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By the equality of woman was meant her right to participate in the exercise of power in society through the recognition that her capabilities were equal to those of men. But in the last few years, women’s experience has been most true and clearsighted in unveiling a process of the global devaluation of the world of men. We have come to realize that, as far as the exercise of power is concerned, it is not capabilities that are required, but a special form of extremely effective alienation. The position we take does not imply a participation in male power, but a reevaluation of the very concept of power. It is to ward off this attack on the concept of power by women that we are now being taken on as equals.
—  Carla Lonzi (‘Let’s Spit on Hegel’ [Sputiamo su Hegel])

With a quarter of Earth’s reefs already gone, scientists are racing to save them, and they’re getting a big boost from NVIDIA GPU-accelerated deep learning.

Researchers unveiled a deep learning process that automatically analyzes reef photos. It’s 900x faster than the traditional method but just as accurate, according to the XL Catlin Global Reef Record.

Learn more: nvda.ws/2lVFJiL

Beyoncé’s Lemonade isn’t a breakup album, it’s a black album

By Ashley Ray-Harris

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is a black album. Before we can talk about the visuals, the poetry, the symbolism, or anything else, we have to start with the premise of blackness. While many of Beyoncé’s earlier feminist anthems walked right up to the line of a specifically black experience—“7/11,” “Feeling Myself,” “Flawless”—Lemonade wants you to know the line has been crossed and you’ve been offered a rare glimpse to the other side. From the words of Somali-British poet Warsan Shire to Serena Williams twerking, Lemonade is a collection of experiences and signifiers centered around black womanhood. Specifically,Lemonade looks at a version of black femininity that is rooted in Southern traditions and customs. As the videos unfolded, I remembered my own Texas family—my mother pressing my grandmother’s hair, my aunts and sisters joined together in prayer circles. I saw the rituals of black women laid bare; rituals that are so often dismissed in society. 

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Free! creation notebook: Promotional Illustrations Production/Explanation translation

Promotional illustrations are newly drawn images used for cover arts on DVDs/BDs/CDs, articles/posters in magazines, and other locations. These are created separately from the main story. Here we show a grand unveiling of the process to create these promotional illustrations!

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Seeing Through Photographs - YouTube

Today is World Photo Day! On August 19, 1839, the French government unveiled the Daguerreotype process, developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre, calling it a “gift to the world.”

In celebration of the power of photography, watch artists Hank Willis Thomas, Katy Grannan, Nicholas Nixon, Vik Muniz and others discuss the form in videos from our free online course Seeing Through Photographs (full videos at the link below). The course is available on demand via Coursera.

(via Seeing Through Photographs - YouTube)

I’m queer, i love Johnlock, I devote a huge amount of free time to creating TJLC meta, but please know, every single one of my followers, that I didn’t catch on to the romance my first watch through.

Not everyone catches the romance because it’s not meant to be seen yet. It’s a slow unveiling process that’s not over. I’m pretty sure the writers didn’t envision a bunch of viewers studying the text BEFORE the reveal. I think it is meant to be a game of watching it once, then going back and seeing a whole new show - 2 for the price of 1. TJLC having a large following online was never planned or accounted for this early in the game.

What I’m trying to say is don’t think TJLC is the only lense through which to view the show. It’ll be more fun for those who don’t know to see the reveal and then come online to find our group’s meta and be blown away by the work we’ve already put in.

Let people enjoy Sherlock the way it’s meant to be enjoyed - which means not bombarding non-believers with arguments. We’re supposed to go at Mofftiss’ speed, not our own. Sometimes we forget that. Moffat and Gatiss even made a desperate plea in a language they know we understand: subtext.

Watson, to a member of an underground conspiracy, a woman who devotes too much time to examining Sherlock Holmes stories instead of behaving as she normally should: “No one asked you to be observant.” - “Go away.”

They admitted they’re going to purposefully lose to the conspiracy because the conspiracy is right and the characters in 1895 are wrong. We know we’re right. They told us. But they pleaded with us to stay quiet. It’s only right we stick to ourselves and leave the non-TJLC crowd alone. Don’t provoke anyone, don’t throw arguments at people who provoke you. Our time will come. But it’s not now.