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I'm looking for a fic and all I really remember from it was that bucky tried to rip his metal arm off with his flesh hand and steve and tony had to stop him

i know there are a few like this but the closest i could find was  New Skin by SleepsWithCoyotes?

@ignitethesea sent in a little light in your black sea by alcibiades and an anon said it might be Unusual Weather by novembersmith

After a morning, Summer rainstorm, the evening Texas weather was unusually beautiful. Sitting at a gorgeous temperature in the 70s, Mike took the opportunity to grab dinner by himself and walk around town, something he hadn’t done since the heat had stretched into the 100s. 

After grabbing a sub sandwich to-go from Rusty’s diner, Michael walked along the sideway towards the town square, where East and West met. Half of the town square contained the town hall and courthouse, a few nice restaurants and the nice bar in town. On the other side, there were some restaurants considered to be apart of the West side. Since the railroad didn’t run through this side of town, it was hard to define. Which is why it was Michael’s favorite part of town.

Watching the sun peak over the roof of the courthouse, grasping to a few more moments of daylight before the moon made an appearance, Mike smiled. It was such a serene scene. Until his sandwhch toppled over and fell onto the ground… After watching it for a moment and wondering ‘Did that really just happen?’, Mike picked up the sub and began to take another bite out of it before noticing someone watching him. “Don’t judge me, this thing was expensive.”