; But there is more to her history, hidden stories tucked beneath the foot of every crossed mountain. Every one of them are no less significant than another, some simply require a different, far slower pace before they are fully embraced and told.  

At times, it gets a little louder and more regretful than usual, spiralling into an unwalled chaos. But amid the cacophony, there’s a nice secret place to be in. There’s a voice that has never stopped singing, a chorus loud enough to drown out all the scores of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens.

For every chapter of brokenness, a story of restoration awaits.
For every chapter of defeat, a story of overcoming follows.
For every chapter of falling, a story of redemption opens.
For every chapter of hopelessness, a story of renewing develops.

Whether beautiful or ugly, these are my stories. Imperfect as they may be, these are stories that will be perfected into a perfect story- one that I can proudly call mine. 

There is another story- not fully told yet- about how all the pieces fit.

Against other things it is possible to obtain security, but when it comes to death we human beings all live in an unwalled city.
—  Epicurus

anonymous asked:

All the questions 20-30 :)

20. Solitude or Riften?

The Rift is my home, man. I like the city look of Solitude, but Riften has a better aesthetic imo. Plus, Thieves Guild.

21. Favourite unwalled city?

Of the four, I think Dawnstar’s my favorite, and just for the quicksilver mine right there in town. Or just because I don’t care for any of the others at all. Either works. >.>

22. Favourite town?

Riverwood is a pretty cute town. I also kinda like Raven Rock, but that may be more because I like the music on Solstheim.

23. Favourite named dragon?

Ah, fuck, I don’t even pay much attention to the dragons beyond chasing them down to get scales and bones. I guess Ohdaviing’s kinda chilll?

24. Favourite generic NPC quote?

Anything referring to the Thieves Guild gaining control.

25. Favourite unique quote?

Miraak’s last words. "May she be rewarded for her service as I am!“

26. Favourite quest?

From the actual game, I like the final battle with Miraak and (as shitty an assassin as I was) I actually liked posing as the Gourmet and then later killing the real emperor. From mods, I like Following Mercer, for all the gold, gems, and ores you can collect from the added locations (and they respawn!)

27. Favourite expansion?

Dragonborn. Solstheim may be an empty gray wasteland (without mods) but the music is great and I love the main quest arc.

28. Favourite skill?

Smithing, actually. As much as I use lockpicking and sneak and archery, for some reason I just like making armor more. Possibly because I have a bunch of armor/weapon mods installed, possibly it’s just fun.

29. Favourite Daedric prince?

Nocturnal. Even though you don’t actually get to keep the Skeleton Key.

30. Favourite Divine?

I’m stuck between Talos and Zenithar, and only because they’re the only divines whose amulets I ever use. I’m ust not sure if I get more use out of better prices or lowered shout cooldown…

shadowbanishwine asked:

3, 14, 18, 19, 20, 29, 30

  • 3. Favourite class of magic (destruction, restoration, etc)?

i like illusion :o

  • 14. Thieves’ Guild or the Dark Brotherhood?

i dont like either of them particularly??? if i had to choose then thieves

  • 18. Whiterun or Windhelm?

whiterun of course

  • 19. Markarth or Morthal?

MARKARTH. who builds a city on a swamp

  • 20. Solitude or Riften?

solitude tbh…. its the prettiest city imo

  • 21. Favourite unwalled city?

rorikstead. small daedra worshipers

  • 29. Favourite Daedric prince?

idk honestly??? sorry

  • 30. Favourite Divine?

if its the 9 divines then probably zenithar