When buying your new pair of jeans, we advise all customers to try a raw denim. Raw denim allows you to get the best out of your jeans. Breaking the jean in allows the colour to break around the stress points on your legs offering you a new worn in look that only gets better with time. The harder you wear your jeans the better they look. With selvage denim, you get a more personal experience. The manufacturer puts in more effort and care into your product. And all for a pair of “pants”? Welcome to the world of denim!


The Jacob jacket from Nudie is made from a newly developed unwashed denim which is a woven fabric which has the look and behavior of a knitted fleece. The Jacob jacket features a button up placket with a indigo checked lining. There are twin front pockets with button over flaps and single button cuffs.
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Woven cotton labels are like a piece of unique art, express the great nature-loving; are ideal couture clothing labels for comfort wear, leisurewear, and work wear. Many of our denim jeans brand customers love to use woven cotton labels for their products. Our woven cotton labels can be seen on most important brands of denim jeans, fashion jeans, and vintage jeans in the denim market. Woven cotton labels have the jean brands DNA on its textile nature and quality style; woven cotton labels can age beautifully with unwashed denim jeans, to create the perfect fade and wear. Woven Cotton labels on nature-loving designer clothes can reinforce the relationship between wearers and the brands; it builds the sentiment that is responsible for the rise and revaluing of global environmental friendly craftsmanship.