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Um you guys might not see that much more NSFW things because I’m actually underage, I felt really guilty about following those people because both them and I could get into serious trouble if someone on the outside found out. I guess I’ll try possibly drawing some things or making fanfiction here but still, I felt guilty and and I fell that what I’ve done is the right thing to do.

Thank you!

Also I have a fanfiction on quotev that I shall link here and I also have a steven unverse fanfiction that I shall also link bellow. Thank you again!

Sans x Reader: https://www.quotev.com/story/7074567/Love-on-the-Surface-Undertale-Sans-x-AbusedReader

Steven Universe Pearl x OC Olivine: https://www.quotev.com/story/7403212/Stay-away-from-Homeworld-OC-Olivine-x-Pearl-Steven-Universe


Ansem the Wise 

is the sage-king of Radiant Garden during Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. In order to protect his people from the darkness, he spent much of his time studying the heart with his apprentices (Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, Ienzo, and Xehanort), but was eventually exiled to the Realm of Darkness when they were corrupted by that same darkness. He himself gained dark powers, renaming himself DiZ (Darkness in Zero) and setting out on a quest to avenge himself throughout Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts II.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

From a time before the Unversed began invading the Realm of Light, Ansem was the king of Radiant Garden, the “city of light”. He governed the Radiant Garden in peace and studied ways to make it safer with his five apprentices, Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, and the orphan Ienzo.

In the aftermath of the battle between Master Eraqus’s pupils and Master Xehanort, Braig led Ansem and Dilan to an amnesiac young man who introduced himself as “Xehanort”. Ansem took the young man in, as well as the Keyblade and armor lying next to him, and worked to help him regain his lost memories.

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Tag thing!

Amazing, I have this blog for like 3 days and get tagged by @killjoy-aesthetic.

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1. In love?
Nah, too aro.

2. If you could choose between changing gender every time you sneeze and not being able to tell the difference between a baby and a bagel, which would you pick?
wtf ok the first probably. I don’t want to eat a baby on accident.

3. Worst movie you’ve ever seen?
Eragon. I’m a big Inheritance fan and forever pissed about the film.

4. What’s your favorite album at the moment?
Danger Days always and forever, but my current second fave is The Offspring’s Days Go By (you should really listen to it, it’s like 80% killjoy feels.) 

5. If you could live anywhere for a year, all expenses covered, where would it be?
London, not directly in the city, but maybe Harrow or so.

6. Do you have a Killjoy name, if so, what is it? (IM SORRY YOU GUYS SHOULD EXPECT THIS)
I’m still thinking about it. I’m afraid of commitment okay Currently liking Fairy Mary, but I found out that that’s a character from Tinkerbell, so…

7. What’s your favorite outfit that’s in your wardrobe right now?

Don’t really have one, but I own a pair of pinstriped tighs I love to wear. I’m a skirt person.  

8. The closest thing to you on your right is your only defense against a very pissed off Brendon Urie. Will you be alright?
A tape dispenser… it’s quite heavy and it has the little teeth to cut the tape so I might have a chance.

9. Last text message?
„watch it now!!“ to my sister (referring to the new civil war teaser).

10. What were some names your parents were considering before you were born? If you don’t have any, what would you rather they have named you? 

I only know that they couldn’t decide on a potential boy’s name, so they were really glad I turned out a girl. Also Maria is only my third name, and sometimes I’d really have it as my first.

11. Star Wars or Star Trek?
Doctor Who Not really big into either, although the recent Star Wars uprise got me a little interested.


My questions:

1. How often in your life have you moved house?

2. Strangest food you’ve ever tried?

3. Opinion on astrology?

4. Favourite holiday?

5. First fandom you were in? Still a part of it?

6. If you could travel to any past time period and any place, where and when would you go?

7. Favourite mythical creature?

8. Are there any local legends in your hometown/neighbourhood (haunted house or the like)?

9. Last concert you were?

10. Which languages do you (at least rudimentary) speak?

11. Favourite James Bond actor?

Ok I don’t really know anyone around here yet and I’m super awkward about tagging ppl I don’t know so I’ll just go with my bff  @toastcard 

Also this blog has like 3 followers so far so if you’re seeing this, you’re now tagged. I wanna get to know y’all.

