Un Nouveau Voyage (2015) // Amour Eternal (2016)
Shiotsuki Shuu & Fujioka Sayaka in Sera Myu Uranep promo

Myu Appreciation Post

This is the scene where all the senshi were giving up hope because Sailor Saturn, the Soldier of Silence, appeared. 

Manga: Canon couple Uranus & Neptune were miles apart

Sera Myu: Uranus & Neptune were side by side and Neptune was gently stroking Uranus’ hand

Shuu & Sayaka’s interview at crank-in

Summary (or rather tidbits)
- the reporter started off by talking about their wonderful chemistry
- Although their time in Takarazuka overlapped, they were only at the “greetings” stage then
- Sayaka said meeting Shuu again was destiny
- The period after the audition for Sera Myu 2015 (before the results were announced), Sayaka saw Shuu at Shinjuku, Tokyo. She bowed to her politely from a distance. When she met Shuu during the UNV poster photoshoot, she was really surprised that Shuu is her costar! Sayaka said she has never bumped into Shuu outside prior to that.
- Shuu initiated the exchanging of contacts with Sayaka so that they can further study their characters in detail together
- Shuu smilingly said that the good thing about Sayaka is that she is very observant (eg, Sayaka thought Shuu was a little upset during linelive but turns out that Shuu was just shy, the other 2 girls didn’t notice at all :b)
- Shuu said that she and Sayaka get along very well and they go out for fun when they are off, but what surprised her is Sayaka’s fear of strangers
- the reporter mentioned that their closeness left an impression


(UNV) Haruka + Mugen ★ uniform

Favorite Haruka and Michiru moments in Un Nouveau Voyage

Haruka’s immediate response when Michiru called her was to run to her side. I find it extremely sweet. Like she dropped down the conversation with Usagi and went over to her love IMMEDIATELY.

Michiru poking Haruka’s forehead and told her its her bad habit, then Haruka flashed this “I’m so lucky” smile.
Michiru apologised to Usagi after this, and Haruka TRIED to explain to Michiru, saying that she only found Usagi’s hairstyle cute and nothing else. THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. HARUKA TENOH REPORTING TO MICHIRU ON HER ACTIONS. I mean this never happened in S anime (but then it was a little different as they weren’t exactly a couple in S) and in the manga. Thank you myu for showing Haruka trying to explain herself!

Eye of the Storm. There are 3 things which I totally dig.
1) Uranus and Neptune introducing each other. Uranus did a mini arm wave when she sang about the deep sea and the pic above is Neptune singing the strength of the wind. I hope the DVD shows the sequence in another angle because Neptune’s dance solo was cut off.
2) The song ends off with the line “Distance Guardians who are attracted to each other”. How much gayer can you guys get
3) Neptune is the main voice and Uranus is harmonising with her. Their voices complement so well together. And I like that the spotlight is not always on Uranus comparing to previous variations. Shuu and Sayaka’s harumichi are so balanced and a blessing to us all.

Uranus protecting Neptune but got hit by Kaolinite and Neptune used Submarine Reflection and killed ALL THE DAIMONS. DON’T MESS WITH MICHIRU’S HARUKA.

Uranus… oh Haruka… “Even if my hands will be soiled, we will have to destroy Saturn”. God knows how much inner struggle she has on this mission.

Of course, Michiru holds Haruka’s hands to reassure her. “We will be together even if the end comes”. And Haruka’s expression changed from hard and strong to soft and full of love. THIS IS MY FAVORITE HARUMICHI SCENE!!!! MY EMOTIONS WERE RUNNING SO HIGH HERE.

Mistress 9 was destroyed, the outers were released and they fell to the ground. Jupiter was helping Uranus, but Uranus, despite being a casualty herself, went over immediately to Neptune’s side to help her. SO SO SO SWEET. It’s blurry here, but you all should watch this scene.

Uranus struggling to get to Neptune’s side when Pharoah 90 was attacking Earth. GOSH FEELS. And she tried to help Neptune but fainted on her midriff. SO MUCH FEELS. Just as what Michiru said “We will be together even if the end comes”.

Neptune and Uranus during Saturn’s awakening. They were full of despair but found strength in each other.

Uranus being the first one to lend her support and power to Sailor Moon in these senshi moments. She does it so readily, it’s like she has always believed in Sailor Moon and wants to fight alongside with the inners but could not due to her mission. Now that the burden of the mission is gone, she can finally support her Princess and I bet is a wish come true for this Uranus.

HAPPY OUTERS FAMILY. They way Haruka Michiru Setsuna looks at baby Hotaru, and Michiru telling the other 2 that they can be Hotaru’s parents. The look on Michiru’s face at that moment brings out her maternal instinct. The acting was so on point.

Nothing much about the scene, but I can’t help but notice that Shuu and Sayaka did get closer physically in those 2 weeks just by this comparison.
All in all, I’m really into details when it comes to harumichi and these 2 in UNV just makes me so happy. They pretty much portrayed Harumichi in the way I would like them too, and I’m so so so glad.

The Troll Queen Lives in UNV!

Can we please~ talk about this scene in Un Nouveau Voyage.

Haruka: I was just commenting on how cute her hairstyle is.

Usagi: *nods vigrously*

Michiru: Oh! Really! They (the odangos) look like Mont Blanc!

Usagi: Hahahahaha… Eh?
Michiru: Eh?

Basically this:

Perfect script writing. Perfect acting.  Michiru just trolling the heck out of Usagi.  Which is even funnier because Usagi tried to get into Infinity Academy earlier and said her best subject is English at the entrance exam because she can list all the English names of food items.  You’d think maybe Michiru was there spying at the entrance exam as Neptune earlier to make sure things are going okay and no one is turned into a Daimon.

How Stars Like Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, & Miley Cyrus Are Leading the Gender Fluid Movement for Millennials
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Now, free birth control coverage is guaranteed for all women, no matter where they work. A new rule issued by the Obama administration on Friday affirmed that, even given the religious exemptions provided by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby ruling last year, all women will still be able to get coverage for all forms of birth control through the Affordable Care Act. 

@love-boat and i went to watch AE today. it was fantastic (as a whole i almost liked it better than UNV believe it or not) and the outers were doing the audience send-off 😭 shuu and sayaka were _too_ majestic.

we saw most of the cast going home afterwards (shuu’s blonde hair was literally glowing in the dark lmao). And the old inners were there too 😭

during the curtain call, neptune raised her hand as if to poke uranus’ forehead but uranus swiftly moved it away and then grabbed neptune’s face as if she wanted to kiss her 😭