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"Bro! Broooo!!!" Out of all her bros and sis, Dusty bro was someone that she REFUSED to leave out on this special day! This was a day where she would show her love and appreciation for all her friends (And family), and so here she was-- box of chocolates held in her arms as she ran over to him after another day of Armstrong training had come to an end, "Happeh Vally-tines Day, bro! Uhf got dees jus' fer ye!!!" And don't worry, she hadn't tried stealing any out of there... just yet.

     whilst wiping sweat off his forehead, he heard a familiar hollering only growing louder and louder. once his arm had lowered, his neck first turned, then his whole body, a pleased expression on his face. today had been so quiet, but her company would counter that.

          “ i- itsuki…! i- it’s been a while… y- you picked the right t- time, that’s f- for su-

          “ …i- is that f- ff- for me…? w- wow… itsuki… you… y- you didn’t have to… th… thank you…! we… w- we can share them!

     he gave her a soft hug of gratitude.

Unwanted Company

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“I am really beginning to tire of your presence in my castle, boy.” The King didn’t even look up from where he studied the written reports of his guards inside the kingdom, eyes scanning the lines of scrawled ink with a casual boredom. “Do you not have something better to do than bother me at all hours?” Setting aside the parchment he’d been studying, he reached for a fresh piece of his own, dipping a quill in ink as he held it steady upon his table with one hand.

“I am sure you could find someone else to torment for your own pleasure.” At last his gaze lifted from the table, and found the odd ageless boy who had seemed to make himself at home within the castle. “You have been lucky so far that I have not seen it fit to throw you into the dungeons - or worse.”


Not my best pics, but the best moment of the Fort Minor gig. Mike performed Kenji, a song where he tells the story of his Japanese family during WW2 when they were put into an internment camp and had to deal with hate and being unwanted. Between the verses and in the end he silently stood, making the peace sign and everyone joined. He thanked us for that and he was really moved, cause the song has such an important message and he saw that we understood and that we’re with him. Some people in the audience had prepared a huge sign that read “We are all Kenji” and Mike made them turn their sign around that everyone could see it. 

It’s so important that the world sticks together. Goddamn it, we’re all humans, be it Japanese immigrants, be it refugees in Germany at the moment or anyone else. We all share this one planet, it’s time we grow the fuck up and act like it.