There are times when I think I really need to get a job with better hours

But then there’s days like today where I’m really glad to be where I’m at.

You see so many different characters in a library: beings who are there just because they have to be and have no idea where they’re going, that one guy that’s built a fort of books around him– that he doesn’t intend to check out– furiously scribbling notes from several open copies, the beings just there for some quiet, that one being that has 12 books 8 months over due and just accepts it….

My point is, you basically get a little sample of everyone working in a library. 

And that’s probably my favorite part of it– just watching them all and debating with myself their purpose for their visit that day. Sometimes when I put away books I do the same thing– guess why someone would need to check out 15 books on medieval agriculture, or 7 on scale polishing– but it’s much more fun to see your subjects in action.

My favorites to watch are the beings who are just wandering– clearly no specific goal or agenda with them for their visit that day. They just want to be with the books and see what one calls to them…. I admire their simply satisfied spirit of adventure…

I think they’re my favorites because I relate to them most.

I was putting away some books in the stacks earlier tonight and I was watching this one guy….a vampire…. he was just sitting in the stack, headphones on, cross-legged on the floor, his index finger moving with his eyes as he read each individual spine in front of him. I would glance over at him from where I was re-shelving every now and again, seeing if he had moved or found a book that fit his satisfaction. I was half tempted to go over and offer him some help finding something, but decided against it. 

Sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination. 

I came to a point when I was about to move into his stack and he still hadn’t moved except for pulling a few books out, reading their cover, and then promptly putting them back on the shelf. I didn’t want to disturb him, but I also really wanted to finish this cart quickly so I could work on a research paper due next week (the first of three I have due this month… ugh.) with the rest of my time.

I peaked around the corner slowly, debating with myself whether to disturb him or not. I found myself staring a bit– smiling at the way he was hunched forward towards the books, his brow slightly furrowed, chewing his bottom lip… it was cute. I don’t know how long I just stood their smiling at him, but soon after he pulled out a book and abruptly stood up, startling out of my trance. 

I immediately pulled back behind the stack on the other side of him, pretending to be busy looking for the right slot for the book in my hand. When he’d gotten far enough away, I turned my head just slightly to look at him. He was looking up at the elevator light, his shoulders slumped, hands in the pockets of his leather jacket, his head slightly resting on the scarf wrapped around his neck, his book under his arm… I smiled again at his foot tapping impatiently, egging on the elevator to hurry up already. 

There was a split second when I saw his eyes flicker and I thought he’d caught me– but then the elevator doors opened and he stepped inside, attention focused on the buttons inside. My face was flushed pink and I turned back to my work, finishing up my cart not soon after his departure.

I wonder what book had caught his eye and intrigued him enough to cease his tedious search…. I wonder if he’ll be happy with his choice….

Till next time,



Over the years Ienzo had learned how to ignore all distractions when working. When one used to work with an organization that was filled with rambunctious and loud members, it was a trait he picked up out of necessity. 

So focused on his work - ones that he had been putting off, Ienzo didn’t realize there was a large group of Unversed headed towards his office until they were right in front of him.

Which was strange in itself since the Unversed never bothered him in such large groups. An occasional pair or trio wasn’t out of the ordinary, but this was a large mass of them.

“What’s the ma-” 

He then spotted Ventus in the arms of a Bruiser. He shot up from his seat.


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1. I am a russet potato with red hair. Not natural red but STILL

2. I own the Vanitas perfume. I don’t wear it bc it doesn’t smell very good tbh. But I have it. For reasons.

3. I have a birthmark on my arm that used to be vaguely deer shaped.

4. I started programming at 8 years old.

5. Apparently I’m good at voice impersonations.

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