. He’d help you out if someone was annoying you or making unwelcome advances but only if you needed help - usually he’d let you handle it unless it got serious. Kili would be cheesy. He’d make cheesy jokes around you, say cheesy things which made you roll your eyes and blush. He’d tell you stories about his and Fili’s adventures when they were younger and would tell you about the pranks they pulled on Thorin. He’d hold you when you were sad and would do everything in his power to make you feel better. When being around him, he’d just be trying to make you smile bc you make him smile and he wants you to be as happy as he is. He’d be a spur of the moment kind of dwarf - like he’d suddenly pull you out of bed and make you go on a picnic or go stare at the stars and he’d buy you loads of small gifts to surprise you. He’d constantly try and impress you and would just want to see you happy all the time. He’d always talk about you to Fili gushing about how amazing you are and he’d just be so happy to be with you bc he loves you - he really does. xxxx

Whether it’s rooted in homophobia and transphobia, or whether it’s someone from the community who has little-to-no respect for others’ boundaries, harassment in public spaces threatens the safety and well-being of many gay, bisexual, transgender and queer men.

It’s time to have more of a conversation about how the misogyny and patriarchy imbued in rape culture – including street harassment and unwelcome sexual advances – targets those deemed vulnerable, whether it’s heterosexual women or queer and gender non-conforming men.

But it’s not the responsibility of feminist women to generate that dialogue, because they’re plenty busy with the task of their own collective liberation. Gay, bisexual, transgender and queer men need to elevate their own narratives and use the examples provided by feminism to stage sustainable interventions and engage in consciousness raising about eradicating toxic masculinity from the community once and for all.

Here is a handful of things I like about John Watson (personality edition)

  • so dry and sarcastic and hilarious
  • actually really quick and clever and always trying to teach himself
  • not always sweet or kind but tries so, so hard to be good
  • very careful about consent and always backs off if he sees his advances are unwelcome or there is any doubt at all
  • brave as hell
  • tough as nails
  • ready in a heartbeat to stand up to his friends as well as his enemies


[ j a s p e r ] heart of darkness

            “There you are,” Jack whispered in his ear. It was another unwelcome advance from behind, the dark haired male disregarding personal space all together as he groped Jasper’s prick. He loved this, loved knowing how uncomfortable it made the other male, how his face was probably beat red from such a public display of sexual nature. Of course that wasn’t his nature but some how that made this even more entertaining for Jack. His play thing was such a good little boy, preparing for the world all proper like, but he knew better. Jasper was a liar, a bitch hiding in alpha clothing that he was just waiting for Jack to rip off. Yes, one of these days he’d finally have him for himself. “I’ve been looking all over for you princess.” 

Trump Is A Misogynist Incapable Of Respecting Women, Frequently Crossing The Line

The New York Times interviewed dozens of women who had worked with or for Mr.Trump over the past four decades…. Their accounts — many relayed here in their own words — reveal unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form, a shrewd reliance on ambitious women, and unsettling workplace conduct, according to the interviews, as well as court records and written recollections.” - Michael Barbaro & Megan Twohey of the New York Times

Remember what he said about dating his own daughter?

The Waters Cold But Her Skin Is Colder

Summery: Sam’s a little more understanding and willing to listen, that is, if you make it out alive for him to listen.

Warnings: Torture (stabbing, choking), unwelcome sexual advances (by a demon, its only thigh rubbing so nothing too big) no make out scene (surprise, surprise)

Dean x Reader

Word count: 1166

A/N: part three to A Knock In A Safe Place

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part five

A few hours to cool off was all Sam needed, when he walked back into the bunker he was much more calmer and willing to talk… kind of. You and Dean tried to explain to him that you two really did care for each other but he just couldn’t get over Deans promiscuous past, not that you could blame him, Dean never did have many lasting relationships.

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hey guys so i don’t normally post stuff like this, except there’s some middle-aged creep (@thearteditionii) who keeps commenting on photos of my 16-17 year old friends complimenting them and drawing sketches of them without their permission.

this comment thread went on for a while, and he commonly brought up the age of consent in different countries - even though he apparently “isn’t interested in that”

he’s been going on people’s profiles and calling them “cute” and “pretty” and making unwelcome advances for a while now, and my friends and i have reported him inappropriate multiple times but to no avail. it’s not enough to block him because i want this pedophile off the internet forever so he can’t harass other people. could you guys help out by reporting this guy on instagram?